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Greninja Siobahn's Portfolio

Name: Siobahn W. Monfort

Gender: Female

Age: 25

Class: Princess (Fairy major, no minor, no weaknesses)

Appearance: Siobahn stands at 5'8", has a fair complexion, and has a slim figure as expected of her profession as a fashion model. She wears a gray bandana that covers most of her short auburn hair, save for her bangs that barely cover her amber-colored eyes. Siobahn's usual travelling wear consist of a dark green shirt covered by a gray jacket, blue denim pants, and black hiking shoes.

Personality: Siobahn can be summed up as a very spirited person, and even then that's putting it lightly. She’s full of energy and is generally a loud and passionate person. She’s also argumentative and brutally honest and is not afraid to voice out her own thoughts, even though it may piss someone off. That being said, while Siobahn has a very upfront personality, she will always come to the aid of those in need, regardless of the dangers it can pose to her.

Background: While Siobahn's family had originated from Jhoto, they had decided to move away to a faraway region a year before Siobahn was born. While the Disasters happened in the Kanjohto region, Siobahn had lived a relatively normal childhood away from its harmful effects. While her parents had been nothing but overly doting towards their only child, they explicitly had forbid her to become a Pokemon Trainer when she was at a legal age to do so. Instead, she had spent most of her teenage years in academic pursuits while taking up part-time work as a fashion model along the way though she was only in it to earn some pocket money of her own. Siobahn continued on her work even after graduation and is successful at it for the most part. Over time though, Siobahn had become bored of her daily routine and thus decided to try something different to break the monotony in her life. With some help from her friends, she pursued the one thing she had wanted to try since she was a kid: to become a Pokemon trainer. Not wanting to be even remotely recognized, Siobahn set off from her homeland back to her family's origins to start her journey: the Kanjohto region.


Nickname: Polka
Species: Froakie
Type: Water
Gender: Male
Level: 005
Mood: 050
Nature: Hasty
Ability: Protean
Level-up Moves: Pound, Growl, Bubble, Quick Attack (008), ???, ???, ???, ???, ???, ???, ???, ???, ???, ???
TM: None
Other Moves: Icy Wind, Camouflage, Return, Mind Reader, Toxic Spikes
Bio: To be added


0 Star Shards

3 Potions
1 Revive

6 Pokeballs

2 Oran Berries (1/2 used)
2 Pecha Berries (1/2 used)
2 Cheri Berries
2 Chesto Berries
2 Rawst Berries
2 Aspear Berries

Misc. Items
1 Escape Rope

1 Bubble Mail
1 Flame Mail


Key Items
Fishing Pole
PokeGear with the Phone card loaded
Berry Pouch

Quest Items


Seen: 5
Caught: 1

#176 Togetic
#235 Smeargle
#335 Zangoose
#336 Seviper

#656 Froakie - The Bubble Frog Pokemon
- It protects its skin by covering its body in delicate bubbles secreted from its chest and back. The bubbles reduce the damage it would otherwise take when attacked. Beneath its happy-go-lucky air, it keeps a watchful eye on its surroundings.


No entry yet!

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