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A Touch of Morse

Name: E. Morse
Gender: Male
Age: 42
Class: Paladin (Steel major, Psychic minor, Dark weakness)

Appearance: Morse stands at an unremarkable 5 foot 7, although his typically well straightened poise make him seem a slight more imposing than his height would otherwise allow. This is belied, however, by his slim build, it being quite evident that he is a man who does little in the way of heavy lifting. Despite this, he is not particularly unfit, having regularly participated in station versus station football tournaments when he was still with the force. His face is typically clean shaven, never more than a fuzzing of stubble, and his features are rather small, though his gaze is particularly intense - often to the point of making others feel like they are suspicious despite holding no guilt. He has very little hair, and what hair he has left is brown, but buzzed into virtual non-existence. However, he tends to keep it covered either way, wearing a deerstalker hat.

His clothing is not too different to that he wore when he was a serving detective. A black suit, pressed to perfection, along with a dark blue tie and a white collared shirt. Over this he will wear a long, light brown trench coat depending on the climate. He has a small chain hanging from the breast pocket on his jacket, which is connected to a small pocketwatch - a memento from his late father, though not one which he is particularly attached to, it is more of a force of habit that he carries it with him. A smoker, he carries a small wooden pipe around with him, and although trying to quit, he finds himself always reaching for it's comfort whenever a stressful situation appears.

Personality: Morse is the kind of man who prefers his own company. He does not work well with a group, being fiercely independent. He can be quite dismissive of people around him, and will staunchly follow any leads to the case at hand with a single minded determination, constantly looking for fulfillment. Despite having been in the force, his sense of justice is somewhat lenient. Provided that those breaking the law have a compelling reason to do so - another thing which Morse tends to be rather flexible with - he will allow it to pass. If he deems it as unnecessary though, Morse will stop at nothing to ensure that the perpetrator comes to some sort of consequence. Despite this, Morse has little ambition and even less passion for his being in Kanjohto, wanting more so than anything to simply leave. However, his sense of justice leaves him unable to, knowing innately that in the aftermath of disaster, chaos is inevitable. In this sense, he feels he has a duty to remain there until crime rates stabilise, despite having no legitimate compulsion to remain there due to his leaving the force.

Background: Morse's early life in Sinnoh was uneventful. His family life was happy enough, he was an average student during school, was an average recruit when entering the police academy, and didn't really stand out until he found himself under the tutelage of one Detective Inspector Thursday. Having been transferred to the Veilstone Constabulary after finding himself unanimously disliked in his home town station of Oreburgh, Morse applied to become a detective as opposed to a beat officer, and was soon accepted. Thursday managed to slowly but surely bring out the potential within Morse - despite his own misgivings with much of his conduct - and eventually Morse stepped into the shoes of his superior on Thursday's retirement. By this point, he was well respected in the station, albeit not a particularly close friend to anyone. Working primarily on murder cases, Morse found himself approached by a third party while working on a particular case. They were offering money in an attempt to bribe him, and despite being warned that the third party had moles planted within the service, Morse had no option but to take his findings to his superiors. His superiors were the mole. With immediate effect Morse was stripped of rank and sent to Kanjohto to resume his time as a beat officer. Upon arrival, an embittered Morse accepted his statutory 'patrol' Pokemon, and despite knowing that the no doubt newly hatched Pokemon would be of little help, he absconded from his beat post, knowing that his impact as a patrol officer would be insubstantial and utterly boring.

Starter Group: 1


Name: Lewis
Species: Murkrow
Obtained Starter
Level: 5
Ability: Prankster
Nature: Naughty (Likes Spicy, dislikes Bitter)
Mood: 50
Held Item: None

Biography: Lewis is the Pokemon Morse absconded from the police with - and he soon came to realise why he had been handed him. The Murkrow was unruly to a fault, and never tired of reminding his trainer of his erstwhile traits as an urban street Pokemon. Lewis is loud, obnoxious, tireless and above all else an attention seeker. He hates to have the spotlight be on anyone but him, and he will regularly irritate Morse in order to get a reaction - any reaction - from his trainer, purely for the satisfaction of being acknowledged. Despite this, Lewis has a more obedient side, and seems to bear a disgruntled respect for Morse and his actions in leaving the police force due to his strength of conviction.

Current Movepool
Peck, Astonish, Pursuit, Feint Attack (Egg Move)

Moves to Learn
Haze (Lv. 11), Wing Attack (Lv. 15), Night Shade (Lv. 21), Assurance (Lv. 25), Taunt (Lv. 31), Feint Attack (Lv. 31), Mean Look (Lv. 41), Foul Play (Lv. 45), Sucker Punch (Lv. 45), Tailwind (Lv. 50), Torment (Lv. 61), Quash (Lv. 65)


Poke Balls

x6 Poke Balls


x3 Potions
x1 Revive


x2 Oran Berries
x2 Chesto Berries
x2 Cheri Berries
x2 Rawst Berries
x2 Pecha Berries
x2 Aspear Berries

TM / HM Case


Held Items


Misc. Items

x1 Escape Rope
x1 Wave Mail
x1 Surf Mail

Key Items

Fishing Pole

Cases Logbook

Ongoing [1/3]
The Way Through the Woods



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