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Kawaii's travel log

name: Kawaii
Gender: female Age: 21
Class: water Mage (psychic major, water minor,
fighting weakness)
Appearance: Nearly 6' tall and quite skinny for her
hieght. oddly pink hair, dyed. Hair is
short and shaved across one side while long on the other. Eyes are a deep hazel, but
light up gold in the right light.
Comonly dresses in casual clothes, jeans
T-shirt ect., mostly pinks and purples but will
wear black colors as well.
Personality: Creative and strong willed she does not back down
to any challenge. Paints and draws in her
spare time and her clothes can often be
seen splattered with paint. Prefers to be alone.
When she gets depressed she gets dark and
snappish. Kawai can go from happy and bright one day to dark and emo the next. Inside, she
just wants to be happy. Yet she is a strong
believer in karma and the magic of nature.
Background: She was just 10 years old when the
disaster struck. The disaster took her mother
who she was very close to. Kawaii had to live with her father whom she dispised. As a rebellion
agaist her father she shaved part of her hair
when she was 16, and kept it that way. Kawaii
also dyed it pink herself and refused to speak to
him for five years. After she left home when she
turned 18 she was able, no, enjoyed living on her own and camping out in the wilderness. Sure, to
this day she still misses her mother and regrets
leaving her father without saying goodbye but
she's fine. At least, thats what she keeps telling

name: perfera
gender: female
level: 5
moves known: perish song, pound, water gun, growl
bio: perfera is very much uptight and does not like to get dirty. with one exception, she is a lethal killer and will rip her foes apart. She paticularly hates male pokemon and male humans. The only one who can restrain her is her partner Kawaii.

Thanks to my best friend Missingno Master for the banner
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