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Sylveon Legend of Linde

Name: "Linde" (real name unknown)
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Class: Mystic Sumanai Samurai / Furisode Girl (Fairy Major, Normal Minor, Steel Weakness)

Appearance: Linde is a little shorter than 6'3" tall, making her seem abnormally tall compared to other women. Her weight is [REDACTED], but her frame is balanced between being stocky and lean. She has long, flowing silver hair, but its not her natural hair color and she has it dyed every so often. Her dark brown roots almost always show, since she tends to not follow up on dying her hair consistently. She has pale green eyes and a fairly clean face, although she still suffers from mild acne. According to Linde she feels her ears stick out too much, although no one else seems to agree.

She has a series of scars on the front of her body which look like they could be from some kind of animal, although since they have faded somewhat is harder to tell. Despite her proclaimed profession, she doesn't seem to have a ton of muscles, and probably has her bad eating habits to blame about that. She lacks a womanly figure compared to others.

She is never seen without her katana (it is unknown at the moment whether she showers with it or not), but her outfit tends to vary somewhat. Most of the time, she is dressed in easy to move clothes like sweatpants and a T-shirt or some variation of it. Secretly, she has a passion for kimonos and likes to wear them when no one else is around...or so she thinks. During combat she wears a light-blue haori if she can help it. She won't admit it, but its really just a costume. Also she tends to wear it over her normal outfit, which just looks bizarre.

Personality: Linde likes to come across as aloof and unwavering, although really, that's pretty far from the truth. She is easily distracted and tends to let her fun loving personality leak through without realizing when she gets caught up in something interesting. She whole-heartedly likes cute and fluffy things, and will lose all of her composure if she sees something she deems suitably fluffy. Although she makes attempts to put on a facade, she's actually not the type to get flustered if people see who she really is, but instead just accepts that people might understand her a little bit better. Also a little preoccupied with her appearance.

She is pretty social and likes to make friends, and often times can't help herself from jumping into a conversation if she overhears something interesting. She is a bit pushy when it comes to getting her way, but often concedes after some resistance. The most notable thing about her though is her tendency to overapologize to any sort of blunder or percieved slight, often going into a cycle of apologizing until she's brought out of it. She's a self proclaimed "Dragon Slayer", but in truth she seems to want to befriend Dragon-types more than she wants to defeat them.

Background: Linde is not her real name but one she picked up after she came from a far away place. She arrived in Kanto just as the Disasters were happening and so was swept up in rebuilding efforts. During this time she assumed the name Linde for no real reason. She moved from place to place in order to help people, but eventually once things were starting to pick up she decided to begin her own crusade; slaying evil dragons. To date though, it doesn't seem she has found any evil dragons. Her past isn't well known since she doesn't talk about it much, but she seemed to have suffered some traumatic event in her past and lost her mother because of it. Upon arriving at Kanto though, she insists that she helped to fend off a wild Bagon from attacking a Pokemon eating its meal, and befriended it from then on.
Name: Bryn
Species: Nidoran-F
Classification: Poison Pin Pokemon

Gender: Female
Level: 5
Ability: Rivalry
Nature: Quiet
Bio: Byrn is Linde's first Pokemon, who she insists she saved after fending off a wild Bagon form attacking her over Bryn's meal. Whether that's true or not is unknown, but Byrn faithfully and loyally follows Linde wherever she goes. She is very quiet but affectionate, which is something that makes Linde stock up Antidotes when she can.

Growl (Lv.1 Level-Up Move)
Tackle (Lv.1 Level-Up Move)
Scratch (Lv. 1 Level-Up Move)
Supersonic (Egg Move)

Poke Balls:
-6x Poke Balls

-3x Potions
-1x Revive

-2x Bloom Mail
-1x Escape Rope

Key Items:
-1x Fishing Rod
-1x Berry Pouch
-2x Oran Berries
-2x Cheri Berries
-2x Chesto Berries
-2x Pecha Berries
-2x Rawst Berries
-2x Aspear Berries
-1x TM Case
-1x PokeGear
-1x PokeDex

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