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Bulbasaur Beginner Trainer Battle: Ex-Admiral Insane vs. Aposteriori

Mount Aduro, Aduro Island, Cascadia archipelago. It’s a location Rowan has never been before, but it suits him to a tee. A large arena on a volcanic island, right at one of the island’s most popular locations. The young referee inspects the area, every minute or two a large geyser shoots a powerful stream of boiling hot water high up into the air. It’s a good thing he came prepared, wearing some protective clothing. It is a difficult arena to fight in; a lot is up to chance. Scalds can easily happen and intervene with strategies. Then, looking down the mountain, he sees two persons climbing up to the platform, two trainers who are about to face each other in battle. Rowan isn’t familiar with them, but his briefing told him they’re experiences trainers, and skillful too. A smile appears on his face, an exciting battle awaits.

Ex-Admiral Insane vs. Aposteriori
3 vs 3 Single Battle
Beginner Trainer Battle
72 Hour DQ
Arena: Cascadia Geyser Park
Hold Item: No
Heal Item: No

Cascadia Geyser Park: On the slopes of Mt. Aduro of the Cascadia island chain is a 100 x 100 meter area of dark, volcanic soil where every once in a while a geyser will erupt. The geysers shoot up with heights varying from 10 feet to almost 50 feet, and if a Pokémon is struck by one of them they will take good damage and will likely be scalded or burned from the boiling water. A geyser will erupt roughly every 2 minutes, leaving it up to chance whether a Pokémon will be struck or not…

Rules of this match:
Standard battle rules apply so
- PM me your squad, active Pokémon and first orders, what you PM me is what you get to use!
- First round is reffed
- RNG determines who goes first in the next round
- Orders are reversed after each reffing
- You can order up to 3 moves each round, dodging counts as a move
- Battle ends when either Health or Energy reaches 0%
- PM me any questions you may have at any point

I’m expecting a good battle from you two, I know both of you have some skills, and I’m looking forward to see some creative orders that make for fancy reffings. So get those PMs in!
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