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Maes' Ventures

Name: Maes Falman

Gender: Male

Age: 23
Class: Alchemist (Poison Major, Fairy Minor, Ice Weakness)

Appearance: Maes stands at about 5'6 with a slim figure and broad shoulders. His hair is of a chestnut brown colour, and is short around the sides and at the back, whilst the top sits to the right side of his head at a relatively long length. His style of clothing, being a fashion fanatic, usually involves a mixture of different shades of the black-white spectrum. His preferred attire involves a black cowl necked jumper with a red lining, black skinny jeans, and either black boots or hi-tops. He also tends to wear a tribal style of jewellry, namely a tooth necklace with engravings on it.

Personality: Maes is the curious type. He is very interested in learning new things about the world and is fascinated by the smallest occurences. His main goal is to achieve true understanding of the world around him, whilst making aquaintances along the way of course. He is also quite down to earth and realistic, rarely thinking with his emotions but through applying logic to the situation. This can sometimes cause him to act selfish, however, since he is applying his own logical answer to a situation. He can also get quite carried away with his curiosity, and it can sometimes get him involved in sticky situations.

Background: Being brought up in Ecruteak city and living there for almost his entire life, Maes was surrounded by culture and mythology. As a young boy, the idea of legendary pokemon that controlled aspects of life was astonishing. He wasn't the type to worship them, like the monks, but his curiosity of the two towers often put them in his path. His parents were travelling apothecaries, refining their art in Ecruteak city and travelling across Johto to sell their goods to trainers on their journeys. They left him for the monks to look after whilst they were travelling, where he was taught all about the legendary pokemon, and the two towers. Despite the world of pokemon being expansive and rich with species, Maes was never really interested in having a pokemon of his own, instead wanting to gain knowledge about them. As time passed, he was trained in the families art of medicine, hoping to continue with his parents work.

The disasters hit soon after he started to learn this. Maes was far away from any knowledge of what was going on outside of Ecruteak. Despite his nature, being with the monks kept him away from most of the news and common rabble. His parents were away at the time, somewhere in the Johto region. Months passed, and there was no sign of Maes' parents returning home. Yet, he still believed he would see them again, convinced that they were simply trying to help people through their medicinal practice. Years went by, and his faith in his parents survival was wavering. He was starting to grasp the likely reality that his parents were dead. And then something rather peculiar happened. The forest had turned golden.

This was the phenomenon that Maes used to convince himself that his parents might still be out there. "The chances of my parents still being out there are much higher than an entire forest turning to gold. So I'll believe it until I can prove it for myself." He stayed in Ecruteak city, refining his art in medicine and moving towards alchemy, in an attempt to possibly explain the sporadic change in the forests colour. He even tried to get work at the Suzu apothecary, but was turned down for his lack of people skills. He thought about travelling a lot, in order to potentially find his missing mother and father, and he would need a pokemon to achieve this end.

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Name: Alfonse
Species: Bronzor
Level: 6
Nature: Calm
Ability: Levitate
Gender: Genderless
Mood: 50
Obtained: Starter

Spoiler: show
- Tackle (Lvl: -)
- Confusion (Lvl: -)
- Hypnosis (Lvl: 5)
- Signal Beam (Egg)

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Healing Items:
3 Potions
1 Revive

2x Oran Berry
2x Cheri Berry
2x Chesto Berry
2x Pecha Berry
2x Rawst Berry
2x Aspear Berry
2x Rare Candy

Poke Balls:
6 Poke Balls

Miscellaneous Items:
1 Escape Rope
2x Steel Mail
1 Fishing Pole

1 TM Case
1 Berry Pouch
PokeGear (w/ Phone Card)

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