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Pikachu The Fantastical Storybook of Brahm the Bard

Name: “Brahm the Bard” [Real Name Unknown]

Gender: Male

Age: 33, though this varies depending on who you ask

Class: “I have a strong draw towards the tricky ones. Punchy ones, not so much.”

Storyteller (Major: Ghost; Minor: Fairy; Weakness: Fighting)

Appearance: “Now don’t go using this for any wanted posters. They never capture my looks correctly.”

Standing at six feet, four inches tall Brahm is a fairly easy figure to pic out of a crowd. On top of being a taller individual Brahm carries a weight slightly below 160 pounds on a lanky, long-limbed frame that make him appear slightly taller than his actual height. Overall he appears to have the body more befitting an acrobat than a musician (granted he does throw some acrobatic moves into his performances on occasion). The skin wrapping paper on this bardic present is a slightly tanned olive tone that shows very few blemishes beyond the occasional freckle or small scar from a particularly bad scraped knee.

Facially, Brahm bears a look needed for a performer such as himself. A strong jawline is constantly covered in just enough dark brown scruff to qualify as a beard that also grows up and over his mouth for some kind of goatee effect. Equally brown hair sprouts from the bard’s scalp and falls just past his shoulders. More often than not Brahm will tie his locks into a loose, low ponytail and tie a blue and gold-striped headband over his forehead to keep the bangs from falling into his dull brown eyes, the excess cloth of which hangs off the right rear part of his head. In keeping with his nature as an entertainer, Brahm is more often than not found wearing a small smile to flash a small glimpse of his bright white chompers.

In terms of clothing Brahm chooses clothes that will not distract audiences from his music. A long sleeved shirt of light fabric and unimpressive beige color covers his top half. His legs sport a pair of brown cloth trousers that fray of at the ends, stopping just above his ankles. While plenty comfortable barefoot, Brahm elects to wear a pair of raddy sandals that appear to be barely holding up. Over his shoulder Brahm carries a canvas bag containing all his travel essentials as well as his shiny silver flute. His main instrument – an old but well crafted violin – sleeps in a case that hangs on his back on a leather strap.

Personality: “Dashing? Roguish? Astounding? Any of those sounding good to ya?”

Brahm is charismatic to a fault, a man that knows how to twist a phrase and make a lie sound perfectly truthful. This plays perfectly into his stance of “talk out a problem before resorting to fighting”. He’ll always prefer to charm am enemy into peacefully walking away than throwing straight into an all out brawl. That isn't too say he's a full-on pacifist add he’ll readily fight should words fail him. All that said, The Bard will often over extend his words and try to manipulate others to much to the point where rumble or run are his only choices.

Keeping in line with his peaceful philosophy Brahm is more often than not in a jovial mood. He's always willing to pay a song or put on a little performance for locals for nothing more than to make them smile (though money is good to!). Pokemon are also frequently victims of his niceties, especially those who enjoy a good performance, story, or trick.

Brahm values good stories above all else and loves to share them.

Background: “Now that is a fantastic story!”

Brahm, in his eternal quest to spread good stories, has given so many false accounts of his life through the years that no one is quite sure what is true and what isn't. In some places he has a wife and children; in others he's a ladykiller that can't be tied down. Even his true age and name aren't known, the known info just being his current story.

In truth, Brahm is a simple man from a simple upbringing. Born and raised in the forest surrounding Ecruteak City to parents who handcrafted instruments from materials gathered from the woods, Brahm grew up hearing the tales of the Johto region and learning to play and make musical devices. At age 15, after the death of his father, Brahm took his life into his own hands and forged out on his own journey of music and storytelling. He traveled across Johto and Kanto multiple times, even striking out to the Sinnoh region for a few years where he would fall in love with a young lady who would break his heart after two years together, leading to his return to Kanto.

At the time of the disasters, Brahm had traveled back to sell the family workshop after his mother's untimely death. Needless to say, that sale feel through, leaving Brahm with a wrecked home to return to should he need to. In the wake of the cataclysm Brahm has taken to roaming and bringing smiles to people and Pokemon, as they are needed now more than ever.

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