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Name: Captain Lamar

Age: 23

Appearence: Captain Lamar radiates youthful energy through both his personality and his appearance. Untamed, his beach blonde hair flows and curves all the way down his back, mostly covering it but thinning out into a point near his waist. Atop his gorgeous mane sits a viridian tricorn hat, adorned with a large violet feather. Underneath the shade of the convenient hat are the chiseled features of his face. Slim and toned, his cheek bones accompany a set of stunning emerald eyes and a sparkling white smile, a anomaly given his background. Reflecting his eye color, he wears an emerald stud on each of his earlobes, showing off his favorite gemstone (though it's only a tad ahead of every other one in existence on his personal rankings). For clothing, he sports a green buccaneer coat fitted with golden button, but without an undershirt of any sort, showing his impressive abs to the world. Down below, his legs are covered by a pair of light tan trousers, bleached by the sun whereas the rest of him has been tanned somewhat by it, hiding his naturally paler complexion. Finally, a pair of loose, worn sandals protects his bare feet from the terrors that may be hiding on the ground.

Personality: More flamboyant than malicious, Captain Lamar terrorizes the seas not for terror, but for booty. A lover of all things beautiful, Captain Lamar is in a constant search of treasure, of both the physical and intellectual kind. While is bubbly, oftentimes oblivious personality may make him come off as a buffoon, he values lore and history as much as he does a glittering gem or a humongous bounty. Although rash, his quick reflexes allow him to act on his toes, oftentimes helping him to escape dire situations that he may not have accounted for beforehand. While collaboration is often a necessity, Captain Lamar is an individual to the end, and convincing him to go about things in a way different from how he wants can often be a near impossible task. While still young, he's had a fair amount of experience at sea and out in the world, so he's had experience with the deception and cunning sometimes needed when dealing with criminals or other evil-doers (or even just swindling a stubborn asshole of a shop owner). Supporting all of his mannerisms and ambitions is a simple love of life and adventure, and Captain Lamar projects this love through all of his being.


Name: Coron
Gender: Male
Level: 5 [x]
Type: Poison / Water
Ability: Merciless
Nature: Quirky
Held Item: ---
Obtained: Starter [[x]
Birthday: February 28
Contest Stats: 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0
Bond: 0
Bio: ---
Level Up Moves: Poison Sting, Peck
TM Moves: ---
HM Moves: ---
MT Moves:---
Egg Moves: Haze
Event Moves:---

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I make cryin' babies weep
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Key Items

x1 Pokedex [x]
x1 Fishing Rod [x]
x1 Z-Ring [x]

Held Items

x2 Blackglasses
x1 Bunny Suit [x]


x5 Potion [x]


x1 Heavy Ball [x]
x15 Pokeballs [x] | [x]
x1 Premier Ball [x]

Berry Bag [x]

x1 Hondew Berry [x]
x1 Leppa Berry [x]

Pokeblock Case [x] / Poffins


TM Case

x1 TM Dark Pulse [x] [1/1 Used]
x1 TM Sunny Day [x]
x1 TM Nature Power [x]
x1 TM Return [x]
x1 TM Aurora Veil [x]


x1 Poisonium Z [x]

Misc. Items

x1 Coin Case [x] - 1,000 coins

x1 Wallet [x] - $3,330

x5 Rare Candy [x]

x3 Springtide Chocolate Rare Candy [x]

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