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The ASB Elite Four Challenge

"Somewhat impressive... now you've reached the Plateau, but not yet a hero. Are you ready to meet and defeat... the Elite?"

The ultimate challenge for any aspiring trainer - the most skilful battlers in an entire area gathered together in one place. Only those capable of taking them on one after another with a fixed team of six partners to call on will come out the other side in one piece, as opposed to several, and claim a chance at the Championship. In olden times they were referred to as the Four Heavenly Kings, but modern folks simply refer to them as... the Elite Four.

Challenges will find themselves ushered into a central foyer, after which the main door locks behind them. The only way to get out is as a winner... or a loser. From there, four near-identical doors surround the otherwise-featureless tiled room, each giving a clue as to its occupant. One has an entrance arch comprised of spoons twisted together, geometric shapes floating above it. Another has a scale effect on the wall surrounding it, two huge draconic statues at the entrance, their necks entwining at the door's apex. The third is flanked by two fish statues that release streams of water from their moves, which streak past each other to splash on the wall at the other side of the doorway, water pouring down the wall to collect in an extremely shallow puddle around the entrance. The fourth is surrounded by motes of pink sparkles in the air, a sun and moon engraved on the wall around it, while the almost-eerie sound of childlike laughter echoes faintly around it.

These doors lead, respectively, to the normal Elite Four members, each meeting challengers in similar, yet different, chambers, with fixed squads that will be the same for every battle. Elites are allowed up to three rental Pokémon on their team that aren't on their current squad, and are allowed a Mega Pokémon that is permanently locked into that state, allowing them to be used on teams that would not accommodate the original form. They are detailed thus:

Poison Elite

The home of the Elite Four member presiding over Poison, this cuboid chamber is of sizeable dimension, easily large enough to accommodate the largest of Pokémon. The ceiling is rather low flying, just high enough to accommodate the highest of levitators and has numerous windows pitted along the length to allow for sunlight to shine through and illuminate the surroundings. The floor itself is composed of a boggy marsh which will somewhat slow the moves of those not familiar with it. In addition, there is a faint trace of gas in the air, which will disrupt the concentration of Pokemon somewhat, weakening their Psychic moves by a slight amount.

Spoiler: show
Del Boy: Uplevel Male Gengar
Gengar: Unlike its preevolutions, Gengar are primarily solid, though they are able to freely achieve all of the other states. A Gengar's Lick attack has a 50% chance to paralyze, instead of the usual 30%. Gengar can levitate and are fast and agile in the air.
Biography: Del Boy has a few set values in life which he adheres to with the greatest of importance. First and foremost of all of these is the idea that, frankly, bigger is better.
Signature Training - Bigger is Better:
Del Boy's Shadow Ball now deals Major damage for Major energy, while his Ominous Wind attack now deals Significant damage for Significant energy. Neither attacks can have their secondary effects activated.
Hidden Power: Bug

Jackson: Male Mega Beedrill
Beedrill: Beedrill are more effective in numbers and, when battling alongside another Bug-typed Pokémon, gain a boost in confidence that raises their attack. Their Poison Sting and Twineedle attacks have an increased chance to poison, also dealing slightly more damage than usual. In addition, when they fall below 1/3 health, they become empowered, their STAB attacks dealing 10% extra damage. Beedrill are intimidating Pokémon, particularly in numbers. Multiple Beedrill, Combee and Vespiquen on the same side share a hive mind, meaning that one cannot be surprised unless they all are and one cannot be affected mentally unless they all are. Their attacks also become more coordinated, making it harder for the foe to dodge combination attacks.
Biography: Jackson has suffered many debilitating defeats during his time. He always picks himself up though, no matter how tough the opponent, and has sworn that he will wreak vengeance upon those who had put him down in the past. His sturdy body allowed him to persevere through many trialing ordeals in this path, failing much more than he ever succeeded. Finally though, Jackson has managed to trigger a change within himself, one which will suit his offensive tendencies down to a T.
Signature Training - Adapt to Survive:
Jackson can now use Razor Shell, Needle Arm and Stone Edge. He has type energy enough to use his new types each twice per battle. Jackson may no longer use Giga Drain, Air Cutter, Toxic Spikes or Electroweb.
Hidden Power: Water
Attached: Beedrillite

Drakul: Male Crobat
Crobat: Crobat are silent fliers and only Pokémon with excellent hearing will be able to hear them. Unlike Zubat, they can see, though they can use sonar if needed. Their individually controlled wings allow them incredible agility in the air, as well as impressive speed. They can see in the dark and have sensitive hearing, at the expense of increased vulnerability to sound based status attacks, though they are immune to confusion from Supersonic. Draining attacks used by Crobat drain faster than those used by other Pokémon if they are administered via a bite. They fight more enthusiastically at night.
Biography: Drakul is convinced he is a vampire. Like all good vampires, he hates the sun and everything to do with it, and so he has developed a technique which allows him to evade the glare of the sun no matter where he is, by blotting it out.
Signature Training - Heady Obfuscation:
Drakul's Haze attack now uses Poison energy, and has characteristics of Smog. It will be much thicker than a normal Haze attack, and Pokemon who inhale it will become poisoned. Drakul's Haze now uses Solid energy, and he is no longer resistant to Poison, although he is still immune to the poison status.
Hidden Power: Ground

Marie Mjölnir: Female Nidoqueen
Nidoqueen: Of the Nido monarchy, Nidoqueen have the higher defense and will take slightly less damage from physical moves than other Pokémon owing to a tough and scaly hide. Nidoqueen have sensitive hearing, at the expense of being more vulnerable to sound based status attacks.
Biography: Marie is very practical, and this reflects in her overall battling style. She likes to immobilise those who she fights so that she can land devastating blows when the time is right, and she focused all of her spare time into making this style much more efficient.
Signature Technique - Dust Binder:
Using Heavy Ground energy, Marie creates a small sphere, which she hurls towards the foe. This will travel fairly slowly, but if it strikes the foe, it will deal Heavy Ground type damage and cause intense paralysis. This is, for all intents and purposes, a Ground type Zap Cannon. Marie may no longer use Fire Blast or Blizzard, and can only use this technique twice per battle.
Hidden Power: Grass

Anastasia: Female Arbok
Arbok: Arbok are fairly intimidating Pokémon and their fear-inducing attacks are more effective, as are their poisons. They can see in the dark and are good swimmers that can hold their breath longer than most Pokémon. They are also fairly effective burrowers, digging at a greater speed than the average non-Ground-type.
Biography: Anastasia likes to toy with her opponents, and has managed to evolve her toxins to an extent where they will harm the foe in a much more roundabout measure, should they be given the chance.
Signature Training - Acid Trip:
All of Anastasia's damaging Poison attacks will have a 10% chance to cause burn as well as their normal secondary effects, at the cost of requiring 10% extra energy.
Hidden Power: Water

Sloane: Female Drapion
Skorupi: Skorupi are adept at digging and can stay underground for longer than other non-Grounds. Their tails are also fairly adept at grabbing and manipulating objects.
Biography: Sloane is fundamentally obsessed with music. She is constantly listening to tunes, and is unable to really focus or concentrate when she doesn't have some form of music on her mind. Of course, one of her favourites is Breakfast in America, and she has fine tuned her battling style to illustrate this.
Signature Training - Breakfast in America:
Whenever Sloane uses a biting move to damage a foe, she will regain Mild health, at the cost of these moves using an extra Light amount of energy. Sloane can only recover a third of her total health (two Hyper Beams) in this manner, and loses her resistance to Poison, although she retains her immunity to the poison status. Sloane also loses access to Toxic, Poison Tail and Night Slash, as well as taking neutral damage from Dark as a Drapion.
Hidden Power: Grass

Dragon Elite

The home of the Elite Four member presiding over Dragon, this cuboid chamber is of sizeable dimension, easily large enough to accommodate the largest of Pokémon. The ceiling is rather high flying, and the numerous windows pitted along the length have been filled with large rocks jutting from the walls to allow climbing while blocking out the sun from outside, with the walls being torn up from claw marks, allowing more places for combatants to grip if they want to climb. The floor itself is made of metal, meaning rocks cannot be summoned from it and Ground moves will not readily transmit. The room is extremely hot to accommodate the inhabitants, and a moat of near scalding hot water circles the room, the water within proving uncomfortable to any that may enter it that are not used to the extreme heat.

Spoiler: show
Primordus: Male Dragonite
Biography: The first Elder Dragon to rise from his slumber, his body produces such heat that some species built cities around him while he slept to harness his energy for their own use. They drained a large amount of power from him, but when he awoke, his inner fire still burned stronger than that of other Dragonite.
Hidden Power: Steel
Special Training: Destroyer King
Thanks to his inner warmth, Primordus no longer takes double supereffective damage from Ice attacks, now taking as much damage as he would if he were not part Flying. However, he now takes neutral damage from Water attacks.

Kralkatorrik: Male Hydreigon
Biography: Being an Elder Dragon, Kralkatorrik is a truly ruthless being. Upon his awakening he traveled across the land, breathing his golden breath down below as he searched for his traitorous champion, who he then proceeded to kill. The land turned black at the touch of his breath, and all manner of creature turned to shadow, becoming crystalline forms of their former selves.
Hidden Power: Psychic
Special Technique: Branded Breath (Dark)
Kralkatorrik exhales a large stream of golden flames, using significant energy to do so. The flames deal no damage, but they will leave the foe tainted, even able to affect inorganic beings. The taint will deal damage to the foe in the same manner as poison each round, starting the end of the round the flames strike, starting off at only a minor amount but dealing a minor amount more each round, capping out at a significant amount of damage per round. The taint makes the Pokemon's skin begin to harden and crystallize, however, making them take less damage from physical blows as the taint worsens, starting off as only a minor amount before reducing physical blows by about half their strength once the taint has reached its full potential.

Jormag: Male Salamence
Biography: His awakening came shortly after those of the other Elder Dragons, and he immediately claimed his turf in the northern mountains, forcing the giants that lived there from their lands. His roar alone is all it takes to send a shiver down the spine of a mortal man.
Hidden Power: Fighting
Special Technique: Call of the Icebrood (Dragon)
Using good energy, Jormag looses a mighty bellow, which rips through the arena. The bellow interrupts all Pokemon that hear it in a manner similar to Screech, and afterwards leaves them feeling chilled as though they were under the side effects of an Icy Wind.

Zhaitan: Male Goodra
Biography: The Elder Dragon Zhaitan awoke deep beneath the sea, and has since used his immense power to raise the once golden city of Arah. His corruption seeps into everything, slowly killing the living, and bringing the dead back to serve him. His assaults are known to be relentless, and he refuses to let anyone escape his eternal grasp.
Hidden Power: Steel
Special Attack: Risen's Chain (Normal)
Zhaitan uses his own bodily goo to loose forward two immensely long whips at his foe. The whips can strike, dealing significant damage, or wrap around the foe and allow Zhaitan to drag the foe towards him, dealing only decent damage in the process due to the binding. Other variations are possible, such as flinging the foe or slamming to the ground, with damage done being variable but never falling outside the range of decent to significant. The whips have very high tensile strength due to the goo making them, and are fairly flexible as well. This attack uses significant energy to perform.

Mordremoth: Male Sceptile
Biography: The most recently awoken of the Elder Dragons, Mordremoth was awoken many years before his time, thanks to the corruption it leaked into the world causing an uprising in the plants above. The plants dug into the ley lines, causing them to fault and magic to surge, waking the great jungle dragon. And though he has just awoken, he is making his mark on the world quickly.
Hidden Power: Steel
Special Technique: Mordrem's Trap (Grass)
Mordremoth manifests Grass energy in the location of his choosing, even in the middle of the air if necessary, causing it to solidify into a spherical trap made of thick vines. The vines are solid and tangled, making brute force attacks less potent at breaking them all at once, taking a heavy amount of damage to break, while cutting attacks will be much more effective than on things such as Rock Tomb, with only a decent amount of effort required. This technique costs considerable energy, however if there are plants in the area from which Mordremoth may grow these vines, the energy cost will only be decent.
Sceptilite Attached

Bubbles: Female Kingdra
Biography: Bubbles awoke far out to sea, and the Elder Dragon immediately produced horrors into the world that forced the former inhabitants of the ocean to flee to the safety of the shores above. Not much is known about Bubbles, with few ever having seen the dragon, and those who have having been driven to madness as a result.
Hidden Power: Steel
Special Technique: Horrors of the Deep Sea Dragon (Water)
Using considerable energy, Bubbles releases a large bubble laced with potent hallucinogenics, which soaks into the eyes of the target, causing them to witness the tentacled horrors that Bubbles brought with it into this world. Though this only lasts a second, the sheer sight of such unnatural horrors is enough to cause serious mental imbalance in the target, leading to a brief period of insanity. During this time, the afflicted Pokémon will be unable to understand their orders, instead using random moves in their movepool until they overcome their insanity. This effect lasts two rounds (not including the round in which it is used), but is removable with techniques that would usually cure confusion, said moves being able to be used perfectly without the randomization, and is subject to diminishing returns on the same target.

Water Elite

The home of the Elite Four member presiding over Water, this cuboid chamber is of sizeable dimension, easily large enough to accommodate the largest of Pokémon. The ceiling is rather high flying, and has numerous windows pitted along the length to allow for sunlight to shine through and illuminate the surroundings. The floor itself is a huge pool sunk into the metal, stretching along the entire battlefield and deep enough to house even the largest aquatic Pokémon. Three pontoons stretch outward from the challenger's position, one near the edge and two closer toward the middle of the pool, close enough for most combatants to leap between them, each made of solid foam and 10 feet / 3 metres across. No pontoons are present on the Elite's side of the pool, simply open water.

Spoiler: show
Ao Guang: Male Mega Gyarados
Bio: A leviathan captured purely for use as part of the Elite Water squad, Ao Guang is a king in his own domain. A Gyarados permanently locked into his Mega state, the tyrant is without equal in the ocean, famed for his ability to transform tranquil waters into raging breakers at the drop of a hat, which is useful for wrong-footing any challengers to his rule as the Ocean King.
Special Technique - Stormy Terrain (WA/DK):
Focusing major Dark and Water energies, Ao Guang releases a wash of power through the battlefield, creating a Magic Room type realm that opens the arena to the elements. An immense Thunderstorm is whipped into being, regardless of environment, hitting the opponent's Pokémon with lashes of lightning, wind and towering waves for mild damage per round. A greatly enhanced Rain Dance, Water-type attacks receive an even stronger boost than under standard rain and Water-type Pokémon will feel energised and more eager for battle.
Hidden Power: Poison
Attached Token: Gyaradosite

Biffy: Uplevel Male Lapras
Though a veteran of the team, Biffy's position of Top Scot has come under contention as of late. Where once he was the sole Pokémon in my possession from North of the Border, the arrival of Douggie has given him both a Countryman and a rival, the Scrafty's Fighting style and urban life choices grating with his own quiet, rural habitat and more fragile typing. Determined to put the Dark-type in his place once and for all, the Lapras has studied with mystical creatures native to his original home in the Highlands, granting him a power to put a dent in those who would try to smash his shell. The Lapras has undergone more training with preparation for the Elite Four challenge, powering up his signature attack to match.
Special Attack - Glitter and Trauma (FA):
Gathering significant magical energy within his body, Biffy sings a soothing melody, the resulting soundwaves carrying a sparkling wave of energy, as with any other sound-based attack. Upon impact, the energy deals considerable Fairy-type damage, while the glittery nature of the attack has around a 30% chance to temporarily blind the target, reducing accuracy in a way similar to Flash, though not as drastically, and will wear off within three rounds. Biffy has the Fairy energy to use this attack twice per match.
Hidden Power: Flying

Vulgaris: Male Octillery
Now a key member of the squad and one of my Pokémon that I turn to first in times of strife, Vulgaris has adapted his battle style over the years. Having taken to training the other members of the team as Drill Sergeant, he's keen to install in them a sense of honour. Obviously, this doesn't always work, but he holds it in high regard. Though with the trials of the Elite Four challenge looming, he's actually decided to become a bit more stealthy, shrouding his movements so the opponents can't see him coming...
Special Technique - Inky Depths (WA):
Using significant energy, Vulgaris expels a cloud of ink into the surrounding water, which quickly disperses to turn the current battlefield dark blue with the thick substance. Like a vastly improved smokescreen, this reduces visibility for most Pokémon for around half a metre, though Vulgaris himself and other aquatic Pokémon will be able to get a feel of their surroundings through other senses. Any hostile Pokémon finding themselves inside the ink cloud will also feel on edge due to not being able to properly see their opponent, the stress causing them to lose moderate energy per round. After five rounds, the ink dissolves, returning the water to its normal clarity. This technique can be used twice per match.
Hidden Power: Fighting

Axo: Male Poliwrath
Yet another Pokémon found on a pond, Axo was the last of the tadpoles from that year's frogspawn. Where the rest of his siblings had grown limbs and left, Axo stayed behind, lacking the motivation to evolve into a Poliwhirl. Upon finding him, I managed to show him how fun battling can be. Using Harbinger, I managed to defeat and capture him. Axo has loved evolving, now having arms to smack opponents about, though he hates not having any physical attacks of his type. Upon being drafted into the Elite Four squad, he began to take more lessons from Sally on how to manipulate the earthen elements, to better shield himself and the rest of the team against Electrical attacks, even going so far as to shut them down.
Special Attack - Mud Wrasslin' (GD):
Charging toward the opponent, Axo coats himself in significant Ground energy before launching himself at them, bowling them over before putting them into a submission hold. While this deals considerable damage, disrupting and pinning the target as much as possible for a few seconds, the main effect comes from the slippery mud that's left behind, coating the target and inhibiting electrical fields. This causes all Electric-type attacks of considerable power or higher to take greater focus and concentration, causing their energy use to rise by 20% and giving them a 25% chance to fail outright. This affects Electric-types for three rounds, and non-Electrics for five before the mud wears off.
Hidden Power: Bug

Sally: Female Quagsire
Having been a stalwart of the team since the early days, Sally has put her past of training and Fighting proficiency behind her of late. She currently resides within a handful of Pokémon to have battled and defeated a Legendary, in her case Diego the Raikou by copious spamming of Mud Shot, exploiting the Beast's single weakness and wearing him down to bring home the win. Upon being drafted into the Elite Squad, she began to focus more on defence, using her water manipulation abilities to the fullest in order to block attacks and buff herself up.
Special Defence - Shield Breaker (WA):
Preparing considerable energy, Sally releases a wave outward in a semi-circle in front of her. The wave, though not as powerful as that as Surf, is able to defend against up to one attack in the same way as Safeguard, while also knocking opponents and loose objects back in a manner similar to Psychic wave. The defensive properties of the wave also grant her a 20% boost to her defences, to which standard boost rules apply. The wave deals no direct damage, and can be used three times per match.
Hidden Power: Flying

Pingu: Male Empoleon
Originally from the Antarctic, Pingu spent years entertaining children on TV in the show 'Pingu'. Having retired from entertainment, he found himself transported to the world of Pokémon, finding himself cast into the appropriate form of the Piplup line. Eventually getting to the 'serious' Empoleon stage, Pingu has never found it within himself to act more adult, preferring his notorious childish antics. Though some maturity has been forced him with selection for the Elite Squad, falling back to the typical Empoleon ability of support, slowing opponents down to make them easier to hit for his teammates.
Special Technique - Steel Wool (ST):[/B]
Well, feathers. Channelling significant energy, Pingu spins on the spot with his wings outstretched, allowing loose, metallic feathers to scatter outward, forming a mesh that plants itself between the challenging trainer and their Pokémon. Normally so fine as to be invisible, every time the trainer sends a new Pokémon into battle, some of the mesh is torn away to bind around the incoming battler. This slows their physical movement by the same degree as Icy Wind, taking around five rounds to be shrugged off, and also causes their energy expended during physical attacks to rise by 10%.

Fairy Elite

The home of the Elite Four member presiding over Fairy, this cuboid chamber is of sizeable dimension, easily large enough to accommodate the largest of Pokémon. The ceiling is rather high flying, and has numerous windows pitted along the length to allow for moonlight to shine through and illuminate the surroundings. The floor itself is made of metal, meaning rocks cannot be summoned from it and Ground moves will not readily transmit. The arena has had a few basic features added to it, including two large, twisting trees, one on each side, covered in vines and exuding a calming scent that calms all fighters. The floor is covered with small flowers and a light amount of grass, though the metal flooring is only a foot or so below. Despite the rather metallic surroundings, the environment allows Fairies to fight uninhibited. All battles take place at night, though the Moonlight is rather strong and allows for the use of its light as if it were the sun.

Spoiler: show
Fetra - Female Clefable (Level 6) [HP Flying]
Fetra's days as a space Clefairy are far behind her. Nowadays, the insanity of the TO has set in on her. When she's not belting out songs in horrible Japanese, she's often skipping around, declaring everything to be dainty. In fact, she's obsessed with daintiness. All she ever talks about is dainty, it seems. It's all the rage. She's often subject to the side effects of Wacky Backy, however. Sometimes, she snaps out of her (mostly drug induced) daintiness to put Koi and Quark in their places, but never at the right time, and always when its needed least. Dainty.
Special Attack - Dainty Cyclone (Various)
Fetra's obsession with daintiness has gone so far for her to come up with an attack which, in her own high words, "is the epitome of daintiness." First, she starts by creating various petal-shaped masses of energy from any energy type to which she has access, which float around her. Next, she starts to spin and flap her wings. This sends the petals flying, surprisingly, right towards her foe. Each petal does light damage. Overall, the attack does about the damage of half a Hyper Beam, and has a 20% chance of causing confusion. Even with Fetra's intense daintiness, she still can't help but to get somewhat dizzy after she uses the attack, and must recover for about 5 seconds after the attack. The attack can only be used twice a battle, because anymore usages wouldn't be very "dainty". God. I don't think I've ever typed the word "dainty" that many times.

Pupurin - Male Wigglytuff (Level 6) [HP Ground]
Pupurin is pretty much the opposite of what anyone would think to find in a Wigglytuff. He's blunt, crass, critical, sarcastic and sometimes even a little condescending. He's rather fond of alcohol, though his puffy body gives him an astounding tolerance for the drink, making it so he can down a few cases without even the slightest bit of inebriation. He also really likes explosions, for whatever reason. Taking a page from another pink puff, he's developed an awesome sig that combines both explosions and kick-awesome weapons.
Signature Attack - Exploding Shurikens (Fairy)
Pupurin creates four small, black shuriken using Fairy energy. He then throws them in fairly quick succession. When they make contact with an object, they latch onto it and explode, dealing light damage with a good deal of concussive force. Due to their explosive nature, they are particularly good at breaking screens and protective barriers, and can be timed so that they can clear these obstructions before the rest hit their target or can be used to hit up to two targets (though each will only take half of the full possible considerable damage). The explosion is enough to shatter Reflect or Barrier, and their physical nature makes Light Screens rather susceptible. They also trigger the fading of a Safeguard or Protect, allowing the rest to get through. These cost considerable energy to make and can only be used twice a battle.

Dr. Mime - Male Mr. Mime (Level 6) [HP Dark]
Dr. Mime has invented a number of alternative therapies in his time as a medical professional, but just can't seem to settle on one specialty. When he recently discovered his magical capabilities as a newly christened Fairy, he began to explore the medical - and battling-related - implications of his new abilities. This took him down the road of psychiatry, finding that between his Psychic abilities and his magical fairy techniques that he had a rather potent grip over his opponent's mental faculties, developing a new technique to mess with his opponents.
Special Move - Doctor's Orders (Psychic/Fairy)
Dr. Mime creates what appears to be a patient file out of physical Psychic and Fairy energy and begins to read off the fake documents, diagnosing his foe with a number of horrific and painful diseases and disorders. While the opponent is distracted, he sends a sneaky burst of Psychic energy to invade their brain, which convinces them that they are actually experiencing these ailments. This technique is rather distracting and can interrupt moves that require concentration or charging, as well as stun the foe for a moment. Once the foe has been convinced of their ragged state, Dr. Mime will throw the physical construct at the foe, which will burst, dealing solid damage and resetting their mental state. This attack costs significant energy and deals both Fairy and Psychic damage, making it super effective against Fighting (only x2), Dragon, and Poison, though it's resisted by Psychic, Steel (only x.5) and Poison, and making Dark immune to the effects entirely.

Parappa - Male Azumarill (Level 6) [HP Psychic]
Parappa is named after the famous rapping dog of PlayStation fame... for no really good reason. He's not a dog, nor is he particularly adept at rapping. But one thing he does share with his namesake is a penchant for enthusiasm and self-confidence.
Signature Move - I Gotta Believe! (Fairy)
Parappa thinks happy thoughts and fills his body with Fairy energy, before shouting "I gotta believe!" This shout looses a burst of Fairy energy, dealing significant damage. After using this attack, Parappa's mental state will improve and he will fight more enthusiastically for the next three rounds. This move costs significant energy.

Titania - Female Mawile (Level 6) @ Mawilite
A rather graceful Mawile that is in touch with nature, giving her a few additional techniques that allow her to manipulate her environment.
Special Training - Queen of the Fairies
Titania may use Nature Power, Earth Power and Grass Knot, but may not use Payback or Torment.

Oberon - Male Granbull (Level 6)
A powerful and regal Granbull that hails from a mystical forest of which he is the self-declared ruler. In order to defend his territory from those that might want to destroy its mystical territory, Oberon has learned a technique to keep him fighting against his foes at full strength for longer.
Signature Move - Mandate of the Fae (Fighting)
Once per battle, Oberon may channel his regal powers and use it to refresh himself. While this restores no energy, he will be made free of fatigue and will restore his Fighting energy entirely, sacrificing his Fire energy as a consequence.

In the event that one of the Elites should decide to take the challenge against their Colleagues, they will find the door to their own chamber replaced by a new one. Torches in brackets flank it on either side, while a strange mist hangs in the air, almost seeming to devour what little light the torches provide. Within this bonus chamber resides:

Dark Elite

The home of the Elite Four member presiding over Dark, this cuboid chamber is of sizeable dimension, easily large enough to accommodate the largest of Pokémon. The ceiling is rather low flying, just high enough to accommodate the highest of levitators. There are no windows in the arena, with the only light coming from a handful of torches sparsely scattered across the walls. This leaves visibility severely lowered, though Pokemon who can't see in the dark can still see to some extent. The floor itself is made of clay and rock, allowing Ground moves to easily transmit and Rock moves to be used freely. The arena has had a few basic features added to it, including a large array of boulders of varying shapes and sizes, allowing for easy cover all throughout the arena. A quiet, haunting tune plays throughout the arena, putting all Fighting-types in the arena on edge, making them slightly easier to distract and disrupt. All battles take place at night, and no moonlight is available for the sake of light-based attacks.

Spoiler: show
Tartar Sauce: Level 6 Female Tyranitar
HP Bug
Biography: Tartar Sauce has always been a competitor. You'd be hard pressed to find anyone who loves the thrill of battle more than her, in fact. This has been problematic for her, however, as she's been cursed with a horrible, horrible typing. So, she decided she wanted to get rid of it. After a lot of training, she managed to shed her Rock Typing and embrace her inner darkness.
Type Change: Why does Rock suck so much? (DK)
Tartar Sauce is now a pure Dark-Type, with all weaknesses and resistances associated with that typing, though she retains a weakness to Grass-Type moves. She is now simply familiar with the Rock type, and has lost access to Stealth Rock, Rock Slide, Rock Tomb, and Rock Polish as a result of his type change. Her body is no longer filled with sand, disallowing him from generating his own Sandstorm attacks. She may no longer use the moves Whirlpool, Focus Blast, Earth Power, Dragon Pulse, and Iron Tail. This sig has no effects in the Larvitar and Pupitar stages.

Bruce: Level 6 Male Drapion
HP Grass
Biography: In truth, Bruce is a pretty awful fellow. A true sadist, he loves torture his opponents endlessly. Disappointed with the lack of good torture options in his move set, Bruce decided to hone his Poison Sting attack to make it much, much more excruciating for the opponent to suffer through. Lo and behold, he pulled it off with aplomb.
Special Attack: Scorpion's Sting (PO):
Bruce releases an array of pin-like poison energy constructs, similarly to poison sting. This attack deals moderate poison-type damage for good energy. It has a 30% chance to Poison the target, and a 50% chance to paralyze them. These effects may not be concurrent.

Lola: Level 6 Female Absol
Absolite Attached.
Biography: Lola has learned from Bruce, my Drapion, how to learn Poison moves. She's gotten quite good at doing so, actually. Which is nice, because she'll have an easier time with Fairies.
Special Training: Wat Fairy? (PO)
Lola is now familiar with the Poison Type. She has learned the moves Cross Poison, Gunk Shot, and Sludge Bomb. However, she never learned Zen Headbutt, Blizzard, Charge Beam, Will-O-Wisp, Aerial Ace, Incinerate, and Shock Wave.

Al: Level 6 Male Honchkrow
Biography: Al is a rental Pokemon for my Dark E4 squad. As such, I don't really know enough about him to write his biography. He seems to be able to use some sort of Flying-Typed Stealth Rock though, so that's pretty cool. Must have a pretty neat backstory, but alas, I don't know it.
Special Attack: Stealth Wind (FL)
Using Signficant Flying energy, Al creates several small pockets of hardened air around the opponent's side of the field. Some of them explode, dealing Good Flying Damage with a 20% chance to confuse the opponent. The rest lay dormant until the opponent switches out- more will explode each time a Pokemon enters the field on the opponent's side, though after the initial explosion they will deal only Moderate damage, with a 25% chance for confusion. Al can no longer use the moves Incinerate, Shadow Ball, or Brave Bird.

Ruby: Level 6 Female Sableye
Biography: Ruby is a rental Pokemon for my Dark E4 squad. As such, I don't really know enough about her to write her biography. She seems to be able to create Hurricanes of various powers and energy usages, so that's pretty cool. Must have a pretty neat backstory, but alas, I don't know it.
Special Attack: Gem You Like A Hurricane (FL)
Ruby has learned the move Hurricane, and can use 3 variations of it: FC Hurricane functions the same way the current one does- major damage for major energy, and extreme disorientation for the opponent. MC Hurricane does significant damage for significant energy and leaves the opponent quite disoriented. QC Hurricane does good damage for good energy and leaves the opponent slightly disoriented. Ruby is much less fatigued by the MC and QC versions than the FC version. Ruby has the Flying energy to use MC Hurricane and FC Hurricane once per battle each. Ruby may no longer use Power-Up Punch and Will-O-Wisp.

Gordo: Level 6 Male Hydreigon
Biography: Gordo is a rental Pokemon for my Dark E4 squad. As such, I don't really know enough about him to write his biography. He seems to be able to power up his heads like a Mega Blastoise can its cannons, so that's pretty cool. Must have a pretty neat backstory, but alas, I don't know it.
Special Attack: SO. MANY. HEADS. (XX)
Gordo is capable of firing from all three heads, and when ordered to do so, will gain a 20% boost to any attacks fired from its heads. It is also capable of using only the central head or its wrist heads at the standard damage level but for the standard energy level. Firing from its main head will allow the attack to travel faster and farther, but firing them from its wrist heads will allow Gordo to aim more precisely or split its attack to hit multiple targets. While any attack that can be reasonably fired from a Pokémon's mouth may be fired from either Gordo's main or wrist heads, only Dark Pulse, Focus Blast, Dragon Pulse, and Flash Cannon can be fired from all three heads at once to gain the power boost. Hydreigon can no longer use Surf, Dragon Rage, Fire Blast, Flamethrower or Fire Fang.

To embark on the Elite Four challenge, a trainer must have one Gym Badge and pay an entry fee of 10 SP. For trainers with four Gym Badges or more, the fee is waived. Challengers will state in this thread which Elite Four member they wish to challenge first. If they win, they can then choose their next target. If they lose, of course, their challenge ends. Two challenges can be active at once, one on each forum.

A strict one-week DQ will be in place for all matches. If the challenger or Elite break this without an appropriate TA post, the match is cancelled in the other battler's favour. No exceptions.

When signing up, challengers will PM their squad of six to Miror, who will hold onto it. This squad is then locked in - Hidden Power, Sig, Tokens, Badges, the works. The Elites will not know the squad beforehand, allowing it to be revealed over the course of the challenge.

Matches will be conducted under the following stats:

3 vs 3
Strict 1 week DQ - No exceptions
Return = OK

Once Challengers have paid their fee, they may post here to register and be added to the queue. When their turn rolls around, they may pick their first Elite to challenge.

When a challenger successfully completes the Elite Four challenge, they get a shot at the championship. If there is no incumbent Champion, the first person to beat all four assumes the position. Any subsequent victors will have the chance to face the incumbent Champion in a full battle to claim the title. And all associated bragging rights.

Active Challengers:
Elite Four Jerichi vs. MMS
Elite Four Connor vs. Sneaze

Current Queue:

"...and remember, gotta catch 'em all. Show me what you've got..."

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