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Cyndaquil Sea Salt Journal

Name: Tyler Brooks
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Class: Scholar (Fairy Major, Normal Minor, Bug Weakness)
Appearance: A tall boy with bright blue eyes and deep brown hair that's swept to the side, Tyler appears like a fairly average teenager. He stands at 6'1" and of average weight, with standard teenager traits like acne dotting his chin and nose. He appears pale and is of average build. He's often found with jeans, a plain colored t-shirt, and a jacket.
Personality: Tyler focuses on being as kind as possible to any neutral party he meets, caring and mischievous to his friends, and emotionally distant to hostile characters. He's often lost in his own thoughts and generally zones out at random times. For most of his life, Tyler has studied at a Trainer's School or simply grabbed any books and online resources about Pokemon he could. He's a bit of a nerd in regards to all things Pokemon, and he gets pretty excited when he meets new unique Pokemon. (Tyler loves any Pokemon that looks fluffy, small, pink, and/or cute. He wants to protect them.)
Background: Tyler was young when the disasters happened, and was affected much like others: forcibly relocated into a new home. His family lived in Vermillion before the disasters, with his father working in the port and his mother passionately baking, reading, and collecting books. In their new environment, his dad found work in construction of the new port and his mother began rebuilding her book collection. Tyler poured himself into education, learning and building a base of knowledge for his dream: collecting as many gym badges as he could and becoming important in the world of Pokemon training. When Tyler felt prepared and his parents felt the world had calmed down enough, he began some final prep work and study for his grand adventure.

Species: Cyndaquil
Gender: Male
Level: 5
Mood: 50
Nature: Timid
Ability: Blaze
Biography: A Pokemon born to become a trainer's starter, Ho-Oh was given to a fiery and headstrong girl who trained her Pokemon through anger and punishment. After a brief encounter at the Cerulean Gym, Ho-Oh was given up by the girl and Tyler took him on as his starter. While often scared and frightened, Ho-Oh appreciates the comfort offered by Tyler's presence.

Lvl: Tackle, Leer
Other: Flame Burst

x6 Poke Balls
x3 Potions
x1 Revive
x1 Escape Rope
x2 Portrait Mail
x1 Fishing Rod
x1 Poison Barb
x3 Rare Candy

Berry Pouch
x2 Oran Berry
x2 Cheri Berry
x2 Chesto Berry
x2 Pecha Berry
x2 Rawst Berry
x2 Aspear Berry

TM Case

Star Shards: 5
Unclaimed - x3 Rare Candies, x2 Egg Candies, x2 Enigmatic Candies, 1 Nest Ball

External Writings

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