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Delibird Grand Melee V: All I Want for Christmas is Wu

Welcome to the Grand Melee V: All I Want for Christmas is Wu

It's that time of year again, time for everyone to gather around the tree and unwrap their gifts. Time for family and friends alike to get on eachothers' nerves until eventually somebody gets tackled into the aforementioned tree. ...what do you mean that's not a standard Christmas tradition? It is in my house! And we're gonna spread that tradition all around this year, in what may be the biggest brawl ASB has seen to date. That's right boys and girls, it's time for another Grand Melee, and this time, everyone gets a go! Once again we have a fair few changes from before, so here's a quick rundown below.

  • Everyone who signs up will be able to compete
  • Room and weather attacks are now back in full force, with only a single stipulation. Each Pokemon will only get to use a single weather move, a single Room or Terrain attack, and a single use of Gravity, so make yours count! Gravit, Room, and Terrain moves, as well as similar sigs, will be set as a two square radius.
  • Magic Room can be easily seen into and have attacks fired into and out of, with the room immediately tapering off into the regular terrain at its edge.
  • Wild Pokemon can be found once more, but they are very passive, used to the commotion of people enjoying the resort, and will only respond with aggression if openly attacked, though you may attempt to persuade them to help you in some way.
  • Getting the most damage on a Pokemon that ends up KO'd will cause your Pokemon to become refreshed, recovering a Major amount of energy. Landing the final blow on a Pokemon will restore Good energy in this manner if the trainer did not deal the most damage to the fainting Pokemon.
  • Additionally, to encourage other types of play, the player than lands the final blow on a Pokemon will additionally be rewarded half a KO if they were not the one to deal the most damage, with the trainer who did the most damage still recieving the full KO credit. At the end of the Melee, if a trainer has only a fraction of a KO in this manner, it will be rounded upwards (i.e. 1.5 -> 2) for consistency.

Grand Melee Info:
You may use your own Pokemon, however no badges/tokens will be allowed, though this time around Hidden Powers and sigs will be, you may also use a Rental Pokemon from the list below as long as it is from your Trainer Level or below.
It will be equilevel but not equi-evo. However, Rental Pokemon may be boosted to their evolutionary state as appropriate of your Trainer Level
Even though I will be the only ref, all entrants will be allowed
A strict 24 hour DQ will be enforced, with more details below. Not sending attacks will have the Pokemon play passively and try to dodge. Missing 3 deadlines will have you disqualified.
It will be done in 6/9 to prevent backstabbing resulting in one round kills. People should have a chance to fight back against their aggressors unless priorly weakened.

Info on Rental Pokemon
Spoiler: show

You may select among these Pokémon to use in the Grand Melee. TL1s may only use the TL1 Pokémon, TL2 may use TL1 and TL2, TL3 may use TL1 through TL3 and so on. They may also be considered to be at the evolutionary stage of your Trainer Level. Please Nickname them, give them a gender, and a Hidden Power.

Trainer Level 5


Trainer Level 4


Trainer Level 3


Trainer Level 2


Trainer Level 1

Mime Jr.

Basic Info
Trainers will see/hear whatever your Pokemon sees/hears via a super dooper indestructible headset. This will allow you to see/hear what it sees, as well as issue orders. The effects of these have been reduced in order to allow different types of gameplay. Trainers will be provided with their own personal maps indicating what their Pokemon knows to be directly around them.
The casters of the event will be casting from the middle of the arena. Their casters booth is a large room floating in the air. They will provide reffing coverage based on what they can see down below, as well as a few hidden cameras around the arena. This map will no longer reveal the locations of every Pokemon at all times, and will only display those shown by the two "on the scene" correspondents, though additional Pokemon may be lit up on the map for a round or two if they continuously are unproductive (you will be warned a round prior to this happening). This is what everyone will see each round and will be referred to as the "general reffing". Each trainer will also receive a personalized reffing (with much less detail if there is not much happening) to say what they see and hear, etc.
Our "at the scene" correspondents this time around will be Aurelius the Alakazam and Ismene the Gardevoir. Both will simply observe and use defensive techniques to prevent being hit. Aurelius will be able to view all action up to two squares in front of him, and will typically stick to larger fights, while Ismene's camera is a bit weaker, only able to see a single square, so she will be following different Pokemon every now and again so everyone can see a bit of the little things people are doing.

Signing Up
Even though I am the only ref, I will be allowing anyone who signs up to enter this time around. Because previous winners have been stated to recieve guaranteed entry, they will instead automatically be given a random Wu at the start, while everyone else will have to find them (don't worry, they're fairly commonplace if you actually look!).

Signups will close Friday the 11th, and because streams are a GM tradition, I will do an RNG stream Saturday afternoon or evening which will give the ability to pick your starting square to a number of lucky participants depending on the total number of entries. Chances of being drawn in this RNG will be dependant on your Trainer Level, so when you sign up in this thread, please list your Trainer Level or I will ignore your post.

The Arena

Welcome to the Snowball Battle Complex!

Yes, the arena we'll be battling in this time around is something of a classic as far as ASB arenas go, adapted now for the special purpose to serve in this Grand Melee. Snow covers most of the arena, so put on your thick coats and boots and let's get to fighting!

B-2 - The Rink - A pretty simple ice rink, with low concrete walls surrounding it. While the ice here is fairly thick and capable of holding high amounts of weight, it hasn't been maintained in a while, so cracking it or getting below it should prove none-too-difficult to anything that might try.

E-5 - The Dome - The dome remains fairly unchanged from its glory days, though thanks to disuse there aren't any real barriers pre-built to speak of. That said, there is more snow here than the rest of the arena, so there is plenty to pack into obstacles inside. There is constant wind blowing snow in here, as controlled by a radio control box hidden somewhere in the arena that can be adjusted if found, so visibility is somewhat obscured by default. Additionally, as a festive point, a large Christmas tree has been planted in the dead center, reaching up to touch the very top of the dome.

J-5 - The Forest - The woods here are fairly dense, resulting in less snow on the ground but more places to hide for those unaccustomed to the snowy environments. The density of the forest increases the further in you go, as indicated by the darkening colors on the map.

A-10 - Avalanche Slopes - A very steep hill that stretches most of the southwestern edge of the arena. Those that are able to trek up here may find themselves with unparalleled visibility, but lose your footing in a fight or due to poor concentration and you may find yourself sliding all the way back to the bottom.

G-9 - Snowman Plains - Not originally a part of the arena, many snowmen were crafted here by those who loved the arena after it was closed. Thanks to being tightly packed, they provide plenty of cover and places to hide for smaller Pokemon, especially during blizzards. However, some pranksters seem to have sabotaged a few of the snowmen, so destroying the wrong one by accident (or perhaps on purpose) could result in a bit of a boom.

Additional Arena-wide Rules

Freezing temperatures - Due to the cold conditions of the environment, Ice attacks will be strengthened slightly and Fire attacks weakened slightly with severity depending on location in the arena and specific weather conditions at the time. Pokemon unused to the cold may also find themselves using a bit more energy to get around if they overexert themselves.

Blizzards - Every three to five rounds a blizzard may pick up, greatly reducing visibility in the unsheltered parts of the arena and potentially making movement difficult for smaller Pokemon. The temperature will also plummet during this time, increasing the conditions listed above. Blizzard duration will be equal to the length of time that has passed after the previous blizzard.

Wild Pokemon - Wild Pokemon can be found in parts of the arena. Largely passive, they will only attack if directly provoked, but favors may be asked of them if you're able to convince them, be it shelter, assistance in escaping from an enemy, or even a gift. Stantler can be found in the colored area around D-2, Teddiursa and Ursaring in the area around H-1, Delibird around the tree in E-5, Swinub and Pilowswine in the area around B-9, and Cubchoo and Beartic in the area around J-8. These colored squares will not be displayed on the map outside of this post so remember where they are!

PokeWu - Enchanted items can be found littered all over the map to anyone willing to look for them. These items grant their owner some benefits depending on the item, ranging from good to spectacular in use. Up to two Wu may be possessed at any given time, and owning two Wu will also cause your Pokemon to automatically Mega Evolve. Additionally, if two or more Pokemon attempt to claim a Wu on the same round, a Showdown will be initiated, resulting in a challenge that must be completed that will grant the Wu to the first combatant to complete it. Fainting will cause your Wu to be randomly placed on the map.

The Schedule
Friday the 11th - Deadline for Entries
Saturday the 12th - RNGing for participants
Saturday the 12th - Thursday the 17th - Lottery Winners Pick Spots
Friday the 18th - Thursday the 24th - Pokemon must be PMed to me
Friday the 25th - Introductory reffing, locations given with surrounding detail, etc. All private reffings after this will be lacking in detail if there is nothing happening. Don't expect a huge essay about how you waited around to see if anyone walked by. This is a huge undertaking, cut me some slack.

Saturday the 26th and onwards - All attacks must be given to me by 10 PM EST. That will be the deadline every day. I will try my absolute best to have the reffing that night before I go to sleep. If something goes wrong and I get preoccupied, I will post and say there's a delay and ref ASAP. That is the only time there isn't a deadline the next day. Otherwise, every 10 PM will be the deadline, regardless of when at night the round was reffed. If you cannot do this, then please do not sign up.

Due to the nature of this massive undertaking, I will not be able to re-ref anything. I'm sorry if this is going to screw someone over, as mistakes do happen but.. barring hp/energy mistakes or huuuuge errors, changing how a round was reffed will take as long as doing an entire round. It's not just a matter of editing my general round reffing, but I'd have to look up who was involved and send changed PMs to people. It wont be easy so I want to avoid it. If small mistakes were made then I apologize.

Please take any questions to the Grand Melee Time Out thread. For the time being this thread will just be for posting that you want to join and your Trainer Level. That is it.

Have fun and good luck!

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Joining, TL1 sexies.

Ghost Legion
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Signing up, TL6.
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Signing up, TL3.
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TL4 let's do this
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Signing up, TL3
PASBL stats
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Wild Future Stuff

Interested in the PASBL (Pokemon Anime Style Battle League)? Read our Getting Started thread! Got a question? Go to our Q/A thread.

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What are you looking at?
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Signing up, TL3.

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Yukirin is awesome for doing this for me! And by Yukirin, I mean lilbleucorsola.
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Signing up, TL2.
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Sign Me Up, Trainer Level 2, Ready to Rock!!!

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There's like no fanart zz
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Sign me up, tl3 (4 just out of reach cri)
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Signing up at TL2.
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Signing up at TL5

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Sounds exciting! Signing up at TL1.
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TL3 reporting in
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Squad Summary

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Thank goodness this starts when my semester is over. Signing up, TL5.
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Originally Posted by Concept View Post
Why are you always a pretty princess?
Originally Posted by Son_of_Shadows View Post
Because I look damn good in a dress.
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Singing up, TL1 represent!
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Aww yay I wasn't going to sign up because I didn't want an inactive like me to swipe a spot from someone, but everyone gets in woohoo!

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Signing up, TL4.
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Yo. TL 5..? 6? Maybe 5.
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Litwick TL0 getting up in this bitch

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joining tl3

Originally Posted by Miror
EK keeping up his streak of being the scummiest motherfucker to ever grace mafia games regardless of his actual alignment
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Originally Posted by Shuckle View Post
Well I don't know I wanted to deal damage and Starmie is inorganic :X
Originally Posted by Mercutio View Post
Starmie is a starfish, it is not inorganic :p
Originally Posted by Shuckle View Post
Kush I'm TL1. How am I supposed to know things if you don't tell me them?
Originally Posted by Mercutio View Post
It's a starfish.

Originally Posted by Concept View Post
I have 1 SP. Retroactively claiming the SP tax on all the things I did whilst LO.

I now have 1 SP.
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Screw it, I'll jump in for this. Consider me a TL1 and PREPARE THINE ANUSES
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Originally Posted by DaveTheFishGuy View Post
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Originally Posted by Stealthy View Post
As may be expected though, our clear winner here was Kairne, ASB's champion of prioritizing the pokemon you like over those that are objectively better. I mean, one of his mains is a Watchog.
Originally Posted by Sneezey12 View Post
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