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Sableye Diarmuid's File


Name:Diarmuid Darude Gender: Male Age: 19
Class: Gangster (DARK major, GROUND minor) (NORMAL weakness)

Appearance: Diarmuid is an exceptionally scrawny boy of slightly above average height. His ruffled brown hair is already graying, that and the scrubby grizzled beard arranged in a poorly kept goatee make him look a little older than he actually is (or at least he hopes so). Having traveled the numerous deserted areas of Johto for many years his skin tanned accordingly, gaining a distinct bronze coloration. His disheveled clothing tells much about his social status and personal care. He wears a beige, knee-length overall visibly worn and discolored that is way too big for him, as well as a white tank top and a sturdy pair of black combat boots. His arms are covered in leather bracelets and wooden trinkets, the majority of which he made himself. His most prized possession is his sharpedo tooth necklace, mostly because he thinks is incredibly cool. He carries with him a fairly simple messenger bag where he stores all of his inventory. He also has a red bandana that he often wears rolled up on his forehead and a pair of motorcycle goggles, very handy in case of a sandstorm.

Background: He grew up in Cherrygrove City with his father, but they weren't very close. He was a woodcarver who became obsessed with his job after his wife passed away, leaving poor Diarmuid to fend for himself for most of his childhood. He didn't dislike that situation much though: being neglected and undisciplined granted him a lot of freedom to do what he wanted. What he wanted often involved traveling north of the city, catching Rattatas and defeating Youngsters to steal their lunch money. By the age of nine he was feared by all the youngsters in the area and started referring to himself as the boss of route 30.
When the Disaster hit, it impacted his life slowly. At first the climate started to change unexpectedly: the route's trees became rotten and lifeless while in the northernmost area the flora dried up like a bones. Cherrygrove's coastline covered in a thick layer of ice, forcing most of the people who profited from the maritime life to emigrate in other regions. His father was the last to leave the city in search for a more temperate place to continue his work. When he did, he gave Diarmuid a good amount of money and, surprisingly, a dusty old pokéball containing his pokémon from when he was a young trainer. Diarmuid realized there were many things he didn't know about his old man as he watched him disappear completely from his life. At that point, he decided to leave the city as well, as there was nothing holding him back anymore. He decided to travel north, scavenging and living by his wits as the years passed, his trusty pokémon as his only companion.

Personality: For the last ten years Diarmuid lived in the deserts, going so far as knowing any dune and cliff of Johto like the back of his hand. He travels by day and hunts by night, scaring away any scavenger unfortunate enough to venture near his location. Robbing their equipment is his main way of survival: every month he descends the west side of the mountains to travel to Olivine City and trade it to his connections of the black market for food, money and other goods.
Even though he lived half of his life in solitude traveling the desert, Diarmuid has a very carefree and friendly attitude, but he's still far from being a social person: he'll often try to monopolize the attention and prioritize his needs to those of the group; he's also known for having infrequent mood swings, being capable of shifting from logorrheic to a closed up behavior for almost no reason in less than a moment. He's very arrogant, but when the situation gets out of hand it doesn't take much for him to change behavior completely and reveal his actual cowardice. He prefers easy wins and runs away or hides from hard challenges.

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Silas - Treecko (m)

Spoiler: show

Nature: Serious - "A little quick tempered"
Ability: Overgrow
Moves: Pound - Leer - Absorb - Leaf Storm

Bio:Diarmuid received this pokemon from his father ten years ago. He doesn't know much about his story before then, but he must have followed his father's journeys for many years before coming in his possession. Despite this, Silas seems to not be interested in battles. Not only that, but he seldom follows his owner orders, attacking on his own accord only when he or Diarmuid are in danger.
Even though he's a small pokemon, he's actually more mature and righteous than Diarmuid and often has to become his conscience or take him out of hard situations, acting more like a protector than a subordinate.
He likes to walk ahead of his owner, the rare times he returned in the pokeball being during a sandstorm or after Diarmuid's pleads.
His major feature is his agility which comes very handy when he helps Diarmuid with his petty thefts, even though he doesn't seem very happy to partake in them. He's also very useful when it comes to find water sources while walking through the desert, since he can sense the air humidity with great precision thanks to his tail.


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  • Sharpedo necklace (broken fastening)
    made from real authentic sharpedo teeth, which is incredibly cool
  • Wood carving knife
    used to realize wood engravings or scultures; mostly innocuous, unless youd don't watch your fingers (looks like there's a name engraved on the handle..kinda paradoxical right?)
  • Random pile of scrap metal lost in Olivine Warehouse
    who says this stuff is useless? I'm sure there's a brainiac or two down in Olivine who might be eager to buy them

  • 6x Poké Balls stolen
  • 3x Potions stolen
  • 1x Revive stolen
  • 2x Oran Berry
  • 2x Cheri Berry
  • 2x Chesto Berry
  • 2x Pecha Berry
  • 2x Rawst Berry
  • 2x Aspear Berry
  • 1x Escape Rope
  • 2x Tunnel Mail
  • 1x Expert Belt christmas present :o

  • Fishing Pole stolen
  • PokéGearstolen (with the Phone card loaded)
  • Pokédex stolen

TM CASE: stolen
  • Empty

  • 0 Pokédollars
  • 5x Star Shards

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Gym Quests

Gym Badges
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