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Wobbuffet Reclamation

Name: Todd Chambers
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Class: Pure Psychic Class (Major) / Poison (Weakness) - Psychic
Appearance: Todd is fairly tall for his age, standing at height of 6'1, though he tends to hunch over slightly, so it leaves the impression of him being slightly shorter than one might first see. He wears a worn khaki jacket with a white undershirt, a matching khaki beanie, and a torn pair of dark blue jeans. He wears this beanie over his messy blonde hair, preferring to simply slap the headgear on rather than take the time to fix it up. This hair goes slightly over his forehead, beginning to cover one of his blue eyes. Inside of his jacket he holds a worn but ornate deck of cards, and around his neck a titanium brace. This brace, attached to him by Minerva's Corporation (Read Backstory Pt.2), flashes between a neutral green to yellow. Yellow initiates an electrical shock through his body, preventing his defiance, while green is a stand-bye. Should Todd ever seriously attempt to remove it, it will explode, ending his life. His psychic aura is a faded light blue, him possessing light telekinesis, enough to lift light objects like a Pokeball or a deck of cards, but not much more.

Personality: Todd has an openly uncaring personality, believing that while life is important to a degree, you can't take it too seriously. Life is your one opportunity to enjoy yourself, so rather than getting hung on restrictions or depressed about the present shape of things, take the opportunity to make your life worth something, blazing your trail across the plains. Make them remember your name, whether through notoriety or heroics, both are valid courses of life. While this is his belief, acting it out is another story, being under Minerva's brace, and he expresses clear distaste of her organization.

Spoiler: show

Part 1: Backstory I BS'd in like 30 minutes
Spoiler: show
Todd was born of a whore, who, although having no problem tossing her child on the streets, was against an abortion even though she knew she couldn't support the child in the first place. Such is the problem with our society. Perhaps a gift given to him to aid his survival, though most definitely a hereditary rare, Todd possessed a slight control over the supernatural element of telekinesis. This, while not unheard of in humans, was widely shoved and discriminated against. How DARE those damn ESPers have a genetic advantage we don't? Shame them into submission. Getting back on topic, while streets may have not been the correct term, her showing the slightness kindness of dumping him at a local orphanage, it was still pretty damn close. For his early childhood, he made a friendship with one of his roommates, Dazon. They got into a few squabbles, but a solid bond developed between the two, Todd developing a deep trust in him. Around the age of 8 though, his psychic capabilities began to develop, Todd beginning to accidentally move things, his very thoughts and emotions making items shift. Naturally, this freaked him the hell out. That shouldn't be happening, I'm imagining it, among similar mindsets. After a bit, he got over this, and began experimenting with what he could do. For this, he'd go onto the roof of the old building every night, climbing the fire escape and lifting cans, pebbles, whatever he could find. He even tried lifting himself at one point, but that didn't go so well. Seems he could only manage to lift light objects. Now, these outings occurred until one night, Dazon happened to catch him exiting the window and up the escape. Curious of what Todd was doing, he waited a few minutes, then followed up after him. After a few minutes of observing, Dazon crept out of where he was hiding, and confronted him. Rather than the disgust and betrayal from his friend that Todd was expecting, Dazon was openminded and praised him about how talented he was. Then he asked Todd to come with him the next morning, saying that there were ways to put his ability to use and not waste it, a place where he would be accepted without hiding it, etc. Needless to say, Todd was interested.

Such began his life as a member of one of the notorious Grey Shepherds, one of the major gangs in Castelia City at the time. Greeting with open arms, they seeing potential profit in Todd's abilities, began to take him in as one of their own. It started off with small things, from nagging a purse to assisting in removal of key objects, to eventually assisting drug runs and collecting payments. Then he turned 14. A new pill had come into their possession, one known as an ESPB. This, while providing a hallucinogenic induced high to regular humans, caused a massive increase to ESPer output, giving them a short burst of raw energy. This came at a cost of course, potential neurological problems, suffering from complete exhaustion once the booster expired, a sickening addiction from the nicotine, and a 15% chance of automatic heart failure upon usage. He found excitement in this gamble though, with but one pill he could now lift grown men, slam shit into walls, and arguably the best part of it was: flight. With each pill, he appreciated the life he had, the feeling of living your life the way you want to, ... and the apple flavoring.

September 18th. That was the day his life changed for the worst. It started off as an ordinary run: Guard the transporter, confirm the arrival of the package, then return to base. The mission itself went smoothly for the most part, with the only variation being almost running over some stupid pedestrian who tripped. Todd thought he noticed him slapping something against the bottom of the truck as he got up, but thought nothing of it at that time. As they got back to base, his task finished, he decided to ponder about the exchange for a bit. Something seemed off. The man smiling as the truck drove off, for one, bothered him the most. Perhaps..no that couldn't be, could it? His suspicions were realized as what seemed to be the entire city police force broke into the warehouse. His fellow members being quickly picked off, the gang leader tossed him a bottle of the ESPB, ordering him to do whatever was required to secure their escape. Starting to weigh how much he might need to perform the task, a bullet flew by far too close to him, and he decided to screw it. 4 pills should do the task, after all, what's 60%? He had a better chance of hitting Focus Miss than dying right now. Swallowing the pills, he instantly felt the affects, his faint blue aura becoming a strong, electric blue, and for a moment he felt invincible. That was, until the feeling of a freight train hitting him in the chest came. Sputtering a mass of blood and phlegm, he collapsed to the ground, his eyes becoming heavy, vision fading...until it stopped. While not rolling the 60% death, taking that many pills still had an effect on him, and slowly he got back to his feet. After a brief moment of recovery, he walked out from cover, instantly dispatching the majority of the force. What's a gun or 50 when you can stop the bullets, swat, and all? For that moment, his victory seemed assured, until he was hit with an overpowering force, Todd being slammed into the back of the warehouse wall. Sliding to the floor, he managed to catch a glimpse of what appeared to be a white, humanoid Pokemon, and what appeared to be some strange woman.

Part 2: The actually decent read in 1st person
Spoiler: show
Darkness, all was darkness. For a moment I thought to myself that perhaps I was dead, and all that was my afterlife was the black abyss of the void. Then slowly, what was black became gray, what was gray became white, and what was white became the roof of some building. Shaking away my dizziness, I attempted to move, but found myself shackled to a board. To my feet simple clamps, but to my wrists and neck heavy steel devices. There was no way I was getting out of this. Looking to my right, I notices a trolley, atop of it a set of keys. With any luck, to this imprisonment. I attempted to levitate them over, but to my surprise, I was unable to gather any psychic energy at all.
"You won't be able to use your power here I'm afraid, little one."
Looking towards the sound of the voice, a tall woman, one in her mid-forties, came into view, her burgundy hair partially covering her scarily calm eyes, a look of amusement on her face. Such features that would be driven into my nightmares even to this day. "You've been used, led astray down the wrong path. We are here to correct that." Beginning to walk down the elevated stage, she quickly stopped, then with a red glow, lifted herself down to the lower platform where I was chained. Smiling, she extended her hand into the pocket of her dark gray suit, and withdrew the canister of ESP boosters I had used prior to my capture. "All without cheap assistance from drugs." With an almost instant flick of the wrist, and a light red glow, the bottle flew across the room, shattering to the floor. Walking towards me, she grabbed my jaw, pulling my eyes towards her, exclaiming, "You are one of the chosen youth, having powers your fellow men do not. You should not let this go to waste on frivolous objectives and underground activities. Help create an ESPer Utopia." She then stepped back.
"Hummuna what now?" I burst out. This bitch was clearly crazy, spouting nonsense about some ESPer Utopia.
"Think about it, a world where opportunities to use your ability aren't limited to assisting criminals. A world where you aren't discriminated against for being a superior life form. A world of Sliggoo!"
I sputtered like a dying putt-putt at the unexpected last sentence. "Yeah bitch, I was getting into that up until the last part. Complete buzzkill, and proved that you're entirely crazy."
"Such a foul mouth. Hmph, well regardless of whether you see our dream now, you will eventually. All come around." Flipping her hair, she turned, and with a clap of her hands, 2 burly men entered from side doors. The man to the left, carrying a machine and mask set, while the other, a circular ring. "Brody, apply the apparatus. Thompson, the brace."
The one to the left, apparently named Brody, responded, "Yes Mrs. Minerva."
Walking forward, the two applied the devices to my body. Turning around, she smiled a cruel, sickening smile, and with a snap of her fingers, Brody turned the machine on, a stream of noxious purple gas flooding into my mouth and nostrils. "Now this won't kill you, but it'll certainly make your writhe in agony. Do enjoy, and perhaps when you're done, you'll be more willing to listen to our ideals."

When the gas finally stopped, I felt sick. Like, completely sick. It was as if I could feel my insides melting, sludge dripping in my lungs.
"Concentrated Toxicroak Venom. Potent stuff, though not fatal in the gaseous form. Now, I don't believe I ever got your name. Unless you want a repeat of that, I suggest you answer."
Coughing, I spat on the floor. It was a dark purple, and seemed more like sludge than actual saliva. Scary stuff.
"Todd Chambers. Or at least, that's what the orphanage gave me."
"Oh? Fascinating. Suppose your mother was a whore, and your father white trash?"
I was about to argue against that, but I stopped, words only barely leaking out a whispers. It was the truth, and I couldn't argue against it.
"Poor thing, no wonder you have no manners. Fret not, for in the utopia there's a place for even you." She walked forwards, and flicked me on the forehead. While it shouldn't have hurt by any means, it felt as if a boxer has slugged me. "Such power is possible for even you, Todd, even without esp drugs. All you need do is help us realize this utopia, and we will teach you."
I began to retort, but she moved her hand towards the lever of the gas machine, and with that, I shut up. I wasn't getting out of this unless it was her way.
"Fine. I'll play your damn game. How do you plan to make this utopia, anyway? Our present world is fucked out and there's hardly a suitable place."
Shaking her head, she responded, "My my, that's quite a...oh my, I suppose a valid question. You probably wouldn't know, considering your age and locale." Walking to a projector screen, she snapped her fingers, and an image of a landmass popped up. "The Kanjohto region," She explained, "Was once a great and might place. Then the disasters occurred. The entire region essentially put to waste, as if a big reset button was pressed." She tapped the screen. "This is our ideal location, and you're going to help us take control. Then we'll grant you your freedom."
"But if you put me in such a place, I could easily just ditch. Told you that you were crazy." I responded cheekily.
"That's why we have that brace around your neck, darling. You're going to do things to what we deem satisfactory as reclaiming the region, and if you don't, the brace will shock you as so." With another snap of her fingers, the brace's front light changed to yellow, and what followed was a sensation akin to being tased by an M26 taser. I'd been tased prior by the particular model, and it's not a good feeling. Not at all.
"Needless to say, you'll not run. As an added precaution, should you attempt to remove this near indestructible brace, it will explode. That, since you seem to be rather slow, will kill you darling."
She clapped her hands twice, and the projector disengaged. "Now then, since you seem to understand, we'll get you on your way. At the very least, we have a different experience than what you've had up til now planned for you. How does a Pokemon Trainer sound?"

Spoiler: show

Spoiler: show
6 Poke Balls
3 Potions
1 Revive
2 of each Basic Berry (Oran, Cheri, Chesto, Pecha, Rawst, Aspear)
1 Escape Rope
2 pieces of Mail
1 Fishing Pole
1 TM Case
1 Berry Pouch
PokeGear with the Phone card loaded

Spoiler: show

Species: Psyduck
Type: Water
Level: 5
Ability: Cloud Nine
Gender: Male
Nature: Serious
Bio: TBD
Moves: Water Sport / Scratch / Tail Whip / Cross Chop
Egg Moves: Cross Chop
TM/HM Moves: None

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