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Lyall's Travel Journal

Name: Lyall Cere

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Class: Hellraiser (Fire Major, Dark Minor, Fighting Weakness)

Appearance: He has sharp gray eyes under ruffled brown hair and an easy smile. Lean and tanned from spending plenty of time outdoors, Lyall stands confident and self-assured in a simple T-shirt, a pair of jeans, and some sturdy hiking boots. The backpack he carries completes the look of a guy preparing for a weekend hike.

Personality: Independent and headstrong, family and friends have jokingly likened him to a cat, a comparison he can’t say is inaccurate. He’ll poke at things that interest him and avoid or ignore the things that don’t. He likes spending time with and is affectionate towards family, but keeps strangers at a polite distance. He’s loyal and protective, but vicious and sly when he needs to be.

Background: A Kanjohto native, Lyall spent much of his childhood in New Bark Town, watching new trainers head out on their adventures, playing with his parents’ Pokémon, and talking about his future adventures with his siblings. As the three children grew, they described their future adventures to each other and boasted about what they would accomplish, in between arguing about which Type was better and which Pokémon they were hoping to get. When Lyall was about twelve, though, his parents decided to move their family out to Hoenn because his mom’s Absol was getting progressively more nervous as the months passed and his parents couldn’t figure out why. It would take another three years before the reason became clear

The week the Disasters struck Kanjohto was some of the most tumultuous times of his life. The weather abruptly went haywire, dumping buckets of rain one moment and sweeping across in a heat wave the next. The ground shook so frequently that he could hardly sleep for all the tension, not knowing when the next one would hit. And when it all seemed to be over and things were finally calming down, all the Pokémon just…left, even the ones with trainers. He wasn’t the only one at a sudden loss.

The years following That Week were filled with all the difficulties of a land struggling to rebuild and plenty of studying, in hopeful preparation for the Pokémon’s return. Exciting stories of future adventures were replaced with quizzing their parents on their adventures. Boasting about their preferred Types was swapped with debating the pros and cons of each. Mentions of rare Pokémon they wished to see were forgotten in lieu of recalling common Pokémon they hoped to see again. The first reports of Pokémon sightings were brushed off as hopeful imaginings or hoaxes, but they quickly began to believe as more and more people called themselves Trainers once again.

Though all three were excited to try their hand, a quick family conference decided that Lyall would be the first to go, both as the oldest child and because he’d been waiting the longest. He’d also put the most effort into his studies, so their parents were slightly less worried about him than his siblings. A good month after that decision was made, Lyall was sent off with as much preparation as possible and all the supplies his parents could provide when they weren’t entirely sure what he’d run into. With a promise to record his adventures and call at least once a week, he boarded the ship bound for Olivine and headed back to the land of his birth.

Starter Group: 4

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Held Item: NA
Nickname: Ivy
Gender: Female
Level: 6
Origin: Starter
Type: Grass
Ability: Overgrow
Nature: Serious
Mood: 52 (free EM @ 100)
Evolution Line: -Lv. 17-> -Lv. 36->
Level-Up Moves: Tackle, Leer[4], Vine Whip[7], Wrap[10], Growth[13], Leaf Tornado[16], Leech Seed[19], Mega Drain[22], Slam[25], Leaf Blade[28], Coil[31], Giga Drain[34], Wring Out[37], Gastro Acid[40], Leaf Storm[43]
HM Moves: -
TM Moves: -
Egg Moves: Magical Leaf
Move Tutor Moves: -
Other: -

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- Star Shards: 0
- Rare Candies: 0

Healing Items
- 3x Potions (one to a wild Altaria)
- 1x Revive

- 6x Pokéballs

Berry Pouch
- 2x Oran Berry (one to Bravo)
- 2x Cheri Berry (one to Bravo)
- 2x Chesto Berry
- 2x Pecha Berry
- 2x Rawst Berry
- 2x Aspear Berry (one to distract the Durant)

TM Case
- Empty

Key Items
- Pokédex
- PokéGear
-- Phone Card
- Fishing Pole

- 1x Escape Rope
- 2x Greet Mail
- 1x Travel Journal

Things To Pick Up In Town
- Scope Lens
- Star Shards: 5
- Rare Candies: 3 3 2
- Egg Candies: 2 1 (+EM)
- Enigmatic Candies: 2 (+30 Mood, +1 lvl)
- Complex Candy: 1 (+1 Nat TM)
- Deluxe Candy: 1 (+1 Event, purification, Dream World, limited-time move)

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Quest Log

Current Quests
Luster Lighthouse, Olivine - Rescue Mission?

Completed Quests
None yet

Miscellaneous Things to Investigate
- Hefty, old, ornate key (What is it? Where does it lead to? Does anyone else recognize it?)

Current Personal Plans
- Arrive at Olivine
- Head to New Bark by way of Violet

Pokédex || Seen: 3 || Owned: 1
#215 Sneasel
#333 Swablu
#495 Snivy
#632 Durant

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