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Vimeo takes down videos to do with "pixels"

TorrentFreak news article via Reddit discussion thread

Pretty fucking ridiculous. If anything, this gotten-completely-out-of-hand intellectual property nonsense proves that the earlier videos entitled "Pixels" each have a stronger claim to copyright infringement against Columbia Pictures than Columbia Pictures does against them. I sincerely hope that the Internet crowdfunds at least one of these parties "lawyering up" to take on Columbia. And I hope that nonsense like this will pave the way for copyright reform. Because it's just gotten fucking stupid that Big Money thinks it can steamroll over the common man when it comes to the use of common language terms. This is not "Albueta" or "gagnox" we're talking about here, this is "apple" and "pixels." Sorry, but it's your own fucking damn fault you named your product or company after a common term in the language if you also wanted to be able to build a fence around it and say "NO ONE ELSE CAN USE THIS TERM!"
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I agree with you there, talon. If this was intentional, then Columbia Pictures are gigantic thundercunts to the umpteenth degree. Blanket bombing every vid with 'Pixels' in the title is just bloody ridiculous. I can understand 'taking precautions', but there's limits with that. I mean, if it was just things entitled 'Pixels', and then similarly named stuff was double checked by some of the company's minions, then it might be understandable. This is just corporate greed gone to Ludicrous Speed.
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Just because a video shares a word in it's title as your movie, doesn't mean it's trying to infringe on your copyright- especially if it published ten years or so earlier than your production! These people put their hearts and souls into these works, and you just take them down over a single, loosely related word? There's a phrase my dad likes to use that fits this ridiculous situation perfectly: 'There are no original thoughts.' Think about that one before you decide to tear down your own commercial!
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I think the best part is they actually took down a trailer for the movie. Like seriously? lol.

This looks to me less "Big Money being a total asshole" and more "someone made a really, REALLY dumb error." That doesn't mean the company and people involved in it shouldn't take responsibility, because Entura is 100% wrong here and they don't seem to want to take responsibility for it. I don't think Columbia is really at fault here, other than hiring what appear to be total idiots.
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