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Baldur's Gate II EE Dilemma

So, about 10 years ago, after about 4 years of playing Baldur's Gate II more or less non-stop, I made a decision: I wanted to find a way to make the Slayer transformation that happens in the game permanent.

After a few months of experimentation, I actually discovered a method to do it, albeit a difficult and highly convoluted one.

But it was repeatable. And the end result is a Slayer transformation yielding a character more powerful than one you could ever achieve by cheating (because the cheat tools can't edit the parameters that the bug exploits). The visual was pretty spectacular, it looks like the Slayer goes Super Saiyan. So I called the bug the "Super Slayer".

I more or less kept the method to myself, so I could exploit it in multiplayer games and shock/impress people who played with me. I did disclose the origin of the bug to bug fixers and it was patched once upon a time, but those patches were lost to time.

The bug is still exploitable in Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition.

So I'm at a quandary. I intend to make a video showing how fun and hilariously over the top it is. But if I do this, I open the bug up to being patched by Beamdog and that's no fun.

However, given the new content Beamdog is developing for BG, there is a possibility that by revealing this bug, my video makes it popular enough that the exploit is revisited in any potential expansion material as a feature. I mean, it's a longshot and I'd have to really push for this, but it could happen given most of the EE material seems to have arisen from fan works initiated all those years ago.

For example, I'm pretty sure "Neera the Wild Mage" started out as a fan mod, and if not the mod was more of a rough draft. I remember reading up on a mod like Neera years ago.

Similarly, I know BG2 outright plagiarised ideas ideas that originated in Dark Side of the Sword Coast mod. The Bag of Holding operation, the "Shade Lord" plot-line, and the level drain mechanics were the start (and upsetting) things that stood out.

So it's possible! Keep super broken bug method to self, enjoy exploiting it by myself, or share and ruin it for everyone, with the potential for it becoming a real (small) plot thing.

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You're paranoid.

I'm fairly sure Beamdog released the final patch and likely won't be working on any more. It's been 2 years since the last patch and the fact that no one else has made it known that such a bug exists means it's difficult to do and you'll probably have to be consciously trying to break the game to do it, which means it won't affect the average player but rather will only happen because someone is trying to do it. Baldur's Gate isn't an ESport where if you did this it would break balance.
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Wouldn't it be better to be immortalized in such a way anyway? You could be like that guy who got banned for assassinating Lord British (who was supposed to be unkillable) during the early days of Ultima Online.


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