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Lady Kuno
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Genesect Grand Melee IV Sign Ups

Welcome to the Grand Melee IV: Besieged
It's been a bit since I did one of these. How are you all feeling? Ready to kill each other in a massive bloodbath? I thought so. Here are some changes:

  • 26 People will now be able to compete.
  • Totally awesome adjustments to weather moves and "room" attacks. They will now take more energy to use the more they get used by anyone. Room attacks will have no effect when used. Weather moves will share their own "usage counters", while Gravity will be counted by itself.
  • No wild Pokemon.
  • Health and energy will be 4/6, and effectiveness will now be at 2x/3x.
  • Wild badges may appear, granting a random (small) bonus. These can be stolen from one another, and only one may be held at a time.
  • Two crystals exist, which will heal HP and Energy to anyone within a one square radius.
  • Pokemon inside the castle walls will be considered "safe". From what? Who knows.
  • Trainers will randomly be assigned a partner. As long as one of the two partners wins, the other will win as well. Meaning if three different Pokemon on three different teams are left, the third person will not rank in the top four.

Grand Melee Info:
Da Rules
You may use your own Pokemon, however no sigs/HP/badges/tokens will be allowed
It will be equilevel but not equi-evo.
Since I will be the only ref, 26 people max are allowed
A strict 24 hour DQ will be enforced, with more details below. Not sending attacks will have the Pokemon play passively and try to dodge. Missing 3 deadlines will have you disqualified.
It will be done in 4/6 style because fuck the haters.

Basic Info
Unlike past Grand Melees, there will be no trainers. Instead, you will see/hear whatever your Pokemon sees/hears via a super dooper indestructible headset. This will allow you to see/hear what it sees, as well as issue orders.
The casters of the event will be casting from the middle of the arena. Their casters booth is a large room floating in the air. They will provide reffing coverage based on what they can see down below, as well as a few hidden cameras around the arena. This is what everyone will see each round and will be referred to as the "general reffing". Like a normal GM, each trainer will also receive a personalized reffing (with much less detail if there is not much happening) to say what they see and hear, etc.
In addition to the regular reffing duo, Pimp Master Jay will be the "at the scene" correspondent. He will Teleport around to the action and say what he sees down below. Even if attacked, he will not attack any participants, but he will probably use barrier moves, and if pissed off, might taunt or do something mean.

Signing Up
Due to the nature of the fact I will be the only ref, there is a limit on participants. I will allow only 20 people to enter. Having one ref means I will be responsible for everything, and if there is a fuck up, I'd rather it be me drop the ball and take the blame then having a ref with half the Pokemon HP/energy vanish and try to pick up the pieces midway.
Selecting participants will not be first come first serve. Instead, it will be randomly decided using RNG. To ensure an even spread of trainers (rather than 1 level 6 with a legend vs 15 level 1s..), there will be a set number of trainers at each Trainer Level:

4 Seeded from last GM
4 Participants TL 6
4 Participants TL 5
3 Participants TL 4
3 Participants TL 3
3 Participants TL 2
2 Participants TL 1
2 Random from every group
1 Kuno's Pick

The RNGing will go in that order. This will all be done on stream to ensure I'm not biased (not that I would be, but it might be fun to watch). If 4 TL 6 trainers do not enter, the empty spot will drop down and there will be 5 TL 5s who enter, etc. Signups will close Friday, and I will do the RNG stream Friday afternoon (EST). So when you sign up in this thread, please list your Trainer Level and/or if you are seeded or I will ignore your post.

The Arena

Welcome to Kunonia Castle!

We've been to some badlands, and we've been to some worse lands. But today we stand at a massive recreation of Kunonia! Or at least, Kunonia in days of distant past. A massive castle rests in the south. But aside from that, the countryside is fairly hilly and relaxed, littered with farms. The purple dots are points of interest. The red numbered spots are starting locations. The color is used as reference for elevation. Each tier in color is another 10 feet (the highest point is 60 feet high), and the really light green is -10 feet. The abundant green is considered ground level. Each square is 250 yards across (2 football fields).

A-1 - River Fork A fairly shallow and slow flowing river can be found here. A person could walk through without much trouble, but a smaller and weaker Pokemon might have difficulty. The land on the other side of the river, to the northwest, is fairly barren and open. As you travel northwest, it would appear a lot of it is open and barren because of a crack in the earth, revealing a bit of boiling magma. Ouch.

C-2 - Kunonia Road An exceptionally sturdy stonework road leads north from the moat. The various farms around grow different types of crops and are owned by various loyal vassels. However since this is a recreation, the houses are devoid of people and the crops are actually props. Since this area is frequently traveled, there is not much plantlife (tall grass, forests) aside from just grass and a few random trees around the main group of farms.

E-2 - Rebellion Crystal In a valley surrounded by trees, behind a large ominous mountain, lies a strange shrine. It is a small building, consisting of a stone floor, four large pillars, and a arched roof. In the center is a golden glowing orb. All Pokemon within one "square" of said orb will recover 1/4 HB of Health and Energy each round. If attacked too much, the crystal can shatter, and recovery will stop. It is from here the rebellion forces plan to launch their counterattack against Kunonia castle!

C-4 - Kunonia Castle A majestic looking castle with a large moat surrounding it. The moat can be opened by flipping two switches from the inside, causing it to drop down onto the road. There also exist stairs to allow travel to the towers. The castle walls are 30 feet high with the tower a bit higher at 35 feet. There is also a path along the castle walls for easy travel to each tower.

The interior of the castle has been gutted out. There exists only a second shrine located in the center. This is a glowing blue orb, which will also recover 1/4 HB of Health and Energy each round. The area of effect is also one square (effectively allowing all in B4,B5,C4,C5 to recover). Destroying the crystal will stop the healing.

So why are the rebels interested in taking over the castle? Well after a few rounds certain guests will appear. They will be aggressive towards anyone who is not inside of the castle. Anyone inside will be safe. However destroying the castle's orb will cause them to turn aggressive towards everyone.

E-4 - Hill Wall A unsafe hill which has a farm on it. It is considered unsafe because of the fact many shady deals used to go down in the farm and surrounding area. While not many trees grow on this hill, it blocks the view of the Rebellion Crystal from the castle, as the northeastern part of the hill has sharp patruding rocks which help serve as a wall.

F-5 - Kunonia Peak The tallest hill in Kunonia. The passageway to the north is considered unsafe as many bad folks would hide in these mountains to attack travelers. From the west, the hill is easy to climb but the north side of it is extremely steep. The hill becomes rocky fairly quickly, losing most plant life as the elevation rises. There is also a fairly small pond on the south side.

D-6 - Massive Stone Here exists a massive circular stone rock. It exists mostly as a touristy spot for visitors.

You may also choose your top 3 starting positions (the numbers on the map). There is no guarantee you will get any of them, as it will be randomized a bit. But those who picked a spot no one else wanted will go there, etc. In addition, the top four people can pick their own spot guarenteed, as well as the spot of one other person of their choosing. Meaning the 1st place seed has total control of where they and anyone elses spot, and the 2nd place can choose their spot and anothers spot. If the 2nd place spot, or their picks spot was already chosen by the first place seed, they will not be told. However if the location they picked was already chosen, they can repick both spots again.

The Schedule
Friday the 15th - Deadline for Entries
Friday the 15th - RNGing for participants
Friday the 15th - I will PM each trainers partner
Between the 15th and 21st - I will ask each seed, in order, their spots and work out positions with them
Thursday the 21st - Pokemon and position choices must be PMed to me
Friday the 22nd - Introductory reffing, locations given with surrounding detail, etc. All private reffings after this will be lacking in detail if there is nothing happening. Don't expect a huge essay about how you waited around to see if anyone walked by. This is a huge undertaking, cut me some slack.

Saturday the 23rd and onwards - All attacks must be given to me by 5 PM EST. That will be the deadline every day. I will try my absolute best to have the reffing that night before I go to sleep. If something goes wrong and I get preoccupied, I will post and say there's a delay and ref ASAP. That is the only time there isn't a deadline the next day. Otherwise, every 5 PM will be the deadline, regardless of when at night the round was reffed. If you cannot do this, then please do not sign up.

Due to the nature of this massive undertaking, I will not be able to re-ref anything. I'm sorry if this is going to screw someone over, as mistakes do happen but.. barring hp/energy mistakes or huuuuge errors, changing how a round was reffed will take as long as doing an entire round. It's not just a matter of editing my general round reffing, but I'd have to look up who was involved and send changed PMs to people. It wont be easy so I want to avoid it. If small mistakes were made then I apologize.

Please take any questions to the Grand Melee Time Out thread. This thread will just be for posting that you want to join and your Trainer Level. That is it.

Have fun and good luck!
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Signed up. Trainer Level2. Not seeded, obviously.

I'm a D grade ref. Please feel free to contest my reffings if you think I did something wrong.

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There's like no fanart zz
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Signing the hell up.

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Lady Kuno
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Originally Posted by ShuckTsubo View Post
Signed up.
Post your TL or I'll throwing you out the window.
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Signing up. TL3.

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In TL3
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Signing up, TL4 :3
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(lol totally should update these links)
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Lady Kuno
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Originally Posted by DarkLucarioADV View Post
Signing up.

Currently TL2, but I may get TL3 before the 15th.
If you level up before the deadline, you can edit your post with your new tl.

Also if you are not seeded, you don't need to tell me. Just tell me if you are.
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Signed up. TL4.
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Kay then, TL3 signing up.

Spoiler: show

Yukirin is awesome for doing this for me! And by Yukirin, I mean lilbleucorsola.
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Signing up as the newest TL4 :]

Click on Fawful for my ASB squad summary. Other links coming soon.
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Signing up.


C Grade Referee
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Let's try my luck with this. Signing up!

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RMG used Sign Up
It doesn't affect Kuno
Currently TL1
Who knows, there is a mild chance of me becoming TL2 in the next week so keep an eye out for that

Me on SP

D- Ref on PASBL
(PASBL squad!)
Let's go WILD
I will battle for cheap

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throw me into the hat
currently TL1 but there is a very slight chance that I may become TL2 soon
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Signing up, TL4, please don't let me go 0/4 in these things
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Signing up. TL5.
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Signing up, TL4. Hooray for it starting on the day my exams finish.
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Yes plz, TL3.
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Signing up. Was fourth place last GM, so I think I'm seeded in? :p

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Sign me up, TL3.
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TL4 lgi
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Alright, sure. TL4, in.

Fuck these crabs
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melon doggo
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TL2. Please be my friend RNG
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