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Markings: The Journal of Mark Gagon

About Me:
Spoiler: show
Name: Mark Gagon

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Class: Cooltrainer [Major: Normal, Minor: Fighting, Weakness: Fairy]

Appearance: Just a tad under 6' flat, Mark has untidy black hair that falls about his shoulders, and occasionally will end up covering his bright green eyes. He's got a fair bit of muscle, weighing in at around 180 lbs, and his fair skin receives a light tan in the summer months. He has a slight cleft in his chin, though it's fairly difficult to notice. In the summer months, he wears a pair of black shorts with green stripes on either side, a checkered blue-and-black polo unbuttoned with a navy t-shirt underneath, and a navy baseball cap to match. In cooler seasons, he dons a two-toned blue hoodie. He keeps his hood on whenever he's outdoors and keeps the sweatshirt zipped up, hiding his navy T-Shirt almost constantly. He swaps his shorts out for black track pants with sky blue stripes on the sides. Regardless of the season, he can be found in pale gray sneakers, with similarly gray socks peeking out as high as his ankles.

Personality: Mark is a very quiet person, and he rarely starts conversations for the sake of smalltalk. Despite this, he can hold a conversation just fine. He seems a little absent-minded, but in reality he's just a very deep thinker. Though based on his reserved, shy personality, one might think he'd be rather meek, on the contrary he thinks variety is the spice of life and is always ready to do something new and exciting.
While not exactly a pessimist, he prefers to set his expectations low- better to be pleasantly surprised than disappointed! While he's shy around people, he's very comfortable with and kind towards Pokemon, much preferring their company. He's also rather intelligent, having spent much of the past ten years since the disaster studying.

Background: Mark grew up on the poorer side of things, in a small house located in Viridian Forest with his mother and father, who did all they could for him, even though it wasn't much. He didn't have very many toys as a child, so he'd prior to the disasters he'd play in the forest with wild Pokemon. After the disaster, however, he had a hard time finding his old playmates, so he'd sit at home, studying and reading, though he still longed for the old days with his Pokemon friends. While the family was very tight-knit, now that it's possible, he's set out on a journey so that his parents can make ends meet- two mouths to feed is much cheaper than three. Thanks to these years of seeing next to no humans but being surrounded by nature and Pokemon, Mark is much more comfortable in nature then he is in Urban areas and, likewise, with Pokemon than humans.

Starter Group: 1

Spoiler: show

Name: Dhani
Species: Luxio
Type: Electric
Level: 17
Ability: Intimidate
Gender: Male
Nature: Adamant
Poke Ball: Luxury Ball
Item Attached: Amulet Coin
Mood: 185 (Next Milestone: 200 [Increased Levels])
Bio: TBA
Moves: Ice Fang / Tackle / Leer / Charge / Baby Doll Eyes / Spark / Bite / Fire Fang / Double Kick / Hidden Power Grass / Signal Beam
Egg Moves: Ice Fang / Fire Fang / Double Kick / Signal Beam
TM/HM Moves: Hidden Power Grass
Improvised Moves: Thunder Charge: Dhani rushes forward, while Charging up electricity within himself, and delivers an Electric type Flame Charge of sorts that does not boost speed.

Name: Herb
Species: Poliwag
Level: 18
Ability: Water Absorb
Gender: Male
Nature: Brave
Poke Ball: Dive Ball
Item Attached: Rocky Helmet
Mood: 140 (Next Milestone: 150 [Pokeblocks x2])
Bio: TBA
Moves: Bubble / Water Gun / Water Sport / Hypnosis / Dream Eater / Double Slap / Haze / Water Pulse / Hidden Power Dark / Return / Ice Ball / Rain Dance
Egg Moves: Haze
TM/HM Moves: Dream Eater / Water Pulse / Hidden Power Dark
Improvised Moves: Bubble Shield: Herb releases a slew of Bubbles, which line themselves up between Mark and the opponent, forming a wall of sorts that makes it harder for the opponent to see Herb, and also helps to mitigate damage from attacks used against Herb. The shield pops when attacked.

Name: Rex
Species: Zangoose
Level: 17
Ability: Immunity
Gender: Male
Nature: Adamant
Poke Ball: Quick Ball
Item Attached: Muscle Band
Mood: 106 (Next Milestone: 120 [Return])
Bio: TBA
Moves: Metal Claw / Scratch / Leer / Fury Cutter / Swords Dance / Strength / Pursuit / Slash / Hone Claws / Dynamic Punch / Disable / Water Pulse / Hidden Power Fairy
Egg Moves: Metal Claw / Disable
TM/HM Moves: Strength / Dynamic Punch / Water Pulse / Hidden Power Fairy

Name: Adelaide "Addy"
Species: Clefairy
Level: 18
Ability: Magic Guard
Gender: Female
Nature: Brave
Poke Ball: Moon Ball
Item Attached: N/A
Mood: 120 (Next milestone: 130 [Egg Move])
Bio: TBA
Moves: Mimic / After You / Healing Wish / Disarming Voice / Pound / Growl / Encore / Sing / Double Slap / Defense Curl / Follow Me / Dynamic Punch / Magical Leaf / Sweet Kiss / Charm / Copycat / Water Pulse / Hidden Power Ground / Heal Pulse / Return
Egg Moves: Mimic / Heal Pulse
TM/HM Moves: Dynamic Punch / Water Pulse / Hidden Power Ground

Spoiler: show

PokeGear with the Phone card loaded
Fishing Pole
3x Star Shard
2x Honey
1x Rare Candy
1x Heal Ball
1x Dusk Ball
6x Poke Ball
4x Potion
1x Antidote
1x Revive
1x Escape Rope
5x Orange Mail
1x Water Stone
1x Rocky Helmet (attached to Herb)
1x Muscle Band (attached to Rex)
1x Electric Gem
1x Steel Gem
1x Water Gem
1x Moon Stone
1x Absorb Bulb
1x Amulet Coin (attached to Dhani)
1x Weakness Policy
1x Stable Mulch
1x Damp Mulch
1x Dry Mulch
1x Cool Mulch
1x Warm Mulch
2x Egg Candy
1x Platinum Pokeblock
1x Protective Pads
1x Rainbow Pass
1x Strange Souvenir

TM Case:
TM Dynamic Punch
TM Leech Life
TM Water Pulse
TM Hidden Power

Berry Pouch:
2x Oran Berry (+1 Mood)
1x Chesto Berry (+1 Mood)
1x Pecha Berry (+1 Mood)
1x Rawst Berry (+1 Mood)
2x Aspear Berry (+1 Mood)
3x Sitrus Berry (+4 Mood)
3x Enigma Berry (+5 Mood)
2x Rowap Berry (+5 Mood)
3x Starf Berry (+11 Mood)
2x Jaboca Berry (+5 Mood)
4x Roseli Berry (+5 Mood)
1x Charti Berry (+3 Mood)

At PC:
1x Training Pass
2x Egg Candy
5x Rare Candy
2x Deluxe Candy
1x Complex Candy
1x TM Ominous Wind

Planned Trades:
Connor: My TM Dynamic Punch for his TM Drill Run



Click on Fawful for my ASB squad summary. Other links coming soon.

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