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Alan's Journal

Name: Alan Ware
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Class: Storyteller (Ghost, Fairy; Psychic)
Appearance: As far as people go, Alan is a fairly average dude. He seems almost middle of the road in build, not necessarily bulky or thin, standing at 5’7” and weighing in at 160 pounds. His skin seems pale from the slight disparity of sunlight in Azalea, showing with his fair complexion with quite a few scars of random acne and related marks. His eyes are brandy coloured, giving him an “always watching” look to him. His hair is worn short, and the color of leather. In regards to his clothes, he typically wears a goatskin jacket over a plain white shirt. Dark denim jeans equipped with a belt for holding Pokéballs and related shenanigans, all meant to make him look more professional as a writer. He keeps a pair of reading glasses in his jacket, black rimmed and thin with rounded rectangles for lenses.
Personality: Alan’s writing ability hasn’t gone to his head; while he is confident, he is terrified of being overconfident and attempts to stay as humble as possible. He wants to be as calm and laid back as he can be, compared to some of his childhood friends. While it sometimes hurts him, Alan wants to help anyone he possibly can, whether out of the kindness of his heart or to learn more about the other person. He worries a lot about the opinions of others, whether it’s about his stories or his moral character, and has trouble speaking to others for the first time but displays an air of (false) confidence. He enjoys reading and the company of Pokemon that enjoy being petted.
Background: Growing up in Azalea has led to Alan’s life being quite interesting. Azalea was and is a fairly close knit community, letting Alan live among people and work in unity with others and become a very easy to talk to person. Ever since he was younger, the boy was talented in writing, becoming sort of well known for it; his quirk that people knew him by. The girl across the street was the dancer, the man in the log cabin made Pokeballs, and Alan was the writer. In school, everybody was encouraged to use their talents and he was no exception, giving almost every assignment as a piece of writing, whether essays or just paragraphs for maths. As he grew older, he began trying to use his skill to make a living, writing novels and even traveling down to New Bark on occasion to help the Professor with writing research papers. Eventually, he hit the ever dreaded writers block like a brick wall. Realising that all of his childhood friends had opted to leave the small town to go on adventures, especially after the disasters, he decided that maybe that was the best thing for him. Alan ran off to find the next great story for the world, leaving his close and comfortable town for the wild world around him.

Species: Rufflet
Level: 5
Nature: Serious
Ability: Keen Eye
Biography: The editor-in-chief of Alan's life. She treats him like a little duckling, defending him from the powerful and fearsome beasts that lie ahead. Or just picking up after him.
Key Words: Self-centered, caring, confident

Lvl: Peck, Leer, Fury Attack
Other: Tailwind

- - - - - - - -

Star Shards: 5

x6 Poke Balls
x2 Potions
x1 Revive
x1 Escape Rope
x2 Portrait Mail
x1 Fishing Rod
x1 Poison Barb

Berry Pouch
x1 Oran Berry
x2 Cheri Berry
x2 Chesto Berry
x2 Pecha Berry
x2 Rawst Berry
x2 Aspear Berry

TM Case

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