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Grovyle Intermediate Trainer Battle: Charminions vs Missingno. Master [CANCELLED]

It felt strangely like home, as if all of Cascadia held no secrets to him, even though he'd never traveled the archipelago in his life. Today, fate had brought him and the two battlers to the tallest peak of all, the active volcano known as Mt. Aduro. Zion was with him once more, to analyze the geysers' behavior and their influence in the match, while Levin was tasked with overseeing the battle itself. And if his assumption was correct, there'd be a lot of details to pay attention to; the fighters involved were no rookies, and would surely approach this match with due caution.

Charm was a Fire-Type expert who'd been around for quite a while; no doubt the environment was one he could handle with ease, being accustomed to travelling with Pokemon who thrived on heat and flames. On the other hand Keith, proficient with Poison-Types, had been travelling Fizzy Bubbles even longer, and was no stranger at all to the fickle Mt. Aduro and its hardships.

- Be careful guys, I get the feeling the volcano doesn't like visitors, mind your step. Ready when you are, and remember to have fun!


Charminions vs Missingno. Master
Intermediate Trainer Battle
1v1 Single Battle
48 hour DQ
Arena: Cascadia’s Geyser Park: On the slopes of Mt. Aduro of the Cascadia island chain is a 100 x 100 meter area of dark, volcanic soil where every once in a while a geyser will erupt. The geysers shoot up with heights varying from 10 feet to almost 50 feet, and if a Pokémon is struck by one of them they will take good damage and will likely be scalded or burned from the boiling water. A geyser will erupt roughly every 2 minutes, leaving it up to chance whether a Pokémon will be struck or not…
Hold Items: Yes
Heal Items: No

- PM me your squad, held items, first Pokemon out and your first orders
- First round is reffed
- RNG determines who goes first in the next round
- Orders are reversed after each reffing
- Leave a link to your Profile in your first reply
- You can order up to 3 moves/actions each round; dodging or moving count as 1 action
- Battle ends when either Health or Energy reaches 0%
- Evolutions aren’t allowed mid-battle but can happen after the match
- For official attack descriptions, look here. Actual outcomes may vary based on ref discretion
- PM me any questions you may have at any point

Charm vs Keith



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