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"Shadow Ball x3"
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Seeing that the trainer of the Dusclops before him has vanished into the ether, Scherzando cackles wildly as he prepares several balls of shadow in rapid succession, firing one after the other which burst into darkness on the inert Ragsmuena. The third one strikes and takes its toll, the red eye of the Dusclops winking out as the now empty husk of the ghost collapses to the earth, slowly crumpling into a flat shell of its former self. The Sableye gives a final wicked grin as it becomes encompassed in red light, transforming back into a beam of energy as it is returned to its capsulated home. The remaining trainer returns the spheroid to his belt, and with brisk steps that echo through the cavern, he makes his way to the exit. This battle is over.

Ragsmuena is unable to battle! Scherzando and Jerichi are the winners!

Jerichi gains 2 KOs and 4 TP.
Emi gains 2 TP.
Miror gains 8 SP.

Pretty good match all around, would've been interesting to see how this final match up played out. Have fun in the next eternal round Jeri!
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