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Grand Melee III: Into The Melee

Welcome to the Grand Melee III: Into The Melee
It's been some time since the last face-bashing, throat-ripping, death match, and the bloodlust is growing in everyone's eyes. Fear not, for it is time once again for a Grand Melee. This time we have some new twists to those before. Below are some of the major changes:

  • 30 People will now be able to compete.
  • Further adjustments to weather moves and "room" attacks. They will still take more energy to use the more they get used by anyone, however their initial energy use will be slightly lower. Room attacks will be of consistent size and do not vary based on the 'mon using them.
  • Magic room can now be easily seen into and have attacks fired into and out of, with the room immediately tapering off into the regular terrain at its edge.
  • Wild Unown patrol the area but are completely passive. If they notice competitors consistently doing things that are deemed uninteresting, they may use their collective strength to summon powerful Pokemon or obstacles to get them back into the action. Due to their large number and erratic behavior, other Unown in the battle will not get a full hivemind effect from their SC, instead only able to glance briefly at small, specific areas of the map.
  • Getting the most damage on a Pokemon that ends up KO'd will cause your Pokemon to become refreshed, recovering a portion of their energy used depending on how much they currently have missing but not regaining more than a Major amount.

Grand Melee Info:
Da Rules
You may use your own Pokemon, however no sigs/badges/tokens will be allowed, though Hidden Powers will be, you may also use a Rental Pokemon from the list below as long as it is from your Trainer Level or below.
It will be equilevel but not equi-evo. However, Rental Pokemon may be boosted to their evolutionary state as appropriate of your Trainer Level
Since I will be the only ref, 30 people max are allowed
A strict 24 hour DQ will be enforced, with more details below. Not sending attacks will have the Pokemon play passively and try to dodge. Missing 3 deadlines will have you disqualified.
It will be done in 6/9 to prevent backstabbing resulting in one round kills. People should have a chance to fight back against their aggressors.

Info on Rental Pokemon
Spoiler: show

You may select among these Pokémon to use in the Grand Melee. TL1s may only use the TL1 Pokémon, TL2 may use TL1 and TL2, TL3 may use TL1 through TL3 and so on. They may also be considered to be at the evolutionary stage of your Trainer Level. Please Nickname them.

Dragonite - Dragon
Snorlax - Normal
Rhyperior - Rock

Aggron - Steel
Dusknoir - Ghost
Eelektross - Electric

Conkeldurr - Fighting
Glalie - Ice
Tangrowth - Grass

Rapidash - Fire
Musharna - Psychic
Sandslash - Ground

Floette - Fairy
Seviper - Poison
Sneasel - Dark

Butterfree - Bug
Hoothoot - Flying
Psyduck - Water

Basic Info
Unlike past Grand Melees, there will be no trainers. Instead, you will see/hear whatever your Pokemon sees/hears via a super dooper indestructible headset. This will allow you to see/hear what it sees, as well as issue orders.
The casters of the event will be casting from the middle of the arena. Their casters booth is a large room floating in the air. They will provide reffing coverage based on what they can see down below, as well as a few hidden cameras around the arena. This is what everyone will see each round and will be referred to as the "general reffing". Like a normal GM, each trainer will also receive a personalized reffing (with much less detail if there is not much happening) to say what they see and hear, etc.
In addition to the regular reffing duo, Omega the Unown will be the "at the scene" correspondent. He will use his Unown hivemind to look around to the action and say what he sees down below.

Signing Up
Due to the nature of the fact I will be the only ref, there is a limit on participants. I will allow only 30 people to enter. Having one ref means I will be responsible for everything, and if there is a fuck up, I'd rather it be me drop the ball and take the blame then having a ref with half the Pokemon HP/energy vanish and try to pick up the pieces midway.
Selecting participants will not be first come first serve. Instead, it will be randomly decided using RNG. To ensure an even spread of trainers (rather than 1 level 6 with a legend vs 15 level 1s..), there will be a set number of trainers at each Trainer Level:

3 Seeded from previous GMs (Red Panda, Charminions, Dream Breaker) who will count towards the slots of their respective Trainer Levels

5 Participants TL 6
5 Participants TL 5
5 Participants TL 4
5 Participants TL 3
5 Participants TL 2
5 Participants TL 1

Extra slots will first go towards a single Personal Pick before then going to a general pool of all Trainer Levels to fill the final spots.

The RNGing will go in that order. This will all be done on stream to ensure I'm not biased (not that I would be, but it might be fun to watch). Signups will close Friday, and I will do the RNG stream Friday afternoon (EST). So when you sign up in this thread, please list your Trainer Level or I will ignore your post.

The Arena

Welcome to The Anonymous Ruins!

This mountainous area is home of the Anonymous Ruins, and is filled with many dangerous obstacles and traps one must be wary of whilst fighting fellow combatants. Many Unown lurk about here, watching every move of the battle, and while they are passive if they find what you have been doing as of late to be uninteresting they may cause havoc to rain down upon you.

A-1 - Onlooker Hill - This somewhat upraised hill has a clear view of most of the plains to the west, even though the view directly south is somewhat obscured, and can see the northern entrance to the ruins with ease. This is also the northwest corner of the arena.

D-1 - Hideaway Lake - A small, cloudy lake to the northeast of the arena, which runs fairly deep though combatants won't be able to explore its full depths thanks to the edge of the arena pressing against it. An underwater path can also be found linking this area to the Crystal Pond in C-3.

A-2/A-3 - Lonely Woods - Rather dense flora inhabits the western edge of the arena, a supple amount of trees and bushes in which to hide.

C-2 Anonymous Ruins - Destroyed and decrepit walls line the area here, with a few small gaps allowing for more slender Pokemon to get in without having to use the much larger northern and western entrances. The walls, while broken down, are fairly thick, and will require a significant amount of force to break through. There is also an underground escape route leading to the Watchtower in A-4.

C-3 - Crystal Pond - A clear body of water that runs a fairly shallow depth, easily seen into by those standing on its shore. An underwater path can be taken from here to the Hideaway Lake in D-1.

A-4 - Watchtower - Standing at the top of the second highest area of the arena, the watchtower has no means of climbing, though those capable of scaling it will get the best view the arena has to offer. The walls here are a bit weaker than those in the Anonymous Ruins, however, and a show of force could send it crumbling to the ground. There is also an underground escape route leading to the Anonymous Ruins in C-2.

D-4 - Mount So-and-So - The highest point in the arena, which gives a clear view of both the southern and western edges for most Pokemon. However, staying here comes with a price, as constant rumbling from below beckons potential disaster.

You may also choose your top 3 starting zones (the numbers on the map). There is no guarantee you will get any of them, as it will be randomized a bit and only four people may start in any one zone. But those who picked a spot no one else wanted will go there, etc.

The Schedule
Saturday the 20th - Deadline for Entries
Saturday the 20th - RNGing for participants
Thursday the 25th - Pokemon must be PMed to me
Thursday the 25th - Introductory reffing, locations given with surrounding detail, etc. All private reffings after this will be lacking in detail if there is nothing happening. Don't expect a huge essay about how you waited around to see if anyone walked by. This is a huge undertaking, cut me some slack.

Friday the 26th and onwards - All attacks must be given to me by 5 PM EST. That will be the deadline every day. I will try my absolute best to have the reffing that night before I go to sleep. If something goes wrong and I get preoccupied, I will post and say there's a delay and ref ASAP. That is the only time there isn't a deadline the next day. Otherwise, every 5 PM will be the deadline, regardless of when at night the round was reffed. If you cannot do this, then please do not sign up.

Due to the nature of this massive undertaking, I will not be able to re-ref anything. I'm sorry if this is going to screw someone over, as mistakes do happen but.. barring hp/energy mistakes or huuuuge errors, changing how a round was reffed will take as long as doing an entire round. It's not just a matter of editing my general round reffing, but I'd have to look up who was involved and send changed PMs to people. It wont be easy so I want to avoid it. If small mistakes were made then I apologize.

Please take any questions to the Grand Melee Time Out thread. This thread will just be for posting that you want to join and your Trainer Level. That is it.

Have fun and good luck!

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Why the fuck not. I'll Join, TL2.

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In Mother 3 Swampy was Flint and you were Hinawa. You two were a wonderful couple. Icarus was your dog, and Toy and I were your twin sons. Well, until a dinosaur impaled you through the heart. So yes, where is he!?
Originally Posted by Red Panda View Post

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I'll join in as well. TL4.
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What are you looking at?
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TL2's madman of a mask salesman, KamenAeons, signing up!

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Yukirin is awesome for doing this for me! And by Yukirin, I mean lilbleucorsola.
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TL2 SoS is in.
Originally Posted by Concept View Post
Why are you always a pretty princess?
Originally Posted by Son_of_Shadows View Post
Because I look damn good in a dress.
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Signing in. TL6.

Though may I suggest that you allow HPs (nothing else) in order to make a number of Pokemon just a mite more useful? Agree no sigs or items. I think HP is easy to remember.
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Joining, TL3
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Definitely certainly doing this. TL4.
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TL5, I'm going in.
Originally Posted by PTerry
What can the harvest hope for, if not the care of the reaper man?
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This will end in horrifically but I'm also in. Trainer Level 2.
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I'm in, TL3
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I'm in TL2
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This place is like a drug. I tried to leave but I'm too weak to resist. Guess my hiatus is over because of this.

In, Trainer Level 3.

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TL6 bitchesssssssssssssssssssssssssss
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TL2. Want in. Might becoem 3 before this starts.

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melon doggo
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ADCs in 2017 LUL
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Sure, why not add my name here in order to make it harder for other people to get in? Sounds like fun.

Still TL1, FTW.

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Think ye can take me?
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Grudgingly still TL2 and in
o O O
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Zelphy, looking to bring the TL3 swag
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TL 2 in

Originally Posted by Miror
EK keeping up his streak of being the scummiest motherfucker to ever grace mafia games regardless of his actual alignment
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Originally Posted by Shuckle View Post
Well I don't know I wanted to deal damage and Starmie is inorganic :X
Originally Posted by Mercutio View Post
Starmie is a starfish, it is not inorganic :p
Originally Posted by Shuckle View Post
Kush I'm TL1. How am I supposed to know things if you don't tell me them?
Originally Posted by Mercutio View Post
It's a starfish.

Originally Posted by Concept View Post
I have 1 SP. Retroactively claiming the SP tax on all the things I did whilst LO.

I now have 1 SP.
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There's like no fanart zz
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Gonna spam those hit n run tactics tho
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I`m in. TL3.
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Let me have a shot here. TL5
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Originally Posted by Stealthy View Post
As may be expected though, our clear winner here was Kairne, ASB's champion of prioritizing the pokemon you like over those that are objectively better. I mean, one of his mains is a Watchog.
Originally Posted by Sneezey12 View Post
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