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UPN PASBL: Spikkle versus Jon Jen

"SEVIPER'S TAIL!" Clutching the bronze artifact in his hand, the trainer known as Jon Jen cleanly phases past the glass panels and foliage of the Greenhouse. Stray Bellsprout and Seedot run at the sudden intrusion, as said person gets up to his feet and starts to make his way down the aisles of forest flora. His Shen Gong Wu was proving a most useful addition to his myriad of inventories, and he'd heard that another of the Wu he was after had revealed itself.

There, in the centre of the hemispheric glass building, lay a pile of purple rope coiled up, but Jon Jen knew better. Rushing forward, he grabs the thick twine... only to feel another jerk in the opposite direction pull it away from him. A tug-of-war ensues as Jon Jen and his unknown challenger fight for ownership of the mystical rope, until a yellow glint that overrides the contested item catches their attention.

"Spikkle, I challenge you to a Pokemon Battle for the Lasso Arbok Arbok!" declares Jon Jen.

2 on 2, no double team
Hidden Squad, but not Hidden Pokemon Selection
72 hr DQ
Equileverything to Jon
Return = KO

"You're on, Jon Jen! I accept your challenge!"

Both trainers PM their squad of six Pokemon, and Shadow confirms it.
Jon Jen sends one Pokemon out.
Spikkle sends one Pokemon out.
Jon Jen orders.
Spikkle orders.
Reffification occurs.
Spikkle orders.
Jon Jen orders.
Reffification occurs.
And so on ad infinitum.

Now, post-meridian!

mfw no more mill rogue
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Re: UPN PASBL: Spikkle versus Jon Jen

This match has been cancellified by both parties. Apologies for not informing you beforehand, Shadow. (though I hope to be reffed by you sometime in the future!)

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Need refs for: vs. Copy (new match)

Spoiler: show
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And the round starts off with both Pokemon pulling out a Monopoly Board and.. it seems to work! Relicanth starts things off by picking the Tophat. Vulpix seems to be upset, as he coveted that piece. Luckily for him he does just that! Vulpix uses Covet and gets to play with the Tophat piece. Relicanth looks quite upset by these turn of events, and decides to use the Car instead!

The round continues with Relicanth landing on Central Avenue! He decides to purchase the property.. it's super effective! Vulpix instead decides to use Imprison! Suddenly Relicanth finds himself in jail! What an exciting twist! The round ends with Relicanth unable to do anything else at the moment.

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