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Ok so like this has gone to shit way faster than I thought. So be damned what the thread says I'm going to make this statement:

With this current configuration, we will not be demoting people letter grades based on the new system. The new system is designed to roughly reflect what we wanted the old system to be, so no one will be demoted unless they have actually managed to decrease in reffing quality.

That said, it IS possible that you will drop from + to nothing or nothing to -, BUT these only reflect your frequency and reliability, NOT your reffing quality. In this case, it would not be a demotion in the sense of worse quality but to reflect how frequent and reliable your reffings are.

Reel it in, folks.
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If people could read what was actually said in the first post of a thread before commenting and also not bawwwwing about possibly dropping grade that would be super.
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Was brought up in Skype so bringing it up here.

Would like to recommend that only refs of B or higher can do Realistic matches.
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Originally Posted by Jerichi View Post
Whatever Sneasel says is right
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Sorry but I've got to point out that being good at general ASB refereeing doesn't necessarily give you the abilities to be good in Realistic. Would be much better if we had some realistic-based questions on the Ref Test I think. Maybe those who just passed the tests could be asked to take a separate small test for realistic. (Which is really "X pokemon does y to z in realistic, what happens?")
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Agree with both.
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