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Round Eight
Koi: With the battle down to the wire, both of the barnacles face each other down. Barabara goes on the offensive, gathering her remaining Ground energy in her hand and rushing towards Eyerok, who takes a defensive stance. As Barabara comes down with the force of an Earthquake, but Eyerok creates a Protective shield, blocking the attack with a green, glowing forcefield. Once the field fades, both Pokémon back off slightly. This time, Eyerok gathers together some energy herself, swinging at Barabara with her own Earthquake, smashing the fellow Barbaracle in her side. Barabara tumbles backwards, skidding to a stop on the deck... before just barely picking herself up... but she's quickly met by a final Water Gun...

Barabara is unable to battle! Daisy and Eyerok are the winners!

Koi: Great battle, you two - I think the early lead is what really allowed Daisy to keep her momentum, but it was definitely a close match on both ends. Good luck to Daisy in the rest of the 'bowl and we hope to see both of you again soon!

Quark: Points!
Daisy gets 1 KO, 2 TP
Kuno gets 1 TP
I get 2 SP

Koi: We hope to see you again!
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Lady Kuno
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Good match, Daisy. Slow immobile types are my weakness. Thanks for reffing, Jeri.
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Good game Kuno, I was really scared of fighting you but it was an exciting battle nonetheless ^^

Thanks for reffing Jeri! I look forward to battling you in the next round~
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