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Joel's Book of Thoughts and Sketches

Name: Joel Byron
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Class: Hunter (Flying - Major, Steel - Minor, Normal - Weakness)

Appearance: Joel's 6'2 and weighs about 170 pounds. Most of his height comes from his legs, causing him to appear much shorter when he sits down. His hair is usually a poorly kept mess since he never takes the time to brush it, and it hangs down over his deep brown eyes. His skin's complexion changes a tad in between seasons, with it being more tan in summer than winter. Everything about his body, besides his long legs and small torso, is average for someone of his size.

Clothing wise, Joel doesn't usually care what he's wearing as long as it's comfortable. You'll usually find him in a pair of black sports sweatpants with a white stripe down each leg, and either a blue hoodie or a t-shirt depending on the temperature. If it's too cold for sweats, he'll just slap on whichever pair of gym shorts he happens to pull out of his bag. When the sun gets too unbearable, he whips out his navy blue visor. He always carries a small, over the shoulder pouch to keep his Pokeballs in when he's traveling. The pouch also has his notebook along with a few pencils crammed into it for whenever he feels the urge to make a quick sketch of something. Nearly all of his clothing items have a six pointed white star printed onto them, since he likes it, and though he would hate to admit to believing in any sort of superstition, he thinks it's somewhat lucky too.

Personality: On the outside, Joel's a friendly enough guy and can carry on a conversation without many hitches. He knows when to keep talking, but he's pretty good about getting out of one before things get awkward or too drawn out. Despite these decent conversational skills, he prefers keeping most of his thoughts to himself. He loves analyzing everything, from typical things like why the sky is blue to things that remain unanswered such as why the Disasters occurred. He supposes that he could talk about these things to someone who earned his trust and respect, but that isn't a very easy thing to do with him. As far as he's concerned, no one's even come close. While he typically takes everything in before acting, he can get caught up in the heat of the moment, or get wrapped in excitement over a new discovery, leading to some reckless actions. In addition, he's quick to anger if someone goes against his strong sense of justice, and will sometimes do idiotic things in order to combat these evildoers. He has lots of pride in himself due to his decent physical shape and great critical thinking skills, and he comes across as cocky to some people at first. Despite this, he typically doesn't brag, so his pride usually just involves him getting himself into things that he may or may not be able to handle, which isn't too great a combination with his passion to uphold justice. However, if he is given time to think about situations, he'll think of a way through them. In public, he displays the personality of a cool, light-hearted person, neither caring much about day to day drama, nor getting heated up about anything but crime. He's a straight shooter as well, and even if he doesn't know you well, he'll tell it to you like it is, despite how you may feel about it. Sketching and journaling are what typically take up his free time.

Background: Joel grew up in one of the many crime infested corners of Goldenrod. Both his parents worked, leaving Joel with lots of time to sit and think inside his home. He never had much of a social life, since there weren't many kids that lived near him, and going outside without his father right by his side was too dangerous. Nearly every day, he saw robberies and other crimes being committed in the world right outside the windows of his house, bus, and school, and they all, no matter how petty, disgusted him. He began writing down theories on how to stop crime in a notebook, which evolved into a general book of thoughts that he still carries today. On his thirteenth birthday, his parents told him that through an old friend, they had gotten new jobs in Cianwood City, as a shoreline ornithologist's deckhand for his father and as a worker in a convenience store for his mother. Once there, his father and his father's employer, and old friend, took him on many trips out to sea and along the shoreline to study the birds that migrated across the ocean. On these trips, Joel discovered he had a knack for drawing living things, and he took a special interest in drawing Pokemon. Seeing as he was the youngest and least experienced of the group, he often found himself being sent back into town to buy supplies and such. The long boat rides provided yet another place for Joel to ponder about whatever he pleased, and it was in this way that life went on for Joel, until the Disasters. These horrific events destroyed almost all of the wildlife Joel's group studied, leaving Joel with nothing to go back to. Seeing as the world was, in his eyes, set anew with nothing written down, Joel decided to start over, but this time, as a Trainer.

Starter Group: 1

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Team Members

Nickname: Sven
Species: Snubbull
Level: 5
Gender: Male
Type: Fairy
Ability: Intimidate
Nature: Rash
Held Item: None
Obtained: Starter
Level-Up Moves: Ice Fang, Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, Tackle, Scary Face, Tail Whip, Charm
Egg Moves: Mimic
TM Moves: Hidden Power Water
Other Moves: None
Personality: Sven is always ready to jump into action, and typically tries to rush through things with little thought. He has a tendency to pick fights with people or Pokemon that he doesn't know, but once he warms up to you, he's a loyal friend who will put your judgement before his feisty nature. Around his friends, he's a lighthearted, friendly Snubbull, but if there's even the slightest hint of trouble, he'll rush right into it without a second though. He's also got a sassy side that comes out when he receives orders he doesn't like, such as doing some sort of chore or not beating up something he sees as a threat, but luckily his loyalty makes him listen, whether he likes it or not. Around new people that he seems to like, he always plays himself up as a strong Pokemon and somewhat of a showoff because he hates it when people mistake him for a weakling based on his appearance.

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Misc. Items
  • 1x Escape Rope
  • 2x Harbor Mail
  • 3x Potion
  • 1x Revive
  • 6x Poke Ball
  • 1x Quick Ball
  • 1x Luxury Ball
Berry Pouch
  • 2x Oran Berry
  • 2x Pecha Berry
  • 2x Cheri Berry
  • 2x Chesto Berry
  • 2x Rawst Berry
  • 2x Aspear Berry
TM Case
  • 1x TM Hidden Power
Important Items
  • 1x Fishing Pole
  • 1x PokeGear
    • Phone
    • News
  • 1x Pokedex
  • 5x Star Shards

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