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The Sneasel glances knowingly at your Poke Ball, bowing to you from its kneeling position as if to pledge allegiance to you before placing a hand on the button of the capsule. Its dark navy form glows white before vanishing into a shapeless mass, being vacuumed into the ball as it seals shut, a rhythmic pulse radiating from the Poke Ball as the registering mechanism does its work. The capsule continues to shake for a few shakes, each wobble complemented by a low whirring sound before it clicks with a hollow *ping*, capture complete.

You caught a Level 5 Naughty Female Sneasel (OOC: Obligatory) with the Egg Move Ice Punch!

Clapping can be heard behind you as Ken approaches you, pleased with your battle. Glancing to the treeline behind him, you can see that the forest fire's finally been put out, the cloud of smoke having blown out somewhere over a distant sea at this point in time.

"Nice work, Gregor. Looks like you got yourself a new partner!" the ranger congratulates you, patting you on the back. "My colleagues are tying up the loose ends with the fire and checking on any injured Pokemon, so I guess you're free to g-oh?"

Shave flies over, with a small paper bag wrapped around an arm, presenting the tethered bag to you. Untying it from the mantis, you find two Occa Berries, two Rawst Berries and two Sitrus Berries, all neatly bundled in a few leaves. In another tightly bound pile is... $3000.

"Looks like the other rangers liked your assistance and all chipped in to reimburse you for your time." Ken grins, "Mind if I take that off your hands for a bit though?" You hand over the bag to the ranger, only for him to remove $500 from the bundle, leaving you with $2500 instead. "Don't think I forgot about your fine for public intoxication earlier today. Even though you helped us out a great deal, the law's the law. Can't have people getting out of punishments. Sorry, Gregor."

Writing down the fine collection, Ken then asks you about your next plan. Will you be heading north to Goldenrod from here or back to Azalea? The rangers would be happy to put in a good word for you with the Gyms there as thanks for assisting them, but only if you're sober and not using said reward funds for more grog.
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Gregor let out a inner cheer of joy when the Sneasel decided to join his team, while maintain his gruff exterior of course. Tommy on the other hand, was openly happy about her joining. But even the farmer couldn't remain stoic when Ken's Scyther flew over with an accumlated reward from all the other rangers.

"Holy crap $3000," Gregor said, moments before Ken took 500 for his public intoxication from earlier.

It was at that moment in time that Gregor felt that his glare could truly kill someone. Well that and the fists that he was very willing to use to pummel a certain park ranger into a fine paste. But that moment past as quickly as it came, especially once Gregor realised how much grog he could buy with that much money.

"I was thinking of heading towards Goldenrod," Gregor replied to Ken asking him what he was going to do. "But with two ice types, I was thinking I might give the Gym in Azalea a go."

It seemed like a good enough plan, go to Azalea and kick some bug butt with his ice types and then move on to Goldenrod. But of course the first place Gregor needed to go was to the Centre, Tommy and his still to be named Sneasel weren't in the best of fighting condition.
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