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Froslass Faustine's Book of the Dead

Name: Faustine Asphodel

Gender: Female

Age: 25

Class: Reaper [Major: Ghost | Minor: Steel | Weakness: Fighting]

Appearance: Faustine definitely stands out in a crowd, regardless of how she attempts to blend in. She towers over most women at 6'0", with a thin, bony frame that lacks significant feminine curvature. Tall, lanky and rather flexible, some would call Faustine a "living skeleton", and she has been accused of being anorexic despite her thinness being part of her natural state. The dark circles under her eyes from years of insomnia further intensify her eerie, skeletal look, her pallid skin appearing stretched across her face, almost blue in tone, given its paleness. Years of illness in her childhood have worsened her fragile, anemic appearance. Though she was well enough in her teenage and adult years to take up fencing and get relatively proficient, the sport did not give her significant muscle mass, her body being trained more for agility than strength.

Faustine's long, light brown hair is dyed jet black with a slightly blue sheen, in contrast to her naturally pale skin. She tends to have her hair up in a bun with decorative hairsticks that match whatever she happens to be wearing at the time if she's feeling particularly fashionable. Her almond-shaped hazel eyes are almost cat-like in their nature and gaze, and the intensity with which she stares betrays the abnormality of the mind within. She generally doesn't wear makeup, except perhaps a little bit of eyeliner and eyeshadow if she happens to remember, plus concealer to hide the bags under her eyes. Try as she might to dress and appear as a relatively "normal" girl, however, her abnormal body type and piercing gaze help others to innately sense something in her aura that is beyond the natural realm, even if they lack psychic intuition.

Personality: Appearances can be deceiving, and though Faustine may appear like a truly terrifying individual, she is a very calm, gentle human being. Generally, she is patient soul, who is difficult to frighten or intimidate; however, once angered, it becomes obvious why Faustine has earned the title of "Reaper", as she will either verbally or physically do everything in her power to defeat her opponent (depending on the method that the situation requires). She lacks the fear of death that others innately have, and thus is not afraid to get into some particularly risky situations if she feels it's necessary, and if the situation calls for it, she can and will put her life on the line for the sake of what she believes is right. Faustine is aware that the world is innately complicated and that justice isn't a black and white matter, but when push comes to shove, she will try to prevent the suffering of others as much as she can. Curious to a fault, Faustine has a tendency to stick her nose where it doesn't belong, particularly if something supernatural is involved, as her upbringing makes her deeply invested in such matters, or she thinks she can be of help to someone who is in pain.

Having spent nearly her entire life reading and conversing with spirits, Faustine is a very knowledgable woman, and though she gives the first impression of an emaciated brute with little to say, she happens to know a little something about practically everything. To her, there's nothing like curling up with a good book and a cup of tea at the end of the day, or unwinding stress by practicing her fencing. She is considerably healthier than she was in her past, but she does tire out more easily than other adventurers, and as such she greatly prefers mental labor over hard physical labor. As much as she adores fencing, she cannot engage in the sport for extended periods of time, having to practice in short bouts throughout the day. She loves puzzles (though she was never terribly good at them) and games of all kinds... but the thing she absolutely loves the most is learning more about the supernatural and finding/observing supernatural events. After all, her entire life has been affected by her sensitivity to spirits, and it awakens a sense of imagination in her that nothing else really does. If it's strange or different or seemingly inexplicable, Faustine will want to know about it (if she doesn't have an encyclopedia-esque knowledge of it already).

Background: Faustine is the first and only child of Mr. and Ms. Asphodel, who used to jointly own an herb shop in Celadon City that provided alternative medicine to Pokemon users who wanted to avoid "nasty chemicals" and give their Pokemon "good, wholesome healing". While Mrs. Asphodel maintained the shop, Mr. Asphodel and his Pokemon would go out and gather the herbs to sell. Faustine's parents are firm believers in their bitter medicine, to the point where it is the only medicine they use on themselves and their own Pokemon. Suffice to say, the family's small collection of captured Pokemon had lots of temperament issues from being forced to consume these herbs, which the Asphodels were always trying to fix with realigning their Pokemons' chakras, crystal meditations, walks though the park... and, of course, more nasty herbs. In fact, the only Pokemon of theirs that responded to their orders and would willingly eat the herbs was Cabbage, a Gloom that the family had trained up (but refused to evolve, because evolution via stone was considered "unnatural" and "unhealthy" by the Asphodels). In fact, Cabbage the Gloom was the mascot for the Celadon City Herb Shop, and he was often there to greet customers. Cabbage particularly liked the shop because the strong scent of the herbs concealed his own unpleasant smell, which would drive people away otherwise. Cabbage was well-loved by Mr. and Ms. Asphodel, and they treated him almost like they would a son... but eventually, the couple would decide that a Gloom was not a suitable heir to their shop, and realized how wonderful it would be to have a human child of their very own.

Though Faustine's parents were both sincere in their desire to have a child, their methods for raising her tended to be misguided at best, and downright dangerous at worst. One of the more relevant examples of this involves Faustine's mother while she was still pregnant; having bought into claim made by a holistic clinic in Saffron City that exposure to psychic radiation during pregnancy makes growing fetuses more intelligent, Faustine's mother took a trip over to have a "specially trained" Alakazam focus its energies on her stomach for an hour every week while she was supposed to be lying down in a "meditative state" and contemplating her baby's mind as calming New Age music played. Of course, what Faustine's mother ACTUALLY did was gossip with the other women at the clinic who were also having their bellies irradiated with psychic energy, paying attention to everything but the procedure at hand. A few years later, Faustine's mother would check on the Alakazam to see how she was doing... only to find that the clinic had been shut down for the past year. The new owner, who sold organic berry smoothies, would inform her that he didn't know why the place had shut down... only that "it seemed to have been done in a big hurry". In fact, when the smoothie shop inherited the building, most of the furniture, decorations and New Age CDs were still there. In fact, stray pages of important documents were littered near the file cabinet where they had been ripped out with incredible haste. Even so, Faustine's mother didn't dwell much on this. After all, she was in the mood for a smoothie, not a soul-crushing revelation that she had done irreversible damage to her daughter by trusting a bunch of charlatans.

Faustine was born a frail child, and was astonishlingly underweight despite having been born a week later than her due date. As a baby, she was constantly sick, and her parents made matters worse by refusing modern medicine, relying on herbs and homeopathic treatments instead. She spent much of her childhood lying in her crib, lacking the energy to play.The family's Gloom was particularly sensitive to Faustine and her illness. Cabbage eventually stopped going to the shop that he so loved, spending his time by the baby's side, constantly trying to perk her up or make her laugh. Thankfully, little Faustine did learn how to read at a fairly early age despite her constant sickness, and though bedridden, books became a constant companion. She read with fervor and devotion, and the imaginary lives she lived in books did eventually bring some color back to her pallid cheeks. With Cabbage's support, by the age of 4, Faustine was starting to become a bit more active, though attending school was a challenge due to Faustine's poor health. The school allowed her to bring Cabbage along as a helper Pokemon, though Faustine had trouble making friends due to the fact that her companion's scent drove people off. Other children would make fun of her and Cabbage; though Faustine was physically weak, when angered sufficiently she was capable of short bursts of incredible strength, and she stopped the bullying in its tracks when she inexplicably managed to bloody up three boys at once for calling Cabbage a "bag of farts". One boy was hit so hard that he was knocked unconscious... though after the outburst, she was very easily restrained by the teacher, and spent the rest of the day in and out of sleep, barely aware of what she had done.

Around the age of 5, Cabbage found himself in a battle with a trainer from Cinnabar who had visited the shop and was eager to test out the strength of his newly-caught Growlithe. Surprisingly, Cabbage managed to win despite the type disadvantage, but the burns he sustained were terrible, indeed. Despite the herbal medicine he was fed, the old Gloom succumbed to his burns, and sadly passed away. Faustine's mother took the death much harder than Mr. Asphodel did; at the funeral parlor, the mortitian let both of them have it for not taking the Gloom to the Pokemon Center. Mr. Asphodel easily defended their use of herbal medicine, claiming that he would never use one of those "death centers" and that it was simply Cabbage's time to go... but Ms. Asphodel was deeply hurt by the mortician's statements. It made matters worse that Faustine wasn't seeming to acknowledge the fact that Cabbage had passed on... in fact, she was still talking to Cabbage as if he was still there. The Asphodels originally decided that this was a form of imaginary friend, particularly since Faustine had no friends at school other than Cabbage, but things only got stranger from there... sometimes, Faustine's father could smell Cabbage's sour stench wafting from the empty space where Faustine was speaking. Voices could be heard in Faustine's room at night that didn't belong to her. Faustine began having more and more "friends", all of whom were actual people and Pokemon who had passed away, some of whom Faustine never met but could describe in detail. Between the strange occurrences surrounding Faustine and the guilt surrounding the death of Cabbage, eventually Mrs. Asphodel decided one night to pick Faustine up out of her bed and steal her away, leaving the herb shop and Mr. Asphodel behind... Only to find that, when she entered Faustine's room, her daughter was sitting upright in her bed in some sort of strange trance, surrounded by shadowy figures. Mrs. Asphodel screamed and slammed the door shut, which shook Faustine from her trance and made her cry... Which her father somehow managed to sleep through (through no fault of the herb that Faustine's mother had slipped into his tea). The following night, unbeknownst to Faustine's father, his wife took Faustine to the hospital to figure out what was wrong with her. One of the doctors recognized Faustine's condition, and encouraged Faustine's mother to let Faustine stay the night for observation. During the night, young Faustine was absolutely inundated with spirits of people who had died in the hospital, to the point where she could not possibly speak with them all. The experience frustrated her, and she eventually asked the doctor what she could do about all the people in her room trying to talk to her at once. When the doctor asked her to describe the people in the room, she accurately described patients, and the doctor was able to confidently say that Faustine's constant sickness and odd symptoms were likely tied to a deep connection with the spirit world. The doctor suggested that Faustine would be in better health if she was more strongly tied to the physical world; perhaps investing in a steel type Pokemon and getting her involved in training more physically-oriented Pokemon would help attune her mind back to the corporeal world. Mrs. Asphodel agreed, and soon after the hospital stay, Faustine and her mother were swiftly relocated to Olivine City, though Faustine's father did not join them. Try as Faustine might, she never got a straight answer from her mother as to why they left. Her mother would open up an herbal tea shop in Olivine City, though rather than sell medicinal teas, she simply sold teas that tasted nice and made people and Pokemon happy. She also reverted to her maiden name, becoming "Miss Eldridge" instead of "Mrs. Asphodel".

Faustine trained as an apprentice in the Olivine City gym until she was twelve years of age, and enjoyed every minute of it. She loved the Pokemon that she worked with and the fascinating people she interacted with, all of whom were very patient and understanding with Faustine. The steel type tended to attract very strong, yet compassionate people, and their understanding attitude towards Faustine was instrumental to helping her go from completely bedridden to a functional pre-teen girl. In fact, it was their promise of teaching her to fence (a popular sport for those training at the gym) if she became well enough. Unfortunately, her bright future as a gym trainer was cut short by the Disasters, which killed thousands of people and left massive destruction in their wake. Though Faustine's mother tried to protect her from the disasters at first, her incessant gossiping about her "daughter's special powers" meant that everyone knew that Faustine had the power to communicate with the dead... and before Faustine even knew what was going on, she was conscripted to aid in disaster relief efforts as a body identifier. Oftentimes, this involved disturbing visions and descriptions from the souls tied to the corpse of the last moments of an individual that she would then have to convey to an absolutely heartbroken and enraged family... Oftentimes, in their denial, they would call her a "fraud", and sometimes even lash out at her physically, which meant that she needed to be protected at all times when doing her work. The worst part of the job, however, was the bodies themselves. Faustine was very sensitive to the smell and look of the bodies, and they disturbed her greatly. Faustine spent her teen years doing this work, and the psychological toll was immense in the first few years especially. Not only that, but relying on her powers so intensely was incredibly draining, and she spent most of her time feeling tired, sick and depressed. Sometimes, she considered ending her own life and counting herself among the spirits she spoke to so frequently. It took a long time for her to finally come to terms with death and the nature of it, and though it never became easier to deal with the grieving families, at least she had learned how to speak with the dead and to provide the comfort they so needed.

Three years ago, Faustine was finally relieved of her duties, and encouraged to start life as a trainer and go on an adventure. Rather than start right away, however, she spent that time honing her fencing skills, researching survival techniques and working/playing with Cabbage Jr., the orphaned Oddish that her mother took in after the Disasters. Faustine now must walk a careful balance between the natural and supernatural worlds; to get too far lost in either of them could mean that the other fades away forever. Faustine is not sure which would be worse; fading into death, or losing her connection with the spirits and the strange lessons they have in store for her.


Astraea (F) Level 5
Timid Nature
Drought Ability
- Ember
- Tail Whip
- Energy Ball

When Faustine first arrived in Cerulean City by boat, a fainting spell nearly cast her into the ocean; this mysterious Vulpix, who appeared to be under nobody's ownership and was not accounted for in any of the vessel's records, saved her from what could have been a deadly fall. Despite her mysterious origins, Faustine has adopted this little fire type and named her Astraea - the very first Pokemon to be entirely under Faustine's ownership. Though classified as "Timid", which is true of most encounters that don't involve battling, Astraea is very affectionate with those she likes and is easily offended when her affections are not returned, even if she doesn't initially show it. It is the nature of her species (and her evolved form especially) to be particularly vengeful, and while the fire type is forgiving to a point, she never forgets. She loses herself in battle, and without proper guidance has the potential to become excessively violent and overly involved in fights. Her sensitivity extends beyond her feelings, and she is very picky about food, smells and environment. These attributes can make her a difficult personality at times to deal with, but ultimately she does defer to Faustine's judgment. Why the little fox has an interest in her remains a mystery at this time.


6 Poke Balls
1 Dusk Ball
3 Potions
1 Revive
Berry Bag (2x Oran, 2x Cheri, 2x Chesto, 1x Pecha, 1x Rawst, 2x Aspear, 1x Lum, 1x Sitrus)
1 Escape Rope
2 pieces of Shadow Mail
1 Fishing Pole
1 TM Case (Dark Pulse, Hidden Power)
1 Berry Pouch
2 Star Shards
PokeGear with the Phone card loaded

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