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Empoleon Simon Thorne's Log

Name: Simon Thorne

Gender: Male

Age: 21 (Birthday: February 14th)

Class: Magician (Major Water, Minor Psychic and Weakness Fire)

Appearance: he looks like a dude with a dude face, dude body, dude hair and wears dude clothes DONE

Simon, being from the landed classes, has managed to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regime throughout the chaos brought on by the Disasters, leaving him with a medium build and reasonable tone, though he is far from muscular. Standing at an impressive 6"3 and 78 kilos allows him to cut a reasonably impressive figure however, and he manages to project a certain aura of importance, in spite of himself, due in part to a long, thin face and sharp features. His dull hazel eyes somewhat dampen this however, giving him a more humble and warm face. Simon has a tan complexion, acquired from spending his teenage years doing his best for the relief effort, but his short, straight, neat hair has remained chestnut brown and resisted bleaching.

In order to try and remain somewhat inconspicuous, Simon favours dark clothing that is long, loose, baggy and hides his figure. He wears tough, dark brown walking boots to cope with any and all terrain, and dark grey combat jeans that have already withstood a couple of years' worth of wear and tear, held up by a brown leather belt. On top of this is a long grey t-shirt, which he wears under a navy denim shirt that he wears open-buttoned. Simon carries his provisions in a navy rucksack that he always wears on both shoulders. This has led to him carrying a lot of tension in his shoulders, causing chronic pain and tightness, which has somewhat affected his posture, which used to be perfect.

Personality: Simon is driven by three key questions.

1. Who is Simon Thorne?
2. What is his purpose?
3. How can he help the vulnerable?

His search for his own identity as an individual is one that has lasted over the last few years, as happens to many young adults, and has led to his decision to become something of a nomad for a while in Kanjohto. Simon will latch onto anything if he thinks it will help him answer any of his three questions, and he's always been open to trying whatever he can in order to do so. But this openness to anything leaves him as naive as he is open-minded. He is too trusting for his own good, leading him to be easily taken advantage of, despite his not inconsiderable intelligence.

Almost everything Simon ever learned though, he learned from a book; his life was predominantly confined to Veilstone and his private school before the Disaster and though he has attempted to help the local relief effort where he can, his knowledge of the world outside Veilstone, how it's been affected by the Disaster and how the world really works is limited at best. This is not to say he has no social skills; on the contrary. Simon is extremely empathetic to the troubles and feelings of other individuals, and enormously curious to learn more in the hopes that it helps him to answer his driving questions. To that end, enlisting others is not something he considers himself above.

On the whole, despite his naiveté, Simon is a fairly well-rounded and generous individual, who has been well-equipped to survive the Disaster, but whether he will be able to survive alone is another matter entirely. He is a driven and passionate person, who has the knowledge to survive, but none of the experience. He suppresses his fears and worries though, bottling them up until they inevitably explode. But his fuse has always been a very long one, especially due to his decision to practice meditation and mindfulness. Shouldering his own problems alone, and travelling constantly reduces the time and energy he's willing to put into both of these practices however. Time will tell if they continue to prove effective.

Background: Simon is the youngest of three heirs to the Thorne family fortune, who live in Veilstone City as a "new money" family; having built up their wealth on the stock exchange and liberal abuse of hedge funds. His parents, Susan and Anthony are known as the "All Things Bright and Beautiful" Thornes for two reasons: their seemingly charmed lives and adherence to the philosophy of "rich man at the castle, poor man at the gate". Being charitable to the poor, but everybody staying in their place. Simon was completely taken in by this philosophy. After all, if the poor wanted to not be poor, they'd just work harder, earn more money and stop being poor. That's how the world works. His elder brother and sister, Thomas and Daisy may also have had something to do with this; having plenty of influence over Simon, a full ten years younger than Daisy and twelve years younger than Tom. As one might expect for a young rich kid, life in Veilstone was simple, fun, and enormously easy. Simon was well-liked in school, and was a straight B-student, with the exception of As in French, History and Theatre Studies. Private school education does tend to be a little more elitist. In spite of the Disaster, Simon managed to continue his education thanks to his family's extensive library, which had survived, for the most part. He was even planning to apply for college in Unova, as they began to reopen, but wanted to take some downtime first to "find himself" and develop his character. Which he did. For three years.

As you might expect from the sound of that, Simon got nowhere with his soul-searching. He tried everything: meditation, developing his acting, origami, mindfulness and a hell of a lot more self-help books than were really necessary. Searching for his own individual identity was driving him mad... Until he began to cast a more mature and critical eye over the disaster. Veilstone, as the centre of commerce for most of Sinnoh was rebuilt very quickly, thanks to the influence and cash flow from the merchant classes, especially the Thornes, who dedicated millions. But while the merchant classes recovered quickly thanks to this, the poor, who could not buy their way back to normality were struck too hard. Their jobs were lost as well as their homes, and the relief effort simply wasn't enough to cover the devastation they suffered. Simon had to question his outlook on life now - how could they work harder if there were no jobs for them, and the charity of the rich was not satisfactory when it came to just helping them get by? Simon had done what he could to personally aid the relief effort through his teenage years as he grew up a bit more, and had experienced the grief of several families first-hand.

With no real identity and questioning his beliefs, Simon knew it was time for a fresh start. He made his way to Kanjohto by boat, searching for answers about himself and what to do with his life - making his way alone, with no help from the family fortune.

Starter Group: 4

5 Poke Balls
7 Dusk Balls
3 Potions
1 Revive
2 of each Basic Berry (Oran, Cheri, Chesto, Pecha, Rawst (1), Aspear)
1 Sitrus Berry
1 Papaya Berry
1 Lum Berry
1 Poké Doll
1 Escape Rope
2 Mirage Mail
1 Fishing Pole
1 TM Case
TM Icy Wind
Pink Bow
TM Flash
1 Berry Pouch
PokeGear with the Phone card loaded
10 Star Shards
Tourist Map of Mt. Moon

Species: Piplup
Nickname: Atlas
Gender: Male
Nature: Bold
Personality: ???
Ability: Torrent
Level: 9
Moves: Pound, Growl, Double Hit, Icy Wind, Bubble

Species: Skitty
Nickname: Regina
Gender: Female
Nature: Sassy
Personality: ???
Ability: Cute Charm
Level: 9
Moves: Fake Out, Growl, Tail Whip, Foresight, Tackle, Mud Bomb, Fake Tears, Icy Wind, Attract, Flash

Adventure Threads:
Enter: Simon Thorne

Active Quests:
Museum Contributions

Completed Quests:
The Accident With The SchoolGirl
Crazy Café Cats
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