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Alex Morgan's Observation Journal

Name: Alex Morgan

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Class: Paladin (Steel Major, Psychic Minor, Dark Weakness)

Appearance: Alex is a short, stout man. Not overweight per se, but he is a little pudgy. He has medium length brown hair and a scruffy beard. He has wise green eyes behind plain grey glasses. He generally doesn’t stand out, at least, until he meets the worn citizens of Kant and Johto.

His apparel doesn’t stick out either. He usually wears a striped collared shirt with a zip-up hoodie on top of it and dark jeans. He wears black boots and a tan Tilley hat. He wears a steel watch and a well packed black backpack. He carries around his pokemon in his pants pockets, though he may struggle for a moment to fine the right pokeball.

Personality: Alex is a nerd without a doubt. He has a great mind, but he struggles socially. He’s the strong silent type, but is quick to crack a joke when the opening shows. He will offer to give help to those who ask, but has a hard time asking for help himself. He is also willing to go into deep discussions about stuff, but getting to that point may take some time. At times he may seem lazy and sometimes he really is, but some of that is the fact that he often has trouble sleeping.

His plans for journeying is to find out as much about the altered regions as he can and try to help out as much he can. He records notes of his own and tries to find out what went wrong. He may at times get caught up in his own work and not pay attention to certain things. This and a lack of organization makes him fit the absent minded professor trait quite well. When it comes to science he sort of sees himself as a jack of all trades.

Background: Alex was born and raised in Olivine City. His parents were average income workers, but they were a tight family. Even with he and his younger brother got into fights often. His parents gave him the go-ahead to be a trainer when he was 12, but only after one last family vacation. It was a stroke of luck that he and his family were in Hoenn when shit hit the fan. He lost grandparents and almost everything they owned when the city was swamped. With the situation in the region and not much other choice, his family decided to put up roots in Mauville City in Hoenn. Since then he has never left the region.

While in Hoenn, he focused on sciences and studied a lot. He has done a lot off studying of the pokemon of New Mauville and sees himself well versed in the non-biological pokemon that inhabit there. While he had settled well in Hoenn, he could never forget his devastated hometown. Eventually, he found his chance to return to Johto and his home and the help those who were struggling. It was also a chance to live his dream of being a pokemon trainer in Johto. Even at his age, he was sure that challenging gyms would be a great experience.

Starter Group: 1


Nickname: Phi
Species: Abra
Gender: Male
Type: Psychic
Level: 6
Pokeball: Pokeball
Ability: Magic Guard
Held Item: NA
Obtained: Starter
Nature: Mild
Evolutions: Abra -lv16-> Kadabra -trade-> Alakazam
Level-up Moves: Teleport
TMs/HMs: Hidden Power (Ground)
Egg Moves: Knock Off, Ice Punch
Move Tutor Moves:
Bio: Phi is the son of Alex’s family’s household Hypno and the Kadabra of a wandering trainer. I was a love at first sight type of deal. They sired a couple of Abra eggs, which the trainer took with him to hatch. The trainer gave one of the offspring to Alex’s family as a thank you. While he certainly takes after his mother in species, he has his father’s temperament. When Alex left to go to Johto, he brought along the young Abra for his first Pokémon and dubbed him Phi.

Nickname: Typhoon
Species: Starly
Gender: Male
Type: Normal/Flying
Level: 3
Pokeball: Pokeball
Ability: Keen Eye
Held Item: NA
Obtained: Luster Lighthouse
Nature: Serious
Evolutions: Starly -14-> Staravia -34-> Staraptor
Level-Up Moves: Tackle, Growl
TMs/HMs: Hidden Power (Water)
Egg Moves:
Move Tutor Moves:

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Poke: $200
Star Shards: 5, 1, 2

Escape Rope
Mech Mail x2

Pokeball x5
Dusk Ball
Net Ball

Potion x3

Key Items:

Fishing Pole

-TM Case
Hidden Power

-Berry Pouch
Chesto x2
Pecha x2
Rawst x2
Aspear x2
Oran x2



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