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Gallade The Tale of Jamie

Name: Jamie Crandon

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Class: Gypsy (Major – Ghost, Minor – Psychic, Weakness – Normal)

Appearance: Skinny, pale and covering himself up quite a lot. Wears black boots with baggy black pants and a jumper with some odd grey-scratches design on it. He likes to wear a dark grey hooded cloak which he drapes over his shoulder. Though the hood is only sometimes drawn up, the cloak nearly always covers the lower portion of his head, revealing only his ice blue eyes and messy hair. He has bushy dark brown hair that doesn’t look like it’s been cut or groomed in a while and a single silver earpiece in his left ear.

Personality: Jamie is a bit sullen and apathetic, thinking the world is a dark place where evil constantly lurks to cause chaos and usually talks in a quiet whisper behind his cloak. He finds most matters trivial and pretends to not care about others’ feelings. In spite of that, he often helps people when he’s asked for something and regularly stands up for their beliefs if he doesn’t personally believe in them. He says it’s because it would merely help people distract themselves from the dark world but those who are close to them often say it’s because he’s actually a real softie underneath and that his dark persona is a mere character he enjoys to play. Quite true if you take into consideration Jamie’s ability to make friends, most notable his Pokémon; a [Insert Starter Pokémon Name]. Jamie often mentions how he believes to have some connection to the spirit world and thinks he can predict the future with almost anything. Tea leaves, coins, wind currents, you name it. Most notably is his pack of cards in which he allows someone to draw a card and then make a prediction for them based off of the drawn card. His predictions are usually (and obviously) biased towards how Jamie feels about the person. They are also more often than not depressing and ,quite frankly, ridiculous. The pack of cards is a usual set with three jokers coloured red, blue or yellow and the pack misses only one card; the Queen of Hearts. Jamie’s dream is to one day find a Tarot card deck in this ‘wrecked world’ that suits his style.

Background: Jamie has had a relatively normal life, being an only child of a mother and father who are both quite happy and trying to make the best of their circumstances. Though they’ve had their fair share of troubles in surviving in the post-disaster Lavender Town, they’ve been able to cope. Not that Lavender Town has received much destruction in comparison to other cities but the influx of refugees certainly changed their daily routine as they have at times felt the need to support some of the lesser well off. Growing up, Jamie got a fascination for the myths and stories that surround his town, most notably the former Lavender Tower which was said to house spirits from the other side. It’s because of this he adopted the persona of a dark mystic who could talk to the spirits at a young age. It was merely play at first much like other kids would pretend to be a superhero. Most people of Lavender who were acquainted with him knew this and never let the way he dressed himself deter them from giving him a friendly greeting as he passed by with his imaginary ‘ghost detector’. As he got older, the persona become a bit more obsessive with the undead and occult and was starting to get worrying. But who could blame the kid for being interested in the various ghost stories people often tell after they've walked the streets at night. His first and closest friend is a younger boy named Troy who got fascinated by Jamie’s persona, being gullible enough to believe his fortune-telling powers. Together they’ve played around the cemetery in town a few times despite their parents’ warnings of the place and forbidding them from going anywhere near the place. Troy acts muck like Jamie’s right hand man in séances, ghost hunting and summoning, looking up to Jamie and his 'knowledge' of the other world. (Even though it's all pretend of course). Due to his parents’ worries of him and his antics, they’ve let him go and explore in the hopes that seeing more of the world might get him to broaden his view of the world outside of the realm of ghosts and fortune telling.

Starter Group: 3

Spoiler: show

Species: Totodile
Name: Joey
Type: Water
Level: 8
Gender: Male
Ability: Sheer Force (if possible, otherwise Torrent)
Nature: Hasty
Obtained: Starter
Level-Up Moves: Scratch, Leer, Water Gun, Rage
Egg Moves: Razor Wind
Bio: A very hyper and jolly Pokémon who accompanies Jamie. Often referred to by Jamie as 'Jaws of Death', 'Minion' or other similar names. Joey was a pet name his mom referred to it after Jamie mentioned the name Jaws. The name picked up quickly as Joey bounced up and down whenever he heard it. Jamie's the only person who refers to him with some other name. Joey's very loyal to Jamie and enjoys spending time with him. He obeys his commands quite regularly to entertain Jamie but usually messes up his orders or trips over. Nevertheless, the two are quite inseparable


5 Star Shards
  • 1 Pokédex
  • 1 Pokégear (with Phone Card)
    Speedo Zack: Cerulean City Gym Trainer
  • 1 Fishing Pole
  • 6 Pokéballs
  • 1 Dusk Ball
  • 1 Love Ball
  • 3 Potions
  • 1 Revive
  • 2 Oran Berry
  • 2 Cheri Berry
  • 2 Chesto Berry
  • 2 Pecha Berry
  • 2 Rawst Berry
  • 2 Aspear Berry
  • 1 Escape Rope
  • 2 Space Mail
  • TM Will-O-Wisp

ASB Profile
Fizzy Bubbles Profile|Wishlist Post
Wild Future

Fizzy Bubbles Team:
Spoiler: show
Draconid Monsters:

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