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The Catalogued Photojournals of Ken Sato-Lacœur

Name: Ken Sato-Lacœur

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Class: Shrine Master (Major: Fairy, Minor: Fighting || Weakness: Dark)

Appearance: The tropes of "Eerie Pale Brunette" and "Creepy Child" epitomise Ken quite well. To start, his head is angular in shape with unkempt, russet hair residing on the top of his scalp. He has dark brown eyes which appear almost black when he is furious, as though darkness is pooling within his very irises. Coupled with a slightly long nose and shallow cheeks, his pale and sallow appearance makes him look emaciated. Adding to this appearance, Ken has thin lips, and hiding behind them are pearly white teeth and retainers. His short height and bony limbs contribute to the overall impression of malnutrition. His biracial heritage has mixed Asian and European characteristics into an overall pallid impression.

In terms of clothing, his upper body is normally donned by a grey, long-sleeved shirt with a silhouette of soaring eagle on it. Over the shirt is a black, worn-out vest. He tucks the shirt under his dark grey slacks. He wears a black belt around his slacks. The slacks are particularly long, the pants ending a little bit over his white and black sneakers. Inside his pockets, Ken also carries around a few playing cards that he’s owned since forever. Around his neck is a long strap that ends with his digital camera’s case. The only spot of colour in this monochromatic ensemble is his aquamarine-blue watch, which is worn-out but still functional.

He does carry another set of clothing in his black backpack, though. Unbeknownst to most people, Ken also owns a traditional, indigo yukata and an older, yellow kimono that are vestiges of his family’s past. These traditional outfits are accompanied by a pair of geta sandals and an ancient, golden fan that rarely sees the light of day. Indeed, Ken is not a particular believer of extravagant colours, limiting the use of this outfit for special occasions and traditional ceremonies. Ironically, some of Ken’s happiest memories were in this outfit. When he smiles, his face lights up and colour returns to his face. The eerie demeanour melts away into something more pure and good. That is when Ken is most complete.

Personality: Ken’s normal first impression is that of a shy and silent boy, which is actually very true. Often distant and quiet, he would usually be seen staring outside a window and at a piece of scenery, observing a rather peculiar Pokemon or tree, or engrossed in a book of varying genres. He doesn’t talk very much and prefers to use one-word answers and short phrases rather than full sentences. Ken isn’t very likely to voice out his opinions on various subjects, having only enough confidence to raise them only on a few topics. This sometimes gives the impression that he’s cold and anti-social. This, however, is very wrong. He is sometimes lonely, often finding his only solace in Pokemon or books.

His voice isn’t that loud either from speaking so little times. However, being silent allows him to be quite observant; he usually takes in everything he sees, hears, and smells in one single moment and can easily recall them in just a few minutes. He can also pick up slight details in pictures if the need calls for it, which he usually does when he’s studying or observing one Pokemon or another. In fact, his general creepy demeanour and reclusive behaviour belies the fact the he is deeply in tune with nature. He has a connection with Pokemon, and his affinity with creatures that epitomise light in a bleak world highlights his true personality.

Ken actually trained his eye for detail since he was still seven years old, when he first thought about becoming a Pokemon Behaviourist, or a scientist that studies Pokemon behaviour, in layman’s terms. It has been an amazement to many that he has stuck to this goal for such a long time. His eye for detail also allows him to be able to identify some people’s psychological state of mind: why they do so and when they are most likely to do it. He isn’t, however, always right.

As implied before, he absolutely loves Pokemon, more so than the average teenager. He is also quite knowledgeable about different kinds of Pokemon, having spent more time with Pokemon than with teenagers his own age. Also, Ken’s love for Pokemon even initiated him to become vegetarian when he was only eleven years old, much to the surprise of his parents. It also made him want to take pictures of the different Pokemon he sees, and thus, he brings a digital camera everywhere. This shows his dedication and love for Pokemon. If only he were as trusting of humans, his life would be much easier.

Background: Before the disasters, Ken’s family lived in a far-off land called Laverre City. Adorned with autumnal leaves and mahogany shrines, the beatific city was purported built upon the foundations of an ancient pine tree which sprouted to glimpse the crepuscular heavens that hung down like lanterns. The people of Laverre City would honour nature and the Pokemon that have protected its mystic lands since the years of yore. Tradition, they say, is the pinnacle of civilisation. Honour your past, and honour the Pokemon that protected it. Ken’s parents taught him about those lessons, even after they had long moved to Azalea City in light of the natural disasters that had spread from Hoenn into Kalos.

Hence, Ken grew up on these stories and these lessons. His family’s past as Shrines Maidens and other caretakers of ancient relics, such as the ones in the Ilex Forest, passed onto Ken and his two sisters. Their family were employed as miko and shrine masters in the Ilex Forest, as homage to nature spirits for protection became more prevalent when the Disasters began to occur in the Johto Region. With every Disaster, more people would request Ken and his family to perform the Kagura dance or traditional rituals to stave off the imminent devastation. Although the requests were for protecting people, Ken would silently also perform the cleansing ceremonies for protecting Pokemon too. They also deserved to be happy.

When Ken’s family once again moved, this time to New Bark Town due to the disasters happening north of Azalea City, Ken discovered photography as a hobby. Owing to family’s heritage, Ken did not readily relate to other children and in his absconding, Ken found interest in his mother’s old camera. The device could capture the moment of the day. And for Ken, he wanted to live and be free. Each moment was special, with its own significance, and the foibles of ordinary people prevented them were witnessing the beauty of their daily minutiae. Furthermore, during this period of his life was when he became closer to Pokemon. Unlike humans, many Pokemon were actually caring and utterly devoted to their Trainers, a factoid which Ken found both baffling and inspirational.

Keny’s connection to photography and Pokemon, and the accompanying detachment from people, culminated in its acme when his mother, who was on a furisode journey to Lavender Town to perform a shrine ceremony, perished in a flash flood. Like all other Disasters, it was quick and instant. Your mother, people said, wouldn't have felt a thing. Death would've been easier than falling asleep. These words of well-wishers fell on tin ears. That was the last time Ken touched his fan or his kimono. The idea of shrines and ceremonies became too much for him. Nevertheless, it formed an indelible aspect of his past.

Starter Group: 3


Name: Aranea
Species: Spinarak (Female)
Obtained Starter
Level: 5
Ability: Sniper
Nature: Impish
Held Item: None
Biography: TBC
Current Movepool: Poison Sting, String Shot, Sonic Boom (EG), Scary Face


x19 Star Shards

x6 Poke Balls
x1 Net Ball
x1 Dusk Ball

Healing items
x3 Potions
x1 Revive

x2 Oran Berry
x2 Cheri Berry
x2 Chesto Berry
x2 Pecha Berry
x2 Rawst Berry
x2 Aspear Berry

TM/HM Case
x1 Hidden Power

Misc. Items
x1 Escape Rope
x1 Flower Mail
x1 Dream Mail
x1 Polaroid Camera with film
x1 Traditional Yukata

Key Items
x1 Fishing Pole
x1 PokeGear with Phone card loaded
x1 Pokedex

Quest Base [0/3]

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