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Maria's Grimoire

Name: Maria Langenburg
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Class: Witch (Major: Dark, Minor: Flying, Weakness: Fairy)
Appearance: Maria Langenburg is about five foot two, and seems to be quite thin, but healthy at the same time. She had pitch black hair that covers her face somewhat, leaving only one eye revealed most of the time. Her hair extends to somewhere around her lower back, though it is glossy and well taken care of otherwise. Her eyes are a deep brown color, like a hardwood, and she has small petite features. Her skin is a normal Caucasian color, though it has some tan on it from when she spends her time outside. Her normal clothing consists of a black dress that she inherited from her mother, which have sleeves that come over the shoulder and the dress comes down to her ankles. She wears black flats and prefers nothing else, mostly because she detests sneakers and finds other kinds of shoes to be uncomfortable. When she is at home or resting, she does have a black hoodie that she will wear, along with a pair of black jeans, but she doesn't wear them out in public due to the fact that she has very peculiar ideas on how she should act in public. Around her neck is a silver pendant with a pentagram on it.
Personality: Maria's behavior is greatly dependent on where you meet her. When she is in public, she may seem to be overly withdrawn or shy, as she doesn't reach out to people at all and never seems to get involved in things that people would normally enjoy, such as battles or sports. She isn't rude and if someone comes up to her she will talk to them and have a conversation with them when prompted, but she doesn't linger and will probably disappear before you can realize that she left. She always seems to be very level-headed and almost apathetic in public, which has made some people think along with her appearance that she is a witch or a spirit from the beyond, though she insists that's not the case. She enjoys helping people out of bad situations, but she doesn't stick around willingly for things like rewards, and often disappears as quickly as she comes.

When she is in private or with a Pokemon however, she let's her barriers down and shows a sudden change in personality. It's not a multiple personality disorder, its just the way she thinks a lady should act in public. When in her own home, she shows herself to be pretty cheerful and optimistic and interested in people. She has several books on the occult that she reads in her spare time, hoping that she might be able to practice magic at some point, though she really doesn't know if such a thing is even possible in this world. She likes to play golf but as understandable she rarely finds a place she can play it at.
Background: Maria grew up in a very strict German family in Olivine City, and because of this Maria grew up to have rather odd values, at least in the eyes of people today. Her mother is a rather portly woman who drilled into her the proper way to be a lady, which Maria learned incredibly quickly, while her father taught her how to manage the family business, to of which she was going to inherit a massive estate once her parents died. After the "Disasters" however, Maria found herself and her family living on practically nothing, and so her family disappeared from sight for a few years before they could recover from the incident. When she came back, she took several business by the throats and drove them out of business, and so her family has the monopoly on all pork related things in the western Johto region, ranging from Cianwood City to Ecruteak City, and because of that, Maria is wealthy enough again to go out on her own and begin to adventure like she had planned to ten years ago.
Starter Group: 4 please!



Name: Marisa
Species: Pikachu
Classification: Mouse Pokemon

Gender: Female
Level: 7
Ability: Lightningrod
Nature: Bold
Bio: Marisa was a Pikachu that used to belong to an old friend of Maria's, but it was given to Maria when she came back and started to take over the pork industry in Olivine. Marisa is a bright, sparky little girl who doesn't like to let others tell her what to do, and often responds with a bright spark if someone tries too. She is pretty attached to Maria, because of the way that Maria spoils her, often giving her treats and stuff. Marisa always has a penchant for kleptomania, and will try to steal things regularly. This has given her a bit of a "Pack Rat" mentality, though Maria always knows where Marisa hides the things she steals.
Moves Known: Tail Whip(--), Thundershock(--), Growl(Lv.5), Play Nice(Lv.7), Hidden Power [Fire](TM), Flail(Egg Move)


RP Things:
1x Grimoire of Maria
The book is mostly blank, though a few pages are filled in. It seems to be nothing of note however.
1x Pentagram Necklace
There is something written on the necklace, though you aren't sure what it is, since it seems to be in no language you've ever seen.
1x Mini Hakkero
A faithful reproduction of the hakkero Marisa Kirisame was said to use in the Touhou franchise. This one doesn't seem to have any functional use however.
6 Poke Balls
2 Ultra Balls

3 Potions
1 Revive

1 Escape Rope
5 Star Shards

2 Reply Mail

Berry Pouch:
2 Oran Berries
2 Cheri Berries
2 Rawst Berries
2 Aspear Berries

TM Case:
1x TM Hidden Power

Key Items:
PokeGear with the Phone card loaded
1 Fishing Pole


Quest Log:
Olivine Ocean: Luster Lighthouse: A Sticky Situation.

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Maria's Grimoire: Page 1


Background: Marisa was a Pokemon I had gotten from a close friend of mine that lived in Viridian City. The forest at one time teemed with Pikachu and she had caught one with the intention of donating it to the nearby Pokemon Trainer's School. However, the disasters happened, and she was forced to keep the Pikachu herself in order to keep it safe. Marisa had shown her wild streak even then, making sure to get in all sorts of trouble and mischief that she could. She would regularly steal food from the local market, making tough times even harder for other people and several people had clamored together to make sure that the Pikachu would be out of their town...in one way or another. I had contacted my friend in Viridian soon after the estate was rebuilt and plans were already in motion to reclaim the industry that my father once controlled, and my friend sent me Marisa completely unannounced, the Pokeball arriving at my doorstep on a hot summer's day. Attached to it was a note, reading:

Dear Maria, my dear friend

It is nice that we were able to contact each other after the disasters happened. I had heard about the devastation in Olivine City, and was worried that you might have been in serious danger. But to hear things are going well makes my heart glad and my soul quiet. I haven't heard from Michelle, however, so I hope that she is okay. Vermillion was hit pretty hard, and while reports are slow to come at this time it seems that the entire city was washed away. I hope it isn't so, only time will tell.

This Pokeball is my gift to you. Inside is a Pikachu that was captured before the disasters. I was tasked to take care of it, but situations have occurred where I find myself unable to do so. Do not see it as myself passing my burdens onto you, I had already had someone offer to take care of it, but I figured that you might be lonely now and need a companion. Be warned however, she will not take to you right away and is a kleptomaniac. Hopefully you can reign in her wild tendencies, your mother always seemed to be able to discipline anything.

Dearest regards, Anne

With that, I opened the Pokeball and made contact with the Pikachu. I named her Marisa, after a witch from the popular Touhou series, Marisa Kirisame, who she seemed to resemble personality wise somewhat.

Personality: Marisa is definitely a handful to take care of. She remains constantly curious and aware of her surroundings, which has often gotten her into embarrassing and at times dangerous situations. She at one time got stuck in a broken dumbwaiter. I damn near had a heart attack when that happened. Her natural curiosity however means that she finds delight in a lot of things, as long as they interest her and makes her a very nice companion to have around. She is also quite intelligent, though not at human intellect, she is able to grasp concepts and learn new things logically, which astounds me as she can even play chess if the mood fancies her, though she only plays through memorized play. I nearly always win.

She did not take well to me at first, as the note had said. She had a habit of shocking me when I would tell her what to do. My hair was an absolute mess for about two months. In time, however, she warmed up to me, and now the two of us are best friends. She has a habit of jumping up on my lap and laying there, which can be somewhat inconvenient as she is a little heavy. But she has kept me warm on winter nights, so its a mutually beneficial partnership.

I do have a bad habit of spoiling her with treats, which means she can lose motivation for something quickly if there is no reward for her. She'll still do it, but it becomes more difficult to persuade her. So, in general I keep a bag of sweets in my purse, which has gotten me into some sticky situations. Like the time the sweets melted in my purse and covered the entire bottom in sticky caramel.

Her kleptomania is also another concern of mine. While I have been able to keep it in check somewhat, she still has a habit of stealing things and stashing them, making her somewhat like a pack rat. I always figure out where she is hiding the stuff as she consistently shows patterns on her hiding spaces, but that behavior has gotten myself into trouble more times than once.

Abilities: Her abilities at this point are somewhat limited by her lack of experience. She is able to create small jolts of electricity that can cause mild paralysis and numbness in her victims, yet she doesn't yet have the ability to discharge massive stockpiles of electricity. She displays the standard abilities of a Pikachu at this point, mainly growling aggressively and slapping her tail against enemies. It seems her heritage has also given her the ability to flail around and cause damage that way as well. It seems this technique is most powerful when she is holding a broomstick in her possession.

Her hidden power is of the Fire type, meaning that she can shoot out balls of fire at will. Interestingly enough this is similar to Marisa Kirisame's ability over heat in the Touhou series. I'll try to see if there is some sort of connection between the two. Evidence seems to suggest that there is.

SIDENOTE: Mini-Hakkero

This had come in the mail a few days after I had gotten Marisa. I assume it also came from Anne, but there was no note attached to this, nothing at all actually. The mailman said nothing about where it came from. It seems to be an exact replica of the hakkero Marisa Kirisame used in the Touhou series, but this one doesn't seem to work. All attempts to use Marisa's electricity have failed to produce any reaction, which suggests to me this one is a dud. I have not yet tried this with Marisa's Hidden Power, fearful of the danger it could pose to the replica. I'm perfectly happy with carrying it around with me. It makes a nice knickknack. Interestingly enough, even the insides seems to be exactly the same. The metal inside certainly isn't iron anyhow.

I will add more to this once I learn more. By word, this occult stuff is fascinating.
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Maria's Grimoire: Pokedex Pages


Pikachu are Electric-type Pokemon, although that fact is well known through the world. They know the moves Thundershock, Growl, and Tail Whip by level-up. Pikachu can also learn the move Flail, although I have spoken with a few people on the move and they say that is it only a move that one can get through breeding a Pikachu with another Pokemon. When I asked what Pokemon would be able to breed with a Pikachu to give it Flail, to get some idea on the ancestry on my own Pikachu, I was given a comprehensive list that unfortunately gave no indication. It seems there are no less than ten Pokemon lines that can give a Pikachu Flail, so I might have to give a more through search in order to find this out. They also can learn the move Hidden Power by TM naturally, although most if not all Pokemon can already learn this.

Pikachu's main source of power are the red spots on its cheeks, which are capable of storing and releasing electricity. Even when not using electric attacks, they will still spark in battle. It also seems that one can power up a Pikachu by sending electricity through its own cheek pouches. When powered up, Pikachu will show a bright yellow sheen of energy on their coats, making them seem like they glow.

There is probably still more to learn. Hopefully my experience with Marisa will prove enlightening.

Known Moves: Thunder Shock, Tail Whip, Growl, Hidden Power, Flail


I don't know much about Joltik at the moment, but it seems likely enough that they are both the Bug and Electric types. They seem to have the ability to make massive amounts of webbing, and they seem to make large aggregate clumps of webbing. This is primarily used for defense instead of trapping things. Their webbing is almost always electrified, meaning that getting stuck in it is likely to be painful. The webbing is likely quite strong, and Joltik have been shown to be able to eat their webbing not only to recycle it but to retract their own webbing structures. I don't know any moves at the moment, however. Joltik seems to show a liking to Pecha Berries, which might suggest that they have a high Speed stat.


Galvantula are very likely the evolved form of Joltik. Given that Joltik are likely Bug / Electric typed, I see no reason why Galvantula would also not be Bug / Electric type. They seem to have the ability to transfer electrical energy from their pedipalps to other Pokemon, although its likely that Electric types work best for this. They also likely have the ability to create webbing, although their webs are far more ornate and are better at trapping things. Galvantula show an elderly, caring relationship for the Joltik they protect, and will even give up food to make sure they are fed. It is unknown at this time what moves Galvantula know.


Magnemite are small metallic Pokemon with magnets on either side of them. Since they have the ability to use Eletric moves and seem to be weak to Hidden Power Fire, as well as having a metallic body, they are likely Electric and Steel typed. They seem to be able to be controlled in a hive mind by their evolved form, Magneton, if said Magneton has an increased magnetic field. They know the move Thunder Shock, although no other moves are known. Magnemite fire Electric attacks from the magnets on their sides.

Known Moves: Thunder Shock


Magneton are likely the evolved form of Magnemite, are a quite likely to be Electric / Steel typed. No moves are known, although Magneton, if their magnetic fields are boosted, can control Magnemite in the area like a hive mind and attack with them.

Seen: 5
Obtained: 1

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