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The Ballad of Figaro

Name: Figaro Volante
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Class: Metalworker


Figaro has an average height and a muscular build from working with steel for a majority of his life. His skin has been tanned bronze due to his exposure to the sun. His hair is black and face length which he keeps tied back with a red ribbon. His eyes are a dark green and his eye brows are almost thin lines over his eyes. His face is narrow and his chin is cleft.

Figaro typically wears a white shirt long sleeve shirt with a large v-neck opening at the chest and the sleeves extending to his forearms. He wears an loose, open brown vest over top his shirt with features holsters for three of his Pokéballs on both sides. His pants are brown and reach down to his ankles. He keeps a pair of boots that he wears over his pant legs, but typically he walks around barefoot as evident by his tough and dirty feet. He typically carries the beaten guitar that his father gave to him slung across his back, ready for use at a moment’s notice.

Figaro is a performer of the modern age. Experiencing the harshness of the disaster befalling the land, he has since decided music was a great way of rebuilding people’s spirits. Working with the guitar given to him by his father, he has become a modern bard in his own right. He always keeps an optimistic view of things and will sometimes romanticize details needlessly. He has a tendency to be overly chivalrous with women and is sometimes known to play the match maker. When he is battling, he is determined to allow his drive and his Pokemon’s power to unite into a powerful melody. He journeys to entertain all those he find and to live an epic adventure that he can pass through the generations.

Figaro was born to a modest family who lived in the town of Pallet, he looked forward to the day of finally beginning his Pokémon journey. His father was a Contractor, spending much of his time working on various projects around the region, and his mother was a retired Pokémon Coordinator. His mother always dazzled him with reliving her past performances and his father would always sing him folk songs he picked up around the region.

All seemed happy and well when they finally took a vacation to Cinnabar Island. He enjoyed the wide open water and the scenery. It was a rare occasion for everyone being together and Figaro treasured every minute. Sadly the happy occasion was meant with disaster as it was this time that the volcano erupted on the island and his family was forced to evacuate. Taking refuge in the seafoam islands, they learned of the destruction occurring across the region. Figaro was very downtrodden by the sound of it all and spent some of the first moments sadden. His father came to him and said, “Even though things are bad, this is the time people will come together and proceed further.” With this, Figaro joined his father and began his young life as a helping hand in construction and would later work with metalworking. It was brutal labor, but he keep in high spirits knowing that this would be helping people across the region.

As he grew older, he began to start telling tales that he had heard from his father to others and finding as many ways as he could to lift others spirits. This lead him to continue to embellish himself more often and made him know to those he worked with as a great boisterous personality. Despite the joy he gained from his work, he still longed to become a Pokémon trainer and journey across the region. His family knew this and when he turned 21, encouraged him to journey as a trainer. His father gave him his guitar and told him to spread joy throughout the world. He sets off optimistic of the world he will explore.

Party Pokémon

1.Amy the Oshawott
Spoiler: show

Species: Oshawott
Nickname: Amy
Obtained: Starter

Personality: Amy is generally a happy and fun filled Oshawott. She enjoys dancing a playing and having fun. Yet Amy is also very timid when it comes to scary situations, which is lost thanks to her trainer. She doesn’t like running into a situation head first and likes to think things through. However, she does trust most of her trainer’s instincts and actions. Amy has also been seen to hold grudges against others, namely Alice the Nincada whom she still blames for hurting her when they first met.

Bio: Amy first encountered Figaro when she was swimming one day. Figaro was playing a gig on his guitar and that drew her closer. She began dancing along with his music and Figaro enjoyed the company. Figaro then invited Amy to journey alongside of him and the two have been together since.

Level: 6
Gender: Female
Ability: Shell Armor
Nature: Timid
Level-up Moves: Tackle, Tail Whip
Egg Moves: Air Slash
TM: Hidden Power [Fire]
Move Tutor: N/A
Evolutionary Tree =Lv.17=> =Lv.36=>

2.Alice the Nincada
Spoiler: show

Species: Nincada
Nickname: Alice
Obtained: Viridian Village

Personality: Alice is a very unusual individual. She was first seen stealing Poké balls believing they were food and she went into a human village just to return a Pecha berry left by Figaro. She is unusual in many aspects, but she greatly enjoys music.

Bio: Figaro ran across her when he first entered the Viridian Forest. Entranced by his guitar playing, the Nincada grew close to him. Soon a Pokémon Trainer named Jimmy approached the Nincada saying it stole his Poké balls. He offered Figaro a reward in order to find them. Accepting it, Figaro and Amy the Oshawott went in search with Amy dancing on a Poké ball while Figaro played music.

When they were about to give up, the Nincada dashed out and grabbed the Poké ball, injuring Amy in the process. After Figaro seeing Nincada trying to eat the Poké ball, he left a Cheri berry and Pecha berry for the Pokémon while he quickly ran back to the Pokémon Center with Amy.

After dropping off the Oshawott, a Police Officer appeared holding the Nincada who was carrying the Pecha berry in its mouth. Figaro was left in charge of the Nincada. They got food and waited for Amy, whom proved to hold a grudge against the Nincada. Being the many trainers started to gather around the Nincada, Figaro took it outside and began playing music to help soothe it. The Nincada began heading back to its home where Figaro and Amy soon followed.

When Amy managed to find the Nincada, Figaro saw Jimmy’s stolen Poké balls and retrieved them, leaving a Cheri berry for the Nincada as an exchange. After returning Jimmy’s Poké balls, the Nincada returned wanting to join Figaro’s team. Figaro placed the Poké ball that Nincada tried to eat and offered to let her join his team. Once joined Figaro named her Alice and was the start of their partnership.

Level: 5
Gender: Female
Ability: Compound Eyes
Nature: Quirky
Level-up Moves: Scratch, Harden, Leech Life
Egg Moves: N/A
TM: Hidden Power [Ice]
Move Tutor: N/A
Evolutionary Tree =Lv.20=>
in bag and space in party =>

3. Open
Spoiler: show

4. Open
Spoiler: show

5. Open
Spoiler: show

6. Open
Spoiler: show



Money $250


Items Pocket
Spoiler: show
Escape Rope x2
Mail Styles: Music x2
Star Shards x3

Potions x3
Revive x1

Ball Pocket
Spoiler: show
Poké ball x5
Luxury ball x1

Key Items
Spoiler: show
PokéGear w/Phone Card and Radio Card
Fishing Pole

TM Case
Spoiler: show
Hidden Power

Berry Pouch
Spoiler: show
Oran x2
Chesto x2
Pecha x2
Rawst x2
Aspear x2


Quests 1/3


Completed Quests
1.The Nincada Thief

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