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Juri Asari - Adventurer Supreme

Name: Juri Asari

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Class: Furisode Girl (Normal major, Fairy minor, Bug weakness)

Badges: Seeing Eye Badge (Dark)

Appearance: Juri is, at first glance, a relatively average girl. She stands at a unassuming height of 5 foot 4. She has a rather slim figure, indicative of regular excercise, and weighs a healthy 45 kg. Her limbs are well proportioned to her body, similarly slender, but her hands are slightly calloused, a definite indication of a less than feminine attitude.

Juri has long, thick brunette hair, which she would normally worn tied up in a neat ponytail. The ponytail itself rests well beyond the nape of her neck, resting a mere few inches above the small of her back. She allows loose strands of hair to hang over her face, much more out of carelessness than any realised, intentional design. However, since her battle with Piers, the Gym Leader of Mahogany, confirmed her desire to mature alongside her intended collection of all the badges across Kanjohto, she has begun to wear her hair down much more often as something of a symbolic transition. Her facial features are mostly unassuming, although her fairly cheeky smile normally illuminates her face with life, and her cheeks are quite often flushed a deep red colour. Her eyes are a striking blue, an obvious remnant of mixed heritage. Her face and body are unadorned by jewellery, as she sees no practical use for such things.

Juri has a loud, boisterous tone to her voice, and is easily recognisable by her barking tones. Despite this, her voice is easily identifiable as female, despite lacking many of the more demure qualities associated with the tone.

Juri typically wears a vibrant, loose fitting t-shirt over which she drapes an opened, hooded jacket. The jacket is almost always worn open, and is coloured a bright, lime green colour, otherwise plain. Juri will almost always wear a similarly brightly coloured t-shirt underneath the jacket, typically of a sky blue or deep red colour. She wears a pair of somewhat tight jeans, which are below the knee, making them seem more like three quarter pants than anything else. The dark blue denim is a stark contrast to her more brightly coloured torso. On her feet, Juri typically wears a pair of plain white sneakers, but she has been known to swap them out for a pair of black leather deck shoes from time to time. Irrespective of which shoes she wears, she rarely wears socks.

Personality: Juri is a typical tom boy, despite her trainer class. She is quick to anger, and dislikes others confronting her, constantly believing herself to be in the right of her actions. She is incredibly headstrong, almost to the point of a flaw, and will rashly jump into situations with little to no thought or prior planning. This causes a multitude of problems for the young girl, but has likewise earned her a myriad of friends, each of them attracted to her impressive lease of life.

While Juri may well seem like an entirely contented, albeit hasty, girl, she wears this personality as a façade to her true personalities. One of the main reasons she is constantly pushing forward is because, in her own words "she doesn't know how to do anything else." Beyond her forced persona, she has trouble interacting with those around her, rarely understanding the true feelings of even her closest friends. She has deep rooted trust issues, from which sprung her determined resolve to rely on nobody else but herself.

Juri holds a strong admiration for those who she considers to be out going, basing her forced personality upon people of this vein. This largely stems from her desperate want to emulate these people, bordering the point of obsession. One of her preferred activities is to go climbing, which is the major source of the callouses littering her hands. She also regularly skateboards, considering both to be effective releases of pent up stress.

Background: Juri was born to a relatively poor family, on August 17th 1997. While her early life in Olivine was somewhat hard going, she enjoyed her childhood, never encountering any real set backs until she reached the age of seven. At this point, the relationship between Juri's parents was incredibly strained, and ultimately resolved in her father leaving the country, completely removing himself from Juri's life. Although her mother coped fairly well initially, she began to slowly slip into depression courtesy of the hardships the family faced as a consequence of her partners departure, and she slowly came to blame Juri for the events which had unfolded. Juri, being a mere youngster at this time, could do nothing but accept the blame, confused and unsure. These events slowly manifested incredible trust issues within the young girl, having been emotionally betrayed by the two most important figures within her early life.

Juri quickly learned how to hide her emotions, instead giving the impression of a happy-go-lucky tomboy as opposed to her true feelings. This earned her the friendship of many of her peers at school, and she never suffered at the hands of bullies, always having been quite popular. Despite her fairly well knit group of friends, Juri always felt like the world could be so much more, and wished to fully resolve the problems which continued to plague her. Upon finally finishing her mandatory education, Juri began to plead with her mother to allow her to begin her Pokemon journey, and eventually she relented - partly because of her own realisation of the need to mend the relationship between mother and daughter.

Ecstatic, Juri began preparations for her foray into the new world around her, desperately beginning to study the basics that she would need for her journey into the unknown. Finally feeling herself prepared, she bid her family one final goodbye, before setting off to obtain her starter Pokemon.

Starter Group: 1


Name: Aranea
Species: Dwebble
Obtained Starter
Level: 19
Ability: Shell Armor
Nature: Impish (Likes Sour, dislikes Dry)
Mood: 182 (Protein active: 3 battles / 3 levels)
Held Item: None

Biography: Aranea is a quirky Dwebble, and her behaviour largely corresponds to what her nature would imply. Being Impish, she possesses a finely tuned sense of humour, and will go to extreme lengths to prank her trainer. Being well aware of her trainer's aversion to Bug- types assists her greatly in her endeavours, and despite the sometimes fractious relationship the two share, Aranea considers Juri to be almost part of her family. Despite the pairs differences, they are rarely separated, and Aranea spends a large amount of time outside of her Pokeball, interacting with her trainer. Aranea secretly harbours a deep hope that her trainer will eventually manage to overcome her fear of Bug- types on a much larger scale, as opposed to just becoming accepting of herself, despite the problems it may well cause her with regards to her pranks.

Before joining Juri's squad, Aranea belonged to a large colony of Dwebble and Crustle, and was incredibly aggrieved when she was removed from her family by a small team of researchers investigating the Unova region. She quickly accustomed to her new surroundings however, and began to enjoy the treatment she received, being well looked after by the Pokemon Center staff. She yearns to be reunited with her family, although her companionship with Juri has left her with incredibly mixed feelings on the matter.

Current Movepool
Fury Cutter, Rock Blast, Night Slash (Egg), Hidden Power [Water] (TM), Withdraw, Drill Run (Complex TM), Secret Power (Field Move), Sand Attack, Protect (TM), Sandstorm (TM), Feint Attack, Bug Bite, Nature Power, Spikes (Egg Move), Curse (Egg Move), Return, Smack Down, Bug Bite (TM), Counter (Egg), Rock Polish
Moves to Learn
Stealth Rock (Lv. 24), Rock Slide (Lv. 29), Slash (Lv. 31), X-Scissor (Lv. 35), Shell Smash (Lv. 37), Flail (Lv. 41), Rock Wrecker (Lv. 43)

Name: Magnes
Species: Magnemite
Obtained: Luster Lighthouse
Level: 18
Ability: Magnet Pull
Nature: Gentle (Likes Bitter, dislikes Sour)
Mood: 103
Held Item: Light Clay

Biography: Juri met Magnes on her very first quest. The kindly Magnemite had ended up getting himself into a short spot of bother, the magnetic fields of the Lighthouse having seemingly gone out of control because of an influx of electric power. This caused Magnes to become forcibly bound to numerous other Magnemite in the area, and Juri had to find a way to free the anguished group. After much deliberation and some failure, Juri finally managed to free the Magnemite, and he took an instant liking to the young girl.

Soon after, the pair found themselves facing a much more arduous and dangerous task. In the upper floors of the Lighthouse, an infestation of Durant were causing havoc, their unruly behaviour posing a serious threat to the workers of the Lighthouse. Despite being a relatively new trainer, Juri eventually managed to overcome her crippling fear of Bug types long enough to be able to determine a non-violent method of removing the infestation, and this action seemingly impressed Magnes. Having finally came to form a bond with this new friend, Magnes allowed himself to be captured without a fight, becoming a willing member of Juri's squad.

Current Movepool
Supersonic, Tackle, Electroweb (Move Tutor), Hidden Power [Fire] (TM), Thunder Shock, Teleport (TM), Secret Power (Field Move), Protect (TM), Sonic Boom, Thunder Wave, Signal Beam (TM), Confide (TM), Magnet Bomb, Reflect (TM), Light Screen (TM), Substitute (Move Tutor)
Moves to Learn
Spark (Lv. 19), Mirror Shot (Lv. 23), Metal Sound (Lv. 25), Electro Ball (Lv. 29), Flash Cannon (Lv. 31), Screech (Lv. 35), Discharge (Lv. 37), Lock-On (Lv. 41), Magnet Rise (Lv. 43), Gyro Ball (Lv. 47), Zap Cannon (Lv. 49)

Name: Mortem
Species: Yamask
Obtained: Golden Forest Ruins
Level: 18
Ability: Mummy
Nature: Timid (Likes Sweet, dislikes Spicy)
Mood: 66
Held Item: None

Biography: Mortem was found while Juri was accompanying Satoru within the Golden Forest, their aim to replace the crown he had found within the ruins located there. When they reached the chamber, the Yamask who owned the crown had moved from his original place, hiding away from Satoru, who he recognised as the one who took his crown. His Timid nature left him initially scared of Juri, but the girl quickly managed to make friends with the young Ghost type.

His custodian, a determined Sigilyph, was reluctant to let him join Juri's team, having watched over the Yamask while he was still a child as a living human. However, the murals littering the innards of the ruins where he resided showed he had been betrayed and murdered at a young age, leaving him to become a Yamask and remain within the tomb. Despite this, he wished to travel alongside Juri, and he challenged her to a battle. After a fairly well fought bout, he eventually submitted to capture, with his custodian flying off to parts unknown.

Current Movepool
Astonish, Protect, Disable, Endure (Egg Move), Drill Run (Complex TM), Secret Power (Field Move), Hidden Power [Fighting] (TM Move), Haze, Nasty Plot (TM), Magic Coat (TM), Confide, Night Shade, Hex
Moves to Learn
Will-O-Wisp (Lv. 21), Ominous Wind (Lv. 25), Curse (Lv. 29), Guard Split (Lv. 33), Power Split (Lv. 33), Shadow Ball (Lv. 37), Grudge (Lv. 41), Mean Look (Lv. 45), Destiny Bond (Lv. 49)

Name: Caesar
Species: Throh
Obtained: Mahogany Town
Level: 17
Ability: Guts
Nature: Adamant (Likes Spicy, dislikes Dry)
Mood: 58
Held Item: Muscle Band

Biography: Caesar first met Juri when she stumbled upon the Throh wrestling with an odd object. He was practicing his throwing abilities when, all of a sudden, it became very evident that the package was in fact a bomb. Desperate for the guy not to be injured, Juri managed to protect him using Magnes' abilities, but the noise from the explosion still sent him reeling back into the undergrowth. That was all they saw of him, until they stumbled upon him again - having been captured by a poacher Juri had defeated hours earlier. Obviously disgruntled by this, Throh had injured the man during the scuffle, but having been rescued by Juri a second time, seemed happy to assist the girl.

On arriving back at Mahogany, Throh seemed eager to join Juri on her travels, but he wouldn't go down without a fight. Unfortunately for him, the young girl was able to take advantage of one of his major weaknesses, using type match ups to their fullest. Mort was able to quickly dispatch of him, and despite the somewhat underhanded tactics, Throh decided to join Juri, gaining his name - Caesar.

Current Movepool
Mat Block, Bind, Leer, Bide, Knock Off (Egg Move), Focus Energy, Seismic Toss, Vital Throw, Revenge, Protect (TM), Focus Blast (TM), Hidden Power [Bug] (TM), Work Up (TM), Confide (TM), Storm Throw
Moves to Learn
Body Slam (Lv. 21), Bulk Up (Lv. 25), Circle Throw (Lv. 29), Endure (Lv. 33), Wide Guard (Lv. 37), Superpower (Lv. 41], Reversal (Lv. 45)


Pokeballs (33)

x4 Poke Balls
x3 Great Ball
x5 Premier Ball
x1 Net Ball
x9 Heal Ball
x2 Love Ball
x3 Dive Ball
x1 Lure Ball
x1 Nest Ball
x2 Luxury Ball
x1 Level Ball
x1 Moon Ball

Medicine (42)
x22 Potions
x5 Revive
x1 Carbos
x1 Calcium
x1 Iron
x2 Ether
x5 Lava Cookies
x 5 RageCandyBar

Berries (96)
x3 Oran Berry
x7 Cheri Berry
x3 Peach Berry
x3 Chesto Berry
x3 Rawst Berry
x3 Aspear Berry
x4 Lum Berry
x12 Sitrus Berry
x6 Watmel Berry
x7 Occa Berry
x7 Passho Berry
x3 Yache Berry
x1 Shuca Berry
x4 Rindo Berry
x1 Maranga Berry
x2 Liechi Berry
x1 Petaya Berry
x1 Galon Berry
x1 Salac Berry
x1 Lum Berry
x2 Durin Berry
x3 Colbur Berry
x3 Chople Berry
x3 Kebia Berry
x1 Apicot Berry
x1 Kee Berry
x3 Spelon Berries
x2 Pamtre Berries
x2 Durian Berries
x2 Figy Berries
x1 Chilan Berry

TM / HM Case - Sky Blue (25)
x1 Hidden Power
x1 Teleport
x1 Protect
x1 Sandstorm
x1 Earthquake
x1 Drill Run
x1 Light Screen
x1 Reflect
x1 Magic Coat
x1 Heal Pulse
x1 Nasty Plot
x1 Signal Beam
x1 Focus Blast
x1 Bug Bite
x1 Work Up
x1 Confide
x1 Flame Charge
x1 Nature Power
x1 Avalanche
x1 Pluck
x1 Grass Knot
x1 Snarl
x1 Thunder Punch
x1 Fire Punch
x1 Ice Punch

Hold Items (12)
x2 Lax Incense
x1 Soft Sand
x1 Twisted Spoon
x2 Light Clay
x1 Miracle Seed
x1 Muscle Band
x1 Charcoal
x1 Silver Powder
x1 Quick Claw
x1 Luminous Moss

Misc. Items
x1 Escape Rope
x3 Candy Egg
x1 Yellow Flute
x1 Bridge Mail T
x1 Bridge Mail M
x1 Bridge Mail V
x1 Bridge Mail D
x1 Bridge Mail S
x1 Red Apricorn
x1 Yellow Apricorn
x1 Black Apricorn
x1 Blue Apricorn
x1 Green Apricorn
x1 Pink Apricorn
x4 Amaze Mulch
x1 Dense Mulch
x1 Tropical Mulch
x1 Rich Mulch
x1 Fertile Mulch
x1 Grainy Mulch
x39 Star Shards

Key Items
x1 Fishing Pole
x1 PokéGear with Phone card loaded
x1 Pokédex
x1 Parcel
Pair of Go-goggles

Items in Cyberspace
x13 Rare Candies
x4 Candy Eggs
x1 Deluxe Candy
x1 Complex Candy
x4 Enigmatic Candies
x1 Unown Pass
x1 Strange Souvenir
x1 Misty Seed
TM Smart Strike
TM Misty Terrain
x3 Star Shards
x1 Timer Ball
x1 Hidden Ability Capsule
x1 Electric Terrain
x1 Poke Doll
x1 EXP Share

Quest Base

Blackthorn Delivery!
Road to Blackthorn Town

Luster Lighthouse Liberation!
Towards Cianwood.
Golden Forest Exploration.
Mt. Mortar Aquifier Investigation!
The Journey Begins! vs. Piers!

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039 - Jigglypuff
Spoiler: show

Classification: Balloon Pokemon
Type: Normal / Fairy
Data: It captivates foes with its huge, round eyes, then lulls them to sleep by singing a soothing melody.
Status: Seen

079 - Slowpoke
Spoiler: show

Classification: Dopey Pokemon
Type: Water / Psychic
Data: Slowpoke uses its tail to catch prey by dipping it in water at the side of a river. However, this Pokémon often forgets what it’s doing and often spends entire days just loafing at water’s edge.
Status: Seen

080 - Slowbro
Spoiler: show

Classification: Hermit Crab Pokemon
Type: Water / Psychic
Data: Slowbro’s tail has a Shellder firmly attached with a bite. As a result, the tail can’t be used for fishing anymore. This causes Slowbro to grudgingly swim and catch prey instead.
Status: Seen

081 - Magnemite
Spoiler: show

Classification: Magnet Pokemon
Type: Electric / Steel
Data: The units at the sides of its body generate antigravity energy to keep it aloft in the air.
Status: Owned

111 - Rhyhorn
Spoiler: show

Classification: Spikes Pokemon
Type: Ground / Rock
Data: Its powerful tackles can destroy anything. However, it is too slow witted to help people work.
Status: Seen

111 - Jynx
Spoiler: show

Classification: Humann Shape Pokemon
Type: Ice / Psychic
Data: It wiggles its hips as it walks. It can cause people to dance in unison with it.
Status: Seen

173 - Cleffa
Spoiler: show

Classification: Star Shape Pokemon
Type: Fairy
Data: According to local rumors, Cleffa are often seen in places where shooting stars have fallen.
Status: Seen

192 - Sunflora
Spoiler: show

Classification: Sun Pokemon
Type: Grass
Data: Since it converts sunlight into energy, it is always looking in the direction of the sun.
Status: Seen

215 - Sneasel
Spoiler: show

Classification: Sharp Claw Pokemon
Type: Dark / Ice
Data: Its paws conceal sharp claws. If attacked, it suddenly extends the claws and startles its enemy.
Status: Seen

271 - Lombre
Spoiler: show

Classification: Jolly Pokemon
Type: Water / Grass
Data: It has a mischievous spirit. If it spots an angler, it will tug on the fishing line to interfere.
Status: Seen

274 - Nuzleaf
Spoiler: show

Classification: Wily Pokemon
Type: Grass / Dark
Data: It lives deep in forests. With the leaf on its head, it makes a flute whose song makes listeners uneasy.
Status: Seen

538 - Throh
Spoiler: show

Classification: Judo Pokemon
Type: Fighting
Data: When it tightens its belt, it becomes stronger. Wild Throh use vines to weave their own belts.
Status: Owned

557 - Dwebble
Spoiler: show

Classification: Rock Inn Pokemon
Type: Bug / Rock
Data: When it finds a stone of a suitable size, it secretes a liquid from its mouth to open up a hole to crawl into.
Status: Owned

561 - Sigilyph
Spoiler: show

Classification: Avianoid Pokemon
Type: Psychic / Flying
Data: The guardians of an ancient city, they always fly the same route while keeping watch for invaders.
Status: Seen

562 - Yamask
Spoiler: show

Classification: Spirit Pokemon
Type: Ghost
Data: These Pokémon arose from the spirits of people interred in graves in past ages. Each retains memories of its former life.
Status: Owned

570 - Zorua
Spoiler: show

Classification: Tricky Fox Pokemon
Type: Dark
Data: To protect themselves from danger, they hide their true identities by transforming into people and Pokémon.
Status: Seen

632 - Durant
Spoiler: show

Classification: Iron Ant Pokemon
Type: Bug / Steel
Data: They attack in groups, covering themselves in steel armor to protect themselves from Heatmor.
Status: Seen

686 - Inkay
Spoiler: show

Classification: Revolving Pokemon Pokemon
Type: Dark / Psychic
Data: It flashes the light-emitting spots on its body, which drains its opponent’s will to fight. It takes the opportunity to scuttle away and hide.
Status: Seen

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