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Toned down some stuff and invented a quickie for Balack.

Spoiler: show
Klade, Level 1 Archen Male
Klade was one of a small population of Archen and Archeops found on Mount Moon, a colony believed to have been wiped out by an ancient electric typed Pokemon, the identity of which remains unknown. However, when Klade and a fellow member of his tribe were reunited, the other Archen began to instruct Klade, as if finishing something that was started. Klade gained a new power, one known only to he and his kindred teacher, thought to have been developed by a famous figure in their tribe. Despite the fact that it was only found in Klade's tribe, it is supposedly able to be taught to any Archen. Further research found data to suggest that each Archen's technique when using this move is different, much like Dewott and their scallops.
Signature Move: Aella's Doubleaxe (GD)
Using Heavy Ground energy, Klade's wings are encased in a brown glow, each taking on the appearance of a double-sided war axe (think of the Tomahawk from Fire Emblem Awakening). He then begins to spin, gaining speed very quickly and rising up slightly into the air, an inch at most, before ramming into the opponent. The move does Significant Ground damage and causes great amounts of knockback and may leave the enemy dazed for a round afterwards. Klade cannot learn Thrash or Iron Defense.

Sneaze: Clarification on the daze strength and chance. Rejected for now.

Tar'ka, Level 1 Karrablast Female
Tar'ka always strives to be a knight. She's always on the lookout for Shelmet in hopes of gaining their armor and evolving as soon as possible. She simply cannot wait to have her arm spears, she tells me, so she created a move of her own that works now, and will take full advantage of her spears later.
Signature Move: Spear Volley (ST)
Using Significant Steel energy, Tar'ka creates spear-shaped constructs around the horn on her head, and launches them at the opponent, five in all. These strike the opponent for, altogether, Considerable Steel Damage. If aimed properly, the spears may inhibit movement for a round (or two, depending on the severity of the injury and how vital the area struck is to movement), but of course this does not happen against harder bodied things or against foes that move like a Magnezone, Chandelure, or Voltorb might. When Tar'ka becomes Escavalier, the volleys will be in sets of two a la Twineedle, with no changes to energy use or damage output.

Sneaze: Clarify if damage/accuracy is changed for Escavalier or if just for visual effect. Rejected for now.

Balack, Level 1 Timburr Male
XB-9 wasn't the only thing to fall from the skies, as I discovered the wreckage of a vessel. From its markings, I could make out the name Thunderdevil. Balack is, or rather, was, second in command on the ship until it's crash. While his superior, Mei, was also aboard, most of the other crew is still MIA. All that being said, Balack is a strong and surprisingly agile fighter, even with the log. As Mei's second in command, he bears a certain presence on the field which assists him in battle.
Signature Training: Commanding Aura
Balack's naturally commanding presence grants him a slight boost to his physical damage output (1.1x) and resistance to intimidation, but he takes slightly more damage from all attacks (also 1.1x) as he makes less attempts to dodge.

Sneaze: Approved.

Nolan, Level 1 Pansear Male
Nolan, despite his innocent appearance, is a sorcerer. While focusing heavily on Fire moves, his primary form of magic, he has tapped into a greater reserve of power in the darkness. Dark magic has granted him a power unlike almost any ever seen, with great use in combat.
Signature Move: Zero Flame (FI/DK)
Nolan channels his dark powers and his natural flames together to form an ominous sphere of black fire, before launching it at the opponent with a scream of "LET ALL YOUR HOPE BURN TO ASH!" The move requires equal parts Dark and Fire energy, totaling to Significant, half and half. It does equal parts fire and Dark damage, totaling to Decent. The secondary effect will leave the opponent with both offenses lowered by two stages for four rounds. This move may only be used once. Nolan may not use boosting moves, and also loses Heat Wave, Gunk Shot, and Solarbeam.

Sneaze: Tone back the nerf to offenses or the duration of it. Rejected for now.

Mei, Level 1 Riolu Female
Balack's commanding officer and captain of the crashed Thunderdevil, Mei is heavily trained in the arts of war, and is a devoted leader, even if she sometimes doubts her abilities. However, the story of how she got to be the captain is a bit darker. The crew had been on a mission to break some prisoners out of a massive prison frigate, the Broadsword. While they successfully rescued who they needed to and another, the exit was disastrous. Some kind of figure, cloaked in black, cut their previous captain, Braak, in half. Mei, and one of her crew mates, tried to fight this person, but were unable to do anything but hold their own, before the mystery prisoner urged them to go, and caught up later. He then informed Mei that she was sensitive to something called The Force, and began to train her in its use. Her master, Master Argo, has yet to be found, but she bears the fruits of her training.
Signature Move: Force Push (FT)
Using Significant Fighting energy, Mei concentrates the power of the Force, and then unleashes it in the form of a circular wave of fighting energy which travels incredibly quickly. Upon impact, the foe is sent careening backwards for a lot of knockback. The attack itself does Decent damage, but depending on the size of the Pokemon and where they end up, some extra damage may be dealt. A Graveler simply hitting the ground of a Lawn Arena will be fine, but a Budew crashing into a metal wall? That will hurt. Mei cannot use Dual Chop, Sky Uppercut, Drain Punch, or ThunderPunch, as lightning is of the Dark Side of The Force.

Sneaze: Clarify the knockback damage. Rejected for now.
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Spoiler: show

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Spoiler: show
Haze - Level 3 Female Driflblim
Bio: "I’ve never found a border round the ghost town"
As a Drifloon, Haze is often mistaken for a kidnapper and a murderer of children yet she laughs off these comments as she is something a bit more sinister in that she creates balloons to give to people. Doesn't sound sinister, does it? Well, you see, Haze has a special set of skills via which these balloons go 'pop!' and crap happens to whoever the balloons are attached to. Still not scary? Well, if I were you I'd think twice about accepting a gift from this female ghost.
Special Attack - Carnival Balloons! (Various)
Using Significant energy, Haze can create balloons which she places onto her opponents by her ghostly magic which picks up a wind and blow the balloons towards her opponent where they stick to her opponents via ghostly magnetism then explode for Significant damage, these balloons range in colour and type therefore being ordered as Colour!Balloon. Haze has given up the moves Trick, Captivate, Attract and Return as these attacks have zero sinister nature behind them. The balloons can only be used twice per match each and Haze has enough off-type to do so (With the exception of Cyan/Flying which has no usage limit as well as Significant power for Significant energy). These balloons also have special effects and they are as follow:

Cyan (Flying) - No added effect.
Brown (Ground) - Has a 20% chance for mud to burst out and get into the opponent's eyes, reducing their vision as a result.

Sneaze: Fix the wording to be relevant to the number of possible balloons and we'll talk. Rejected for now.

Infernus - Level 3 Male Vulpix
Bio: "And we rock it, and we roll it, and we're laughing, and we're joking and we roll it"
Infernus, a rather generic looking nickname except for the fact that Infernus is named after the Infernus vehicle from the GTA series. What? I couldn't come up with anything better. Anyway, Infernus is one of those 'mons who just wants to sit back and watch the world burn. By sit back I mean lay back and by watch the world burn I mean watch his enemies burn, minor details though. Infernus has mastered an interesting technique to say the least though, one in which he can lay back and watch his enemies burn with pain and anger.
Special Attack - Heatstroke (Fire)
Infernus bellows a piping hot breeze of air at the opponent causing decent fire damage for decent fire energy. This attack will aggravate any burns on the opponent causing it to deal significant damage if the opponent is afflicted with burns. During the round in which this attack is used on an opponent, any damage the opponent takes from burns is double. This effect does not stack if it is used more than once in the same round. Though it uses decent energy normally, repeated uses of this move while boosted will cause it to increase in energy use slightly, capping at considerable energy. Infernus may use this technique three times per battle.

Sneaze: Cap is too low with the secondary effect, so it needs to increase faster or drop doubled burn damage. Rejected.

Miss Mantle - Level 3 Female Cubone
Bio: "Diesel and dust is what we breathe, this land don't change and we don't leave"
Miss Mantle was named after the earth, this much is quite obvious but what isn't obvious is the fact that Miss Mantle's skull is actually made from magic that comes from the land. What kind of magic? Well, that's a mystery to everyone and will probably stay that way for quite a while but this magic is pretty cool in what it can do, things that one wouldn't imagine are possible become possible with this voodoo. But enough about that, I'll let Miss Mantle show you what she can do herself.
Special Technique - Have A Helmet
Using Considerable Ground energy, Miss Mantle fires a ray of light at her opponent which deals no damage but instead turns into a counterfeit Cubone's skull with eye holes smaller than the opponent's eyes. It becomes stuck on the opponent's skull and obscures their vision as well as causing Mild Ground damage at the end of every round the helmet is active. The helmet lasts for 3 rounds and takes quite a bit of work to remove but is in fact removable. Miss Mantle can use this move once per Pokemon.

Sneaze: Does it reduce accuracy or no? Clarify. Rejected for now.

Neptune - Level 3 Purple and White Kirlia
Bio:"It's dangerous to go alone. Take Nep!"
Neptune is The current CPU (Console Patron Unit) of Planeptune, as a CPU she has powers of a goddess and has a duty to look after the citizens of Planeptune... Which she kinda sucks at doing as she enjoys to do nothing but nap and play games all day. This Neptune isn't that same Neptune, this Nep is much better at working and is the partner Pokemon of the Planeptune CPU who trains alongside her partner most days and as such, she has picked up Neptune's signature attack.
Special Attack: Cross Combo (Ground)
By using Significant Ground energy to create a beam-sword, Neptune's ultimate attack is a 7-hit-combo where she rushes her opponent and slashes them with her sword. All hits end up causing Significant damage when totaled. Neptune has lost access to the moves Shock Wave, Icy Wind, Pain Split and Will-O-Wisp.

Sneaze: Clarify energy construct. Fix attacks v damage to prevent math issues.

Misfortune - Level 3 Male Phantump
Bio: "It's a long dark road, leads to me where I'm going"
For if one is to enter the forest at midnight when the sky is moonless, they will surely succumb to misfortune. Indeed, Misfortune is the aforementioned misfortune as he is the last thing most will hear if they are silly enough to enter a forest at that time of night. Constructs usually form and those around soon scream, was there any sound though if it couldn't be confirmed by human ears? I guess nobody will know, I should also leave stuff like that out of everything. Anyway, if one is to enter the forest on a moonless night they will surely succumb to misfortune.
Signature Technique: Torture Device of the Forest (Ghost)
Using Heavy Ghost energy, Misfortune sinks into the ground and releases the energy all around. This energy soon rises to the surface and covers the ground in a sinister dark energy field with the field itself being purely cosmetic. From this field, tendrils rise and wrap tightly around the foe making them extremely uncomfortable as well as unable to move. These tendrils are very hard to break and make all physical moves basically redundant although special moves are still very much usable, the trapped Pokemon will also suffer Mild Ghost damage at the end of every round. To escape this trap Heavy damage must be dealt to it. This trap lasts for 2 rounds and is only usable once per battle.

Sneaze: This is completely broken. Rejected.

Kaori - Level 3 Female Abomasnow
Bio: "Cold cold change, bringing in the winter, freezing up the water, closing up the mind"
Being an Abomasnow is a somewhat unfortunate fate, sure, you might be able to hit Flying types for STAB SE whilst also being weak to them but that isn't enough to save this amazing species from their extremely horrific 3x weakness to Fire. Sure, you might say that they get some tricks but at the end of the day Fire is a massive pain in their side. Kaori is one of the lucky Abomasnow's who has been with me and then removed and then brought back because there was something special about her. Something extremely cool which makes her stand out from the rest. That being her tendency to go above and beyond what the usual member of her evolutionary line can do, that being that she can exert a special aura. What kind of aura? Well, you'll soon find out.
Signature Trait: Chilling of the Outer
Kaori exerts an especially cold aura which reduces Fire type moves to a mere neutrality instead of a 3x weakness, as well as chilling all within a 5m radius of her. As a drawback for this amazing power, this coldness somehow causes Electric moves and Ground moves to hit her for neutral damage instead of resisted as well as making her weak to the Dark type.

Sneaze: Must gain a weakness to drop to neutral. Rejected.

Stagga - Level 3 Male Winter Sawsbuck
Bio: "Welcome to the jungle, watch it bring you to your knees, knees, I wanna watch you bleed"
Stagga is a weird case when it comes to Sawsbuck as he's forever stuck in the amazing winter forme. Now, this means little when it comes to actually battling but Stagga is not one to ever be taken lightly as he will always charge in head first, never looking back when in a fight. He's the one who will pierce the heavens with his horns of almighty power which seem to glimmer as he shoves them violently into his oppo- Wait, that's a bit too gruesome, er, seeing him attack his opponent's with his amazing self-taught move is a feeling that'll leave you busted, Horn Buste(r)d.
Special Attack: Horn Buster (Grass/Normal)
For a Heavy amount of energy, Stagga can coat his horns in Grass energy (if ordered as Grass!Horn Buster) or Normal energy (if ordered Normal!Horn Buster). Once his horns are coated with the selected energy, he stampedes toward his opponent and stabs them with his horns which causes a small explosion upon impact with the attack dealing Heavy damage. The majority of this explosion is purely aesthetic although the opponent will be left with a Crush Claw like effect where they were stabbed. Stagga is able to use Horn Buster three times per match.

Sneaze: Needs drawback. Rejected.
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Spoiler: show
Geoff the Pikachu (Level 2 Male)
Geoff wasn't always a Pokemon. He used to just be a demon. A pretty useless demon, but a demon at least. He was one day tasked with making a deal with me to obtain my soul, where so many other demons had failed. Geoff soon discovered why so many of his more useful predecessors had failed to collect my soul in the past. He wrote up a contract for me, promising safety should I give him my soul. Extremely cleverly, I began belittling grammar and spelling mistakes on the contract, which he quickly grew frustrated with, telling me to just fix everything myself, giving me free rein to do so. In addition to fixing all the mistakes, I also switched the recipients so that Geoff gave me his soul. Thus, I came into possession of a demon's service. Geoff joined me on a few occasions when I reffed, but he mostly stuck to the shadows, ashamed that he could be tricked by a human. Eventually, I gave him an out: he wouldn't have to do slave labor if he became a Pokemon and battled for me. Loving to fight, Geoff accepted, trying to become a Shadow Lugia, but realizing that his demon powers had been weakened as a result of his shame. He could only transform into the demonic default Pokemon, the mascot Pikachu's line. Now he battles with a little help from his diminished demonic powers. He also likes cross-dressing for some reason.
Special Training: On the Side of Demons
Because of his demonic nature, Geoff can use Will-O-Wisp, Fire Punch, Lava Plume, Taunt, Sucker Punch, and Snarl. Geoff is considered to be familiar with the Dark type and has a slightly above-average amount of Fire energy. He can see in the dark fairly well. However, because he's a total jerk and a demon, he cannot use any Fairy type moves, Play Nice, Present, or Bestow. Also, he can't use Swagger because he has no swagger and he can't use Signal Beam because it really Bugs him. (get it? ha!)
(reduced the number of moves picked up)

Sneaze: Still too much. Rejected.

Thurgood the Bidoof (Level 2 Male)
Thurgood has worked long and hard to get to where he is. No one took him seriously when he was younger because he was a Bidoof. He was constantly bullied and harassed in school for being different than his classmates. His parents told him one day, "Thurgood, you'll go through your life and struggle because you are a Bidoof, and if you don't give it your all, you'll never make it. Even if you do, you want get as far as, say, a Pikachu or one of those other respectable Pokemon." But Thurgood would have none of it. If his parents didn't believe in him, he'd have to do all the believing himself. So Thurgood lived the American dream. He got a full ride to law school and passed the bar exam on his first try. He was the key attorney in a landmark Supreme Court case that gave equal rights to all Bidoofs under the law. But it wasn't enough for Thurgood. He always felt that there was more that he could do. So he got married, had a few kids, but he still felt unfulfilled. Even though the law had given Bidoofs equal protection in writing, in practicality, Bidoofs still weren't respected. But what could be done? What could Thurgood do to show all those kids who had beat him up in high school? Then it happened. Thurgood was made a Supreme Court Justice. Finally, Thurgood could show all the Pokemon of the world what true justice was. Finally, a Bidoof had power. Due to his judge status, Thurgood's fur surrounding his head resembles a judge's wig. This is a purely aesthetic change.
Signature Attack (NO): Supreme Justice
Using high energy, Thurgood summons a giant energy construct resembling a gavel that floats over his head and then slams down onto the opponent, dealing high damage. Thurgood can use this attack twice per opponent.

Sneaze: Approved.

Wallace the Ralts (Level 2 Male)
Wallace is the most fabulous Ralts ever. Period. In fact, when I met him, he introduced himself in a shower of Magical Leaves and sparkles. It was totally great. Guys want him, girls want to be him, Wallace is so totally great. And he puts his life on the line to protect his team? Dreamy. In fact, Wallace is a romantic soul. He believes in honor and other great stuff that I wouldn't understand, because I'm not Wallace, and Wallace is so great. He's so unpredictable, so inconsistently amazing. You mess with Wallace, and he will amazingly school you. Oh... Wallace. Wallace has stolen my heart, and he can steal your health too! Look out for Wallace!
Signature Attack (DA): Fantastic Phasmal Drain: Using considerable Dark type energy, Wallace creates a long arm of Dark energy that he jams into his opponent. This arm drains a solid amount of health from the opponent, restoring that much to Wallace's own health. The amount of health drained is affected by type modifiers. If the opponent is weak to Dark type attacks, the move will drain more health accordingly. If the opponent is resistant to Dark type attacks, the move will drain less health accordingly. This counts as a draining move and will contribute to diminishing returns.

Sneaze: Tone down the direct drain efficiency slightly. Rejected.

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Spoiler: show

Fosshestr the Kingdra (lvl 4 female)
Spoiler: show

Fosshestr was always proud of her sharpshooting, no one could hope to match her speed and accuracy. She would often help to keep the peace in her local community when she was growing up, breaking up fights and keeping others in line. When she was old enough she signed up for the local law enforcement. It didn’t take her long to find out the institution was corrupt, officers were taking pay offs and looking past the misdeeds of local crime lords.
Fosshestr gathered a crew of other recruits and together they managed to put a stop to the corruption and remove the crime lords. With her community now peaceful, she decided it was time to move on to bigger and better things, so she joined my squad in order to help me keep my opponents in line.
Signature Move: Wrath of the Dragon Queen (fire/dragon)
Fosshestr fires a powerful beam of energy at the opponent dealing heavy damage. This attack uses heavy energy and can be used in either a fire or dragon variation. The fire variation has a 30% chance of causing severe burns, while the dragon variation has a 30% chance of causing severe paralysis. She has enough fire energy for two uses of the fire variation. She has forgotten how to use Outrage, Dragon Rage, Disable and Bounce.

Ljos the Lanturn (Lvl 5 uplevel female)
Spoiler: show

Ljos was a champion fighter among her clan, her signature technique allowing to easily dispatch others of her kind. Eventually she grew tired of her constant victories, the monotonous nature of her victories boring her to death. She decided to leave her old life behind, heading out into the wider world to search for stronger opponents. I was the first to ever beat her in battle, so she decided her place was at my side. She has served me with honor ever since.
Signature Technique: Overload (Electric)
Ljos fires off a burst of intense electrical energy dealing solid damage for solid energy. The voltage carried in this attack causes an overload in electric type pokemon, causing them to take super effective damage from this attack (with mechanics akin to freeze dry). Ljos needs time to recover from this attack and cannot use it twice in a row.

Djupr the shiny Clauncher (lvl 1 Male)
Spoiler: show

I joined a research team, they were heading out to investigate volcanic activity deep under the sea in the Kalos region. They were hoping to draw some connections between the underwater volcanoes and the rumours of a new legendary pokemon that was able to control both fire and water. We used a Wailmer shaped submarine to dive deep down under the water, diving to depths where no humans had been before. The submarine struggled slightly under the pressure but it was built to handle the situation and we continued to push forward. After a few hours we finally identified some volcanic vents and decided to investigate further. But as we approached a number of unidentified objects appeared on the submarines scanner and not moments later we were under attack!
We couldn’t see what was attacking us, whatever they were they were smart enough to stay away from the submarines spotlight. Someone had to do something and being the only experience trainer on board, I jumped into action. I grabbed a IBA (individual breathing apparatus) and dived out the hatch, ready to confront whatever was attacking us. Knowing I needed to spot them first, I unclipped a pokeball from my belt and brought out Ljos my Chinchou and quickly got her to light things up! I was amazed at what I saw, dozens of shiny clauncher’s there strange red colouring reflecting their fierce disposition. They fired a barrage of heatwaves towards us, which I found incredibly strange and fantastic since clauncher don’t normally learn that attack! The heat was hard to bare but we pushed through it, Ljos let off a powerful discharge, sending most of the Clauncher running scared. One remained however and its seemed determine to get rid of us. After a fierce battle, the clauncher was finally weak enough for me to capture it and with the rest of the clauncher now in hiding, it was safe to return to the submarine.
We finished the research without any further problems from the Clauncher and I was pretty happy with my new team member. Turns out these Clauncher were unique, their exposure to the volcanoes heat and the water pressure had caused them to mutate, taking on a whole new typing!

Typechange: Deep Heat (water/fire)
Due to the prolonged exposure to the volcanic vents, Djupr has mutated into water/fire type with all the associated weaknesses and resistances. He has learnt how to use Mystical Fire, Flame Charge, Will o Wisp and Heatwave. All of his fire type attacks use fire energy instead of actual fire. This allows them to work perfectly in wet environments and underwater and will not be weakened under rain dance. However his water moves will not be boosted under the effects of rain dance but will also be unaffected by hot environments or sunny day. He has forgotten how to use Irontail, Sludgebomb, SwordsDance and Dragon Pulse.

[notes: Dropped lava plume, stated that all fire attacks are energy based now so that they work in water]

Heilagr the Bidoof (lvl 1 male)
Spoiler: show

At a young age, Heilagr pledged himself to the Holy Church and was raised and trained to be a priest. He enjoyed his time with the church, but there was always a part of him the longed for battle. One rainy night I took shelter in his church and we discussed his lust for the thrills of the fight. He agreed that if I could beat him in a battle he would come with me to spread the word of his faith and fight the good fight. I was victorious in a tough battle and he kept his word. It seemed that his devotion to his faith had reaped some benefits, he had learnt a few tricks during his time at the church!

Signature Technique: Bibarel of Holy Water
Heilagr creates a bibarel shaped energy construct out of significant water energy and fires it at the opponent. The construct bursts on impact, dealing significant water damage. The blessed properties of the water energy causes this attack to deal 2x damage to Ghost types while leaving it resisted by Fairy types.

Vatneitr the Tentacool (lvl 1 female)
Spoiler: show

After her swarm agreed not to take over Hubter Port, Vatneitr was furious. Unlike the rest of her swarm that returned back into the sea, Vatneitr refused to leave and took over the mind of a woman in order to stay on the land. She roamed the countryside and a warrant was put out for her immediate capture. I was in a nearby town when I heard the news came over the radio so I decided to try and help. I found her still in control of the woman, with a bunch of unconscious trainers splayed out on the ground around her. I issued her a challenge, if she could defeat me she could take over me instead, but if I won she would release the woman and join my team. Needless to say I defeated her, she co-operated willingly and the woman she had taken control of made a complete recovery. She still likes to make use of her mind control abilities and gets plenty of opportunities to put them to good use on my team!

Special Training: Mind Control
Vatneitr has learnt how to use Hypnosis. However it now uses poison energy instead of psychic.

[notes: changed it to only one move instead of three. Also this is an anime reference to the episode with the giant tentacruel and the army of tentacool lol]

Kolga the Poliwrath (lvl 4 male)
Spoiler: show

Kolga is a massive star wars fan and in a world were anything is possible, he trained day in and day out to develop his connection to the force. He found that he could natural augment his natural psychic abilities with his powerful fighting spirit in order to mimic the abilities of the force! He could move things with his mind, read and persuade the mind of others and even glimpse into the future on occasion. His dream is to bring peace to the ASB which at the moment is a chaotic environment susceptible to the dark side of the force!
Special Training: Jedi Mind Tricks

Signature Technique: Lets Get Battle Ready! (fighting)
Using significant fighting energy, Kolga release of burst of his pure fighting spirit, increasing his speed significantly and giving him mental clarity, making him more resistant to mind altering attacks/effects. Some of his fighting spirit remains within the arena, empowering the next of his allies that enters the arena. Standard boost stipulations apply.

Saurfang the Swampert (lvl 4 male) @swampertite
Spoiler: show

Saurfang is a bit of a gym junkie, hence why he becomes so ripped when he mega evolves. But sometimes he needs that little extra boost to help him get his head in the game when he is at the gym. So he created his own special pre work out powder, and he always has some before he hits the gym or is going into a battle.

Special training: Prework out
Because he is always slamming down pre work out before a battle, Saurfang enjoys a permanent amnesia boost. The Prework out has reduced his slipperiness however, reducing his resistance to grabs and holds although he is still wet enough to be unaffected by electric attacks when wet. He also forgot how to use power-up punch, rock smash, focus punch, stealth rock, Avalanche, sludge wave and curse.

Lombro the Lombre (lvl 4 male)
Spoiler: show

Lombro was tramping up the round to the Milkbar to meet his cuz when one of his jandals broke! So his cuz took him back to his bach to check out his new dick (deck), and he pulled out a chilly bin full of beers so they could get munted. At around sex (six) they thought it would be pretty choice to snag some fush and chups. So they hopped in the gas guzzler and hooned down the round to get some. Lombro got a bit sick on the way and had to stop for a chunder. His cuz asked whether he was alright, to which he replied "I'm sweet as bro."

Special Training: The Haka
True to his New Zealand and dancing roots, every time Lombro is released from his pokeball he does the Haka. The intimidating dance happens immediately, lasting about as long as it would take for a pokemon to mega evolve and expending considerable energy. It leaves him with a slight boost to his speed, while opponents will be so intimidated that they will refuse to return to their pokeball for three rounds, essentially trapping them. The trapping effect follows the same rules as mean look, preventing both conventional switches and switch via switching moves like u-turn and baton pass and the open will be free to switch if Lombro leaves the arena. Standard boost stipulations apply to the boost. The trapping effect will only effect the opponent the first time they see The Haka but the boost will happen every time. Lombro has forgotten how to use swords dance, power-up punch, razor leaf and water pulse.

Svanr the Wingull (lvl 1 female)
Spoiler: show

Rider of the storm
Rider of the storm
Into this squad she's born
Into battle she's thrown
Like a Marowak without a bone
Got some SP out on loan
Rider of the storm

There's a Grimer on the road
His brain is squirmin' like a politoed
Take a long holiday
Perhaps to MudSkipper Bay
If you give this bird a try
Sweet defeat you will cry
Grimer on the road

Special training: Rider of the Storm
As the Rider of the Storm, Svanr has no need to fear electricity so much. She is now only 2x weak to electric, although she is now neutral to water and steel.

Stiarna the Staryu (lvl 1 female)
Spoiler: show

Stiarna is a lover at heart/jewel. She has loved and loss many times and one thing she noticed is that in relationships, someone always has to give something up for the relationship to work. Of course its never expected for her to give anything up so she always asks her opponent to give something up, the fact that it leaves an opening for her to tear out their heart is just a coincidence.
Signature Technique: Star crossed lovers
Stiarna concentrates major typeless energy to form a giant energy construct of a 5 pointed star. The construct fires an incredibly fast and unavoidable beam of energy from one of its points. The beam deals no damage but randomly lowers one of the opponents stats (attack, special attack, defense, special defense, speed) by 20%. The star then sits at the highest point of the arena and will reactivate every time the opponent sends out a Pokemon, lowering one of the Pokemon's stats at random. Standard boost and entry hazard stipulations apply.

Rasa the Psyduck (lvl 1 male)
Spoiler: show

Rasa was raised by his parents to always keep his nest tidy. Everytime he goes on leave for reproduction purposes, he has know problem finding a mate. This is because his nest is always a stand out and his mating call is the best around. He defends his nest from poachers and wild pokemon, not letting them lay a hand on his precious future offspring.
Special Training: Nesting Habits
Just like any bird, Rasa has natural nesting instincts. Rasa has learnt how to use Roost and Chatter.

Kappi the Squirtle (lvl 1 male)
Spoiler: show

Defender of the weak, protector of the innocent, Kappi was a natural born hero. He saved goldeen from a flood, slugma from a volcanic eruption and geodudes from a rockslide. The WPA (World Pokemon Association) award him the medal for bravery! He cant take it into battle so instead he found away for his opponents to realise his great deeds while also benefiting his allies.
Signature Technique: Boon of the Hero [water]
Kappi expends a heavy amount of water energy to momentarily create a glorious medal construct on his chest randomly granting a 20% boost to his defense or special defense. A medal will then reappear and grant the same boost to the next of his allies that enters the arena. Standard boost stipulations apply. Kappi never learnt how to use Outrage, Seismic Toss, Dragon Tail, Fissure and Avalanche.

Macie the Azurill (lvl 1 female)
Spoiler: show

Macie never wanted to be a pretty princess like the rest of her species and type. She wanted to be tough, she wanted her oppponents to fear her. So she wished upon a shooting staryu, she wished for the ability to make her oponents tremble. Her wish came true, the very next morning she woke up to notice razor sharp spikes protuding from her formerly smooth tail. It proved a success, wielding her tail like a mace she was able to make her opponents fall before her, smashing skulls left and right.
Signature Trait: Mace to the face
Macie’s tail isn’t smooth like the rest of her species; instead large spikes protrude from her tail! Attacks utilising her tail will be 1.2x stronger for an equivalent amount of energy. She has learnt how to use poison tail and dragon tail with enough type energy for two uses of each new offtype. Macie can no longer use bounce, as that would likely hurt her bottom, and thus she no longer benefits from the part of her SC that improves her bounce. She also forgot how to use fake tears, encore and light screen and won’t be able to use superpower, future sight or grass knot as a marill or azumarill.

Sneaze: Too many spoiler boxes. Take them out and resub.

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Spoiler: show

Benny- lvl 1 male Shieldon
Bio: Benny is named after my personal favorite character from Fire Emblem: Fates. Much like myself and my Jellicent, Olivia, Benny is rather quiet and kind hearted. However, where as both myself and Olivia have been called cute, Benny appears rather intimidating. He was found in a forest with several Teddiursa and Ursaring.
Special Ability: Guard Stance
Once per battle and using a move along with heavy Steel energy, Benny can enter Guard Stance. The energy surrounds his body, excluding his face, and then hardens into what can be described as a suit of armor. This armor is thick and heavy, increasing his weight by 1.5x and making all physical attacks that hit him only do 80% damage. Due to the armor limiting Benny's movement, he cannot use any attacks that involve ramming (such as Tackle, Headbutt, and similar moves)while in Guard Stance. This armor can be removed either by using a move or by getting hit by Brick Break or Rock Smash. He also loses mild typeless energy for every round he is in Guard Stance. If he is recalled from battle for any reason, Guard Stance will be automatically deactivated..

Sneaze: Throw in a reduction of accuracy of ranged attacks on moving targets due to the weight and we'll talk. Rejected for now.

Arthur- lvl 2 male Machop
Bio: (Warning: contains spoilers for Fire Emblem: Fates: Birthright) Despite being extremely unlucky, Arthur considers himself a hero of justice. Like Peri, Inigo, and Severa, Arthur served as a retainer for a member of a royal family. Where as Peri and Inigo served the eldest, a Pangoro named Xander, and Severa served the second oldest, a Noivern named Camilla, Arthur served the youngest, a Happiny named Elise. Then a large scale war broke out, claiming countless lives including the ones of Xander and Elise. Now with nowhere else to go, the three former retainers went their seperate ways. Shortly after Peri joined me, I found Arthur laying face down in a mud puddle. I helped him up and he explained his entire situation. I then asked him if he wanted to join, which he did. He began training with my other Fighting types and soon discovered a power hidden so deep inside him, that he didn't even know was there.
Special Ability: Hero Mode
Once per battle, when Arthur is in his final third of health, using a move and heavy Fighting energy, Arthur may enter Hero Mode. The energy is used to create a blazing, heroic aura that engulfs him. This aura causes Pokčmon that are smaller than him and/or of the Dark type to feel uncomfortable around him. This feeling of discomfort of a non-dark type.scales depending on the opponent's compaired to Arthur (meaning a Joltik wound be more uncomfortable than a Ralts, while Pokčmon of similar size or larger will be unaffected) while a Dark type will have some discomfort no matter how large they are (larger Dark types will still have less discomfort than a smaller one does.) While in this state, Arthur is slightly more vulnerable to mind-altering moves. As long as he has this sig, he may never evolve past the Machoke stage as he feels that this power would get to out of control if he went into his final form. If he is recalled to his PokéBall for any reason, Hero Mode will be automatically deactivated.

[color=limegreen]Sneaze: Approved with spoiler removing edit. Keep that stuff in the bio.[/color[

Inigo- lvl 1 male Ralts
Bio: Inigo is the son of Olivia and, like his mother, is trained in the art of dance. Like his mother, he is shy. This changes when he is around ladies though, and he becomes more of a helpless flirt rather than the charming gentleman that he considers him self. He served Xander along side Peri, under the alias Laslow. After Xander's death, he travels back to his homeland, where I found him dancing.
Special Attack: Dancing Blade (Steel)
Using significant Steel energy, Inigo creates a sword similar in appearence to a rapier. He then gives the opponent three quick slashes, each dealing mild damage (total significant damage). He may use this twice per battle. As long as he has this sig, he may only evolve into Gallade as he believes Gardevior is to feminine for him.

Sneaze: Clarify energy construct. Rejected for now.

Severa- lvl 1 female Fletchling
Bio: Severa is one of the most competitive members of my squad. She will compete with anyone to show she is not inferior to them, a problem stemming from the fact that she feels inferior to her mother. She served as a retainer , under the alias Selena.
Special Ability: Inferiority Complex
If Severa is facing a larger opponent, or if the opponent is of a higher level that Severa, not only does her inferiority complex kick in but also does her competitive side, throwing her into a berserker rage, similar to Belly Drum. This rage lasts until she is knocked out. This causes her attacks to do 10% more damage for an equal rise in energy. She loses Swords Dance as she believes she has no use for it.

Sneaze: Approved.

Jeff- lvl 1 male Piplup
Bio: Jeff is from Winters, a country to the north of Eagleland. Jeff is a child genius who just so happens to be near-sighted and a little shy. He is one of the chosen four, and his signature weapons are guns, more specifically ones that a child would use such as pop guns and also a taser for some reason.
Special Attack: Taser Cork (Steel/Electric)
Using heavy energy (half Steel and half Electric), Jeff creates two small toy guns, one in each flipper. He then fires both simultianiously, with them converging into what appears to be an electrified cork just before they hit the target. This deals heavy (half Steel and half Electric) damage, has a roughly 20% chance to paralyze, and he may use this once per battle. He loses Bide, Supersonic, Rain Dance, and will lose Hyper Beam and Giga Impact upon evolution into Empoleon.

Sneaze: Clarify energy construct. Rejected for now.

Charlotte- lvl 1 female Mankey
Bio: Charlotte is the closest thing to a "glass cannon" my squad has. I mean when I was trying to catch her, she was fast and strong enough to KO any of my other mons in one or two blows before they could even attack. When I was down to my sixth mon, that I had brought with me, a bright flash happened and it turns out, Benny was my last mon. Rather than attacking him, Charlotte just stopped and started making noises at Benny. At that time, my phone beeped and showed that they were talking. After their conversation was over, Benny turned back to me and nodded, signaling me to throw a ball. Oddly enough, ever since she joined me, Charlotte has adopted a kind and caring personality to hide her true one.
Special Training: Delicate Flower
Charlotte's punching attacks are now 10% stronger than a normal member of her species and she is also 10% faster.
However, she now takes 10% more damage from both physical and special attacks.

Sneaze: Approved.

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Spoiler: show

Level 1 Male Riolu - Maté
“Clear your mind, and the path to victory will clear as well.”

I came across Maté in the forests of Southern Hoenn, injured after having fallen from a high tree. After nursing him back to health, he introduced me to the clan of Lucario who inhabited and protected the forest, living in an interconnected series of treetops. I learned that it was a rite of passage for clan members to travel the world, honing their skills in battle so that they can protect the forest more adeptly upon returning. In gratitude for my help, Maté decided to accompany me in my travels to fulfill his training. I will try my best to utilise his skill in combat in order to train him properly before he returns to Hoenn as a mighty protector of the forest.
Special Training: Way of the Astral Fist
Maté’s forest training has taught him how to better harness his spiritual energies. Up to three times per battle, Maté can order any of his punching or kicking attacks as ‘Astral [name of move]’. When doing so, Maté spends a mildly extra amount of energy to focus his mind and create a spectral fist or foot composed out of whatever energy the attack draws from. Maté can direct this construct to strike an opponent at a ranged distance before it disappears, doing the same damage as if the attack had been done physically, albeit with them doing special damage instead of physical. Maté can only order Astral moves up to three times per match. Maté loses access to Focus Blast and Vacuum Wave. As a Lucario, Maté loses access to any move containing the word 'Pulse'.

Sneaze: Being able to make any punch special is what kills this. Rejected.

Level 1 Genderless Bronzor - Oculus

I encountered Bronzor as a security measure in some old ruins I was cataloguing. It and the other Bronzor living in the ruins had laid dormant for centuries before my Pokemon and I ventured into its depths. Their manner of defense was formidable: the Bronzor formed a solid barrier completely filling the tunnel I was exploring, and moved toward me while spinning at high speeds. My Pokemon’s attacks were no use, bouncing right off of the reflective surface the Bronzor had created. If I hadn’t managed to break their formation by capturing one of them, they would have cut right through me. Oculus has an intrinsic way of disabling similar ancient security systems, so it’s my constant partner whenever I’m exploring anywhere from the days of old.
Signature Training: Mirror, Mirror, From the Tomb
Oculus uses its reflective surface as a defense, similar to how it used to protect the ruins it called home. Oculus gains access to Mirror Coat and Magic Coat.

Sneaze: Approved.

Level 1 Female Elekid - Kilroy

Kilroy spent her formative years living in an area of Deep Amp Plains that was constantly besieged by a neighboring band of scavenger Gabites. To fend them off, Kilroy used the only two attacks she had that could do lasting damage to them: Ice Punch and Dual Chop. With all the years she spent using these two attacks, she became much more adept at harnessing Ice and Dragon type energy, and has picked up a few new techniques to make use of it.
Special Training: Dragonslayer
Due to her regular usage of Ice Punch and Dual Chop, Kilroy's experience with using Ice and Dragon type energy has allowed her to learn to use Icicle Crash and Dragon Claw. Her species' normal amount of Ice and Dragon off-type energy is increased to the amount where she has enough energy for her to use them twice each.

Sneaze: Needs drawback. Rejected.

Level 1 Male Zubat - Ivan the Irritable
“Bite me."
Ivan the Irritable, through his supernatural powers of feeding off of the energy of others, has been alive for quite a long time. He and his clan of vampire-bat Pokemon infest the cellar of an old mansion in Lavender Town, raining bloody terror down on any unfortunate soul unlucky enough to stumble upon them. In the dark of night, nothing can save you from Ivan's wrath...except maybe garlic?
Special Training: Mark Of Helsing
Ivan the Irritable's sharp fangs are adept weapons. Any biting attacks used by Ivan the Irritable do 10% more damage.

Sneaze: Needs a bit of drawback or increased energy usage. Rejected for now.

Level 1 Female Nidoran - Namora
"There exists not a well from which I will not draw to test the limits of my power."
Morgana was born and briefly raised in a fairly normal environment for her species, but fled her nest at a young age out of a desire to experience more of what the world could offer her. She eventually came upon a nomadic tribe of sorcerers, both human and Pokemon, who welcomed Morgana into their ranks. She was an ideal acolyte, her eagerness to break free of what was expected of her type translated into uncanny skill, with a particular penchant for summoning and utilising dark energies. Morgana’s teachers grew worried at the speed with which she gained proficiency, and the darkness that she was so comfortable channeling. When the tribal elders refused to teach her forbidden techniques, Morgana revolted against the tribe, and was exiled. Even training with me, she remains in search of forgotten magics that could expand and increase her dark power.
Special Training: March of the Black Queen
After years of enthusiastic study of the channeling and weaponization of dark spirits, Morgana’s physical being has been irrevocably altered, allowing her a natural inclination for nebulous energies. Morgana gains access to Hex, Dark Pulse, and Night Daze. If ordered specifically, Morgana can also use the Ghost-energy variation of Curse. Her Ghost and Dark off-type pools are increased by a solid amount to allow for the usage of these moves. Morgana’s partial abandonment of her poisonous roots has led to her forgetting how to use Venoshock, Poison Jab, Poison Tail, or Supersonic. Namora's entire Ice-type movepool is also barred to her. As a Nidoqueen, she will be unable to use Focus Punch or Mega Kick.

Sneaze: Approved.

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Spoiler: show

Magnets-Level 3 Genderless Magneton
Bio: Magnets was an avid battler, and before Roto caught him Magnets had a lot of Electric type Pokemon who respected him. However, neither him nor his freinds ever had a way to deal with their main weakness: Ground type attacks. Magnets one day decided he had enough, and began creating a way to combat this weakness. When Roto met with Magnets, he helped Magnets perfect his technique that helps neutralize Ground type attacks.
Hidden Power: Fire
Signature: Earth Neutralizer(ST)
Using considerable energy, Magnet releases a burst of energy which sinks into the ground around Magnets' side of the field. The energy works as an entry buff, and any time I(or my partner in a multi battle) send out a Pokemon, some of the energy comes from the ground and envelopes the Pokemon. For the next three turns, that Pokemon takes not very effective damage from Ground type moves, regardless of type. It can be cleared as all entry hazards and buffs are. This attack does not affect Magnets upon initial use, but if Magnets switches out and back in, he will be affected. This move can only be used once per match.

Lava-Level 3 Male Magcargo
Bio: Lava had always been very attached to his homeland, never choosing to venture into the cold world outside and instead spending his days relaxing and chilling in the boiling hot magma of his home. That was, until a wild Roto found, battled, and caught him. Lava was at first very irritated to be forced to leave his homeland, and taught himself a way to bring a little bit of his home with him.
Hidden Power: Grass
Signature: The Floor is Lava(FI)
Using significant energy, Lava shoots a burst of lava through the ground around him in a three meter circle. Any pokemon in the area takes solid fire damage, with a 30% chance to burn. The ground then turns into lava for 5 turns, and Pokemon who come into contact with it react as if they touched lava from a Volcano arena. Because the lava isn't solid, Ground moves which transmit through the ground only deal 1/3rd of the damage they would normally do if hitting a Pokemon within the lava. While this move is active, Lava will refuse to leave the lava pool. This attack can only be used once per match.

Bomb-Level 3 Genderless Electrode
Bio: Bomb always loved explosions, like any Pokemon of his species, but saw more beauty in it than just self destructing. He desired all of his attacks to explosion with grandeur, and throughout an extensive period of self training, was able to create his first ever exploding attack, When Roto caught Bomb, he was already very proficient at using these powerful new variations of attacks.
Hidden Power: Ice
Signature: Exploding Attacks(Varies)
All of Bomb's attacks are filled with powerful energy, causing them to explode around the point of impact, or around Bomb if there is no point of impact. The explosion causes offensive attacks to deal 10% more damage, or a flat light damage for non-damaging attacks, and is typed to whatever move what used. The explosion itself is on average Electrode sized, scaling with the energy cost of the attack. Pokemon caught in the blast that are not Bomb take full damage of the attack(or mild damage in the case of non-damaging attacks). All of Bomb's attacks cost 10% more energy

Compass-Level 3 Female Probopass
Bio: Compass believes that true strength comes from balance. Throughout her life, she trained with balance as her core principle, always striving to achieve the perfect state of balance. Over years of time, energy, and effort, she became stronger, yet still balanced her offenses and defenses, making her well known throughout the mountains she lived in as a powerful opponent, yet she struggled because she could not find a style of battle she liked. One day, Roto passed by Compass who was training diligently up in the mountains. Understanding through battler, Roto lended his assistance, and together, Compass managed to find her style, one of both offense and defense. She then joined Roto, seeing him as a trainer worthy of her strength.
Hidden Power: Default
Signature Move: Jack of All Trades
The first time Compass uses an offensive attack, her defense and special defense are increased by 10%, but that move costs 10% more energy. The first time Compass uses a defensive attack, her attack and special attack are increased by 10%, but that move costs 10% more energy. Boosts fade as normal.
Attached Badge: Monolith Badge

Bell-Level 3 Genderless Bronzong
Bio: Roto found Bell, and challenged it to a battle while it was still a Bronzor. During the battle, Roto caught it, and trained it to better preform its sound based attacks. Bell grew quickly under Roto's care, and developed inreasingly loud and disruptive sound attacks.
Hidden Power: Fairy
Signature: Obsessive Noise
Bell's Screech, in addition to its normal effects, reduces his opponent's Defense by 20% for 3 turns. Bell's Metal Sound, in addition to its normal effects, reduces his opponent's Special Defense by 20% 3 turns. Both moves cost 10% more energy.

Sneaze: None of this is even close to okay. Rejected.
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Squad Summary

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Spoiler: show
Empress, the level 3 female Ariados:
Bio: Empress; queen spider of the Hillsborough Forest; caused many problems for Joshua and his team upon initially encountering her; as her mighty webbing was much thicker and more durable than any he'd ever come across. Naturally, she became the leader of her colony, which turned to devouring travellers through the forest. Eventually, Joshua managed to defeat her by managing to get her caught in her own stray webbing and captured the queen, causing the rest of the colony to disperse and saving the forest. Now she works with him, respecting his strategic mind and putting her agility and cunning abilities to his service.
Special Technique: Diamond Thread (Bug)
Empress sprays her target with incredibly sticky webbing to rapidly entangle the victim completely. She can use this on any target, unless substantially larger than her, though like Rock Tomb this is difficult to use on high-flying Pokémon unless grounded. The webbing is very durable and resistant to fire, rendering it resistant to all damage, and will entangle the target from all sides. The webbing is strong enough not to be broken by digging. Although not inescapable, the trap requires substantial effort and energy to break from the inside, though the webbing does degrade by itself over time after 2 rounds if it has not been broken. It deals no damage but will paralyse the foe upon escape. Diamond Thread costs decent energy and can be used thrice per battle.

Sneaze: Ha. No.

Baroness, the level 3 female Volcarona:
Bio: A pyromaniac who was famed throughout the area for burning down homes and dancing amongst the flames; Baroness is a worshipper of the sun and all things warm as much as the ancient tribes who used to worship her. Clearly feeling the impact of those halcyon days where her species was revered on the level of legendary beings, she has taken to showcasing the glory of fire to all living beings. By burning them. To the ground.
Special Training: Pyromania (Fire)
Baroness is incredibly enthused by fire, even her own. As a result, upon dealing damage with her Fire type attacks, she gains a 10% boost to her special attack. Standard boost stipulations apply, and the effect can only be stacked up to twice.

Sneaze: Tone down the initial and up the number of stacks to be the same total and this should be fine. Rejected for now.

Meredy, the level 3 female Illumise:
Bio: A spacefaring bug who escaped to Earth due to the use of highly illegal insectoid technology, where she lives in exile, hiding from the fear of being extradited to the Politoed or Heatmor planets. When she was pursued by some Clefairy cops; Joshua defended the Illumise in a makeshift trial to protect her... Poorly. He doesn't speak Clefairy. So instead he just had Grit kick the crap out of them. Either way, the Illumise is under his protection for now.
Special Technique: Cry Baby (Steel)
Using considerable Steel Type energy, Meredy throws out two energy constructs in the shape of strange devices across the arena which emit very disorienting distress signals, causing the foe to become distracted and making her more difficult to be targeted for 3 rounds. The foe's distraction makes it difficult for them to focus on moves of significant level or greater as long as the sound is in effect. Cry Baby may be used twice per battle.

Sneaze: Both uses makes this basically the whole match for no drawback. Rejected.

Chestnut, the level 3 male Mankey:
Bio: A mighty Mankey who is always high in spirits, energy and quicker to anger than almost anyone you meet, Chestnut is proud of his raw power and staring down anyone guarantees that he'll be fighting desperately to the bitter end. But, he's always got at least one advantage out of the starting gate...
Special Training: Quick to Anger (Fighting)
Chestnut begins every battle with a 20% boost to his offensive stats, but a 10% drop to both defences due to his reckless nature. Normal boost stipulations apply. The boost does not take effect a second time if he is switched out and switched back in to battle.

Sneaze: Make percentages more even. Rejected for now.
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Spoiler: show

Trinity: Wormadam-Sand Cloak Lv 4 (F)
[2:36:33 PM] Jeri Chee: Yeah Wormadamn is really not good at all even with all the cloak m oves.
[2:36:44 PM] Jeri Chee: I would even give you unlimited use of the other two STABs
Sig: Special Training: Triforce
Trinity can now access the moves of all three Wormadam cloaks' movepools. She also benefits from having STAB-level energy of the other two cloaks (Grass and Steel) due to this innate familiarity. She gains access to a Hidden Power of each cloak type (Ground, Grass, and Steel). However, she loses access to Toxic and Venoshock.

Sneaze: Approved.

A Pimp Named Slickback: Mr. Mime Lv 6 (M) (uplevel)
His name is Slickback?
No, it's "A Pimp Named Slickback." Like A Tribe Called Quest; you say the whole thing: "A Pimp Named Slickback"!
A Pimp Named Slickback is a smooth operator. His cute and innocent appearance is deceptive, however: in his core he is a cold-hearted creature, and a literal pimp. He does not let his employees step out of line, and has developed a disciplinary technique for them: the classic slap.
A slap comes in many ways, shapes, and forms. There are affectionate slaps, there are slaps to get attention, and there are even affectionate slaps meant to get attention, among others. He made a point to master all his slaps.
Sig: Special Training: Pimpslapping
All of A Pinp Named Slickback's moves that include "Punch" in their name are now considered slaps, and their ordered name now reflects that (such as Thunder Slap and Mega Slap). This name change is merely flavour, as Thunder Slap is considered the same move as Thunder Punch and thus Thunder Punch can be Mimicked from his Thunder Slap, etc. He can charge his Mega Slap or Double-Slap with either of his STAB energies,, making them Psychic- or Fairy-typed. All his moves containing the word "Slap", both preexisting slaps and converted Punch moves, carry a 20% chance to lower Attack one stage.

Sneaze: Drop the free STAB and it's fine. Rejected for now.

Gaara: Hippowdon Lv 5 (M)
Gaara is a warrior of the sand. He's also pretty funky. But what makes him stand out as a warrior of the sand is the way he uses it for versatility. He has learned to bend sand to his will better than most can, in a sense becoming one with his sand.
Sig: Special Technique: Demon Sand (Ground)
Demon Sand is essentially a Ground-typed version of Psychic, the aura being brown and appearing grainy to resemble sand. He can use this both like a telekinetic Psychic, with the deftness and control of a Psychic-type's control over their telekinetic Psychic, and its default form as a wave of energy, dealing significant Ground damage for significant Ground energy and having similar knockback to offensive Psychic. While he has the level of control a Psychic-type does with the telekinetic version of Demon Sand, he doesn't have the sheer amount of focus or Psychic sense, making fast-moving and hidden targets more difficult to lock onto and manipulate, and his stamina for manipulating objects and foes is not quite to a Psychic's level. The telekinetic version is slightly easier for him to handle in sandy environments and/or during Sandstorms, however.

Sneaze: Approved.

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Spoiler: show
Bon Scott: Male Swampert
Biography: Bon is the former lead singer of AC/DC. He is sings on legendary songs such as Whole Lotta Rosie, Highway to Hell, T.N.T., and Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. His former life of crime made him the perfect frontman for the dangerous rock and roll group. His screaming vocals provide great emotion into many a song he has sung. But none are more menacing than the Dirty Deeds Done Dirty Cheap, A song which he has perfected and turned into an attack for him to use.

Signature Move: Dirty Deeds Done Dirty Cheap. [XX]
Bon Scott has learned how to use Sludge bomb, Sucker Punch and U-Turn he has the energy to use each twice per battle. Bon never learned sludge wave, Whirlpool, hydro cannon or rock smash

Snorby: Sorry there's basically no meaningful drawback here. Drop moves someone would actually use and then we'll talk. Rejected.

[If percentages are too high im fine with 5% and 10% respectively]

Jimmy Page: Male Zangoose
Biography: Jimmy Page is the lead guitarist of the pioneers of heavy metal, Led Zeppelin. Page is a fantastic guitarist being incredibly experimental throughout numerous songs such as Dazed and Confused and No Quarter. His guitar solos are legendary crafting one of the most powerful and intricate solos in the case of Stairway to Heaven. Showing no mercy by unleashing masterful riffs and melodies. However he becomes so involved in his solos they can stretch on allowing for many alterations

Signature technique: No Quarter
When Jimmy Page’s opponent is below the midpoint he deals an additional 5% damage. When his foe drops into the final third he deals 10% damage. Jimmy becomes slightly more susceptible to mind altering techniques while his foe is below the midpoint. When his foe is in the final third Jimmy Page becomes under the effect of Taunt.

Snorby: Approved with Edit.


Tyrion Lannister: Male Draphion
Biography: Tyrion, formerly known as the Imp prior to evolving Tyrion was constantly belittled by his family although he soon stopped caring about what his family thought. Upon evolution Tyrion became more of a badass than before becoming an incredibly powerful Draphion. In order to defend his city against an assault Tyrion became involved with the Alchemist’s Guild. Tyrion continued experimenting with the guild until he became able to defend against one of nature’s greatest dangers.

Signature: The Rains of Castamere [Poison]
By expelling significant energy Tyrion is able to start an acid rainstorm within the arena and can be summoned indoors, this rain doesn’t harm pokemon, instead it poisons the ground. For the next 5 rounds any attack ground type movewill have its power cut in half. The rains make steel type pokemon uncomfortable. The Rains can be expelled like any other weather and nature power is treated as a poison type move while this is in effect. Tyrion never learned Rain Dance, sunny day or Natural Gift. The Rains of Castamere may be used twice per match. Weather ball will turn poison type while this is in effect.

Snorby: This might as well be a type chart edit with really good extra effects and virtually no drawback. Rejected.


Klaus Meine: Male Pidgey
Klaus is the lead singer of the scorpions, his voicing brining timeless rock classics such as Rock you like a hurricaine, blackout, no one like you, still loving you and wind of change into the world. The latter being a peace anthem which was created following the first concert in Russia. He has mastered the winds of change being able to use them as attacks

Signature Training: The Winds of Change [xx]
Klaus has learned Icy Wind, Leaf Tornado and cotton guard. He has enough off type for 3 uses of icy wind and 2 of leaf tornado. Klaus never learned: Snore, return, frustration, confide.

Snorby: This also needs drawback that actually matters. Rejected.


Colossus: Genderless Golurk
Biography: Colossus is a member of the X-Men, his entire body made of solid steel. As a result his body takes physical attacks much better than he would normally.

Signature: Colossus [Steel]
Colossus takes physical attacks as well as a golem. Taking 80% damage from physical attacks. Colossus’ can no longer shift into the ethereal state that his fellow ghosts have access to due to the solid body he has become accustomed to.

Snorby: Eeeeehhh... Approved.


Ser Ilyn Payne: Male Cacnea:
Ser Ilyn Payne is the executioner for the Kings of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. He is known for being incredibly silent mainly due to having his tongue cut out by the Mad King Aerys. However due to his loyalty to the crown Ilyn continued to serve. However during the battle of the Blackwater he stayed back to eliminate the Queen should the city be taken. Missing out on the action disappointing him. Following the battle Ilyn started to become obsessed with the wildfire that he went down to the pyromancers guild. However he fell one day while holding a jar of wildfire. Ilyn became engulfed in flames the fire enveloped his body as he evolved the flames merged with his system making him even more fearsome for his enemies to face.

Signature: The King’s Justice [Grass/Fire]
Ser Ilyn Payne is now a Grass/Fire type, with all associated weaknesses and resistances. He retains familiarity with the Dark type as a Cacturn. He gains access to Wil O Wisp, heat wave and Flamethrower.

Snorby: Okay no this goes from one of the worst grass typings in the game to one of the best grass typings in the game and has literally no drawback. R-E-J-E-C-T-E-D.


Gene Simmons: Male Lickitung
Biography: Gene is the bassist of Kiss he is well known for his guitar work. Songs such as Detroit rock city causing a fast paced whirlwind for the listener.

Signature: Rock N Roll all Nite
Gene has learned to use Twister and has the type energy to use it 2x per battle

Snorby: Approved!


Brian Johnson: Male Honchrow
Biography: Brian is the lead singer of AC/DC his vocals known throughout the world since his appointment in 1980 with the release of Back in Black. Singing songs that bring fear into all of his foes whom cross him. The thunder of guns tearing apart his foes that dare oppose him. As a result he has mastered the art of causing more pain to his foes.
Signature Technique: Thunderstruck! [Dark]
By using considerable energy Brian sends a bolt of black lightning at his foe dealing considerable damage. Should his foe be afflicted with any status ailment this move will deal heavy damage. Brian no longer can use Perish song, Sky attack or Sunny day

Snorby: This will be fine if you make the energy scale a la Hex or Venoshock. Rejected until then.


Kerrigan: Female Kabutops
Biography: Kerrigan is the self-Proclaimed Queen of Blades, her slashing attacks are rivaled by no other Kabutops, she has perfected the art of slashing.
Signature Technique: The Queen of blades knows no rival [Various]
Kerrigans slashing moves use half the amount type energy that they normally would require using XX energy for the other half.

Snorby: This gives you beyond familiarity level with 3 different types. Rejected.


Anaconda: Female Giant Arbok
Biography: Anaconda was born in a small swamp near a nuclear power plant. One day the power plant had a leak and the chemicals seeped into the swamp. Anaconda was trapped within the cesspool and as a result underwent mutations.
Signature Trait: Anaconda's Rage [Poison]
Anaconda has increased 1.25x in size and 2x in weight, due to this his fear based attacks are more effective on opposing Pokémon. Due to his Size, Anaconda no longer benefits from his SC about the use of Dig. He also lost the ability to use the following moves: Attract, Captivate. return, frustration, sunny day, rain dance, haze and snore.

Snorby: Add some meaningful drawback and lower the weight increase and we can talk. Rejected.


Amon: Male Victreebel
BiographyAmon is a very cruel Bellsprout he despises all things pretty and kind, wishing to remake the world in his own image. To do so all must be dissolved! He has become incredibly well versed in his acid based techniques. To the point where they are even more potent than before!
Signature Technique: Those who will not serve shall be consumed! [Poison]
Amon’s acid based techniques now have a 10% chance to toxic poison his foes they also have gained a 10% chance to paralyze them. Should the foe be inside of Amon’s Pitcher the effects are doubled. In learning this technique Amon forgot how to use: Sunny day, Poison Powder, Encore, Snore, Sleep Talk, Captivate, Confide, Flash, Solar Beam, Double team, Bind, Worry seed, Natural Gift and Giga impact

Snorby: Pick one status. Rejected.


Catelyn Stark: Female Mawile @
Biography: Mawile Lived in a cave on the island on dewford, one day team magma arrived bringing their fire type pokemon attacking all of the mawile in fear of them mega evolving. Mawile in her rage released a burst of energy into the ground. The resulting energy caused the cave to colapse
Signature: Earthshaker [Ground]
Mawile can now use earthquake twice per battle

Snorby: Approved.

Euron Greyjoy: Male Tentacool
Biography: Euron is a master pirate; his crew is incredibly loyal none will share his secrets… That may be because he cuts out their tongue and that none of them are able to read or write. He is an incredibly cruel individual. In an effort to inflict more pain upon his foes he has mastered several different types of moves.
Signature Technique: Euron’s Gifts are Poison
Euron has learned to use Earthquake and Octazooka

Snorby: Approved.

Groot: Male Trevenant
Biography: Groot has lived for centuries the ancient tree Pokémon had to adapt to survive! His bark has hardened over many years of enduring harsh enviroments, storms and wars. He became as solid as rock. Now he is done watching as others get harmed. Having acquired a stiff upper lip. As well as training intensely he will stop at nothing to achieve his goals of protecting others!
Signature Trait: I AM GROOT! [Rock]
Groot has acquired a hide as thick as a golems and takes the same amount of damage from physical attacks as a golem would and learned the following moves; Stealth rock; Rock Tomb; Ancient power. In the process of evolving to become so solid Groot has been locked out of the Ethereal and Invisible states acquired by his fellow ghost types. He also forgot how to use; Forest’s Curse; Dig, Giga Impact; Rock Smash ; Frustration and Block

That's two sigs and those moves mean nothing. Rejected.

Savage: Male Ivysaur
Savage has always enjoyed both sun and the darkness as a result his colours have darkened slightly. Being darker he needed to learn to take in different wavelengths of light in order to preform solar beam and Synthesis. Becoming adapted to a broader spectrum he became able to use both moves at their maximum efficiency even in darkness.
Signature Technique: Natural Selection [Grass]
Savage can use solar beam and synthesis at any time as if he was under harsh sun. He cannot use rain dance or Sunny day.

Snorby: Approved.

Aemon Targaryen: Male Vibrava

Biography: Aemon the great Maester of the Nights Watch. Uncle to the Mad King Aerys II. During his time at the wall he unlocked secrets within himself. Such as the ability to put his wings to true use.

Signature Technique: Here I Am Rock You Like a Hurricane [Flying]
Aemon can now use Hurricane and has the type energy to use it twice per battle

Snorby: Approved

Asteroidea: Genderless shiny Staryu
Biography: Asteroidea being the first shiny in his local tide pool was quickly tested to see his strengths. Due to the constant tests Asteroidea learned how to use its Ampulla to gain energy from the water around it. This skill has peaked at being able to regenerate 1/4 of his energy and works efficiently in Purified water

Signature Trait: Amplified Ampulla [WA]
Asteroidea can tap into ambient water that is decent sized and not at maximum energy through its ampulla so it will restore light amount of energy at the end of each round. Up to 1/4 of its total energy may be restored in this way. Polluted water will cause slower regeneration, with only minor energy restored, while purified or highly oxygenated water can allow for faster regeneration with mild energy restored. Only decent sized bodies of water such as a river or lake can trigger this effect. Rainfall and small puddles are insufficient. This does not affect type energy in any way or exhaustion. Asteroidea cannot use double edge, aurora beam, rollout or snore

Snorby: Cap this at 1 HB regained and give it some worthwhile drawback. Rejected.

Mrycella Baratheon: Female Clefairy

Biography: Myrcella has always had her off type supressed due to the normal nerf all her life so she figured out a way in order to reverse the effects of the nerf. She trained with dittos in mastering offtypes, she trained on energy efficiency with smeargles yet the nerf was persistant until one day a meteor fell and she wished for the power to fight the nerf with all her might
Signature Technique: Power overwhelming
Whenever Myrcella is sent into battle she chooses up to two offtypes one which will have the energy doubled and the other which will be drained for the remainder of the match. These values are double that of the nerf. There is no way to increase the energy reserves in which have been depleted.

Snorby: That will never, ever be okay. Rejected.

Aegon Targaryen: Male Dragonair
Biography: Aegon is one of the most famous conquerors in Westeros, having defeated armies with his dragons fire! However although he is an incredibly powerful warrior, Aegon understands that he must retreat from battle sometimes
Signature Move: Dragons Fire! [Dragon]
The user concentrates, using a significant amount of dragon energy to surround itself in an intense dragons flame. The user then charges into the target, releasing part of the energy into the opponent to deal moderate damage before using the rest to return to its pokeball, with the next Pokémon being sent out into the aura. When the new Pokémon is sent out, it gains the exact physical and psychological mindset of Aegon. While things such as poison and physical injuries are NOT carried over, attacks like Curse (Normal version), Agility and mental conditions such as Confusion and Berserk will be passed. Aegon may use this technique twice per battle. In learning this he has forgotten how to use fire blast, blizzard and thunder.

Snorby: Approved.

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EK keeping up his streak of being the scummiest motherfucker to ever grace mafia games regardless of his actual alignment
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Well I don't know I wanted to deal damage and Starmie is inorganic :X
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Starmie is a starfish, it is not inorganic :p
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Kush I'm TL1. How am I supposed to know things if you don't tell me them?
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It's a starfish.

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I have 1 SP. Retroactively claiming the SP tax on all the things I did whilst LO.

I now have 1 SP.

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Been gone for so long that I think that I should try resubmitting my sigs to see if they can still be used.

Abyss: Gyarados Level 5 Male (Uplevel)
Hidden Power: Poison
Spoiler: show
Bio: Ever since he evolved Abyss has been wondering why he had been cursed with a secondary typing that didn't match him at all. Sure there were other like him that could be called miss typed but Gyarados's seem to be at the top of the pyramid of unreasonable secondary typing. Unlike other Water/Flying types he had no real flying type moves to go with his typing. One day after once again being forced to face defeat due to his secondary typing Abyss decided to do away with it.
Among the Gyarados race their is a rumor of an ancient training ground in the far depths of the ocean filled with the power of the sea. Not knowing where exactly the training ground was Abyss began to dive to extreme depths to explore every undersea cave and canyon he came across in his search. Eventually he became well know among Pokemon and humans alike as Abyss the exploring Gyarados, being an explorer myself I decided to try my best to meet this seemingly like minded Pokemon of the deep. Having a familiar hobby/occupation wasn't safe enough ground to encounter the Pokemon for he still was a wild Gyarados, which everyone knows can be very dangerous.
Around a year latter after lots of research and some cash invested into underwater legends and ruins I believed myself ready to meet and if necessary bargain with the Gyarados. I was hoping to meet him on my next underwater expedition in the Hoenn region in which Abyss had been sighted in recently. Jirachi must have heard my wish and granted it for as the submarine surfaced in the underwater cave we encountered him.
He didn't seem to care that much about our presence as he stared intently at a mural carved into the cavern wall. Many of us were puzzled at the odd letter or rather symbols inscribed, we tried to solve it there but ran out of time for the operation for that day so we had to return to the surface.
Close to a week later the expedition was canceled and everyone but me went to the next field to work. Being intrigued by the cave and the resident who had taken up residence there I hung around trying to break the code. Eventually I gave up and went down to the cave with a punch of different tools need to tear the place apart if needed, since the community had discarded the ruins as of no importance I could do as i wish to the ruins. I was placing some explosives around the mural when I accidentally hit a button that opened up a path way, as the pathway opened I was bowled over by Abyss as he raced into the room ahead.
The room glowed a pale blue light that gave it the impression that it was filled with water, the light itself came from countless water stones that made the room itself. In the center of the room appeared to be a alter of sorts with a large egg shell that was to big for any common Pokemon. Upon inspecting the alter I was able to decipher that this was where the legendary Kyogre was born and where the power of the sea was the strongest.
Abyss was busy bathing in the glow of the oceans energy inside what remained of the giant egg shell, this energy soaked his entire being down to his DNA changing him into a pure water type at last. To show thanks for my small part in helping him achieve his goal he decided to join my team.
Type Change: Pure Water
Abyss no longer has his secondary typing of flying. Since he bathed in the light that was the source of all water he is susceptible to attraction moves used by all water types of the opposite gender, this is only a one way attraction as he is still limited to attracting Pokemon from his same egg group. The type change also affect other moves in his move pool along with the wind based move Abyss has forgotten Fire Blast, Giga Impact, Double Team, and Double-Edge.

Wisp: Charmeleon level 4 Female
Holding: Charzardite X
Hidden Power: Ground
Spoiler: show
Bio: Continually tired of how easily Pokemon dodge his most powerful fire type attacks Wisp decided to make one of her own by stealing the attack form from another type that never seems to have a problem landing its blows.
Special Attack: Hell Blizzard (Fire)
Wisp inhales deeply (or flaps vigorously once evolved) and produces a powerful burst of scorching hot air, embers and fireballs, which hit the opponent for major damage, although it is concentrated. The material comes from either the user's mouth (or wings). This attack has a 10-30% chance of burning its victim with the percentage increasing the closer Wisp is to her target. Though the attack is fast and powerful, the build-up may take some time and will leave Wisp a little winded immediately afterwards.

Sand: Rhydon level 4 Female
Hidden Power: Grass
Spoiler: show
Bio: Many a battle has Sand lost due to her poor typing that leaves her with multiple quad weakness with few perks in return, eventually she grew tired of being trolled by anything that could use Grass or Water type moves and decided to do away with the burdensome Rock typing she carried. She decided the best way to accomplish this was to simply rub and polish off all her rock type features so she started to develop a daily routine to accomplish his goal. The first part of her routine was to spend two hours using rock polish to shave off any loose fragments of rocks left on her from the previous days work out, next she suffered through one hundred rock slides that she used to crack her own rocks so to speak, to end her regiment she would sit in the rain and be pelted with ice attacks to break the rock type nature down even further. She repeated this torture for over a year before her body could take no more and she went into a comma. Sand later awoke at a nearby Pokecenter after having surgery done on her, apparently her rock type energy felt that it was under attack, which it was, and had started to attack her ground type characteristics. Being the one who brought her into the center the doctors charged me for the operation and gave me medicine that would stop Sand's body from destroying itself. Long term side effects of the condition combined with the medicine would cancel out his rock typing, but would make her much weaker as a ground type.
Type Change: Down to Earth (Pure Ground)
Sand is now a pure ground type. She has lost his rock type resistance. Sand has also forgotten Rock Blast, Rock Polish, and Stealth Rock.

Ashe: Dragonair level 4 Female
Hidden Power: Grass
Spoiler: show
Special Training: Hand off
Being my starter Pokemon Ashe has grown accustom to switching out at the last minute to one of her weaker comrades in order to help train them, however since ASB battles are unlike wild encounters she is now not able to switch out like she's use to doing. In order to fix this problem she learned how to use Baton Pass.

Tequila: Lombre Level 4 Male
Hidden Power: Ground
Spoiler: show
Bio: Despite how many people and Pokemon judge Tequila by his name he is not a drinker but a brewer of heavy drinks. Using his unique type combination to brew the drinks within his own body, his grass typing provides various sugar based sap that is then mixed with a filtrated water perfect for alcoholic based drinks. The finished brew collects in his lily pad making it a natural sake dish which he then bottles and sells.
Special Attack: Booze Cannon (Water)
Using a solid amount of energy Tequila draws upon his unfinished brew from within his body in a steady stream of water. The water itself only does Good damage, but the alcohol in the water has a 50% chance of causing confusion and a 10% chance of making them drowsy. This attack has no secondary effects on non-organic Pokemon for the obvious reason that they wouldn't be affected by alcohol.

YinYang: Mawile level 3 Female
Hidden Power: Water
Spoiler: show
Bio: Even though in all other areas YinYang has an excellent ballance between close and far ranged attacks, her new native typing of fairy was the one field that was really hurting for diversity. The only way she could get respectable damage out of her Fairy typing at range was to use Fairy Wind twice, but that was just a waste of time and a good move order. So instead of trying to create a new attack from scratch she trained to combine the two winds into one singular storm of Fairy energy.
Special Attack: Pixie Gale (Fairy)
YinYang summons a mighty enchanted wind storm heavily laced with magical energy battering her foe for Significant damage, the magic in the wind has a 15% of confusing her foe. A significant amount of energy is need for this attack.

Tenty: Lileep level 3 Female
Hidden Power: Fire
Spoiler: show
Bio: Having run away from a fossil research lab along with a bunch of other ancient Pokemon Tenty began to resume her life before she was turned into stone. Finding a nice little cove on the Kanto shores she moved in and did what a lileep did best. Ingrained herself into rocky shore and began to feed on anything that grew near her. As her roots steadily drilled farther into the earth Tenty began to notice a slight difference than from before. She felt an overwhelming flow of power being channeled through her roots. Before being fossilized this had never happened, but now that she was part rock type she could harness the power of the earth around her slightly and only when being ingrained to the ground.
Special Training: Down to Earth
As long as Tenty is using ingrain she has a 10% increase in speed and power for her rock type moves.

Nanu: Jolteon level 4 Female
HP: Steel
Spoiler: show
Bio: Nanu come from a long line of Glaceons and Flareons. The rest of her litter took after their parents while Nanu had an accident when young and touched a Thunder Stone which turned her into a Jolteon instead. Despite being a completely different type from her family they still tried their best to bestow thier herritage of fire and ice upon her. Nanu didn't get the full family blessing of mixed attack pools, but she was able to inherit two moves from her family.
Special Training: In the Breed
Nanu can now use Fire and Ice Fang. She has enough energy to use these moves twice.

Sneaze: Too many spoiler boxes here. Resub without them and I'll give the new post priority. Rejected.
Current PASB record wins 24, losses 14, Draws 0
KO= 72 TP= 200 SP= .75 TL 4
Ref Grade C+

Gaming Pic
Spoiler: show

Wild Future

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Bolt: Level 1 Male Elekid
Bolt only wants one thing, power. He trains and trains but is never satisfied. He challenged the electivire in his clan an dof course lost; however, they did not have the power he needed. He wants the power of a king. The power to be feared. He knows that the pokemon who are feared are the legendaries and he set off. He first began to look for raikou. Raikou began to teach him the power of the thunderclouds. Bolt loved the teaching and was greatful; however, he did not feel satisfied and left.
He then went off to look for Zapdos. He found Zapdos and all Zapdos did was shoot bolts of lightning at it and tell it to tank the hits. He loved the taste and feeling of the power of Zapdos. He wanted to learn more, but Zapdos refused. This only began to make him power-hungry. His lust for power would only grow and his electric strength was beginning to go out of control. He couldn't control himself and didn't know what to do.
Days went by. Those days turned to months and those months turned into years. Bolt's electrical capabailities only grew and his obsession only got worse. He became wild and a beast. He then tried to be caught by trainers and he defeated them all. He had to flee from them and he took refuge in a cave and fell asleep. He awoke to find himself with a Zekrom. Upon seeing a Zekrom, his heart went into his throat and his power began to go out of control. He instantly covered his fist in Electric energy and launched a Thunder Punch at Zekrom. Zekrom turned around not expecting the hit and smiled. No ordinary pokemon had given him that kind of hit before and he wanted to teach Elekid how to control his power.

Special Technique- Surge: While training under Zekrom, he was taught how to enhance his natural characteristics. Similar to Zekrom using its turbine, Colt will now spin its arms rapidly fast increasing the speed and power of its Electric attacks by 20% while decreasing their charge time. In this state, electric attacks will use 20% more energy.

Sneaze: No free Legend SC. Rejected.

Firestorm: Level 1 Male Magby
Firestorm was born in a volcano. It lived and grew up there but just like most pokemon, there was a time when it had to leave the comfort of its home and start its own life. It traveled the world looking for places that were similar to that of its home but nothing gave it comfort. It soon learned of the move Sunny Day and became very fond of it. It gave somewhat of the same heat that its home gave it, but not nearly enough; however, it was enough to make it feel enthusiatic and comfortable. Soon, Sunny Day began to lose its primary feeling. It now began to feel like normal weather to Firestorm and there was something in him that longed for more. He needed someplace to call home. He needed to feel at home whenever he wanted. He began to study Sunny Day and how to make it better.
Upon studying Sunny Day, Firestorm realized that he had to send a beam of energy up into the sky using some energy. He began to wonder what would happen if he applied even more energy. He started experimenting and saw different outcomes. Most provided the insanely hot feeling of a volcano, but something was missing. The fire. He then shot a beam of energy that was enveloped in significant fire energy into the air. The beam looked like a flamethrower being shot in the air. When the beam hit the atmosphere, Firestorm was rejoicing at the outcomes.

Signature Technique: Volcano Beam- Firestorm sends a thick beam of energy skyward, using significant fire energy, causing all clouds to clear out. Almost immediately, fire begins to rain from the sky and the temperature becomes insanely hot. Only Fire and Dragon types will feel comfortable in this condition while all other types will feel uncomfortable by the insane heat. Fire moves will deal 20% more damage in these conditions, while Water and Ice moves will deal 20% less damage. Electric attacks become sharply less accurate, the electricity flying very wildly as it is diffracted in the heated air. Due to the fire falling from the sky, all pokemon that are not Fire types will receive light damage every round. Due to the heat of this move it takes two weather moves to cancel it out. Firestorm will not learn Hyper Beam, Fire Spin, Confide, Attract, Rest and Sleep Talk.

Sneaze: This is a bit much for basically no real drawback. Rejected.

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These are a little weird I guess.

Spoiler: show
Lady Macbeth - Level 3 Kirlia

Signature Move: Glimpse (PS/FA)

At the cost of heavy energy, Lady Macbeth uses her psychic powers to relocate a foe, dealing moderate Fairy damage to them. This move is unusually difficult to perform, and she will need a few seconds to get her bearings after using it. It follows the same rules as Teleport.

Glimpse requires physical contact, and can be used at the same time as any physical attack.

Level 3 Metang

Signature Move: Parallel Processing (PS/ST)

Metang's arms move and function independently of its body and it can use attacks with them. Movement orders given to the arms do not count as moves. If an arm takes 1 HB of damage, it will shut down and be returned permanently to Metang's body. Metang's arms are required for hovering; with only one arm, flight ceiling and maneuverability are sacrificed, and with no arms, Metang is forced to move by hopping.

Metang may not use Magnet Rise.

Level 2 Slowpoke

Signature Move: Brainwash (PS/WA)

Slowpoke sends a gush of psychically charged water forwards, dealing moderate damage to an enemy. This move confuses the enemy and makes it drowsy. Costs good energy. Subsequent uses of Brainwash deal good damage instead, but do not confuse.

Melisandre - Level 2 Braixen

Signature Move: Priestess of R'hllor (PS/FI)

Whenever Melisandre ignites or uses her wand, or at the cost of a move, she will gaze into the flames and foresee the position, motion, and action of an enemy Pokemon at some point during the next round. She then summons a delayed pillar of flame at that location that is timed to erupt from below at just the right moment, at the cost of solid energy. This pillar deals good damage.

Only works once per round.

Level 2 Exeggutor

Signature Move: Salting the Earth/A Bountiful Harvest (PS/GR)

Salting the Earth: Exeggutor may plant a head at the cost of a move. For two rounds, the head will germinate and grow underground, casting out roots and preparing itself for growth.

A Bountiful Harvest: A new Exeggutor climbs out of the soil where the original seed was planted. The new Exeggutor is half the size of the original and has only 1 HB of health and only one head.

Clones may use 1 move per round, but it draws from the same energy pool as the main Exeggutor and contributes to its exhaustion (as Exeggutor is the one controlling its clones). Clones mimic the energy and exhaustion levels of the main Exeggutor. Moves used by clones do half damage for half energy.

In a round where a clone attacks, Exeggutor may only use 1 move. Using a second will lead to severe energy and exhaustion penalties, although the move will be successful.

Sneaze: All of these need bios. That's not even a new rule. Rejected.

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Spoiler: show

Kawaiider, Level 3 Female Galvantula
Hidden Power: Water
Spoiler: show
Biography: Kawaiider used to be bullied by Fire and Rock types. She was sad. Then one day she found out that both fire and rock types are weak to ground type.
Signature: Special Attack- Earthen Beam (GD)
Kawaiider attacks the targeted pokemon with a brown beam of Ground type energy, which does Heavy damage for Heavy energy. The affected pokemon's both the offensive stats are automatically lowered by 20%. Standard boost stipulations apply. This attack can be used twice per battle.

(Feel free to lower the percentage drop if 20% is too much.)

Venomonk, Level 3 Male Venomoth
Hidden Power: Ground
Spoiler: show
Biography: Venomonk is definitely the wisest of all my pokemon. He never seems to lose his composure, always being calm and collected. He always has a good advice for those who need one. Venomonk has severed the link from worldly and materialistic pleasure, and has found happiness in being satisfied with what he already has. He has proven himself to a very reliable battler.
Signature: Special Training- Enlightenment
Venomonk has now a permanent Amnesia boost.

DragonDig, Level 3 Male Yanmega
Hidden Power: Ground
Spoiler: show
Biography: DragonDig was laid as an egg by a female Yanmega at the Hoenn Day Care Centre, after she and and a male Flygon were left there by their trainer. The trainer however never got to claim the egg.
Team Magma grunts attacked the Day Care. They planned to steal pokemon eggs and expand their roster. Although there camelrupts, magcargos and mightyenas were intimidating and formidable, through the combined effort of all the pokemon staying at the Day Care Center, including DragonDig's parents, and the nearby trainers, Team Magma's plans were thwarted. However during the commotion, and due to the earthquake spam by team magma's pokemon, DD's egg got separated from his parents and ended up in the desert to the east.
When his egg hatched, DD was greeted by three Vibravas, who took him in as one of their own. They fed him and gave him a home. They helped him adapt to his harsh surroundings. Although they knew that he was a Yanma, they still treated him like a little brother, and never let him feel he was different.
Although the constant sandstorms felt a bit harsh against his body, DragonDig eventually grew comfortable to the desert and the sandstorms, not taking any damage from them. His wings grew stronger and larger like that of vibrava's, instead of the flimsy wings of his species. He started spending more time on ground, playing with the sandshrews, baltoys, trapinches, cacneas, rather than spending most of his time staying flying around. He was taught how to dig and go underground, how to cause earthquakes, and eventually even gained the ability to manipulate rocks.
Slowly and gradually, living in a desert and surrounded by mostly ground type pokemon, he became an expert at using earth as a medium for his attacks, and grew much better at manipulating the sand than the air.
Signature: Special Training- Type Change- Dug Type Pokemon (Bug/Ground)
DragonDig is Bug/Ground type now. He has same weaknesses, resistances and immunity as a Nincada. He can still fly but is no longer as good at flying as others of its species, but is familiar with Flying-type energy. He can now use Bulldoze, Earthquake, Dig, Mud Shot. He can no longer use Roost, Air Cutter and Wing Attack due to losing flying type. He will also never learned Pursuit, Curse, Silver Wind, Natural Gift and will not learn Giga Impact upon evolution.

Orockle, Level 4 Male Crustle (Uplevel)
Hidden Power: Grass
Spoiler: show
Biography: He was once a religious hermit, roaming poke-world, searching for the meaning of life. But then one day, he found Arceus, who communicated with him. Following this event, Orockle returned to the civilization as an oracle, to deliver god's prophecy. But alas, everything that comes out of his mouth is gibberish and his words end up doing more harm than good.
Signature: Special Training- Futile Ramblings
Orockle can now use Bug Buzz, Chatter and Parting Shot.
He will not use the rock melting acid spitting technique stated in his SC, because spitting acid on others is unholy. Not being a muscular brute, Orockle can't use Rock Wrecker and Stone Edge, and will not learn Giga Impact upon evolution. He is not a farmer and hence won't use Rototiller.

Pig Show, Level 3 Male Pignite
Hidden Power: Ice
Spoiler: show
Biography: He is no ordinary tepig, he is a pig giant, and from now on, he has a ring name similar to his idol's, he is ThE PIG SHOW!
But things weren't always so smooth for him. When he was younger, he used to be looked at as some freak by other tepigs. He had no family and friends, and used to feel lonely and lost. One night, when he was searching for food, he caught a wonderful smell and following it, reaching a small house at the edge of the forest and the nearby town. He stood on his hind legs and peeked into the window, to see what was cooking. Something else caught his attention. He saw a man bigger than an average human on TV, soundly beating shorter, faster and more athletic opponents in wrestling. He started going to that place every night, but noticed that the wrestling show was only on on a monday night. Every monday night he watched his role model perform exceptionally well in the ring, even watching him become the world heavyweight champion. He started practicing wrestling himself, and even challenged the makuhita who won the recent fighting type tournament. Although he lost, the makuhita was impressed, and started training him in wrestling and how to take advantage of his weight. After a few months, during my travels in Unova, I came across this big tepig,
and he decided to join my team after seeing the close bond amongst my pokemon. He is a powerful and respected fighter now, and anyone who dares make fun of his size gets a KO punch to their jaw.
Signature: Special Training- "Wellll, well it's the Pig Show!"
Pig Show is heavier and larger than others of his species. As a tepig, he will be as tall as a raticate and will have double the weight of a regular tepig. As a pignite, he will be as tall as a granbull and will have double the weight of a regular pignite. As an emboar, he will be as tall as a hariyama and will have double the weight of a regular emboar.
Pig Show's larger size and weight has disadvantages too. He is too big to hide himself in the smoke released from his nostrils as stated in SC. Unlike other firetype starters, he will not get a boost when his hp drops below 1/4th. He can't use confide, curse and attract as he believes these moves are unsportsmanlike of a wrestler. He no longer resists Steel type because every wrestler hates being hit by those nasty steel chairs. He also can't use defense curl, return, frustration, thrash, fire pledge, roll out, covet and overheat and will never learn hyper beam and giga impact on evolution.

Firest, Level 3 Male Darmanitan
Hidden Power: Ice
Spoiler: show
Biography: Unlike regular darumakas and darmanitans, Firest belongs to a tribe that lived in a forest, instead of volcanoes or whatever fiery place others of their species call home. Living in the jungle wasn't always this easy however, their fire typing being a curse on many occasions. Many times the lives of fellow forest pokemon, specially grass types was put in danger due to them not being careful enough. Rains used to make them immensely uncomfortable. They were unhappy because of these reasons, but they didn't want to leave trees, their natural habitat.
Slowly, the fire apes started going extinct. A tribe of pansage and simisage, who were allies of their, decided to help them. They took the fire types to their tribe elder simisage, and asked why were the darumaka and darmanitan tribe were struggling to survive in their natural habitat. The wise sage told them that thousands of years ago, all the primates were grass types, but the infernapes, darmanitans and simisears did something that infuriated the jungle god.
Thousands of years ago, there was a huge wildfire in this very forest, the cause unknown. While most of the other pokemon tried to put out the fire and save the forest, the above mentioned groups abandoned their fellow pokemon instead and ran away. After the remaining pokemon had put out the fire, these pokemon came back. The jungle god, angered, cursed these traitors to forever burn in the very fire they tried to escape and turned them into fire types.
Hearing this tale, the darmanitans and darumakas asked the sage if there was anyway to lift the curse, to which he replied that that only the god can lift their curse. They will have to somehow prove themselves to be loyal to the forest. Soon the winter came. This wasn't a normal winter however. The cold this time was unbearable. Many of the forest pokemon, got really sick, some even perished. The grass types, including the sage tribe, was having a particularly hard time. Everyone wondered the reason of this harsh cold. They didn't have to wonder for long though.
A group of weaviles, lead by a sinister frolass, had declared war against the citizens of the forest. Most of the pokemon found themselves helpless, but the fire ape tribe came to the rescue. The ice types were formidable, but they eventually fell to the relentless type spam. The tribe had proven themselves to be loyal to the forest, and the jungle god, impressed by them, decided to reward them. He appeared in front of them and said that although he can't take back the fire typing, he could however give them back their grass typing.
Signature: Special Training- Type Change- The ape that lives in a jungle(Fire/Grass)
Firest is Fire/Grass type, and has all the weaknesses and resistances that a pokemon of this typing would have. He can use Energy Ball, Giga Drain, Bullet Seed and Wood Hammer. Aesthetically His eyebrows are actually two leaves instead of open flame.
He won't gain the ability to access Zen mode upon evolution. He can't use Focus Punch, Superpower, Thrash, and will not learn Giga Impact upon evolution, as his parents never let him know about his ability to use these in the fear that he would cause mayhem. He also won't use Flame Wheel, Incinerate, Overheat and Will-O-Wisp as these moves are too harsh to the vegetation. In addition to this, all of Firest's remaining fire type moves lose their burn chance, if they have any.

TalkSick Sludge, Level 3 Male Grimer
Hidden Power: Grass
Spoiler: show
Biography: My starter and my very first pokemon. TSS, or Mini Me, is literally evil and takes pleasure in doing disturbing things to his opponents. He takes pride in every layer of sludge that he covers the opposing pokemon in. To make matters worse, he now comes in various new flavors!
Signature: Special Attack- Slime Shot (Various)
TalkSick Sludge hurls an energy based orb of slime at the target, which splatters on contact. This attack does Considerable damage for Significant energy. TSS can use this attack with any type that he has access to. For example, as he gets a ground type move in Mud Bomb, TSS may use Slime Shot (Ground), which will be brown coloured and do ground type damage. This attack is special and energy based. TalkSick Sludge gets 2 uses at maximum of each type.
He can't use Thunder Punch, Fire Punch, Memento, Natural Gift, Fire Blast, Thunder. He has also given up Hidden Power to master this technique instead.

SnAilment, Level 3 Male Magcargo
Hidden Power: Grass
Spoiler: show
Biography: Ahh, SnAilment, another one of those magcargoes, arguably the worst fire type. Why do they ever crawl our of the volcanoes, just to have their backsides kicked back to the fiery pits? Don't they ever get tired of being pushed around? SnAilment did.
As soon as he evolved into the horrible Fire/Rock type creature, he started leaving his volcanic home in the evening to battle other wild pokemon and even challenging trainers visiting his home, Cinnabar Island.
He lost almost every time due to his plethora of weaknesses, spreading burns alone doesn't win battles. No trainer ever tried catching him, only using him for grinding their pokemons. But then one day, enough was enough. He snapped.
Erm, I mean not him, his shell actually, broke into two after taking a rock smash. As SnAilment just sat there lamenting, a dead gastrodon happened to be washed ashore conveniently. He pondered long what to make of this bizarre scenario, and as he approached the corpse to give his water type relative a burial, he sighed as he thought about how the sea slug has an awesome typing with only one weakness, but he has several. He stared at gastrodon's muddy hide, oozing ground typing, and came up with a plan.
As SnAilment had lost the only rocky part of his body, his shell, he had nothing rock typed about him anymore. Instead of making a new shell out of rocks, he cut of the hide on gastrodon' s back. He went back home and moulded the gastrodon hide to the shape of his own previous shell and put it on.
A week later, once the shell was completed, he challenged the very same mankey that smashed his previous shell. The mankey attacked the Magcargo, moving in with a brick break. To his surprise, the attack only did neutral damage. It also didn't harm SnAilment's new squishy earthen shell, and instead just slipped off it. Surprised, the mankey next used a thunderbolt, but the electricity dissipated into nothingness.
As Mankey scratched its head, SnAilment realized his new powers. He started spamming bulldoze and managed to defeat the primate.
After long training and a three year timeskip, he had mastered his new typing. During this time, he was now on a run of 48 straight wins, and was considered one of the strongest pokemon on the island. Me and my wooper Sala were the 49th challenger.
Sala started with a Water Gun, but SnAilment retaliated with a Solar Beam and ohkoed him. Next I sent out my starter, TalkSick Sludge the grimer. TSS swamped the fire type with a Sludge Wave, but our opponent again shrugged off our attack and retaliated with an Earth Power and an Bulldoze, knocking out TSS and earning his 50th straight win.
As he celebrated, I sent out a third pokemon, my heracross Beatall. The bug type who had a thing against fire types rammed into the SnAilment with his signature attack, Hunt Down, and even tanked a Lava Plume due to the moves secondary effect. The lava snail finally fell, and went on to become a power house on my team.
Signature: Special Training- Type Change- Mud Mollusk (Fire/Ground)
SnAilment is now Fire/Ground type, and has same weaknesses, resistances and immunity as a numel. He is considered familiar with rock type. He has learned Spikes and Mud Shot.
Aesthetically, his shell is now sandy brown.
Due to his shell not being hard enough, he can't perform the powerful boosting moves Iron Defense and Shell Smash. Due to not being a rock type, he is incapable of using Rock Slide and Rock Throw.

Bananas, Level 3 Male Mankey
Hidden Power: Fairy
Spoiler: show
Biography: Bananas likes bananas. He only eats bananas. He never goes into the crappy enraged state stated in his SC, as that is not as awesome as having a banana. Sometimes, he eats a banana even during a battle.
Signature: Special Technique- Eat a banana
Bananas creates an energy banana out of thin air and eats it. This restores a Significant amount of type energy to one of Bananas' random offtypes, although an offtype that hasn't been used so far and is sitting at full can't be picked this way. This move doesn't use any energy, is considered refreshing and mitigates some exhaustion in a way similar to Wish (basically a more immediate Wish in that you gain the energy immediately instead of 2-3 rounds later, but instead of restoring overall energy, offtype energy of a random type is restored). It may be used twice per match.

Scorrupt, Level 3 Male Gligar
Hidden Power: Ground
Spoiler: show
Biography: Like every other gligar, Scorrupt was super weak to ice. This saddened Scorrupt as he couldn't eat ice cream. But he found a way to be not so weak to ice and enjoy ice cream.
Signature: Special Training- Doubly Effective no more
Scorrupt is now x2 weak to Ice type attacks instead of x3. He no longer resists Bug and Fighting types and takes neutral damage instead.

Trolldent, Level 3 Male Watchog
Hidden Power: Ground
Spoiler: show
Biography: Trolldent has always been a pranksters and has loved to troll his acquaintances and opponents alike since he was a kid. But the other patrats and watchogs were guard pokemon and were offended by his naughty side. Upon finding out that in the land of PASBL every patrat and watchog is a prankster, he joined my squad in order to compete here and brought along with him a bag full of tricks and pranks.
Signature: Special Training- Top-Percentage Troll
Trolldent can now use Smokescreen, Refresh and Spider Web.
He can no longer use Swords Dance, Flail and will not learn Light Screen upon evolution.

BeatAll, Level 3 Male Heracross
Hidden Power: Ghost
Spoiler: show
Biography: BeatAll is a warrior who has learned to adapt. Instead of bragging about his strengths, he choose to conquer his biggest weakness, his worst nightmare. After years of endless training, building up his endurance, he can finally take a flying type attack like a mon and ko back with a stone edge.
Signature: Special Training- Flying not so Fly
BeatAll takes x2 from Flying instead of x3 but no longer resists Ground and Dark type moves.

Championsect, Level 3 Male Escavalier (Uplevel)
Hidden Power: Steel
Spoiler: show
Biography: Championsect is the champion of the escavaliers. With his mighty lance, he shall beat all foes and conquer every challenge. What makes him so awesome is that he has three more lance techniques than a regular escavalier.
Signature: Special Training- Champion's Lance
Championsect can now use Meteor Mash, Dynamic Punch and Crabhammer, all of these moves performed using his lances. He has enough Fighting and Water energy to use Dynamic Punch and Crabhammer twice per match.
He may never use Iron Head, Reversal, Rock Smash and Double-Edge.

Sneaze: Too many spoiler boxes. Resub without them and I'll give your new post priority. Rejected.

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Spoiler: show
Alice, Shiny Female Vulpix, Level 1
When Alice was very young, she heard the many tales of the Summer fey in the neighboring forest; tales of the war on Winter, joy and sorrow, triumph and betrayal. Those of the Court would convince and manipulate their foes to tear themselves apart, not having to lift a finger. Their beauty is said to be unmatched, and they were said to firmly rule with the softest caress and the gentlest smile. This very much appealed to Alice, and so it became her life's ambition to join, and someday lead, the Summer Court. Through dedication and constant training, she has finally attained a seat, and now walks among the fey.
Hidden Power: Electric
Type Change: Fire/Fairy
Alice is now a Fire/Fairy typed Pokemon with all the associated Weaknesses and resistances. She is resistant, but not immune, to Dragon. Additionally, she gains the characteristics of the Fairy type. In her training to join the Summer Court, she has gained the ability to use Play Rough and Dazzling Gleam, but has lost the will to use Payback.

Snorby: This needs a lot more drawback. Rejected.

Abigor, Male Houndoom, Level 4
Abigor bears the name of the Grand Duke of Hell, granted to him for his prowess in combat and in commanding his legion. He is extremely sadistic, and takes great delight in seeing his foes suffer greatly. To accomplish these ends, he has trained extensively to learn new ways to inflict his naturally potent burns on those that oppose him.
Hidden Power: Ice
Special Training: Perpetual Burn
Abigor is now able to use Scald and Lava Plume, with enough Water energy to fuel two uses of Scald, but in turn is no longer able to use Hyper Voice.

Snorby: Approved.

Ancalagon, Male Charizard, Level 5
Ancalagon is the oldest member of Alto's team, having been with him since day one. A battle hardened veteran, he is an honorable yet brutal combatant. His ambition is to become strong, and he is incredibly focused on achieving victory. Ancalagon likes to keep things simple and sticks to what he's good at; slashing the hell out of things. Over the years, he's acquired a few tricks up his sleeve to improve this ability.
Hidden Power: Water
Special Training: Shred
Ancalagon is able to use any moves that could reasonably be used with his hands or arms through his claws. Additionally, attacks used through his claws have a 20% chance of applying a Crush-Claw effect, that is, the area struck will become raw or weakened, allowing future physical strikes on that area to do increased damage.

Snorby: More clearly define how this works. How is it going to use its Claws for a Seismic Toss? A Submission? Rejected.

Elivagar, Male Wartortle, Level 4
Elivagar is another old member of Alto's squad, although unlike his rival Ancalagon, he is much more laid-back and cool-headed. It doesn't make him any less of a trooper though; after his loss in battle to Kuno's Articuno, he underwent a three year training trip in the frozen wastelands to prepare for the day he would challenge the legendary bird once more. Constant training against the enviornment and the locals led to him mastering the cold to a degree he never believed possible.
Hidden Power: Grass
Special Training: Frost Monarch
Elivagar is now familiar with the Ice type, and uses all Ice-typed attacks as if he were an Ice type. He has gained access to the moves Freeze-Dry and Icicle Crash, but has lost the moves Iron Tail, Focus Punch, and Dragon Tail.

Snorby: Blastoise is a great mon, this drawback is far from meaningful, and I'm iffy on allowing people to do this sort of thing with Freeze-Dry to begin with. That line is written into the descript for a reason. Rejected.


TL 4 (35-21-6)
Current owner of the Onslaught Badge and the Monolith Badge
Previous owner of the Indurate Badge and the Dual Wing Badge (Pre-scrap)
216 TP - 84 KOs - 20 SP (11 SP Debt to Machamp-X)
(W/L/D and stats recompiled as of 4/25/17)
Observe. Adapt. Evolve.

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Spoiler: show
Annabelle: Female Dragonite
Dragonite: Despite their short wings, Dragonite can fly well. However, they are more speed fliers than finesse fliers and need a good distance to turn at high speeds. On the ground and in the water, they can move and dodge at a decent speed. They have decent vision in low light environments. Due to having a wide variety of energy available, it is less proficient at maximising the use, resulting in suffering from slightly less type energy.
Biography: Annabelle has trained herself in the furthest corners of the world, desperately trying to harness her species' naturally abilities. Eventually, she managed to turn a corner, and now she can hurl all, no matter how intensive the weight.
Signature Technique - Draconic Heir:
Using Major Dragon energy Annabelle will either charge directly into the foe, or fire a projectile shaped like a dragon's head at them. Upon impact, this move will cause Heavy Dragon damage in either form, and will knock the foe back considerably, irrespective of their weight. Annabelle may only use this attack three times per battle, and loses access to Superpower, Thunder and Draco Meteor.
Hidden Power: Poison

Snorby: Approved.

Del Boy: Male Gengar
Gengar: Unlike its preevolutions, Gengar are primarily solid, though they are able to freely achieve all of the other states. A Gengar's Lick attack has a 50% chance to paralyze, instead of the usual 30%. Gengar can levitate and are fast and agile in the air.
Biography: Del Boy has a few set values in life which he adheres to with the greatest of importance. First and foremost of all of these is the idea that, frankly, bigger is better.
Signature Training - Bigger is Better:
Del Boy's Shadow Ball now deals Major damage for Major energy, while his Ominous Wind attack now deals Significant damage for Significant energy. Neither attacks can have their secondary effects activated.
Hidden Power: Bug

Snorby: Approved.

Tyson: Male Hitmonchan
Hitmonchan: Hitmonchan practice extensively in the way of the fist. Their punch attacks do 1.2x damage, but their kick attacks deal only 0.8x damage. They have slightly higher physical defence than other Fighting-types.
Biography: Tyson has worked a rather questionable background life. He works as for hire security, and during his time, he has learned some techniques which would normally never have come into his arsenal. One of these shines out above the rest.
Signature Technique - Sleeper Punch:
Using Significant Fighting energy, Tyson punches the foe, creating a small explosion at the point of impact. This will deal Significant Fighting damage, and the exposion will have a 30% chance of putting the foe to sleep. This is for all intents and purposes a Dynamic Punch which can cause sleep rather than confusion.
Hidden Power: Ghost

Snorby: Edited out the phrase "Knock-Out" for clarity. Approved.

Grievous: Male Machamp
Machamp: One of the strongest Pokémon alive, Machamp can restrain most opponents with two hands and use the other two for something else. Their punching and chopping attacks will deal 1.2x more damage, though Machamp are not adept at using its limbs with great dexterity and may find it difficult to strike smaller opponents, as well as having reduced dexterity limiting their accuracy when using physical attacks at speed. Machamp can lift twice as much for a particular attack than what is normally stated. They wear a power belt, which restricts how much energy they expend. A trainer can order Machamp to adjust the setting to 'high', 'medium' and 'low', adjustment counting as a move. Medium is the default setting and has no effect. High causes them to move 1.2x faster for 1.2x energy and allows them to lift thrice as much for a particular attack than what is normally stated, as opposed to twice as much. Low causes them to move 0.8x faster for 0.8x energy and negates their usual strength bonus. They can see in the dark.
Biography: Grievous, unlike the character he is named for, is a rather cunning battler. This, when used in tandem with his malicious streak, results in a manifestation which can only be described as dastardly.
Signature Technique - Unbound:
Grievous begins the battle with two extra arms. These arms will be formed of pure Fighting energy and will allow him to use physical attacks he would typically use his arms for at range. His effective range is roughly 15 feet from his body. These arms will fade immediately after 5 rounds, and require an extra Light amount of energy every round they are maintained. All moves Grievous uses with his energy arms lose their secondary effect, and he begins the battle with 1 Hyper Beam less of energy than other Pokemon.
Hidden Power: Bug

Snorby: I really love this sig, but knock the number of rounds down just a little bit. The energy usage can be less exhaustive in exchange. Rejected for now.

The Mountain: Male Hariyama
Hariyama: Hariyama are slow and lack agility but are sturdy and difficult to knock over. Hariyama have large, powerful hands and any attacks performed by use of their hands (Arm Thrust, Knock Off, possibly Rock Slide) do 1.2x more damage. This does not apply to fist attacks, such as Mega Punch or Dynamic Punch. Thanks to the thick layer of fat in their skin, Hariyama take 20% less damage from Ice and Fire-type attacks and are resistant to extreme temperatures. They can see in the dark.
Biography: The Mountain is a huge guy. It's how he got his name.The more troubling thing is his persona. When combined with his immense weight and strength, his tendencies can get a little graphic for most viewers.
Signature Technique - Skull.Crusher:
The Mountain slams his palms into either side of the opponents head, exerting an unimaginable force. The sheer impact discharged through the body of the foe holds a 20% chance to cause Paralysis. Skull Crusher uses Major Fighting energy and deals Major Fighting damage, but may only be used twice per battle. The Mountain also loses access to Close Combat and Brine.

Snorby: Approved!

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Spoiler: show

Kuvira: Level 2 Female Cubone
Biography: Kuvira. Poor, poor Kuvira. Her story, like that of many Cubone, starts off sad. She was alone in the world with naught but her mother's skull to protect her. She wandered the land, looking for companions that she'd never find, doing what she could to survive. This solitary lifestyle led her to be quite timid. She became of other Pokemon and trainers as they had never offered help and, in fact, were sometimes harmful. Thus, when the stampede of charging Tauros came, she ran. Fast. And, unfortunately, in her rush to get away, ran right off a cliff. Lucky for her, some trainers happened upon her small, broken body soon enough to get her to a nearby Center for treatment. Kuvira had to go through multiple reconstructive surgeries, and her skull (the one on the outside) had to be soldered back together. Now recovered, I adopted the poor broken Pokemon onto my team. Through training, we discovered that her surgeries had actually strengthened her defensively. This helped her build her confidence over time and begin to get over her natural timidness.
Signature: Type Change: Six Million Dollar Pokemon [Ground/Steel]
Due to the reconstruction of her skull, Kuvira is now a Ground/Steel type. She now resists Poison, Rock, Steel, and Dragon, neutral to Ice, and weak to Fire, Fighting, Ground, and Water. The Steel Type Species Characteristics only apply to her Skull and Bone, as they were the only parts soldered back together. She has also learned Meteor Mash and Bullet Punch to accompany her new typing.

Snorby: If you're going to list out the type chart like that, do it for every type. Alternatively, say it gains the weaknesses and resistances of its new typing, followed by the list of exceptions (for example, being resistant rather than immune to poison, as we see here). As it stands refs will rightfully be left wondering what Bug, Psychic, Electric, Grass etc do. Rejected for now.

Mixtape: Level 3 Male Seismitoad
Biography: As a Tympole, Mixtape got beat up a lot. So now that he's big and strong, he never wants to get beat up again. So much so that he would rather retreat than lose. He developed this battle cry technique to aid in that retreating process.
Signature: Special Attack: Skip Track [Water]
Using Significant Water energy, Mixtape lets out a scream laced with Water Energy. The auditory attack deals Decent Water damage. Mixtape then uses the remaining energy to retreat into his Pokeball, much like U-Turn or Volt Switch.

Snorby: Approved.

Aegon: Level 2 Male Togepi
Biography: Aegon was given to me as an egg, to be cared for, hatched, and raised. For research purposes, of course. But upon his hatching, I was so taken aback by how cute it's little eggshell was that I couldn't get it out of my mind. In fact, it was so cute it inspired both his nickname and this Sig.
Signature: Special Training: Sunny Side Up
Because eggs are so cute, from now on, every time Aegon uses Protect or Safeguard they will take the shape of an egg instead of their normal shape, and both attacks will cause non-damaging knockback. The more powerful the attack, the more powerful the knockback. For example, a weak attack like Tackle would barely cause any knockback, but a powerful attack such as Focus Punch might send the attacker flying backward. Powerful enough knockback may even do some damage if they slam into something hard enough. The more often Protect and Safeguard are used, the less powerful the knockback capabilities become. Additionally, Cubic Reflect and Cubic Light Screen will also now take the shape of an egg, though this change is purely cosmetic and will not have any knockback effects.

Snorby: Approved.

Jack: Level 3 Male Hitmonchan (Uplevel)
Biography: Jack spent years training in a very traditional, moralistic gym. There, a fair fight was valued above all else. Two combatants would enter the ring with no help other than the natural power of their punches. Out in the world, however, he discovered that wasn't the case. So he developed an attack to even out the playing field a bit.
Signature: Special Attack: Gut Punch [Fighting]
Using Significant energy, Jack delivers a powerful punch with a glowing white fist. This punch knocks any stat boosts an opponent might have out of them, be they from SCs, passive effects, or moves. Any SC boosts lost return after five rounds. Any boosts from passive effects or moves do not. If there are no boosts to begin with, the opponent's defenses will drop by 10%.

Snorby: Yeah no this is not happening. Rejected.


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These will all be reviewed; please use the new thread going forward!
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And this thread is done! Apologies to everyone who Sneaze had to skip due to mobile- Repost in the new thread and PM or VM a link to your new post to either of us, and we'll do your new post before anybody else's!

Click on Fawful for my ASB squad summary. Other links coming soon.
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