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Because apparently Teleport+ is too powerful, dropping GLaDOS: Lvl 1 Porygon. Also dropping Beldum, Joltik, Aipom, and Cleffa. In their stead, adding:

Mercutio: You realise that you have to do this in sigless for it to count, yes?

Spoiler: show
Addie: Level 1 Female Lillipup
Despite her best efforts, including digging, whining, and assorted other chaos, I was able to actually ASB again and therefore was able to add my lovable pup to my official battle squad. She's certainly adorable, but the question remains: How well will she do in battle?
Special Training: Lovable Pup
Addie can now use Superpower and Surf, attacks from her older relatives. Addie is considered fully evolved from a health and energy standpoint, and cannot evolve from the Lillipup stage.

Mercutio: I was vaguely tempted to approve this despite the short bio because Lillipup is just awful, but then you tried to shoehorn in the counts as fully evolved thing and I decided not to. Rejected.

Egusi: Level 1 Male Lotad
After my events with a powerful Ludicolo, I decided to pick up my own. He might be slightly insane and demonic, but I still love my little Egusi... right little guy?


Darn demon prince.
Special Attack: Sky Cannon (Ice)
Using his ever-so evil skills, Egusi loads considerable ice energy and fires it out of his lilypad (head-pinapple when evolved), where it arcs high into the sky and then strikes from above, no matter how far or high the opponent is. This attack will do solid ice damage upon contact, but will have no chance of freezing. Egusi can no longer use Blizzard, Hail, or Mist, and he takes a minor amount of damage every round he is active, as his demonic skin is not used to the earth's touch. This does not activate where the arena is decidedly not of this world.

Mercutio: Usually that last line would scupper you but this sig is really not very powerful. Approved.

Haydon: Level 1 Male Mantyke
A cute little Mantyke I stumbled upon, having beached itself far away from the sea using an interesting power.
Special Technique: Jet Propulsion (Water)
Using mild energy, Haydon is able to fire a stream of water capable of boosting him into the air. This technique automatically kicks in when Haydon is ordered to take to the air. This cannot be used while Haydon is in the air already. Haydon can no longer use Round, Waterfall, Scald, or Supersonic.

Mercutio: Approved.

Yasuo: Level 1 Male Scyther
A wayward spirit with mastery over ancient wind techniques, joining my team to become a force to be reckoned with.

"Death is like the wind; always by my side."
Special Technique: Steel Tempest (Flying)
Any and all of Yasuo's physical moves can be ordered as a ranged, half-Flying typed variants. This takes the original damage and causes half of it to be Flying typed and the other half to be the original type, and an extra solid amount of typeless energy. This is to be ordered as "Steel Tempest: [attack]". Yasuo cannot evolve into the Scizor stage, and can no longer use any normally ranged attacks with the exception of Hidden Power. He also can no longer use any attacks from his Dark energy pool, as he follows a path of redemption and wouldn't want people to think poorly of him. Yasuo also gains a weakness to Steel.

Mercutio: At least pretend to write a bio. Anyway, all attacks? No. I suggest simplifying this, think about attacks you might actually use. Rejected.

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Spoiler: show

"Edel" Jade Onix Male lv 2
Edel might just be one of the more unique pokemon in my arsenal. I found him while crossing a mountain valley where it lay on the ground, wounded. At first I was curious as I did not recognize immediately what kind of pokemon it was. At first sight, it looked like a large green snake, much larger then any serperior I've ever seen and far more robust. Upon closer examination I discovered that it was actually a 'green' looking Onix. It being already wounded, it was quite easy for me to catch him and bring him to the nearest pokemon center I could find. Over there, they were as surprised as me because the Onix was a different shade of green then the relatively uncommon shiny onix. As it turned out, Edel had a peculiar body structure which made his body not consist out of rock but out of pure green jadestone. Little did I know, this was to be Edel's greatest assets for becoming one of my strongest pokemon.

Interested in the origin of Edel, I went back to the mountain valley where, after days of dugging out holes, me and my team found a hidden lab. What I saw over there was both horrifying and agonizing. Tons of dead onix bodies where lying there, most deformed and changed. It was horrible. I left as soon as I could but not without taking a diary that was mostly unscathed.
Chapters of the diary found in the lab
Spoiler: show
Diary 7 april
We finally started our research to create the ultimate pokemon. Fundings have been coming in from Giovanni. Soon we can start an expedition to Guyana where I hope to find the first sighting of new pokémon
Diary 20 april
The creation of our equipment goes more slowly then anticipated. More fundings are needed. Our PR. Department is conversing with other team Galactic. Hopefully we make enough impressions for them to follow in our quest to create the ultimate pokemon.
Diary 8 May
Negotiations with both Team Rocket and Galactic were successful. Galactic has agreed to the proposition of only a modified pokémon while Team Rocket will get the new one we create. We are excited.
Diary 20 May
We are transferring our equipment to a new lab on Cinnabar island where we'll get to work with a new colleague. I'm looking forward to it. When we're done we'll start our investigations over there. The lab over here will be the one modifying the pokémon. We have chosen an Onix for our first experiment. The rock type should be an excellent replacement for the material we provided for it. When I return over here, I'll hope to see some great results.
The diary ended here. So I'll only have to guess what happened next. Seeing as the lab was deserted I could only guess the creation of a 'new' pokémon went wrong as he didn't return. Perhaps one day we'll find the truth but for now Edel is living with me. Enjoying the rest of his life in the "semi"-peaceful ASB.
Hidden power: Water
Special Training: Shine bright like a jadestone! (Rock)
Due to Edel being purely made of jadestone, Edel now takes 200% damage to water moves instead of 400%. He no longer is able to use Stone Edge, Rock Blast or Selfdestruct

Mercutio: Approved.

"Samurai" Cubone Male level 1
Biography: Samurai is probably one of my more honorable pokemon. Descending from the a long line of Shogun who all specialized in a certain weapon. Samurai's grandfather had his katana, his great grandfather was a master of the spear, his great great grandfather could use bow and arrow like a master archer and his father would smash his opponents with his trusty Kanabo. Like his forefathers, Samurai has took it on himself to train himself in the art of his club. For days he trained until he could find that he has mastered his club.
Hidden Power: Grass
Special Training: Way of the club
Every attack of Samurai that he uses his club with does 1.25x more damage. However because he focused his entire life into attacking with the club attacks which he does not need his club for will need 1.25x the energy. Also because it goes against his honorable character he cannot use Thief, Swagger, Perish Song and Rage

Mercutio: Approved.

"Cyanide" Grimer Male Lv1
Biography: Cyanide hates psychic types, he hates them with all his might. He hates him so much that he sacrificed some of his most powerful attacks to the dark type gods. They have granted him a means of fighting back to the demonic psychic types that plague poor Cyanide.
Hidden power: Ghost
Special Attack: Eradication Beam (Dark)
From his mouth, Cyanide unleashes a black beam with white outline aimed at his opponent dealing Extreme Damage. The beam is basically a dark type version of Hyperbeam in both terms of attack and energy. He has gained enough Dark energy to use this twice per battle. He has offered up use of Fire blast, Thunder, Giga Drain and Explosion to gain this attack. He also won't be able to use a normal typed Hyperbeam upon evolution.

Mercutio: Approved.

"V'gar" Chikorita Female Lv1
Biography: V'gar was abandoned at a young age, found and adopted by a family of Gigalith who took the young grass type in. Life was hard for poor V'gar among the rock types, the younger roggenrola and boldore often ganging up on her. Eventually the younger ones came to accept her as she bravely risked her life to save a young Roggenrola from a rampaging quagsire. Finally she was happy as she had found a family that would look after her. And then I catched her.
Hidden power: Ice
Special training: Rock 'n Rolla
V'Gar is now familiar with Rock type moves as some water types are with ice type moves. She has learned Stone Edge and Power Gem. However she has never learned the use of some of her support moves like Counter, Detect and Mirror Coat.

Mercutio: Until they get rewrites, those moves a bit pants. Give up something useful. Rejected.

"Riptor" Tyrunt Male Lv1
Biography: Riptor has descended from the KI universe to the PASBL universe. After being defeated by TJ Combo, Riptor decided he would let his might be used somewhere else. That's when I found him. At the prospect of fiery battles, he joined immediately.
Hidden Power: Steel
Special Technique: ULTRA COMBOOOOOOO (XX)
Riptor, using moderate energy, shouts out these mighty words directly after delivering a blow to an opponent. This means Ultra combo has to be used as the second or third part of the orders. Whenever Ultra Combo is used his opponent will be struck by fear and humiliation of just being ultra combo'd. The opponent will be unable to move for as long as the turn remains. Riptor is only able to shout these words once during the battle.

Mercutio: Approved.

also replacing hitmonlee's sig with something a bit better
"Rocket" Hitmonlee Male Lv2
Biography: Rocket was my very first Pokemon and he's considered my partner in crime. We've been together for as long as I remember when he was just a Tyrogue. In the team he's kinda the leader around. Everyone looks up to him and would follow him to the death. While he's not the most unique of my team, he makes up for it with his charisma and likable attitude and I wouldn't wish for a better partner.
Aside from ASB, Rocket has one big passion, football. In his spare time he is in a amateur club that is actually quite successful in all the amateur league's. He has the position of passer and he's probably one of the best of them all that I've seen. Being able to effectively pass the ball from one side of the field to someone at the other side.
Hidden power: Dark
Special Training: Passing the ball (XX)
Rocket's long experience with football has led him to learn several ball moves such as shadow ball, energy ball, mist ball and weather ball. When using these moves, he's able to fire them off by kicking them towards his opponent, granting the SC boost. However he's unable to use dynamic punch, focus punch, mega punch, bullet punch and power-up punch as it's forbidden to use the hands during football.

Mercutio: Gaining this many elements for a lot of redundant ones is never going to fly. Rejected.
Dat skeleton O.O


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Spoiler: show

Daigusto Phoenix: Level 1 Male Torchic
Bio: The origin of the Daigusto Phoenix comes from an ancient conflict in the land of Yu-Gi-Oh. Well, is it ancient? I honestly don’t know. Anyways, the source of this origin resides in the Vylon, a group of fairy-like machines that were designed to be able to defeat the Steelswarm and be physically impervious to the Ilswarm virus that could threaten to destroy the world. When the Steelswarm were eventually revived by the fighting between the Gishki and the Gusto erupted, the Vylons performed their duties and have the four tribes more power to help combat the Steelswarm. However, when one of the tribes, the Gishki, was melding their power with the Vylons, the Gishki priestess who presided over the melding was infected with the Ilswarm virus, and so the corruption of the virus got into the hive-mind of the Vylons, driving them insane. Soon, they thought that exterminating all of the tribes would bring peace to the world. And so, in order to create the ultimate seeker of unity, Vylons Stigma, Tesseract, and Pentachloro combined together to create Vylon Disigma. Once Vylon Disigma absorbed monsters from all four tribes, it began to rampage throughout the land. In an attempt to defeat the Vylons, the Gustos and Lavals combined their power together to create Daigusto Phoenix, a combination between Gusto Falco and Laval Coatl, bearing the RIGHTEOUS GREEN FLAMES OF FURY! Unfortunately, Vylon Disigma defeated Diagusto Phoenix, but his spirit lives on!
Signature Technique: Blessings of Gusto
Once per match, Pheonix can transfer a considerable amount of energy from one pool of type energy to replenish another teammate's type energy. This can be an active or inactive teammate. The type energy does not have to be from the same pools in order for this attack to work, however, the type energy pools(both of them) have to have between one and three offensive moves. This costs a major amount of energy to transfer the considerable amount amount of type energy(these do not stack, it won't cost major + considerable). This will only give the teammate type energy, and will not add any "total energy." The energy restored will not exceed the maximum amount of type energy the target can hold.

Mercutio: See edits. Approved.

Traptrix Atrax: Level 1 Female Joltik
Often more than not Remilia's crazy antics got me into a lot of trouble, and it was no different this time around. Well, it was because I nearly died in the process. We ended with the help of another teammate traveling to an alternate dimension...with practically no way to get back. We ended up in an alternate Earth which was covered in rainforests and was full of dangerous and strange wildlife.

Well, normally these tend to end up with rather gropeful plants who try to eat you. And yes, it does eventually come to that(oddly enough without the groping :/), but this time I was attacked by a rather more "animal" wildlife. We were walking through the forest when we saw a young lady in the woods, tattered clothes, in tears. When we walked up to her, she told us that she was seperated from her family and that she wanted our help to find them. Remilia immediately wrote her off as a fake, and I REALLY should have taken her advice, since she's good at this kind of thing herself, but I'm a sap for the "hurt maiden" type and just couldn't help myself. I followed her through the forest, when all of a sudden we started getting into some spider webbing. At first it wasn't terrible, but soon the webbing became chokingly thick, and just when I thought to make my escape, I turned around and saw a giant spider come out of a secret door of silk, and grab Remilia. This spider was easily 20 to 30 times the size of here, even after she was able to change into her human forme, and it dragged her into its depths in a moment notice. And I was left alone with Atrax, who smiled devilishly at me, before whispering in my ear, "Thank you for reuniting me with my family." She dug her fingers into my neck before slowly raising her waist up against me and onto mine, and at that point I blacked out.

When I woke up, Remilia was out of the pit and had Atrax pinned up against a tree. I couldn't see her from afar, but Remilia looked PISSED, and when I look back at myself, my fly was undone, so I could only guess what happened. "Please! Please let me go! I'm so so so so sorry! I won't do it again!" Remilia filled me in later on what she saw, and its things I can't and probably shouldn't go into here, but there was no doubt in my mind that she was pissed about it. "What did you do to my pet!? Why isn't she protecting me!?" Remilia then told her that her spider was dead, and she burst into tears upon hearing that her pet was dead, and I could see pity come across her face. Remilia released her then, and she wept along the ground. Even though she had led us into an ambush, I know that she was really hurting and that she could be in real danger, so I offered to allow her to come with us. At first she looked awestruck, and then just said, "Why?" I answered that it was just in my nature to be a kind fool, and she looked into my eyes...and kissed me squarely on the lips, only to be torn off by Remilia. "Sure, I'll come with you guys. I might meet my sister on the way through this jungle."

Oh boy. Soon, after more wading through the jungle, we eventually found that our teammate had opened up another portal sometime after we had left, but it had taken her some time because for some reason the dimension resisted her magic the second time and it nearly prevented her from opening another portal. Once Atrax passed through the portal, she turned into a Joltik from a dimension shift, but then quickly changed back into her human form and pounced on me. This one was going to be a handful, that's for sure.
Signature Attack: Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare
Atrax creates a current of bug energy which swirls around her target in a manner similar in appearance to a miniature bug-type fire spin. The attack does only light damage, and it lasts for only a moment, not trapping the opponent, but it's true abilities lie in utilizing the support of Atrax's teammates- When this attack is used, every Stealth Rock-like move in play around the opponent's field will strike the opponent as if they just just switched in, however, they are only 3/4 as powerful as normal. This move costs significant energy to use and can only be used once per Pokemon.

Mercutio: Approved.

Traptrix Myrmeleo: Level 1 Female Trapinch
While I found both Atrax and Nepenthes in an alter-dimensional forest, oddly enough I found the last sister of the triplets in our world, on a beach. I had decided to give my team a bit of a break and soak up the sun, and so we went to the Slateport beach, a place I had been to a couple of times before when I needed to relax before taking on a gym. And it normally would have been a relaxing time, but of course I had the issue of Atrax. Since we had left the jungle, Atrax stuck onto me like glue on butter, which was very nerve-wracking because I wanted to be with Remilia. I didn't want to have an affair with Atrax or form some kind of harem, I just wanted to be happy and not have to deal with the constant sexual advances of a spider girl. Just as I was beginning to stretch out on the beach, Atrax leaped onto me in a two-piece bikini that she had made out of her own silk. She had discovered a loom and sewing machine and this was her way of "modernizing" herself. Just so she could get to me. But at this point, I was more worried about what people would think with her on top of me, her arms pinning mine down. "So...Blazey-kun. Hehe! Remilia did pick out quite a cute little name for you." "What is it now Atrax?" "Well I figured since we were alone, and Remilia isn't going to be coming soon, we might have a little action on the beach." "Atrax, no." I got up then, and walked away from the beach towel, away from a rather bummed out Atrax, before he felt the tug of a piece of string...and Atrax breathing against his neck. "Oh come on...at least this time I'm asking you. I wouldn't want to have to make you pass out again." Blaze just ignored her and stepped forward.

And then the ground went out from under him. Like literally, in about a second, Blaze found himself inside a giant sand pit, with a roaring insect at the bottom, ready to devour him at any second. He tried climbing up the sides of the pit, but it would not let him go. The walls would crumble around him and he would slide down farther than he had climbed up. And then, the insect would spray sand everywhere. Blaze coughed and squinted but he couldn't try to get the sand out of his eyes, since the minute he did he would lose his grip and fall into the antlion's jaws. He screamed for help. Surgei tried flying down to grab Blaze, but the constant sand being thrown up by the antlion kept him away. Atrax simply looked in horror, and then in anger as she realized who this was. "Grrrr....Myrmeleo!" she howled, and all of a sudden another young woman, this time with hair the color of sand...popped up out of the sand. "Huh? Was that Atrax? Couldn't possibly be!" The antlion stopped, and I continued to try to get up the pit in vain. "MYRMELEO YOU LEAVE HIM ALONE!" "Oh. Yep. That's her alright. Well, I guess I better let this guy go. Maybe...." Just then, three large rocks moved under my shirt, and I found myself lifted into the air from the pit. "HEY! THAT'S NO FAIR! HE CAN'T FLY YET!" Myrmeleo yelled out, and I saw Ritz, my Probopass, carrying me. "Don't worry Blaze, I got you." When she put Blaze down, Blaze looked over and saw Myrmeleon and Atrax arguing to each other. It was getting pretty heated, but then Myrmeleo gave Atrax a hug...which Atrax tried to squirm away from. But her grip was as strong as an antlion's jaws.

Then, they both came over. "Blaze, can you let Myrmeleo join the team as well? She can shift too, see!" Myrmeleo then changed into a Trapinch, clacking her jaws before shifting back. "I don't we why...well I can think of a couple of reasons why not, but you are here and so is Nepenthes, so why don't we have the whole bunch here?" Myrmeleo jumped up into the air, before yelling out, "AND THE TRAPTRIX SISTERS ARE REUNITED ONCE AGAIN!" And then silence. "Traptrix sisters?" "Yeah," as Myrmeleo explained, "That's what we used to call ourselves when we were kids." Atrax then pushes Myrmeleo put of the way, "YabutBlazedoesn'twanttohereaboutstufflikethat look Ibroughtatentlet'sgodoitnow." Atrax speedily said before trying to drag Blaze away. Myrmeleo laughed, and stared at the two of them for a bit. "PHEW! She's turned into quite a handful."
Special Attack: Traptrix Sand Traps! (GD)
Myrmeleo is known for her powerful sand traps, as when she is ordered to use this attack, she will come to the ground and "plant" several little packets of Ground energy into the arena floor, which will move to all around the opponent's side of the field. These traps will go deeper in arenas which have sand, while arenas with dense soil these mines will not penetrate far under the surface. When an opponent switches in, these mines will trap the opponent in a Sand Tomb, the tomb becoming larger and more powerful the deeper the traps are. These traps are useless on concrete, rock, or metal surfaces, and will do nothing. This technique costs a significant amount of Ground energy to use, and will have no effect on the opponent when first used.

Mercutio: How long do the traps last? Actual Sand Tomb takes more energy than this. Rejected.

Traptrix Nepenthes: Level 1 Female Bellsprout
Bio: Remember how I said travels through dimension jungles generally result in being attacked by groping plants and that was soon to come? PSYCHE! Not happening here! I fooled ya! To the bio.

After picking up Atrax into our group, we continued walking through the forest, trying to trace our way back to where we came in to this dimension. Too bad we didn't have a trail of breadcrumbs to lead us back to where we came from. So, we were basically lost with no way out of the jungle. And little food. Or drinking water. This simply was not good for any of us. We ended up walking into a patch of pitcher plants, which was quite large and could easily fit three to four people. On the ground in front of us was another girl, this one with blond hair, going around and picking flowers. She looked at us briefly, before turning around and walking away. "Hey, Nepenthes, its me! Atrax!" "Yes, I know it was you." Nepenthes then turns around and gives a large sigh. "Hello, sister. I thought the rule between us was not to fraternize with dinner?" "Well, yeah, see, that's the thing...it kinda ended up that they took me in." "Took you in? Surprise, surprise. I wonder how that could happen." Remilia stepped in at this point. "I ended up showing her what happens when you attack the Scarlet Devil and try to screw with her boyfriend." Nepenthes then gives a giggle. "Scarlet Devil? What an interesting name. Might I ask for your true name however?" "Remilia. Remilia Scarlet." "Quite the gorgeous name, Remilia. It's rare that one finds prey that can fight back." Nepenthes then looks at me. "And your name is...?" "My name is Blaze." "Charmed to meet you Blaze. My name is Nepenthes." She then signal Atrax to come over to her, leaving Remilia and myself alone.

"She's quite polite compared to Atrax." "Yeah, its kinda nice. But she seems quite cold." "Hmm. Like ice. I wonder if it has crossed her mind to kill us yet." Meanwhile, a seperate conversation between Atrax and Nepenthes ensued. "Atrax! You know what you were trying to do is forbidden! What would happen if mother found out..." "Mother can go eat me. Why should I be denied the miracle? Why should see be the only one to be able to sire?" "Because that is the way the natural order is. We are imperfect as it is, and imperfection only breeds stronger imperfection. She would kill you and the offspring as soon as she heard. It seems I'm going to have to come along with to make sure you behave." "Bite me." Atrax and Nepenthes then come back over, and Nepenthes then gives a short bow. "Blaze, Remilia, it is my request that I also accompany you. No one knows the paths around the forest better than I do. Plus, I need to make sure my sister acts like a proper lady instead of a slut." "Nepenthes! You vile piece of garbage!"

We soon found our way back to where we came into this dimension, and another portal opened up, allowing all of us to come through. When Nepenthes came through, she dimension shifted into a Bellsprout, but like her sister she quickly regained human form. "What an interesting side effect. I'm sure it might come in handy soon." With that, she walked away from us. Nepenthes isn't seen much, often reading in the library or in her room in our base, tending to her garden, but when Atrax is around she tries her best to keep her in line. Lest Mother find out...
Special Attack: Nepenthes's Secret Poison Traps(POI)
Nephenthes scatters an array of poisons around herself, the toxins immediately sinking into the surface of the arena. Much like Stealth Rock, these poisons lurk within the arena, biding their time. However, unlike Stealth Rock, these toxins will not take effect when an opponent switches in, but, it will take effect when an opponent's stats are altered. This attack is about as strong as Thundershock, but with a twist. If the opponent uses a boosting move like Swords Dance or Nasty Plot, this attack will activate and deal damage as if the move was boosted by Swords Dance. If the opponent uses a move like Harden or Amnesia, the attack will deal damage as if the opponent had their defense lowered by the same amount. If the opponent uses a boosting move that doesn't affect the attack or defense stats, it will only deal moderate damage. If the boost is a secondary effect, such as with Charge Beam, this move will still work as normal. This move costs significant energy to use, and cannot be Rapid Spinned away. However, a powerful Water attack (i.e. anything stronger than Water Gun) will wash away this attack completely when ordered to.

Mercutio: Approved.

Carmina: Level 1 Female Misdreavus
Carmina isn't exactly the spirit of a spellcaster, though she likes to tell everyone that she is the spirit of the High Priestess of Prophecy. She's not, don't let her fool you, she is just a normal Misdreavus that can speak and perform magic. You know, I didn't think of it like that before. Anyways, even if she isn't the spirit of a famous spellcaster, she still has magical powers, which are eerily similar to the Spellbook cards...maybe we've been wrong the entire time? Maybe not, as she only has magic from three spellbooks: the Hygro Spellbook.
Special Technique: Spellbooks open! (Normal)
Carmina only gained the ability to use one Spellbook, the Hygro Spellbook, a red spellbook that glows like the sun. When she uses this spellbook, she will gain a 20% boost to all of her attacks, but all of her attacks also cost an extra 20% energy, until the end of the next round. If she knocks out an opponent with this spellbook, she can use one of her teammates moves until the end of the next round. It costs good energy and can only be used once per battle. She can no longer use Nasty Plot, Shadow Ball, or Screech, and cannot copy them with Hygro Spellbook, since they are incompatible.

Mercutio: Good energy for a Nasty Plot boost and a free new move? Nope. Rejected.

Adreus: Level 1 Male Bouffalant
Adreus was a regular Bouffalant who lived in a normal Bouffalant herd, chasing out people who did not have a sick ass afro on their head. Well, until they started coming in with bulldozers and Fighting types. They tore down the forest that Adreus lived in, driving his herd out of the way in order to increase human progress. On the once proud forest they built a nuclear reactor, and they dumped the waste a small distance away where they were sure it would not affect anyone.

About a year later, the Bouffalant lead an invasion against the nuclear reactor, and Adreus fell into the pit of nuclear waste when another Boffalant hit the controls for the gate. He stayed down there while the waste slowly irridiated him. Normally this would kill a Bouffalant, but in this case, because this is a comic!sig, Bouffalant transformed into Adreus, the Bull of Armageddon!

Now, he was an even more sick-ass motherfucker, smiting evildoers by bursting into black flames and toppling over evil people. Smiting evildoers like Armageddon, bitch!
Special Attack: Fires of Armageddon! (UNKNOWN)
Once per round, Adreus can burst into black flames that give off no light. These flames have a special property that allows his physical attacks to deal an extra 20% damage to Dark, Ghost, and Fighting types, and they allow him to hit Ethereal or Gaseous ghosts for full damage. He can be ordered to use this technique by saying "Armageddon [insert physical move here]." This increases the energy needed for the attack by 25%, and it has no effect on his special moves. He loses the moves: Pursuit, Payback, Revenge, Rock Smash, and Superpower.

Mercutio: Unknown is not a type. Clarify energy usage. Rejected.

Celestia: Level 1 Female Gothita
"I want to be perfect...to be my role-model...would be a dream come true."
Celes was a Gothita living on her own when her trainer abandoned her because he didn't understand the awesomeness of the Gothita line and thought they were crap. She hand to fend for herself after being with a trainer for so long, and so she began to get hungry, thirsty, tired, etc etc. It was then, if by only chance, she had seen Celestia Ludenberg on a television screen. She immediately became engrossed in the character, and swore to live her life like her, to be a "Queen of Liars." She then soon began to gamble, and used her psychic abilities in order to make sure that she always won. I chanced upon her one day, and she wanted me to play a game with her. If she won, I would give her all of my money and food, and if she lost, she would be forced to come along with me. I was originally going to play with her, until one of my Dusk Balls opened and Yog appeared. I never knew what to expect from him, but he beat her soundly, nullifying her psychic abilities with his Dark Magicks. She soon fell into despair, believing that she could never be like her role-model, her idol, her god, since she relied too much on her psychic abilities to win. She agreed to come along, if only to learn how she could truly become a SHSL Gambler.
Signature Attack: Loaded Dice, SHSL Gambler's Final Attack! (PSY)
Celes creates two dice out of psychic energy before rolling them on the ground. Once they stop, a beam of psychic energy shoots out of each die and hits the opponent. The power of this attack normally is the sum of the two dice, so it can range from light power to high power. However, if Celestia rolls two sixes, this attack's power shoots up to a mighty 1.5 Hyper Beams. This attack will deal neutral damage to Dark types and cannot be affected by Torment, as it is far too random for that. This attack costs solid energy, as 7 is the most common possibility when rolling two dice, and if she rolls two sixes, she has to go into a one-mover the next round.

Mercutio: Cool idea. Solid energy is too low and 1.5 HBs is probably not happening. Rejected.

Arbor: Level 1 Male Tyrogue
Arbor is a typical muscle-head. There really isn't much to differentiate him from other Tyrogue. He likes to train, he likes to fight, and he pisses of Celes to no end, to the point where it got to one point where Celes who fling him out of the room if she walked in. They've gotten better now, but not before Arbor dedicated months of his life into making an attack so that he could finally give her a kick to the face she just wouldn't laugh off, naming it after the strongest man on Earth. Unfortunately, he still finds himself unable to even get close enough to Celes to use the attack.
Signature Attack: Kenichiro's Ultimate Kick!
Hitmonlee charges up a considerable amount of Fighting energy into his foot, before kicking the opponent. This attack will launch the opponent back a good distance. This attack also will deal 1.2X the damage to Flying, Ghost, Bug, Poison, and Psychic types instead of doing resisted damage. This attack does considerable damage and can only be used four times per battle.

Mercutio: Give something up. Rejected.

Yog-Soholth: Level 1 Male Spiritomb
"arharhhrasvmiogneioagnoaiwnngrwigbworbgiwabgowrgw "
Okay, we have crazy on our team...and I'm not sure what in the world Yog-Soholth counts as. Evil? Omniscient? Literally no one knows, and I'm not sure anyone other than Flandre wants to find out. He basically stays away from anyone unless he wants to prove his overbearing intellectual dominance, which is quite often. Flandre actually enjoys his company, and we all secretly fear that one day the two of them will embroil in combat and end the world...but for now he is behaving. Also, it seems that ancient gods of the cosmos use hamsters as their divine weapon. Don't. Ask.
Signature Attack: Dark Art of Destruction! Attack of the Four Hamsters!
Spiritomb creates four balls of Dark energy that take the form of evil hamsters. These hamsters then go and attack the opponent for the next three to four rounds. This attack will do moderate damage at first, but the hamsters continual assault will deal minor damage each round as well. These hamsters are incredibly distracting, and so have a 50% chance of interrupting any special attacks used that round, as the opponent won't be able to concentrate. This attack costs considerable energy and can only be used once per Pokemon.

Mercutio: Constant interrupt for four turns? Convince me. Rejected.

Durundal: Level 1 Male Honedge
“Silently sitting in stone...this mighty sword thirsts for the blood of dragons…”
Bio: Durundal is a mighty sword passed down in legends for its amazing ability to kill dragons. One day, a wandering spirit found its way to the sword, and possessed it, creating a Honedge. This Honedge however could not fully tame the power of the sword it had possessed, and so it wandered the countryside, looking for dragons to kill and slaughter. Every Dragon who faced this sword died at its blade, until no more would challenge the mighty sword. When I had found it, even Trishula was wary of the sword. So, in order to keep my Dragon safe, I sent out Daigusto Pheonix to battle the sword, using its speed and ranged attack to blast the sword into submission. I soon captured it, but its bloodthristy nature simply could not be tamed, even by myself. So, Yog-Soholth put it in a stasis field...waiting for the time when it could be released on a dragon in combat.
Signature Training: Dragon-killing Sword
All of Durundal’s attacks do an extra 20% damage to Dragon types but for an extra 20% energy, and will ignore any resistances that a Dragon might have. For example, if Durundal used Iron Head on a Kingdra, it will do neutral damage instead of resisted damage. But, in return, all of Durundal’s attacks will deal 20% less damage to Rock and Fairy types, and will not deal SE damage to them.

Mercutio: Oh fuck off. Approved.

Zabuza: Level 1 Male Froakie
“Hmmm...what vital point should I target first?”
Bio: Zabuza grew up in a village where the only way to become a proper shinobi was to kill the rest of the competition so that you alone would ascend. Zabuza had never trained or went to school to become a shinobi, but he had went to the graduating class’ graduation test and killed everyone. He enjoyed it. He was a stone-faced killer. He learned how to manipulate the mist to make himself invisible, before instantly killing his opponents.

As to how he came here? Something about a mix-up in the Spirit Crossroads or something like that. Anyways, he was yet another starter gone wrong and I quickly picked him up before he caused any trouble. It was there that he bonded with another one of my Pokemon, Jack. Jack bonded to him as well, grabbing onto him and calling him Father, much to his chagrin, but their combat abilities are unmatched, each a perfect pair for the other.

Special Training: Hidden Mist Jutsu
Once per battle, if the arena is covered in some sort of mist or smoke, such as Haze or Smokescreen, Zabuza can turn invisible for the next two rounds. While he is invisible, he can use Water or Dark attacks without having to reveal himself, but any other energy attack will pull him out of his invisible state. Also, if for some reason he leaves the mist/smoke or it disappears, he will come out of his invisible state. Due to his natural ability to fight in mist, he will be able to easily see through any sort of mist or smoke and is not hampered sight-wise.

Mercutio: Drawback? Rejected.

Junko: Level 1 Female Super Size Pumpkaboo
“It sings joyfully as it observes the suffering of its prey.” - Y Pokedex Entry for Gourgeist
Junko Enoshima. Super High School Level Fashion Girl...and Super High School Level Despair. For Junko, everything is despair. When she came out of the womb, the tears she cried were tears of despair. Her life was devoted to the pursuit of despair, as that was what she was. Junko was nothing more than despair. She soon died however at the hands of her own scheme, tasting the ultimate despair, the despair of death.

Despairingly for her, death was only a temporary despair, as she was reborn as a Pumpkaboo, in fact, in front of my very eyes. She is friendly enough, but I can’t help but feel that she is corrupting some of my team members in order to become her tools of despair. Thankfully, Yog-Sohoth is always there to put her in a stasis field if necessary. It’s worth noting that her “hair” is done up differently from normal Pumpkaboo, but it has no effect in battle. Junko's hair-style.
Junko is so full of despair that all of her ghostly attacks are filled with it, so when she uses any Ghost type move, there is a 20% chance of the opponent flinching from the massive amount of despair they feel afterwards, but all of her Ghost type moves cost an extra 10% energy. As a side effect of her despair, while fear-based moves and Taunt will work on her, they also cause her to fight more enthusiastically afterwards.

Mercutio: Stop trying to get two sigs in one. Rejected.

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Spoiler: show

Male Kadabra // Level 2
Kadabra grew up among the mobsters of Glasgow City, acting as a mind-reader and informant for the Don of one of the more powerful underground crime syndicates. As Kadabra's reading usually incited violence, resulting in the deaths of many bodyguards, the Don had Kadabra trained in the art of assassination, but being a Pokemon without a bladed weapon he usually only knocked out his opponents. Kadabra's position among the mob secure, he loyally served his boss for decades until, bored of card games, he "backstabbed" his boss and set out on his own.

Signature Attack: Backstab (Psychic)
Kadabra flips his spoon around, gripping the handle like a stabbing weapon, and charges it with good Psychic energy, then strikes the opponent with the spoon for decent damage. If he successfully strikes his opponent's back or dorsal area (for Pokemon that don't stand upright) this technique has a 25% chance of significant damage and/or paralysis. Kadabra must make physical contact with the opponent for this attack to have any effect.

Mercutio: Approved.

Male Dratini // Level 2
In the distant past, humanity was threatened by various alien races weilding advanced technology or boasting complex biology. Humans and Pokemon combined their powers and knowledge to fight back the threats, but many lives were lost, forgotten by history. Dratini was one of the Pokemon Warriors who traveled around and beyond the solar system to combat these threats, doing so on ships traveling at sublight speed. The lone survivor of mankind's final offensive against the aliens, Dratini made the lonely journey back home from deep space, but due to the effects of time dilation, while he only aged a few months, millennia had passed on Earth. Dratini found himself alone in an unfamiliar world, with powers unlike those seen in the world of today.

Signature Attack: Gamma-Ray Burst (Dragon)
Pokemon Warriors of the past drew inspiration from celestial phenomenon when developing attacks to repel the alien threat, and Dratini's technique represents the power of a star. It erupts from his mouth as an invisible, narrow column of energy that instantaneously atomizes anything in its path, equivalent to a fully-charged Hyper Beam that does not lose strength over distance or cause explosions on impact. The force of the blast creates a powerful, slower shockwave with a much higher area of effect that causes significant damage. When fired toward the open sky, the attack neutralizes weather conditions by depleting the local ozone layer, although the atmosphere naturally restores itself by the next round. All Pokemon under the depleted ozone have a small chance of being burned by the unshielded solar radiation.

The Gamma-Ray Burst was intended to be fired from planets or satellites at large, heavily armoured objects in space, so several weaknesses have been revealed upon its use on Earth. While "accurate" in a sense of the energy column stays true to its flight path, it is very difficult to aim at any range. Other beam attacks, which are slower and visible, are easier to control by the user and can be adjusted to track moving targets, but the Gamma-Ray Burst's speed and invisibility make this impossible. Unless the target is stationary, the main beam is easier to avoid than Zap Cannon. Further, since the Gamma-Ray Burst does not cause explosions, if it misses a target there is no indirect damage. The shock wave helps mitigates this high inaccuracy, but unlike the energy column, it rapidly weakens over distances. Dratini uses three and a half times the energy of Hyper Beam to generate a Gamma-Ray Burst, and must take both a turn to charge it and a turn to rest afterward. After use, Dratini loses the ability to perform Dragon-type moves for the rest of the battle, including this signature move.

Mercutio: Approved.

Genderless Scyther // Level 1
During the Warring States era of Kanto, where feudal lords settled petty disagreements with debts of blood, few found the time to care for the faceless dead. Hardly any of the peasants in the slums surrounding the gated capitol city bothered to concern themselves with the discarded husk of a wandering ronin. Fewer still realized that this ronin, actually a Pokemon, had been poisoned and hacked to death in the night after treating himself to a quiet drink and a soft bed. None realized that he was one of the most elite swordsmen of the era, capable of slicing men to pieces before they'd realized they had died, and deflecting bullet curtains of the fiercest gatling guns. Centuries later, scientists and engineers recovered the exoskeleton of Scyther, and vowed to rebuild him with modern technology. Such swordsmanship was a skill lost to time, and since the ability to deftly handle a blade is as much muscle memory as it is conceptual knowledge, by reconstructing Scyther they hoped to learn his lost skills and teach them to new generations of warriors. The researchers did not anticipate that Scyther's techniques brought out the full potential of his original body, and were disappointed to learn the metal frame they designed struggles to meet the energy demands of his almost supernatural skill.

Signature Training: Heart of Steel - Type Change (Steel)
Returned to life as a cyborg, Scyther is now a Flying/Steel Pokemon, with all of his chitin replaced by tempered steel, and most of his internal organs reconstructed artificially. Scyther no longer has a physical sex but considers himself male. Because he has so little organic matter left, Scyther cannot evolve. His vision had to be completely reconstructed, so Scyther only sees in infrared, making Pokemon who do not give off a heat signature (up to referee discretion) invisible to him. To compensate for this, he was programmed with the attack Lock-On, which allows him to successfully fight invisible threats. Despite this propensity for high performance, Scyther uses twice as much energy for all his moves.

Mercutio: I'm sure I've said this before. More bio. Also clarify what happens to type energy. Rejected.
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Spoiler: show

*Mantle* Lv.5 Male Steelix
Spoiler: show

Bio: Mantle and his family lived deep underground, and I do mean deeply underground. In fact, when I found him he was not used to the reduced pressure and was in fact ill with pain and confusion when he reached the surface. However, it wasn't until I started to use him that I realized how much his family's life within the deepest, darkest parts of the earth's crust had truly shaped him, or at least how he lived his life.

Signature Ability: Pressurized (Rock/Ground)

Mantle lived deep underground, so deep that the pressure toughened his body, made him stronger, and his ability to use his Rock and Ground attacks to their highest potential, due to how his environment forced him to be able to shift the earth in high amounts of pressure. As a result, Mantle's ability to shift the earth is quite legendary, as he can summon rocks from all terrain within reason. Due to his life underground, it's appeared that he retains virtually the same amount of Rock energy reserves that he owned as a Onix. The problem is that he can't use Fire or Electric, or Poison moves, having never been exposed to them as a young Onix.

Mercutio: Approved.

*Spindry* Wash Form Rotom (Genderless) Lv.5

Signature Move: I'm a Water Type Dammit!

The fact was that with its type change, Spindry realized that it had more potential, or at least an ability to use more Water attacks. as a result he can now use Water Gun, Water Pulse and Scald. also Ice Beam. He can't use Fire moves

Mercutio: Some bio and a useful drawback would be good. Rejected.

*Pollen* Level 5 male Butterfree

Signature Move: Sneeze (Bug); Pollen sneezes on his target, the resulting gust of wind having a 10 yard range. The move does Significant Bug typed damage for the equivalent energy. Embedded within the gust are various spores and pollens. These spores and pollens are of various plants and fungi, and as such Sneeze has a chance of inflicting either Sleep, Poison or Paralysis to the target, with a 20% chance of any of these affects harming the opposing pokemon. Inorganic pokemon are immune to this attack's secondary effects, as is anything that does not have the ability to smell or breathe openly.

Mercutio: Approved.
PASBL: Record: 61-55-8, 361.5 TP, 174 KO, 2.5 SP, Trainer Level 5
My ASB pokes

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Madam Glimmer: Female Sableye - Level One
Madam Glimmer is a Sableye Stu met when he was exploring dark caves, and he was instantly drawn to her by the beautiful shimmering of her gem stone eyes. She is mischievous and finds great pleasure in tricking people, especially opposing Pokémon. She also has high standards in terms of jewellery and which Pokémon she will socialise with.
Signature Technique - Trojan Bomb (Dark): Glimmer creates a small orb of Dark energy and fires it towards the opponent, which on contact sends dark energy into the body of the that Pokémon. The energy pulses through the Pokémon's body and increases the physical attack and special attack powers of that Pokémon by the same amount as a Swagger. However, the boost comes with a price as two rounds after the increase has taken place the energy begins to hurt the Pokémon from inside their body. During this the experiences extreme discomfort and suffers damage equal to a Future Sight. After the damage has been inflicted the physical discomfort ceases, but the attack increases from before remain. The attack also costs energy equal to Future Sight. Trojan Bomb can only be used once per battle.

Mercutio: Approved.

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Spoiler: show
Oh-You (Level 6 genderless Metagross); Oh-You was captured as a Beldum, found levitating both itself and many surrounding boulders and saplings despite being unable to use the move Psychic at the time. Its psychic powers were so great that it levitated the pokéball it was in out of my hand and released itself, instantly evolving into a Metang as it did so. Knowing the power I had in my possession, I immediately set to training the strong pokémon, eventually managing to get it to evolve once more. As a Metagross, it began displaying incredible feats of psychic power that were scarcely possible to imagine. It immobilised opponents with its telekinesis while striking them with incredible strength. It strengthen boosting its own powers while continuing its assault. Its most notable achievement was defeating Zapdos, the legendary bird, on Lightning Island. Though the bird was strong and fought valiantly, in the end Oh-You was able to win through and I was able to capture it. Taking inspiration from its victory here, Oh-You sought to further increase its potential for strategic power.
Hidden Power: Fire.
Signature Move: "Anti Gravity" (Psychic); Oh-You uses major energy to create a strange realm in the arena, encapsulating all the battlers on the field, in the same manner as Magic Room. For the next five rounds, gravity is reversed, attracting things to the 'ceiling' of the realm instead of the ground. Anti Gravity's realm is cube shaped, 30' high, and moves such as Earthquake and Dig cannot be used on the ceiling. Pokémon which fly or levitate are still able to do so whilst in the realm. If the move Gravity is used concurrently, the moves essentially combine, so that pokémon become unable to fly or leap but are pulled to the realm's ceiling, not the arena floor. Oh-You cannot use Reflect.
Jeri: Approved.

I made it cost more to use than Magic Room.

Spike (Level 6 Male Gengar); Spike has returned, having spent several months training to enhance his skills in a Tibetan monastery, before practising his arts as a ninja in the slums of Beijing. Returning to my squad as a Haunter, he became more assertive and willing to stand up for his beliefs. He finds that his training in the monastery has helped him to focus on the things that are important in life; battling, training and balloon animals. Sadly the latter passion is useless in battle, but luckily he does have a trick to make him awesome anyway. Having trained in the art of indirect combat, attacking foes from where they least expect it, Spike has learned to infect the enemies with their worst fears and watch them lose their fighting spirit. He excels in the art of disruption, able to slip through the tiniest of gaps and hinder his opponents in a variety of ways.
Hidden Power: Fire.
Signature Move: "Reaper's Sweep" (Ghost); Spike forms a scythe shaped construct using heavy energy and slashes at the foe, dealing heavy damage. The construct's blade is incredibly sharp and jagged, meaning that it has a high chance of inflicting injuries in realistic matches. Since the construct is not of this world, the chance of injury is strong on Rock and Steel types as well. However, damage is the same as any other Ghost typed attack.
Jeri: Approved.

Fulmine (Level 1 male Tyrunt); Fulmine is a thunderbolt of devastation and terror. His strength is manifest in his every movement, his rage a tower of awe and might. He brings down his prey with a spear of his wrath and guzzles their flesh with great gouges of his terrible jaw. A giant of the old world, Fulmine roams my realm with carnage in his wake, stalking the weak and obliterating the strong. None cross him for fear of their end, the mightiest of my dragons needed to keep him in check.
Hidden Power: Fire.
Signature Move: "Spear of Ages" (Normal); Fulmine summons considerable energy and launches an energy construct, shaped like a sharp and narrow spear, which flies extremely fast and strikes the foe foe considerable damage. Targets experience a 20% drop in their speed and agility. Standard boost stipulations apply.
Jeri: Approved.

Talia (Level 1 shiny female Noibat); Talia is a stealthy assassin, a breed apart from the others in my Gym squad. She flits between the space before her and targets her enemies with maximum force before spiriting away to the security of a fortress she prepares. Her skills are formidable. However, lacking the natural acuity to strike at some of her more enduring enemies, she developed a way to sneak venom in by the plainest method possible.
Hidden Power: Steel
Signature Trait: "Venenum Putare"; Talia's Bite and Super Fang are super effective against Fairy type pokémon. They are not very effective against Water type pokémon.
Jeri: Approved.

Hanabi (Level 1 female Fletchling); Hanabi spent the days before joining my team flitting about the skies of Kalos, preying upon her favourite dinner time treats and doing cool pyrotechnic stuff with her buddies. She lived as she wished, not listening to others nor caring much for the cares of the real world. I captured her after a pitched aerial battle across a forest, chasing her down with my Pidgeot and trading well aimed Hyper Beams for erratically launched Flare Blitzes. Once she was one of us, she became a source of fun and frolic for us. She was a freebird, not tied to notions of strategy or caught up in the happenings of her environment. She flew, she fought, she feasted.
Hidden Power: Ground
Signature Trait: "Freebird"; Hanabi is unaffected by moves which affect pokémon as they switch in, such as Stealth Rock or Spikes. She is also immune to the effects of the move Gravity. She cannot use Swords Dance.
Jeri: Approved.

Granny Weatherwax (Level 1 female Inkay); Granny Weatherwax has a near-unshakeable belief in her own abilities and strives to do what she knows is best for those around her. She knows that being Good (with a capital G) and Right (with a capital R) doesn't necessarily make one Nice (with a capital N). She prefers to be respected. Despite her power, Granny Weatherwax rarely uses magic in any immediately recognizable form. Instead, she prefers to use headology, a sort of folk-psychology which can be summed up as "if people think you're a witch, you might as well be one". Headology bears some similarities to psychology in that it requires the user to hold a deep seated understanding of the workings of the mind in order to be used successfully. It has been said that the difference between headology and psychiatry is that, were you to hold a belief that you were being chased by a monster, a psychiatrist would convince you that there are no monsters coming after you, whereas a headologist would hand you a bat and a chair to stand on.
Hidden Power: Fire
Signature Move: "Headology" (Dark); Granny Weatherwax expends significant energy to curse her target. She convinces them to refrain from using a particular type energy, such as Bug or Fire, for a period of three rounds. The type chosen may never be a STAB type and cannot be the Normal type. Whilst cursed, pokémon will not use any moves of the type chosen, though ref' discretion is advised - a pokémon cursed to avoid the Ground type could still use Dig. Extremely intelligent pokémon will be more resistant to this move. It cannot be used on the same foe more than once per battle.
Jeri: Approved.

Kumori (Level 1 shiny male Froakie);
Hidden Power: Poison
Signature Move: "Fire and Magic" (Fire); Kumori produces a handful of flame and tosses it at the foe, dealing considerable damage for significant energy. Upon impact, the attack will detonate like a grenade and deal mild splash damage to nearby pokémon. Because the attack is lightweight and hand thrown, it can be fired indirectly like a mortar. Kumori has the Fire energy to use the attack twice per battle, but he can't use Hydro Cannon at all.
Jeri: Approved.

Thaddeus (Level 1 shiny male Ralts); Legend tells of a warrior psychic so strong and powerful that he could not be defeated by any means in the old world. His name was the death, terror, saga, or simply Thaddeus. He was in tune with the fierce nature of his icy homeland. The tales tell of breathtaking feats of magic and battles that could be heard from many miles away. Of course, what the legends didn't say was that this warrior was a pokemon, nor that his species was prone to supporting their allies and waging war indirectly through the subtle knife instead of the brutal warhamer. Through the ages, his bloodline has survived, migrating and shifting with the ice as a millennial went by. I had the fortune to find a descendant of this noble line, and to battle and capture it. The Ralts I found was gifted with alternate colouration, his icy tenor betraying his icy heart and soul. I came to trust him as a mighty ally, his powers thick with winter and cool with might. We fought in many battles, but a change gradually came upon my trusted friend. Thaddeus became unsure of himself, changing in persona and persuasion. He became aggressive, lashing out at others, eventually choosing to leave my care and see where the road would take him. As the years past and he found new things about himself, he came to change. He retuned to me eventually, refreshed and calmer. A new man, so to speak. Thaddeus is gay, attracted to male pokémon instead of females.
Hidden Power: Ground
Signature Move: "Terram Exhaurire" (Ground); Thaddeus stomps on the ground and channels a stream of ground energy towards the foe, which erupts out from under them in a narrow column like Earth Power. This attack only works if the energy is sent through the ground - it cannot be used directly on an opponent. When the attack strikes, it drains significant energy from the target and gives it to Thaddeus. Thaddeus has the Ground energy to use this attack two times per battle.
Jeri: Approved with edit.

Cindy (Level 1 female Shuppet); Cindy was once a mainstay of British toy shops, a doll for all the family and respectable enough to act as a palatable role model for the daughters of the growing middle class. However, an usurper, the hated American 'Barbie' doll, grew to rival Cindy's position as a favourite amongst children, her variety of professions and outfits giving her the edge. Cindy hated Barbie, who always seemed like a queen when Cindy was a mere princess. Things did not go well for Cindy and she became unpopular, outdated, out of touch. Turning to alcohol, the wretched doll eventually decided that she couldn't take the pain any longer. Many years later, a Banette by the name of Cindy found its way in to my care. Full of malice and bitter evil, Cindy was a perfect match for me, even if she didn't get along with many other members of my squad.
Hidden Power: Fighting
Signature Move: "Ember of Agony" (Ghost); Cindy expends major energy and emits a burst of ghostly fire at the foe, the flames engulfing the target on contact and infusing them with ethereal magic. This initial stage has no direct effect upon the foe. The magic remains within the foe for three rounds, whereupon it erupts from inside their body and returns to Cindy. By this process, Cindy drains major health from the foe, healing herself by the same amount.
Attached Item: Reaper's Token
Jeri: Approved.

Marus (Level 6 female Charizard); Marus is one of my oldest pokémon. He's been with me from the beginning, ever since he was one my uplevels as a Charmander and then as a Charmeleon. His physical prowess and fiery temper make him a fearsome addition to my squad. He has served valiantly, taking his share of glorious victories as well as disheartening defeats. Never has he given up, though. Throughout his tenure as the patriarch of my squad, he has pushed himself to be better and stronger, more like true dragons. Once this manifested as a desire to almost become a dragon, his proficiency with Dragon moves reaching new levels. As age and experience have grown, however, he has realised that this is best left to the inferior Dragon types. His strengths lie elsewhere. He realised he should be concentrating on his boulder melting breath, his stone smashing strength, his unmatchable agility.
Hidden Power: Electric
Signature Trait: "Breath of a Dragon"; Fire typed attacks such as Flamethrower and Fire Blast which are launched from the mouth have a sharply increased chance to inflict serious burns upon their targets, at the cost of 10% more energy, due to their white hot heat. Other Fire typed moves, such as Heatwave and Fire Punch, do not receive this boost.
Jeri: Approved.

Kalessin (Level 7 male Dragonite; Kalessin, "The Eldest", the first of all dragons, immense, scarred, scales iron black, with red wings and yellow eyes, so old that even Orm Embar is but a yearling kid beside him. I caught him in his homeland, an island named the Keep of Kalessin, in the Dragons' Run in the deepest darks of Earthsea. His head, the colour of iron, stained as with red rust at nostril and eye socket and jowel, hung facing me. He did not move throughout. He might have been crouching there for hours, or for years, or for centuries. He was carven of iron, shaped from rock, but the eyes, the eyes I dared not look into, the eyes like oil coiling on water, like yellow smoke behind glass, the opaque, profound and yellow eyes watched me. He was truly fearsome, but from within him I felt great strength. His power was without measure, his might without binds. He was the creator, the one true King of the Dragons. Versed in the True Speech, Kalessin knows the secrets of the Old Ones, even capable of calling upon the Dragon Gods to aid him and pass him their wisdom. He is even capable of asking them to lend him and his brethren a portion of their power, briefly giving him the air of a God himself.
Hidden Power: Poison
Signature Move: "Call of the Dragon Gods"; Kalessin sounds a trumpet call, his roar resonating with the true speech of the old world. The spirits of ancient Dragon Gods come forth and bless Kalessin and his kin, lowering the defensive stats of the opposing side by 10%. The spirits then retreat to the far corners of the sky. Subsequently, every time an enemy pokémon is sent out, the spirits come forth and curse the new pokémon in the same fashion. This attack costs significant energy. Standard boost stipulations apply. Kalessin cannot use Outrage, Fire Blast or Dragon Pulse.
Jeri: Approved.

Thrak (Level 6 male Hydreigon); Legends speak of a terror so old that even God forgets its place in the world. This terror has a name. It is Thrak. Thrak is an evil creature. The kindred spirit of the fell beasts ridden by the Nazgűl in days of old, Thrak is an ancient Dragon who has a pit of eternal hell fire at the bottom of his dark and rancid soul. A fearsome winged creature greater than all other birds and bats, its vast pinions are as webs of hide between horned fingers. A creature of an older world, wreathed in power and magic and terror. Some say he was sent by the Witch King of Angmar himself to wreak havoc upon the worlds of Men. He has lain siege to cities from the bottom of the deserts to the tip of the mountain ranges. His skills match any and all who dare to oppose him. Throughout the ages of Man many have tried to overcome this foe. None have succeeded. He is darkness. He is the night. He is Thrak.
Hidden Power: Poison
Signature Move: "Eye of Sauron" (Dragon); Thrak uses major energy to call upon the Eye of Sauron, its far sight creating a strange realm in the arena, encapsulating all the battlers on the field, in the same manner as Magic Room. For the next five rounds, Fairy type pokémon take neutral damage from Dragon type attacks, whilst Fairy type moves deal neutral damage to Dragon types. Thrak cannot use Heatwave, Giga Impact or Hyper Beam.
Jeri: Approved.

Ryujin (Level 6 female Kingdra); Ryujin is the ruler of the rivers, the sultan of the seas, bringer of chaos and confusion to all who oppose him. He began in the depths of the Pacific, roaming the ocean in search of worthy opponents and lording over his domain as a King. None dared face him without overwhelming odds, odds he defeated time and time again. Such control over the waters had never been seen and none could hope to face his might at all. Seeking greater challengers, he migrated to the ASB, joining my squad after the promise of mighty foes. So far, he remains unimpressed.
Hidden Power: Poison.
Signature Trait: "King of the Seas"; Ryujin has an exceptional ability to control water, attacks involving hydrokinesis such as Whirlpool and Surf requiring 10% less energy. His Water type attacks remain at full power even in the hottest environments. He is immune to the negative effects of all polluted or corrupted water. However, he cannot use Blizzard, Outrage or Draco Meteor and is particularly vulnerable to moves like Taunt and Swagger.Jeri: Approved.

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Spoiler: show
lv5 Male Jolteon
As Staravia is the power battler to Swellow’s speed, so Jolteon is to Pikachu, using his larger and stronger body to inflict damage to the opponent. Of course, he is not without speed-based strategies of his own; he just prefers the direct approach.
With his previous sig proving rather redundant, Jolteon has worked hard to find a new way for him to stand out amongst the squad. Watching Drapion and Ivysaur training at the creation of field effects, he began to train to charge some of his electrical energy into the ground to create an electric version of Stealth Rock. Many attempts failed, and in frustration, Jolteon unleashed a huge burst of lightning which filled the ground with static current, promptly shocking most of his training teammates over and over again as they tried to get away. After more training, Jolteon's Static Charge is ready to take its place amongst the team, even if it does shock his comrades as often as the opponent.

Special Attack: Static Charge (Electric)
When Jolteon is sent out for the first time, Static Charge is automatically used at the start of the round, and cannot be used again - Jolteon fills the arena floor with a huge amount of electricity, leaving trails of static all over the arena. This uses no energy and does not count as a move, but Jolteon is considered to have 1 Hyper Beam less energy than other pokemon when completely fresh, and may not use any other electric attacks that round.

Once Static Charge is used, all pokemon on the field (including my own) take Minor Electric damage each time they move around the arena. This includes the following:
-Every 10 feet of walking/running (so moving 11-20 ft at once would take damage twice)
-Landing (from jumping/flying/falling)
-When sent out

Non-organic pokemon, Ground, Electric, Ghost, Fire and Dragon types are immune to damage from this effect. Flying types and floating/levitating pokemon are immune so long as they do not touch the ground.

As an entry hazard of sorts, Static Charge remains susceptible to rapid spin and other effects which target entry hazards, and so long as a Ground type pokemon is on the field belonging to either trainer, all damage to both sides is negated. Static Charge can be used in all arenas including water, though this has no effect on damage.

Mercutio: Approved.

Lv3 Male Electabuzz
As an Elekid, Electabuzz forged a fierce rivalry with a local Magby, whom he often battled and usually defeated easily. The Magby was eventually captured by myself, yet could still not defeat his still wild rival. Through extensive training, the two fated rivals finally had their destined final battle, which this time saw Magmar triumphant and resulted in the capture of Electabuzz. The two still aim to outclass each other in battle, however, striving to reach new heights of power whilst in each other's presence.
Special Training - Eternal Rivalry
When Electabuzz battles against or alongside a Magby, Magmar or Magmortar, his attacks do 1.25x damage so long as that pokemon remains on the field. The effect is not cumulative (i.e. if 2 Magby were present, he would only get the boost once.) Electabuzz must direct all of his attacks at the opponent's Magby, Magmar or Magmortar if able to do so.

Mercutio: Approved.

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Expect huge post dump by end of today. Also dropping Corsola for a Relicanth.

Spoiler: show

Crux- Male Lv. 2 Cottonee
Crux is the embodiment of the constellation Crux, the Cross. Crux, following on this, is a very holy and religious Cottonee. He constantly preaches the word of the lord, and is one of the more good members of the squad. Despite his small stature, he is quite sturdy and unshakable. He also seems to be able to coat himself in a holy aura, quoting it to be from god. But, knowing how powerful the constellations are, it could just be his own power.

Special Technique: Saint’s Cross (Fairy)
When is battle, Crux is coated with a special light. This light nullifies damage from and move with ball or bomb in its name, but at the cost of Crux taking the damage in energy (Type chart doesn’t factor in). Due to being coated in this holy aura, he has forgone learning taunt, beat up, encore, and swagger.

Mercutio: Approved.

Helios: Male Lv. 2 Litwick
Hidden Power: Ice
Helios is the name of the Greek Sun God. This particular Lampent is a just a small fragment of Helios’ soul, and it certainly shows. He has a strange obsession with the sun, and prefers the day to the night. He doesn’t hate the night, no, he just has a huge fascination with our closest star. So much that he knows the exact cycles of the sun and its inner workings. So much, he’s able to heat the space around the opponent to roughly the same degree as the sun

Special Training: Memories of the Sun (Fire)
Helios’ flames have been blessed with the sun’s heat, and are extremely hot. THese flames will make rock and water types really uncomfortable, and will deal super effective damage to them. However, these flames will do resisted damage to poison and flying types due to special properties. Also, due to this, Helios can’t evolve as a Lampent (But will count as fully evolved).

Mercutio: Clarify everything. Rejected.

Andromeda: Female Lv. 3 Kirlia
Hidden Power: Fighting
Andromeda, the chained girl. This Kirlia is an embodiment of the constellation, who was in turn made from Andromeda herself. Andromeda's mother boasted that she was more beautiful than the Nereids, causing Poseidon to get angry and send Cetus, a sea monster, to terrorize her home. Andromeda was chained to a rock as an offering to Cetus, and instead was saved by Perseus. This Kirlia seemed to understand these chains and how they worked. She even developed a way to use them in battle

Special Technique: Miserable Fate (Psychic)
Expanding considerable energy, Andromeda is able to create energy chains around her wrists. These chains can be used to grab onto the opponent or an object around the arena. She can either throw or bring towards her whatever she has chained up. Strength rules apply here. Andromeda has to expend an addition mild energy each round these chains are active.

Mercutio: Approved.

Polaris: Male Lv. 2 Togepi
Hidden Power: Ice
Polaris is, in a sense, the embodiment of the northern star. Well, he actually “is” the northern star, and he told me his story. Polaris used to be an angel, in fact, one of the highest ranking angels. He was a skilled warrior, and a wise scholar, but he had a lot of hubris and a bit too much loyalty.

This loyalty eventually caused him to fall. Of course, it wasn’t exactly his fault. One of his most trusted general and friend committed murder, an act that would immediately cause an angel to fall. However, all the evidence was pinned onto him. He was soon convicted and was forced to fall. Arceus, however, took pity on him and instead changed him into the northern star.

There he spent eons mastering an attack that utilized his misery and despair. After he perfected the attack, he sent his mind towards a newly born Togepi. This Togepi was mine, and he was a key part in helping me find the embodiments of other constellations.

Special Attack: Gravity Chaos (Typeless)
“O Angel deprived of light and wings... Let thy misery cage mine enemy’s heart!”

Polaris forms a small orb of condensed gravity in his hands, using significant energy to do so. This orb moves as slowly as a zap cannon, and it doesn’t affect the gravity around it. It deals considerable damage when it makes contact, and instantly increases the opponent’s gravity. THis makes them very slow and sluggish, and it will last for three rounds. He can also be ordered to use a Direct Contact variation, but that costs more energy and the effects don’t last as long. Due to learning this, Polaris can’t use Wish, Extrasensory, or Mimic. He also can’t evolve in Togekiss, due to it being too angelic (He’ll still be counted as fully evolved when he’s a Togetic).

Mercutio: No direct contact projectile moves. Also you can't have "counts as fully evolved" sigs until you can actually own the fully evolved specimen. Rejected.

(Do I have to write a mammoth of a bio for the next one Kush?)
Aquarius “Aqua” Male Lv. 3 Masquerain
Hidden Power: Flying
Aqua is the embodiment of the water bearer, one of the twelve zodiac. Unlike Leo, he is aware that he is part of the Zodiac, and has a huge affinity for water. Even if he also loves technology, and is really flamboyant and gay, he has a calmer side to him. As a Surskit he almost always by the water working on his videos, or taking care of his precious H2O. He was around the water so much that when he evolved, He retained his typing instead of becoming a flying type. He’s one of the more weaker zodiac, so he really doesn’t have huge, special powers.

Special Training: Gift of the Water bearer (Water/Bug)
Aqua is now considered a Bug/Water type, and is not familiar with flying type moves. His flight ceiling is significantly shorter, now with him only being able to go up to 6 feet in the air. Though, due to this type change he has learned water gun in exchange for air slash.

Mercutio: Yes. Rejected.

Cetus Male Lv 1 Relicanth
Cetus is a monster from the deep. The dark, murky depths of the oceans. There he has reigned as king for centuries, and has very powerful connections with ocean dwellers. However, this doesn’t mean he isn’t good on land either. When Poseidon asked him to terrorize Andromeda’s lands, he agreed. Of course everyone thought the Kyogre was the real one. No, the Kyogre was his date for the night. Anyways, during this terrorization Poseidon blessed him with the ability to be as much home on land as on water.

Special Training: Not an ordinary Sea-Dweller (Water)
Cetus’ lobed fins are much more adapted to walking on land than other Relicanth. This means he’s much faster and more agile in land as he would be in water.

Mercutio: Approved.

Luna: Feminine Lv. 1 Lunatone
Luna is a very cold and distant Lunatone. She likes to hold herself up and distance herself from the world, preferring darkness than light. She did, however, grow up on the dark side of the moon. She was use to the cold and darkness there, and didn’t like it when she accidently crashed into earth. She always tried to recreate her dark and cold environment, but most of the time only able to create the dark part. She then started to get creative with her ice moves, and soon started using them like they were second nature.

Special Training: Dark Side of the Moon (Ice)
Luna is now familiar with the ice type. She has as much ice energy as a water type would, and has learned Frost Breath and Freeze-Dry. In exchange, she has forgotten Psywave,Confusion, Flash, and Signal Beam.

Mercutio: Give up better moves for Freeze Dry. Rejected.

Cancer Male Lv 2 Paras
Cancer is another of of my Zodiac Mons, being the embodiment of the Crab. He’s generally a lazy flirt, and seems to attract anything despite his appearance. Of course, his charm isn’t the only thing going for him. He also has those nice, big claws. While they look good enough to eat, he’ll easily cut your face in half before you’re able to. These razor sharp claws have been useful in battle.

Signature Training: Crab Tango (Typeless)
All of Cancer’s attacks that use his claws are boosted by 20 % for a 20% energy increase. In realistic, they’re sharp enough to cause injuries in the right place.

Mercutio: Approved.

Ghost Legion
Hawke | Austin T. Willows

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Spoiler: show

Amelia- Female Drifloon Lv.2

Bio: Amelia always gives everyone a headache. Whenever she floats around, she breaks things. When she doesn't float around, she starts deflating. It's a constant nightmare. Day in and day out, throbbing migraines would plague our team. Eventually, we learned Amelia liked to create headaches for everyone, and as everyone knows, do what you like in battle. Hence, the move. Woo, more headaches.

Sig Move- Absolute Headaches

Using Significant Ghost energy, Drifloon sets up waves of kinetic energy that stretch out across the Arena. All enemy pokemon that are currently in battle or switch in are affected by this move. When a pokemon is affected by this move (either by activation or switching in) they are inflicted with a terrible headache for 1 turns. This headache does everything a headache would do- create difficulty concentrating, irritability, greater vulnerability to mind affecting attacks, etc. A pokemon affected by this will have trouble forming and using attacks that expend significant damage or more. The attacks in question will more than likely fail or will be released in a greatly weaker form. If a pokemon were to use moves that would cure confusion, this headache will be lessened somewhat. This can be removed by rapid spin for whatever reason. Due to the way her brain was damaged when creating this entry hazard, boosting moves that deal with the mind will have a considerably less potent effect than it would have normally. Drifloon cannot use Sucker Punch or Flash.

Mercutio: Approved.

Meh - Male Abra Lv.1

Bio: Meh is so smart, everyone seems dumb. Like most intellectuals, he enjoys meeting another intellectuals, but everyone seems dumb, so Meh ends up not having any fun. Because of this, Meh always says meh. Meh.

Sig Move: Meh

Once per Match, Meh can say Meh. When Meh says Meh, other pokemon become depressed. They become insecure about their smartness because Meh just straight-up disregards them with a simple Meh. They question their intelligence, their decisions, and as a result, their attacks are held in. They don't want to be committed to an action, you see. When this happens, their attacks are reduced in strength by 20%, for an equal 20% energy reduction. Even status attacks (like Swords Dance, Thunder Wave, and Attract) are reduced in effectiveness by 20%. (Of course, attacks like Attract don't have a numerical value effectiveness, so take that as you will) What they don't know is that Meh's Meh is a special Meh imbued with good psychic energy especially designed to make them feel insecure. After 3 rounds (not counting the round Meh is used), the pokemon well get over the fact that they will never be as smart as Meh, and will stop being insecure. Meh has never learned Zap Cannon and Psywave because those things are dumb.

Mercutio: Approved.

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Spoiler: show
Brigitte: Level 1 Female Mime Jr.
Bio: Brigitte spent much of her time as part of a group of entertainers before joining my crew recently. While she didn't ever star as an important character or display showy talents like firebreathing or gymnastics, she was a skilled theatre technician and was able to aid in various illusions when her former trainer would do his magic shows. She became especially interested in manifesting her offensive skills in ways that were not typical, and, with a bit of experimenting, was able to create an attack of her own.
Signature Technique: Mist Beam (PS)
When using this attack, Brigitte fires off a pale-pink beam of misty psychic-typed energy at her target, dealing decent damage and using solid energy. However, the trick to this is that it's type effectiveness is reversed; Psychic and Steel Pokemon are weak to this move, while Fighting and Poison types resist it (Dark Pokemon are still immune to this attack). Every consecutive use will increase the energy required by a minor amount, and due to it's strange physical nature, it can be dispelled by a burst of air, potentially back at Brigitte if the wind is strong enough (Whirlwind, for example). This attack can only be used thrice per match.

Mercutio: Approved.

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Changing a Sig mostly due to new Hidden Power rules. Might change it again later.

Spoiler: show
Fidalia: Level 1 Female Vulpix
I found Fidalia on the summit of Mt. Pyre, which stuck me as odd because Vulpix usually stick to the slopes of the haunted mountain, but she seemed to be at home with the ghosts living on the top. During her time up there she has picked up a couple of their tricks.

Signature Move: Ghostly Tricks
Fidalia can now use Mean Look and Scary Face.

Mercutio: Approved.
PASBL Squad Summary

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Spoiler: show
La: Level 3 male Darker Grimer
Reality settles in, knowing that even in a city such as Castelia City, creatures made of slime live within the underground depths of the city. When a pokemon sees a fellow pokemon in need, they help each other out, and remember the value of another life. This is a story of friendship, of how a slimy gooey creature was able to aid the survival of an unfamiliar pokemon in the sewers of Castelia City. The gooey creature was named La the Grimmer, who was accustomed by the life underground, molded by it, and created from all the destructive human deposit. La was very astute for his age, and had a great understanding of the surroundings underground. One day, he was running away from a gang of rattatas that did not like his outward appearance, nor his sense of existence. La ran far away toward the other side of the sewers, and became deeply saddened once he realized that he was all alone. That all changed once he befriended a lonely munna. They became a dynamic duo, running around the sewers, stealing from the local cabbage cart; they did it all together. He grew accustomed to having a friend around. He taught Munna that eventhough she was going through a rough patch in life that they should continue to move forward. The bonds of friendship grew exponentially amongst them. Everything changed once the rattata gang attacked. La and Munna combined their skilled, but the ratatta gang was too strong. Unknown to all of them, there was a radioactive batch that was a byproduct of the evil oil corporates living in Castelia City. It was a regular poisonous hazard sign.

After La emerged from the radioactive waste, he noticed something strange about him. He also noticed that Munna managed to escape the batch sooner than him, but something stayed behind. All the dark feelings within munna exited her body. Soon afterward, La felt his frustrations merging with that of munna. The darkness of two became one. Fully exiting the batch of radioactive waste, La seemed to be much darker in color than before. He also glanced over at munna, before collapsing on the floor.
Then comes in me, a trainer strolling around the sewers looking for rare candies, or if I’m lucky a nugget, and of course seeing a very strange looking grimmer. I proceeded to capture him with no effort whatsoever; I tossed my pokeball at him, and success! I captured La the Grimmer. I took him to the local Pokemon Center, and the nurse - named Jackie - explained that this particular Grimmer seemed different from the rest as it seems to be affected by psychic moves differently.

Special Training: Mind Clouded by Darkness [XX]
La is now neutral to psychic damage. This baggage of darkness also makes La move physically slower by 10%. La can no longer use the moves Thunder, Fire Blast, Sludge Bomb, Self Destruct.
Jeri: Poison is fantastically defensive and getting rid of the Psychic weakness is way OP. Exchange it for another weakness or eliminate resistances.


Gyatso: Level 3 Male Electabuzz
Cuddly, electrifying, and playful, Gyatso is great asset to my squad, and a valuable friend. His favorite past time is to be a drag queen, pursuing his dream in the areas of pagents. His dream is to one day be the winner of RuPokemon's Drag Race. He wants to be a Drag Queen Superstar, hunty. To do so, he has mastered the art of of eleganza. He uses the element of ice to embody a beautiful physique, creating all of his padding from ice. He found that the most efficient way to do so is to create a beam of ice rather than punching his body with ice. His source of inspiration were a pack of Froslass, who has a perfect feminine silhouette to mimic. He kept observing them and eventually learned how to use one of their icy tactics in one simple move.

Special Training: Eleganza extravaganza! [IC]
Gyatso learned how to use ice beam. He can no longer use ice punch, Focus Punch, and Mega Punch.
Jeri: Approved.


Iroh: Level 3 Male Doublade
Poor Iroh was abandoned around route 6 of Kalos. I was looking for my way out of that place, when i stumbled upon a weakened Honedge, I immediately administered a potion to help heals it wounds. Iroh took an immediate liking towards my kindness, and decided to follow me all the way out of the route. We embraced each other's company, and that was the moment I decided to capture Iroh to join the many adventures that are far to come. Analizing the mythos of a different dimension, Iroh learned a deep appreciation for the story of the avatar. The notion of four elements seemed interesting, so applying it to one's own journey seemed like the next logical thing to do. Soon he started coating the sword portion of his body with energy. Mastery over the elements was required, and with enough practice he would take what seemed to be hidden power and coat his sword with similar energy. Within a year's time, Iroh was able to master four versions of the same attack in inspiration of avatar.

Special Training: Elemental Sword of Justice [Various]
Iroh is able to use four different versions of Elemental Sword of Justice. These attacks coated the sword in the similar manner as a hidden power would be released, but would stay on the sword itself. The command for the attack are "Fire Sword of Justice, Thunder Sword of Justice, Water Sword of Justice, Earth Sword of Justice" which represent fire, electric, water, and ground types respectively. This attack deals considerable damage while consuming heavy energy. Iroh can use each version once per match, but the technique itself only three times per match. Iroh is unable to use hidden power.
Jeri: Less uses.


Lin Beifong: Level 3 Female Mawile
There are more ways than one to lock someone's heart. Lin Beifong uses her charm, and cute physique to captivate and prevent her opponents from ever fleeing the scene. All eyes on her baby. This came from a deep crush she had for another Mawile, but it was sadly not reciprocated. She wanted to lock the heart of others as a resolution for her distress. She once step into a field of Klefti and analyzed their captivating powers over one another. She studied for very long period of times with these fellow fairies. She was able to harness the power of the heart, and lock up the enemy to stay if just for a bit longer than what the enemy had hoped for.

Special Training: Fairy Lock [FA]
Lin Beifong learned how to use Fairy Lock.
Jeri: Approved.


Hei Bai: Level 3 Male Kangaskhan
A team of pokemon poachers attempted to take his young one as a circus freak. His baby, named Barefoot Gen, was a strange one. The circus ring wanted the young one all for himself. One day in the forest nearing the edge of the city, the poachers approached Gen for the capturing, but the protective father stepped in, and intervened. The sad part is that it was a minute too late; the poachers trap basically entangled the Gen's head, clapping on to it, and severing his jugular. Needless to say, Hei Bai mulled all the poachers involved. The lost of his young one left him devastated. He has channeled his anger, and now just gives out ghostly looks fueled by anger. It is as almost by squinting his eyes and recalling all of those emotions of anger help me see his lost young.

Special Training: Dirty Looks do not Kill [NO]
Hei Bai learned how to use Mean Look.
Jeri: Approved.


Zuko: Level 3 Male Monferno
EmeraldGoblin's Partner in crime. Zuko was the first pokemon recieved by EG at the beginning of his journey. EG's fervent attitude is only matched by Zuko's flaming spirit. Having spent some time with the water benders, specially in the presence of Tahno, Zuko learned how to use waterbending movements with his firebending to harness the power of lightining.

Special Training: Redirection of Lightning [EL]
Zuko learned how to use thunderbolt and has the energy to do so twice per match. Zuko can no longer use thunderpunch.
Jeri: Approved.


Yakone: Level 3 Male Frogadier
Graduating top of his ninja class, Yakone is a master of deceit and should never be taken lightly. Through his years of training, he discovered a secret training well that had special water properties within the ninja academy. This well had hard water, or water that was high on minerals. When soaked within them, he could create a special attack that seemed to have different properties from the rest of his water moves.

Special Attack: Mineral Water [WA]
Yakone opens his mouth, and spews out water in a similar fashion to Water Pulse, minus the confusion. However, this move has some special properties. It hits Electric, Poison, and Fire types for super-effective damage, but is not super-effective on Rock and Ground types, hitting them neutrally. All other types are affected as they normally would. This attack does significant water damage for significant water energy, while being usable three times per battle. Yakone can no longer use Water Pulse, Rain Dance, and upon evolution Hyper Beam and Giga Impact.
Jeri: Less uses.


Fang: Level 3 Male Vibrava
Bad boys, whatcha want
Watcha want, whatcha gonna do?
When sheriff Fang come for you
Tell me whatcha wanna do, whatcha gonna do?
Bad boys, bad boys whatcha gonna do?

Special Training: Good Cop [DK]
Fang learned how to use pursuit.
Jeri: Approved.


Pakku: Level 3 Male Eelektrik
Resourcefulness, what better way to become known in the manufacturing industry. Within the scientific community, The pokemon tynamo lineage are studied for their ability to defy the electromagnetic fields around them. Scientist Steven Weinberg was highly interested in the capability tynamo lineage’s floating capabilities. Within the setting of an industrial facility, Weinberg managed to assemble the tynamo to unleash small pulses of radiation that would amplify the power of the machinery available within the factory. With enough manipulation, Pakku was able to find a practical use for what Weinberg exposed in his Thesis “We Know Nothing About Gravity. The Tynamo Dilemma”. He uses the power of the electromagnetic spectrum to create radiation that surges the power of those affected. In 1979, Steven Weinberg, along with his team of researchers were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics.

Special Attack: Electromagnetic Radiation [EL]
Pakku uses Electromagnetic Radiation to send outs a spur magnetic radiation to the field that gives a 10% boost to both of his offensive stats. The radiation disappears after five turns. Moreover, the radiation reappears every time a friendly Pokémon is sent out. This attack cost significant energy. Standard boost stipulations apply. This is an entry hazard that benefits friendly Pokémon. Pakku cannot use Zap Cannon, U-Turn, thunderbolt.
Jeri: Approved.


Oogi: Level 3 Male Pikachu
Orphans, they always have the most interesting story. Oogi was abandoned as pichu in an obscure forest. I was able to capture him, but he seem to still some sort of resentment for humans. We managed to form a bond, and he finally let me into how he lives life. When he begins to think of his abandonment, he simply medidates with a personal though. He once said “Pika chu Pika. Pi ka chu Pi ka. . Pi ka chu-Pi. It is basically his personal mantra that translates to:
Coming and going
spell out your real heart
the miss confusion
It allows Oogi to put focus into his mind.

Special Training: Focus [Various]
Pikachu is able to use focus energy, and calm mind. He never learned how to use Nasty Plot.
Jeri: Approved.


Ikem: Level 4 Ampharos (Uplevel)
As a trainer, it is very rare to get approached by a stranger "Hey, let me borrow your pokemon, ill raise it and give you money in return!" Usually, it is the other way around where I drop off the pokemon to be raised, and I have to pay money to get it back. Hmpt, Oh well, who am I to argue against a good deal?! Anyway, once i went back to pick up Ikem, there were journal writings all over the desk. A particular file peaked my interest. It was something along the lines of "Every electrical output has an atomic spin. A positively charged electrical output is attracted to a negatively charged electrical output, and vice versa. But what happens when you an manipulate the charge of the attack?" It seems to be that Researcher Julian Schwinger discovered through a series of test that with enough manipulation of the electrical current, Ikem would be able to manipulate the effectiveness of his electrical attacks. When given the chance to have a practical use for what Schwinger discovered, Ikem was allowed to test the move on pokemon. What can I say, it was different times. The attack seemed to different properties for water pokemon vs ground pokemon. For some strange reason, the attack did not affect flying types at all. When Schwinger explained this to me in person, he seemed to have talked a bunch of gibberish, but I was happy with the results anyway. He also gave me a nice payout of 500 pokemon money. Years later, I discoered that Johto Labs Incorporate funded the research, which allowed Schwinger to obtain the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1965. You know how much he got for winning said award? I should of been compensated more!

Special Training: Controlled Electrical Shock (CES) [EL]
Controlled Electrical Shock, CES for short, allows Ikem to fire an attack that deals significant damage for significant energy. The attack fires in a similar fashion than thunderbolt, but it is green in coloration. It is super effective against ground types, while being resisted by water types. Flying types are immune to the attack. The attack interacts regularly with all other types. The attack is usable twice per match. Ikem can no longer use thunderbolt, Giga Impact, and Outrage.
Jeri: Immunity to Neutral, maybe, but Immunity to SE is too high a jump. I'd allow Immunity to Neutral and give you another use.


Skoochy: Level 3 Male Roselia
Spoiler: show

It was a happy day when I won a local tournament, near my home town. It involved novice trainers, basically the local kids from the block. The tournament had a wonderful prize of a pokemon egg.

This egg was a beloved Budew, which I named Skoochy. He was the happiest little critter.

One day, during our expedition across a heavily dense forest, we came across a very angry Ursaring. At the sight of this angry beast, we had no other option to flee to the depths of the forest. During our speedy escape from the angry bear, we were full of adrenaline, and hardly notice what was ahead. We had entered a very swampy area of the forest, which had what seemed to be a benign pond. In retrospect, there was a sign that said do not enter. As we ran away, my poor Skoochy tumbled off my hands as I jumped across and fell into the swampy pond. We got up immediately, not before Skoochy ingested some of the nasty water in that lake, and continued on the run.
We seemed to have made it out safely from the dense forest. First thing was in order, crash at the next pokemon center so Skoochy could rest like any other day with Nurse Joy's help, and for myself, a nicely deserved shower to refresh my body and mind. During the next day, Nurse Joy woke me up with troubling news; Skoochy was poisoned from the lake. Nurse Joy advised that I head to the poke mart, and buy myself an antidote to see if that would help alleviate the problem. We waited one more day to see if Budew's illness would subside. That was not the case, Budew's illness had progressed to a more advance stage. From there, Nurse Joy suggested that I would go visit the local scientist to see if he could figure out what was going on.
I reached the laboratory of the Science guy; his name was Steven. He explained that your Budew acquired a very strong poisoning due to a very rare bacterial infection that exist in stagnant waters such as ponds.

This bacterial infection is creating a parasitic effect on Skoochy, further amplified by his Poison nature. All of these words did not make too much sense to a trainer, but alas, the scientist informed myself that there might be a hypothetical treatment that could help. Since Skoochy is plant-like in nature, we could submit Skoochy to a protype device that could administer hydroponic treatment, that would have nutrients in the soil that would leech out the bacteria.
Skoochy looked at me with the saddest eyes, begging to be helped. I could not say no, and I opted for the treatment.

We waited several days; I did not leave Skoochy side, nor did I eat or sleep. Occasionally I would have a glass of water. Days passed by, and the treatment did not seem to work. I was frustrated, angry, and desperate, as I saw Skoochy wither away in this special pot. I threw a rampage. I tossed chemicals around, and some of it landed inside the pot. Steven was furious with my actions, but he did not understand my frustration; trainers do not bury their pokemon, pokemon bury their trainers. Steven explained to me that if I changed the soil's property, it could have severe side effects. As we both calmed down, we saw something we did not expect, Skoocky started to change blue while simultaneously evolving into his next stage, as Tinted Roselia with a bluer hue.

Scientist Steven was amazed at what just happened. He ran additional test, and later shared his results with myself and Roselia. He found out that the bacterial DNA left behind by the infection infiltrated the core of Skoochy. As the chemicals mixed in, it was able to take out the bacteria, but it modified Skoochy's DNA, as the bacteria took out all of his poison capabilities, and replaced it with its own genetic makeup during conjugation of the mitocondrial DNA of Skoochy, and the actual DNA of the bacteria. The end result left Skoochy with unique attributes.

Special Training: Slimy Algae [GS/WA]

Skoochy gained a new Water attribute from the strong hydroponic treatment & along from the bacterial DNA left behind which altered his Plant-Like state to an Algae-like state, making him more slimy. Although he did acquire a water typing, his defenses against fire are not as grand as lets say a Lombre, or Ludicolo, but i does have a partial resistance overall receiving 1.50x damage from fire moves instead of 2x. Electric moves do a similar but less effect because of his partial algea qualities that make him slimmy, and not as conductive towards electricity with damage taken at a rate of 1.25x. He also has full 2x weakness to bug, poison, and flying.

It seems that he has the power to use hydro pump twice per match. Additionally, Skoochy seemed to have gained the ability to conjugate Muddy Water by slimming it out of his mouth, and communicating with the water around her along with Water Pulse. It also gained the agility to use Aqua Jet. With water having similar properties to ice, he is also able to use ice beam twice per match. He could no longer use moves such as Poison Sting, Toxic Spikes, Poison Jab, Venoshock, or Sludge Bomb. Furthermore, Skoochy is unable to dance happily to the sun, which means a lost his ability to use Sunny Day, Solarbeam, and Cotton Spore. His body is also not strong enough to use Body Slam or Double Edge.
Jeri: Grass/Water is a really fantastic typing. Needs more drawback. Additionally, if you want to use Serebii's images, please rehost them.


Deska: Level 1 Genderless Rotom-W
Biography: The old abandoned chateau. Deska was left alone to do all the chores around the home. To increase efficiency he figured he should pick up better tricks around the home. Some tough stains on white clothing? Clearly he needs to increase the water temperature. Washing colored clothing? He needs to make sure water is cold and precise so the colored clothing remain as good as new. He figured out that he could improve all his day to day tasks simply by applying himself a bit more at his efficiency. But with efficiency, he realized that he shouldn't be wasteful with his energy. He prided himself in being part of the energy star efficient washing machines.

Special Training: Perma-Bonded for Efficiency [Various]
Deska is permantly bonded to the washing machine. He can now use the moves water gun, scald, bubble beam, and ice beam. He can no longer use hydro pump, discharge, Thunder, and double team.
Jeri: Approved.


Hiroshi: Level 4 Male Drapion (Uplevel)
Biography: This scorpion packs an extra punch with all of his attacks. It seems to be that Hiroshi's enzymatic activity is a bit more acidic then regular pokemon of his kind. It seems that he can corrode through metals with fare ease. The industrial labs of Sinjoh found a specific gene inside Hiroshi's genome that was evidently different. The lab results indicate a higher tolerance for the production of sulfuric acid, which is compensated by the poisonous nature of Hiroshi's bloodstream. It seems that his commensal bacteria had certain level of chemotrophs that naturally produce sulfuric acid as a by-product. The chemotrophs produce enough sulfuric acid to create corrosion and adversely affect metals.

Special Training: Melt it with acid [PO]
Drapion's poison moves hit steel pokemon neutrally. He also gains access to acid spray. He can no longer use venoshock or Iron Tail.
Jeri: Drop more moves.

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It goes without saying that having just implemented a large number of new pokémon and given you all two squad slots for free, there will be many new sigs to come.

Please bear with us as we clear what backlog there is. Thanks.
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I am so, so sorry.

Spoiler: show

Creed: Male Gengar (level 5)
Biography: Creed prides himself on being a master of status and dirty tricks, but oddly enough is unable to use one of the more underhanded ways of distributing status. Because GameFreak likes crack, I suppose. He has undergone the brief training to learn this move.
Special Training: More Poison, Less Hassle
Creed can now use Toxic Spikes.
Jeri: Approved.

Maxim: Male Machamp (level 5)
Biography: Maxim is all about pushing limits, of both himself and everyone around him. After a good bit of training he's found a way to use his fighting spirit to force others to push themselves as well.
Special Attack: Weight Training (Fighting)
Maxim charges a significant amount of Fighting energy into a small orb before launching it at his foe, dealing good damage. Upon contact, the energy makes the affected Pokemon feel significantly heavier for a period of three rounds, making Pokemon who fly or levitate have their flight ceiling reduced drastically, usually to only a few feet off of the ground unless they have particularly strong wings or mental capacity. The effects will also make swimming and jumping a bit harder, though it will still be possible to do so with increased energy usage.
Jeri: Approved.

Behemecoatyl: Female Scolipede (level 5)
Biography: As the queen of all bugs, and the largest member of the species of brain bugs, Behemecoatyl has learned much through her army's hive mind. Over the years her intelligence has grown to be strong enough that she has gained the ability to force her thoughts and will on others.
Special Training: Join The Legion
Behemecoatyl can now use Hypnosis, with enough Psychic energy to do so once per match.
Jeri: Approved.

Ismene: Female Gardevoir (level 5)
Biography: Ismene was a happy-go-lucky little thing as a young Ralts. She would always dance about in the most cheerful way, likely due to looking forward to her evolution into a Kirlia in the not-so-distant future. She brought joy to those around her like the beauty of a sunset after a hard day's work. But alas, her joyous youth was taken from her. One fateful evening Ismene found herself prancing about in the field just outside of her family's dwelling. It was a normal day, all in all, until a frightening roar sent terror through her spine. And with that terror came crippling pain, as she found herself flung into a tree, a crazed Tyranitar on the loose having found her out on her own and thought to make her its dinner. The second she hit the tree was as though all of her nerves shouted out in pain and were suddenly silenced. She found herself concious only through the adrenaline of the moment, but unable to pick herself up and flee, he spine snapped in two. Fortunately for her a rampaging Tyranitar is somewhat hard to miss, unless your a young child not paying attention to the world, I suppose, and her mother came to her rescue. The Tyranitar and her mother proceeded to engage in a full blown battle of epic proportions, and by the end of it, the Tyranitar was broken and beaten, barely even concious. Her mother carried her home, leaving the beast to wander, having calmed it's rampage for now. Many attempts were made at healing Ismene's spine since then, but none succeeded. Ismene would be paralyzed from the waist down for the rest of her life. But life continued on, young Ismene carted around everywhere by her mother, her cheery attitude somewhat dimmed but most definitely not gone. For she still had hope, after all, that her spine would heal upon evolution, and she would be able to dance and prance about as a Kirlia just as she had dreamed before. Alas, the day did come when she would evolve, but even that did not spare her from her fate. She watched as all of the other Ralts her age evolved aswell, and couldn't help but feel resentful towards them all. She became a bit of a recluse, never speaking and obviously never leaving the area that had become her home. The more time passed, the more bitter she became, until the day came that her mother fell ill. She had already lost so much, and the one thing she had left to cling to was being ripped away from her. She stayed by her mother's side through the illness, her psychic abilities making it not too difficult to take care of the dying Gardevoir. But the the day her mother would pass did come, and this final loss that would leave her with nothing in the world sent her into such shock as to send out a wave of psychic energy shattering everything even remotely delicate around her. In the frustration she found herself beginning to glow, and in that moment as she began to evolve into a Gardevior, she looked at the body of her deceased mother, and back to herself, realizing that she would have to fend for herself from this point on. She remained silent, but no longer out of dissent, but instead respect for the world around her, her new evolution granting her the wisdom to see that all things happen for a reason, allowing her to let go of what had happened to her in the past. Instead of remaining a recluse she spent her time focusing on her psychic abilities, lifting herself up and gliding just above the ground. After much work, she found herself able to do this without even having to focus on it, and began turning her studies to the world around her. She decided to attempt to learn how to manipulate the air itself, feeling more attached to it emotionally than other physical things of the earth. She learned that the wind can be either soft or forceful, frightening or empowering, and many other things. The wind was about balance, something she never had in her life, and it brought her something she had not had since that fateful day years ago. A smile.
Special Training: Moving Forward
Ismene can no longer use the moves Lucky Chant, Encore, Hyper Voice, Round, Echoed Voice or Sleep Talk thanks to her vow of respectful silence. Her study of the wind has allowed her to learn Fairy Wind, Ominous Wind, Silver Wind, and Defog, able to use Defog once per match. Additionally, she no longer has use of her legs, and instead hovers roughly three inches above the ground through the use of psychic levitation, which she does not need to concentrate on in order to maintain. This levitation uses light energy every round, and can be stopped and started as pleased, however she will obviously not be able to move about very well without it. Moves such as Gravity and Smack Down will cause Ismene to hover with her knees just above the ground, her legs dragging about on the floor.
Jeri: Approved.

Angeli: Female Blissey (level 5)
Biography: Angeli was given to me by a retired Nurse Joy. Angeli does not like fighting and will try to calm her opponent immediately upon entering battle. She emits a faint glow that soothes others.
Hidden Power: Steel
Special Training: Pretty Pink Glow!
Angeli utilizes calm and soothing energy to constantly emit a faint pink glow. The glow will take any Pokemon out of states of aggresiveness, such as having been Taunted or having gone berserk. Also, Angeli is unnaffected by moves that would attempt to anger her. If a Pokemon has already become calmed without the effects of Angeli's glow, then there is a 10% chance of putting that Pokemon to sleep. As a result of her passive nature, Angeli will not use the moves Frustration, Rage (at higher evolutions), or Swagger. Angeli expends light energy per turn in order to maintain this glow.
Jeri: Approved.

Caesar: Male Aegislash (level 5)
Biography: The soul of a valiant soldier and leader, stabbed in the back by his friends. Caesar has wandered the afterlife with his defenses constantly up. He's even gone so far as to learn how to catch his opponent off guard before they can do the same to him.
Special Attack: Shield Chuck (Steel)
Caesar coats his shield in a good amount of Steel energy before tossing it violently at his foe. The strike is quick, dealing moderate damage, and upon hitting any object, Caesar's shield will automatically return to his sword. Due to the swift nature of the blow, it will frequently catch opponents off guard, startling them and allowing Caesar to strike with a follow up attack much more easily. Additionally, due to the Steel energy, if this attack is used to charge through any energy based attack, the damage taken will be somewhat reduced, much like Iron Head.
Jeri: Approved.

Aurelius: Male Alakazam (level 5)
Biography: Aurelius has spent his entire life learning to bend his spoons, until it was something so simple he could do so without any real effort. He moved on to larger metal constructs, and soon enough was bending girders with his mind with some effort. He has taken this practice and refined it into an attack to use against one of his more annoying foes.
Special Attack: Metal Bend (Psychic)
Aurelius grabs the foe in a telekinetic hold and proceeds to attempt to warp them, dealing heavy damage for major energy. Due to the nature of the attack, it deals super effective damage against Steel types, but only deals neutral damage to the Fighting type. It may also be used to bend most constructs made out of metal with much more ease than other telekinetic attacks.
Jeri: Approved.

Kirill: Male Excadrill (level 5)
Biography: I'm a drill and I'm digging a hole. Diggy diggy hole. I'm digging a hole.
Special Training: Giga Drill
Whenever ordered to Dig, Kirill coats himself in an additional minor amount of Ground energy and a minor amount of Steel energy, the combination of which allows his drilling prowess dig through surfaces he would not be able to, such as reinforced concrete or steel, only unable to dig through the most indestructible of surfaces. This extra energy will always be used, even if digging through the softest soil, and does not affect the damage done nor the type of damage when Kirill uses Dig to strike a foe.
Jeri: Approved.

B.R.A.I.N.: Genderless Metagross (level 3)
Biography: Binary Reactive Artificially Intelligent Neurocircuit aka B.R.A.I.N. is the creator of all other machines. Having been re-purposed to wipe out all life, B.R.A.I.N. has manufactured many types of traps and has chosen to keep only the most efficient of them.
Special Attack: Fabrication (Psychic)
B.R.A.I.N. creates many small orbs of Psychic energy around the arena, some of which explode immediately dealing moderate damage to the foe, while the rest fade into the arena until a new foe is sent out. Every time a new foe is sent out some foes re-emerge and explode dealing moderate damage to that foe. This attack uses a significant amount of energy.
Jeri: Approved.
Wild Future - FizzBy
PASBL - Ghost Grass Gym Leader - Dragon Elite Four

Daisy wins at life for making this Battle Cut
Originally Posted by Jerichi View Post
Whatever Sneasel says is right

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Diuqs: Inkay (M) Lv.1
Diuqs wakes up in the night and feeling exhausted after a hard day ahead, regurgitating a delicious midnight snack of Gogoat’s cheese and crackers. He rears onto his sofa, finally finishing his Breaking Bad boxset by watching “Pilot” whilst regurgitating a Kantonese takeaway. Feeling slightly more refreshed he moonwalks to his automobile, reversing to the Young’s Qwilfish factory where he works on the production line. After a hard day’s work unpackaging Qwilfish fingers he reverses home feeling fresh as a Sunflora! Regurgitating a bowl of cereal he coils back to bed.
Signature Ability: Contrary
Diuqs’ brain works the opposite way to other Pokémon. At the start of a battle when he is at full energy he will feel like he is in critical energy – feeling fatigued, slow to react and find it almost impossible to dodge attacks. However as the battle goes on and his energy depletes Diuqs will feel more fresh¸ responsive and agile. Basically his energy is tipped on its head i.e. when he is fresh he will be treated like he is in critical energy and when he is in critical energy he will be treated like a fresh Pokémon. Attacks that are described as making the user feel fatigued such as Superpower will have a reverse effect. His actual energy figure is never affected – only his state of mind.
Jeri: Interesting. My concern is that you basically can run through all your energy as fast as possible and actually benefit from it. That's wildly broken.

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Spoiler: show
Cynthia: Spritzee Lv 1 (F)
Overeager and naive, Cynthia is a hero in her own mind, even if others don't see her as such. She soars around with one big thing on her mind: her legacy. She is dedicated to leaving behind a powerful legacy, to be the stuff of future legends. This over-enthusiasm has led her to impact the world of comedy far more than the world of heroism, but she tries.
Sig: Special Training: "I am the Stuff of Leg-" *stumbles*
Cynthia can now use Aura Sphere, with the energy for two uses per battle. She loses access to Charge Beam.
Jeri: Approved. Sorry about that.

Swirlix Lv 1 (M)
Always looked down upon for being yet another "foodmon", Swirlix decided to use his odd physiology to his advantage. That ought to show the haters (spoilers: it won't).
Sig: Special Training: Candy Floss
Swirlix's natural sweet, sticky thread is now stronger, more similar in strength to Spider Web than String Shot, but requires slightly more energy investment.
Jeri: Approved.

Carbink Lv 1
Sig: Special Attack: Mythic Rush (Fairy)
Carbink cloaks itself with an aura of Fairy energy, and slams into the foe, dealing solid damage. Because of the mystical energies contained within, there is a 20% chance of one of his main stats (physical attack, physical defense, special attack, special defense, speed) getting a small boost. This boost takes longer to fade than other boosts of that level, taking roughly twice the time to fade. Mythic Rush will not cause a new boost until the previous one from this attack fades. This attack takes considerable energy.
Jeri: Approved.

Klefki Lv 1
Klefki wanted to do something that fit his strengths as a trickster key ring fairy. He did a lot of thorough research on locks and locking mechanisms, deciding that would be the best method of exploration on the strengths of being a personification of keys. In time, he explored the concept of locking one off from something they held dear, holding the power of their release in his hands. Er, metaphorical hands. It was from this that he started to develop a special technique for battle use.
Sig: Special Technique: Key Holder (Fairy)
Klefki uses significant energy to lock off a foe's access to a single off-type energy pool (chosen upon ordering this move) for five rounds. This technique is usable only once per battle. If the Pokemon under this effect is switched out, they will still be under the effects of this technique after being released again, with the counter for rounds remaining before the effects end resetting at five, a penalty for attempting to circumvent the effects.
Jeri: Approved with edit.

Flabebe Lv 1 (F)
Sig: Special Training: Ride the Tide
Flabebe has slightly more control over her floating ability than the average Flabebe.
Jeri: Approved.

Pallas: Chespin Lv 1 (F)
Sig: Special Technique: Armour of Athens
Pallas may expend mild energy to thicken the woody parts of her hide, raising her defense slightly in those areas and potentially making attacks that use her spikes slightly more powerful. This lasts three rounds, adjusted slightly for round length.
Jeri: Approved.

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Spoiler: show
Ino: Level 1 Female Spritzee
Biography: Ino is a Spritzee that always loved frolicking in the flowers, and naturally became very knowledgeable about them. Through this knowledge, she learned how to intensify her own aromas, and found that she could even make them have different sorts of effects. She played with many different types of aroma variations, seeing what all they could do. Eventually, she stumbled across one aromatic effect that tickled her fancy. Mental disturbance aroma.
Special Training: Aromatic Mind Disturbance Jutsu (FA)
Ino may expend Major energy to intensify her natural 5-foot aroma radius for three rounds, in which time any opponent in the aroma's range will feel sluggish, as though someone's trying to break into their mind. Also, the opponent has a 25% chance of replacing one of their ordered attacks with an attack opposite of it in terms of offense/defense. In this situation, an offensive move will be swapped for a defensive move, and vice versa. The move the Pokémon actually uses is of the same type as the ordered move. If the Pokémon doesn't have an offensive/defensive move of the same type, a Normal or XX move will be swapped in, instead. This move can only be used once per battle. Since this technique puts a mental strain on the user, it can only be used directly following a one-mover, and no other moves can be ordered in conjunction with this one. Ino can no longer use Dazzling Gleam.
Jeri: OP and too hard to ref.

Hitsu: Level 1 Female Mareep
Biography: Hitsu was always a rather timid Mareep, not thinking much of herself other than her battling prowess, which had still not been tested very much at all. Until one day, when, in her first battle with Kyro, she was adored by the crowd, and specifically one teacher that seemed nearly enthralled with her. Seeing his reaction to her gave her new self-confidence which she has carried with her to this very day.
Special Training: Bringin' Sexy Back
With Hitsu's new found self-confidence, she has found that she can use her attractiveness more so to her advantage in battle. As such, her moves that deal with showing herself off (Captivate, Attract, Swagger) all now have a 20% greater chance of causing adverse effects on the opponent, but cost 20% more energy to use. Attract now works on any Pokémon of the opposite gender, regardless of breeding group. Due to her self-confidence, Hitsu cannot use the move Flatter, and is also more prone to the move Flatter herself. She has also forgotten the moves After You, Mimic, and Shock Wave
Jeri: Approved.

Shirudo: Level 1 Male Shieldon
Biography: Shirudo is a Shieldon that was raised by some very cute little Pokémon after being ditched by his family for being way too kawaii. They taught him how to be even MORE kawaii through various makeovers and lots of cuddling. He spent countless weeks studying things like Hello Kitty, Powerpuff Girls, and Care Bears. He eventually experienced so much kawaii that his very Shield turned a kawaii shade of pink. After spending seven hours staring at just how kawaii he was now, Shirudo realized something else.. He no longer felt threatened by some types that used to devastate him. Along with this, he also found he was more prone to some more kawaii types, because, well, THEY'RE JUST SO KAWAIIIIIIII ^o^
Signature Characteristic: KAWAII-DESU ^o^
Shirudo now only takes 2x Damage from Fighting and Ground type moves. However, he also takes 2x Damage from Grass type moves, and no longer resists Fairy type moves
[COLOR="red'']Jeri: One more resistance dropped please.

Sasuke: Level 2 Male Sneasel
Biography: Sasuke's entire existence has always been plagued by an overwhelming darkness. From a young age, he found that he hated everyone and everything around him. His family was dead, all slaughtered by his brother. He found solace in nothing but the idea of eventually getting revenge on his brother. Sasuke trained to make himself strong enough to be able to finally kill his brother, who had caused him so much pain. Sasuke eventually left behind all ties to his home, so he could travel and further hone his skills. The darkness inside of him grew greater each passing day. This very darkness brought him his power. He gave in to it, even tried to bring it out himself, for he knew it was what he needed to end his brother's life and avenge his family. This darkness became so great that Sasuke had even forgotten some of his other skills. They were not necessary. His greatness weapon was, and forever would be, his ultimate darkness.
Special Training: The Path I Walk is that of Darkness (DK)
Sasuke is now a pure Dark type, with the weaknesses and resistances of such. He has the Ice energy of a regular dark type. Sasuke's dark training made him forget some of his Ice moves, like Blizzard and Icicle Crash.
Jeri: Drop more.

Credit to Daisy for this glorious Battle Cut :3

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Spoiler: show
Enigma: Level 1 Genderless Unown E
Enigma, like any other Unown, has always had a strong connection to our language. Enigma wanted to deepen this connection and better understand why it exists. In order to accomplish this, Enigma taught itself how to mimic other attacks that contain an "e" by closely studying how pokemon use them.

Special Training: Alphabetic Connection
Enigma can now use sketch, and may have up to twenty sketched moves. However, Enigma can only sketch moves that contain the letter e.
Jeri: Approved.

Serenity: Level 1 Female Ralts
Just like every other Ralts, when generation six came around, Serenity gained a new type in Fairy. However, gaining this new type has had some strange side effects on her personality. She has become obsessed with glitter and anything sparkly. She loves glitter so much that she even discovered a way to use it in battle.
Special Attack- Glitter Ray (Fairy)
Serenity fires a pink glittering beam of fairy energy at the foe, dealing decent damage for good energy. Due to the strange glittery energy in the attack, the foe also becomes confused when hit.
Jeri: Approved.

credit to Mew The Gato for the epic banner

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Spoiler: show
Level 1 Male Smeargle
Special Training: TV Watcher (Normal)
This Smeargle was selected as the top prize for winning the Winter 2013 Grand Melee, and hence does not count towards squad limits. It was raised watching only TV, and after being locked in a room with many TV screens, it was able to sketch attacks based off of the 16 Pokemon it witnessed in battle. After the battle, the winning trainer was able to pick which attacks it wanted the Smeargle to learn based off of the participating Pokemon.
You are able to pick one attack from every participating Pokemon, for a total of 16 sketched attacks. For the case of Ditto, you can pick an attack from Raikou, Pidgeot or Zapdos (the Pokemon it transformed into). Once picked, these attacks cannot ever be changed or replaced. Smeargle is still able to use sketch mid battle, however it cannot permanantly learn or replace an attack. It also cannot learn legendary-only attacks. It's available type energy will adjust based on the types of attacks learned.
Sketched Moves: Thunderbolt (Zapdos), Extremespeed (Raikou), Hurricane (Pidgeot), Acid Spray (Ekans), Psychic (Drowzee), Spite (Banette), Earthquake (Girafarig), Synthesis (Ivysaur), DynamicPunch (Blaziken), Ice Beam (Dusclops), Flamethrower (Kecleon), Stone Edge (Rampardos), Iron Head (Metagross), Dark Pulse (Honchkrow), Dragon Pulse (Dragonair), Wish (Gardevoir)
+ Jeri: Do I have to approve this? Either way, Approved.

Angela Level 1 Female Fennekin
Angela is a curious and smart Fennekin. She tends to appear out of nowhere, but gives the best advice. Her quick and cunning ways allow for her to outwit her foes with a never before seen attack.
Signature Move: Frogs or Toads
Angela creates a fireball in the shape of a toad using a considerable amount of energy. It flies towards the opponent, exploding on contact for a solid amount of damage. This attack is super-effective affective against Water types, since the fire has special drying capabilities. Angela can no longer use Thief, Psyshock, Incinerate, or Double Team.
+ Jeri: Approved.

Naga Level 1 Female Ekans
Naga is the pokemon that helped me win the Grand Melee. We didn't have to fight much for it, mostly due to her uncanny ability to stick to the shadows and stay unnoticed.
Special Training: One of the Dark
Naga is now familiar with the Dark type
+ Jeri: Approved.

Clutch Level 1 Male Froakie
Clutch, unlike other Froakie or Frogadier, utilize his bubbly exterior to its full potential.
Signature Move: Bubble Trap
Clutch grabs a fistful of his bubbles and throws them at them opponent using a moderate amount of energy. They strike the opponent for a moderate amount of typeless damage before retreating to the edges of the arena. When a new pokemon is sent out, some of the bubbles attach themselves to the opponent, making them much slower for the next 2 rounds, when the bubbles pop. This only works on up to 4 pokemon per match, since the bubbles eventually run out, and never works on the same pokemon twice.
+ Jeri: Approved.

Cham-P Level 1 Male Dedenne
Pinky once dared Cham-P to eat some odd looking berries. He did, of course. The berries had some special effects though, and Cham-P is forever changed because of it.
Special Training: Massive gerbil of death
Cham-P is now as tall as an Eelektross at 6'10". He weighs the same as one too, weighing in at 177 pounds. Cham-P can also use Moonblast, Hyper Fang, Strength, and Quick Attack since he became much more powerful after growing. He burns energy 20% faster than the regular pokemon.
+ Jeri: No.

Bern Level 1 Male Chespin
Bern moves in a different way than others of his kind. He specializes in rolling, and has made it quite advantageous to him.
Signature Move: Aura Roll
Bern begins to roll, much akin to rollout but with more speed and control. An aura of normal typed energy, much akin to skull bash, forms around Bern as he rolls. This reduces the damage taken by energy attacks greatly. Bern then slams into the opponent, flopping on top of them like Body Slam. This deals considerable damage for a significant amount of energy.
+ Jeri: Up the energy a bit.

Venus Level 2 Female Ivysaur
Venus' evolutionary line is already heavily tied with the sun. They are only held back by their lack of knowledge. My Servine, Finn, helped Venus unlock her solar powers, making her a much stronger adversary.
Special Training: Reverse Solar
When Venus uses a grass type move that is comprised of energy, she can be ordered "Reverse _____" instead. The attack turns red and is now fire-typed, dealing fire typed damage and requiring fire typed energy. Venus is now familiar with the fire type. She loses access to AncientPower, Toxic, Curse, PoisonPowder, Synthesis, Fury Cutter, Counter, Leech Seed, and Ingrain.
+ Jeri: This needs to be limited.

Sun-D Level 2 Female Pachirisu
Sun-D used to focus solely on helping her teammates, but after she met Cham-P, she changed in a very devious way.
Signature Training: Killer Instinct
As the opponent's health gets lower, Sun-D's attack grows and she tires less quickly (though energy use stays the same). When the opponent's health reaches half, Sun-D's attack rises similar to that of a howl, and she tires like a fighting type, though her overall energy usage is 1.1x more. When the opponent's health passes the last third, Sun-D's attack rises similar to a Swords Dance, and her energy usage is 1.2x more. She continues to tire like a fighting type. This cannot be called off. Sun-D is less likely to use defensive moves when experiencing this. When a new foe is sent in the boosts wear off. These boosts cannot be baton passed, or stacked with other boosting moves.
+ Jeri: Does this boost fade?

Cher Level 1 Female Amaura
Amauras and Aurorus's naturally give off a radiating chill that can freeze on contact, but Cher's is much stronger than that. So much that it effects her battling style.
Special Training: Slow Freeze
Any pokemon not accustomed to the cold will feel quite uncomfortable when within 7 feet of Cher, so much that if they are that close for a few rounds, it will begin to get painful, though no damage is actually done. This means that physical attacks are reduced in power, with their power being reduced even more depending on how long the user is within Cher's range. Cher's skin is also extremely cold, making physical moves with extended contact have a small chance of flinching the opponent.
+ Jeri: This is a little too much. Tone it down.

Fritz Level 1 Male Litleo
Fritz is a calm and kind Litleo, not as boisterous as the other Litleo he grew up with. While he lacks the non-stop energy that other cubs have, he makes up for it in a very commanding personality that is hard to disobey. He channels this into an attack that puts him in power when he needs it most.
Special Attack: King's Command
Fritz yells out "Streichen!", commanding the opponent to stop. This only deals a decent amount of fire typed damage, but has a secondary effect too. All opponents stop attacking for a short amount of time. This works on any opponent, no matter of size or battle condition. Any opponent smaller than Fritz or with a reason to fear him may experience lasting effects of this, like a hesitance to attack. This costs a decent amount of energy. This attack slightly lowers the potency of any and all sound based moves that Fritz uses for the next 3 rounds.
+ Jeri: Up the energy.

Ampha Level 2 Female Marshtomp
Ampha's evolutionary line isn't known for being very fast, but there is a time and a place for when speed is completely necessary.
Special Attack: Corkscrew

+ Ampha spins quickly in place, tapping into her ground energies to drill a hole in the ground. Ampha obviously ends up in the hole. This action is extremely quick, and requires a decent amount of energy to use. Harder surfaces will require more time and energy for this attack to work, with metal surfaces rendering this attack useless. When Ampha is ordered to come back up to the surface, the ground underneath rises until there is no trace that a hole was ever there. For a mild amount more of energy, the Ampha can be flung skyward as the ground moves back up.
Jeri: Does this deal damage? If this is intended to be used as a dodge, it needs to use more energy and be restricted.

Mercutio: When viewing the edit page it's apparent that Jeri has edited this but for some reason it wasn't showing up. I've lifted the display we get from mod view, if there's any issues let us both know.

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Lady Kuno
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Spoiler: show
Robotics: Genderless Cryogonal
Special Attack: Unlimited Hail (Ice)
In an arena where the sky can be seen, Robotics sends forth a HB worth of Ice Energy into the sky. This causes clouds to quickly appear and drop down hail upon the arena. However this Hail will not vanish over time and cannot be overridden by other weather attacks. In an arena where one cannot normally experience Hail, two Blizzards worth of energy will be used instead. However, exceptionally warm areas such as a blazing hot desert will cause this move to fail (ref's discretion).
This hail will act like normal hail and deal light damage every round, increase ice attacks by 10%, and disrupt concentration. However in addition to this, every time the opponent brings out a new Pokemon, the hail will get larger and deal more damage. The damage will go up one tier (light -> mild, etc), and ice attacks will be boosted by an additional 5% every time a new Pokemon is brought out. This attack counts as a 2-move combo and can only be used one time.
Jeri: Approved.

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Spoiler: show
Arabella the Mincinno (Female)
Arabella had the great misfortune to fall in love with a Bunnelby. These future ground types are, sadly, not exactly known for their cleanliness. It took her a long time to get used to this.
Special Training: Down and Dirty (Ground)
Arabella is no longer effected by her SC drawback, and gains use of Mud Bomb with the type energy to use it twice per battle.
Jeri: Approved.

Houdini the Zubat (Male)
Named for the famed escape artist (obviously), Houdini prefers the "flight" part of "fight or flight".
Special Training: Escape Artist (Flying)
Houdini may be successfully switched out under the effects of Block, Mean Look and other such moves and will evade Pursuit on the way out. Due to the additional acrobatics required, if he has to evade of of these it will cost him an additional decent energy on top of whatever switching method he used, which like the energy for switching moves cannot be recovered in the pokeball.
Jeri: Approved.

The next two are parroted from mon I dropped;

May the Deerling (Female)
Signature Move: Spring Bloom (Grass)
In a similar fashion to stockpile, May stores away an amount of energy (up to a surfs worth), except in the arena rather than in herself. When the next friendly pokemon that is not at full energy is sent out, they gain this energy (in a similar fashion to how healing wish works, except with energy rather than health and May is not required to have fainted). One use only.
Jeri: Approved.

Luna the Venusaur (Female)
Signature Move: Disturbia (Grass)
Using solid energy, Luna spreads a bunch of seeds around the field, which sprout into small flowers spread over a wide area. The flowers then turn to face the opponent and spray a concentrated sweet scent cloud at them. The flowers repeat their sweet scent onslaught at each new pokemon the opponent releases. Whilst quite hardy, the flowers are vulnerable to fire attacks which can destroy patches of them (or all of them if sufficiently widespread and well aimed). The flowers are pretty tough and only need to survive the length of the match so can grow and spread in pretty much any arena short of concrete or steel.
Jeri: Approved.

The following I have not yet fully evolved, but want to note the sig for when I do whilst it occurs to me.

Sentinel the Golett (Male)
Special Training: Rocket Man (Ghost)
After extensive practice with his rocket boots in Golurk form, moving around with them will only cost minor to light energy per round (depending on how extensively he uses them). Obviously this doesn't give him rocket powers in Golett form, where he doesn't have rocket boots.
Jeri: Resubmit when he evolved. It's fine though!
Originally Posted by PTerry
What can the harvest hope for, if not the care of the reaper man?

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Spoiler: show
Miles Edgeworth: Level 2 Honedge

Bio: After witnessing his father's murder and blaming himself for it. He grew up to be a prosecuter in order to lock all criminals away. In court evidence is always flinging back and forth but due to his training at law school he has learned to produce counter evidence against almost anything.
In court Miles has learnt to take abuse and bide his time before making a deadly counter attack. As such he can now use bide.
Jeri: Approved.

St. Catherine: Level 1 Smeargle

Bio: Catherine is one of the few great female painters. She's pretty great, but being a girl she doesn't get much recognition in the art world. This upsets her greatly, however rather than concentrating on her own unique abilities she instead chooses to copy those of others.

Sig: Great forgerer
Catherine is Capable of copying one, and only one signature attack from others. This includes all weaknesses added. If for example the sig move states that certain moves can't be used. She won't be able to use them either, even when Sketched. In addition the sketched sig move must be approved like hidden power before it can be used. Catherine will NOT be capable of choosing which move she'll drop when sketching a new move over the 10 she gets. If she tries to sketch a signature move and she already knows one, she has to get lucky with the rng roll that the old signature move gets dropped, if not sketch will fail.
Jeri: Rejected.
Trainer level 3: 53 KO \\ 187 TP \\ 37.5 SP
21 win 29 loss 1 draw (17/21/1 Without DQ)

B- grade ref.
Originally Posted by empoleon dynamite View Post
Shouldn’t the Hoff be doing something if he’s still around? I have strict rules about leaving the pool, and I’m sure vanishing the pool out of existence breaks those rules in some way :P

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Experiment 602/Sinker: Level 1 Male Skrelp
Designed to sink enemy navies. As the only Poison-type family unique to the Kalos region, Sinker came from a legacy of sinister ship-sinking specimens, which commandeer an empire of sunken ships in a graveyard worthy of being considered an empire. For safety reasons his poisons had to be toned down, but their nastiness pertaining to metals remained.
Signature Training: Potassium Reaction
Sinker knows Acid Spray, and all his Poison-type moves are considered neutral against Steel-types, at the cost of requiring 20% more energy.
Jeri: Approved.

Spitter: Level 1 Male Mawile
Unlike most of his species that emphasise their characteristically cute facade and gruesome biting power, Spitter is much more willing to command the species' wide range of elemental assaults. Months of training were dedicated to his horns as an orifice of natural power, slowly causing it to lose its edge but refining it like a sphere of purified ore in a furnace.
Signature Training: Projectile Specialist
Spitter loses the 20% boost to his biting attacks unlike normal Mawile. In exchange, all special attacks that can be fired/called from his jaw-horns (e.g. Flamethrower, Ice Beam) deal 20% more damage.
Jeri: Approved.

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Adding two Pokemon thanks to the new Gen stuff.

Spoiler: show
Deviljho: Level 1 Male Tyrunt
Cloned from the bones of an extinct elder dragon, Deviljho shows exactly why they've gone extinct. Deviljho is an apex predator of extreme hunger and savagery with no regard to it's own ecosystem. The beast consumed all prey animals and even resorted to cannibalism, effectively ending the reign of his species and all species of his era.
Signature Move: Brute's Rage (Dragon)
Should Deviljho be struck by a super-effective attack, he taps into an ancient instinctual rage, his body going beyond it's normal limitations with no regard to its own safety. In this mode Deviljho's attack and speed will increase by 20% it's normal and can use Dragonbreath, but he suffers 20% extra damage and expends 20% extra energy. Deviljho will only remain in this enraged state until has suffered damage equal to 2HB worth of damage or expended 3HB worth of energy (Assuming 6/9 rules). This effect is automatic and does not use energy on it's own but can only trigger once per battle.
Jeri: Approved.

Spoiler: show
NotAGun: Level 1 Male Klefki
NotAGun is from the mean streets of Unova despite Klefkis not being native to it.
Signature Training: I cut you fool!
Klefki learned a long time ago how to defend himself. He uses his keys as weapons themselves. NotAGun know the moves Cut, Fury Attack, and Fury Swipes.
Jeri: Approved.

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