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Sorry, I got busy and I'm behind, but I did watch episode 08. I have my own multi-level marketing story to tell:

Something like five years ago, I spotted a dude doing bench press in the gym (of course, he claimed that he used to be bench 100 more pounds 5 years ago. That should have been the first red flag right there) and then he started talking about how he was working hard at building his "business," asked me if I was happy with my job ("eh not really") and said that he had a really good business opportunity for me. Curious, I asked him what it was, but he was extremely vague and just kept talking about how he's continuing to build his "business" and went on and on about how his "mentor" made $15,000 a month doing the same thing. I kept asking him what it was but he REFUSED to tell me and remained vague. Instead, he gave me a small book and told me that if I was interested in the business opportunity, I should read it and then meet him at a coffee shop in a couple days. I read the book, and it was a Robert Kiyosaki book talking about how people who work wage jobs are sheep, and you're reading this book because you're NOT a sheep, etc. etc. It then moved on to talk about how one example of how you can make tons of money is if you use your genius marketing skills to convince 10 people to buy products off you, then each of them in turn will find 10 people to buy products, and each of them will find 10 more people, and on and on it goes, and you'll get a cut from ALL those hundreds of saplings that you planted!

Since the book only appeared to give that as one example of making money, and that didn't appear to be the whole point of the book, I still wasn't connecting the dots and didn't know what the guy was getting at by giving me this book. To be honest, I thought that he might be a drug dealer and that's the reason why he was being vague and mysterious lol. At the time, I was watching Breaking Bad and the idea of being a drug dealer was kinda romantic to me, and I thought hmmm maybe I should try this out!

I met with the guy at the coffee shop and I demanded that he give it to me straight WHAT exactly the business opportunity was. I "joked" that I was wondering if he was asking me to become a drug dealer because he was so vague. He laughed and said no, but if I want to find out what the business opportunity is, I need to meet him at this big gathering that's going to take place in a conference room downtown. Dress semi-formal. Disappointed that I wasn't going to become the next meth kingpin, I was like: "Errrr, okay. Maybe I'll meet you there?" and went home. That's when I realized that this was probably some scam bullshit. I happened to notice that he was wearing a shirt that said "Nutri[something, I forget what the company name was exactly]." I Googled the name and found out they were a "multi level marketing company" (I had never heard of the term before), did some research on what it was, and that's when I finally realized it was some stupid pyramid scheme.

I'm guessing that the reason why the guy refused to tell me what the "business opportunity" was was because he was trained to be vague with people he's trying to recruit so he can get them to attend that gathering he was talking about (probably resembled that guy giving the presentation in the Tonegawa episode), where all his guys could team up, rah rah to the target about how much money they're making and he can too, then pressure him to buy a bunch of products and sell them to all his friends and family.

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Up through episode 11, which really hit it out of the park.

I'm happy to see it doesn't feel like -another- Saul or Fear the Walking Dead.
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Tonegawa Episode 11:

Spoiler: show
This was easily the best filler we've had yet. Filler (in the sense that it didn't advance the main Kaiji-games plot any) ... but excellently entertaining. Roughly divided into 20-40-40 portion sizes, we'll take each story in turn.

Tonegawa, Hyoudou, & Tunnels: This was a cute little arc. Not much to write here; the enjoyment is in the experience watching it. lol @ the dropped signals and Hyoudou's escalation of reactions to each. lol @ the sincere, brief glimpse at life for many Japanese business executives and how utterly overworked they are.

Tonegawa & the Kansai Branch: This was another funny little story. I felt bad for everyone involved not named Kinezaki. One viewer questions how Kinezaki could fail so badly at reading the mood, but this scene works principally because it is so familiar to us from real life. I was surprised that the scene didn't end with Tonegawa firing Kinezaki, singling him out as the reason the Kansai branch is struggling. Indeed, it felt like Tonegawa left Osaka without having properly solved the branch's problems. (Yes, they were all working on time management, but still .... =\)

The Fashion Boom: It was interesting to see a Vs. story between our two most developed suits, Yamazaki and Saemon-Saburou. And it was satisfying to watch Yamazaki come out on top. Hooray for loyalty! Hooray for smartassery losing in the end! A lot of fans have pointed out that this is where we finally get to see Saemon-Saburou fail at something. But man! THAT BLACKFACE! ^^;; Only in Japan!

I really enjoyed the final bit of this scene, with Tonegawa giving the men fashion advice suited to the business world elite. The references to Harajuku and Marunouchi were especially nice. Harajuku is known as one of Japan's fashion capitals, but it's also known as being incredibly popular with the young crowd. Teens and adults in their 20s. Meanwhile, Marunouchi is famous for being Tokyo's economic center. It's a no-bullshit place where all the banks and major corporations are headquartered. So it just makes perfect sense to say, "Harajuku? No! You want Marunouchi," and have Tonegawa lead the way to a $10,000-per-suit Men's Warehouse in Tokyo's banking district. I dunno. I'm having trouble putting into words all the little nice things I liked about this scene, but there were many and they so intricately worked together. I liked it a lot.
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