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Marion Ette
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Announcing the Closure of the Pokemon Global Link Service...

According to the Pokemon Global Link Website, the Pokemon Global Link Service will be closing down for Pokemon Black/White and Pokemon Black 2/White 2 on January 14th, 2014. All Dream World activity will be shut down after this point.

The new Pokemon Global Link, which will link to Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, will be up and running in October.

You will no longer be able to change C-gear skins, Musical and Pokedex Skin Customization Options after January 14th, 2014.

The GTS will still be available for Pokemon trades and Random Matchups in Free Mode will still be available, but Random Matches in Rating Mode and your trade/battle history will no longer be accessible.

New users and players with additional games will be unable to register for the Dream World after 10/12/13.

Not sure how many of you use the Global Link, but I for one am not particularly happy to hear about this... I suppose it was inevitable, but I'm going to miss the Dream World. T_T
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melon doggo
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brb crying ;~;

Luckily people have mass collections of Dream World Females, so I guess that isn't a loss... Hopefully they upload the games on to the Games section of pokemon.com.
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Fallen Icarus
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Can't say I used it too much, but it was fun while it lasted.

Means no more DW promotions too ;;
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Not sure if gone...
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Does this affect multiplayer online matches, or just Dream World?

Note: Read about this a day or two ago. It raises an interesting issue. If Nintendo is shutting down online multiplayer, this is a HUUUUUUGE deal considering how new the games are, but if this is just an ARG thing, it's still a big deal, but less so.
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Nintendo did the same when the new Monster Hunter 3U came out. They just don't have enough resources to run ALL THE GAMES.
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