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Erick's Adventures and Quests

Name: Erick Harrigan
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Class: Warlock (Major: Dark, Minor: Psychic, Weakness: Fighting)
Appearance: Most of his clothes were ruined in the floods that disparaged Viridian City, though he somehow managed to save his dark green vest in addition to the forest green shirt, blue jeans, and tennis shoes he had on when he left town. He has short, blond hair and green eyes and is somewhat short, reaching 5'9" in height and weighing 194 lb. He keeps a broken pocketwatch in his vest with a picture of his family inside it as a constant reminder of them. He also wears glasses, though the left lens betrays some slight damage due to the flooding. Should he find himself in colder temperatures, he only has a blue sweatjacket with a hood to protect himself from the weather.
Personality: Before the disaster, he was cheerful, with many friends, human and Pokemon. Now, much of that light, though not all, has disappeared from him as tragedy and heartache ravaged his soul. He finds himself regrettably growing irritable as his once positive outlook on life has diminished and he is simply doing what he can to survive, though his purpose for doing so has yet to be discovered. He wonders from time to time why he doesn't just fling himself towards some hungry Pokemon and let it kill him mercifully. Then again, that would ruin one of the last good-looking outfits around these parts along with him, so for the sake of his clothes he trudges on.
Background: Erick had everything a kid could ever want: a loving mother, a cool father, a brother making a name for himself in a faraway land, and over 100 different Pokemon he could play with. Thanks to the association with his father's Pokemon he could feel a deep appreciation for them and gained an affinity toward Dark-type and Psychic-type Pokemon. He was nine years old when the Disaster hit Viridian City, and he was in school when he and the other students evacuated and took shelter with other townsfolk in Mt. Silver. But Erick's mother and father were not among them, neither were any of their Pokemon. When it was finally safe to return, he went back to his house to discover that the majority of the family's Pokemon didn't survive the floods, and his parents' most trusted companions were missing along with them. Only Reuniclus, Shiftry, Hydreigon, and Gallade were found alive and able to keep him company. He was given a chance to call his brother far away before the phone service was cut off completely, but all attempts to reach him mysteriously failed.
He was forced to spend the next ten years wondering what had happened to his family, though his parents were presumed dead. Hydreigon lived for a year before being euthanized after going on a rampage and being subdued by the other three Pokemon, though it sadly cost Gallade his life in the effort. Shiftry and Reuniclus were able to live out the rest of their days with Erick before Reuniclus died of a plague that swept the city four years after the Disaster, claiming many of Erick's friends in addition to Reuniclus, and Shiftry of old age another five years after that. It has been a year after Shiftry passed away, and Erick finds himself almost at the end of his rope, all alone and barely able to take care of himself, much less assist in efforts to revive the city.


Name: Sidney
Species: Bulbasaur
Level: 6
Ability: Overgrow (Grass-type moves gain a 50% boost to power when health is below 33%)
Nature: Brave (+Atk, -Spd, likes Spicy, hates Sweet)
Held Item: None
Bio: Born under an older female Venusaur, he would be the last child she would give birth to as she died about three months into raising him. It hadn't even been six hours before he met Erick, a human who he thought had come to take his mother away. However, this human's behavior was very confusing to him; after all, he had tried to lift his dead mother all by himself! After attacking him didn't work, this Bulbasaur was at his wit's end and let emotion take over. Ever since that fateful encounter, Sidney has been by Erick's side for life. He does have a Pokeball he can be contained in just in case, but he prefers to be outside of his Pokeball so he can be with his partner, ready to battle at any time. Where Erick is hesitant about something, Sidney is willing to push him headlong into adventure, helping to fill a void within Erick that had grown for 10 years. Together, Sidney and Erick complement each other, with Sidney becoming an encouragement for Erick, while Erick is the voice of reason and knows when to hold back.
Current Movepool: Tackle, Growl, (Magical Leaf)
Moves to Learn: Leech Seed (Lv. 7), Vine Whip (Lv. 7), Poison Powder (Lv. 13), Sleep Powder (Lv. 13), Take Down (Lv. 15), Razor Leaf (Lv. 19), Sweet Scent (Lv. 21), Growth (Lv. 25), Double-Edge (Lv. 27), Worry Seed (Lv. 31), Synthesis (Lv. 33), Seed Bomb (Lv. 37), Solar Beam (Lv. 46)
Evolutions: (Lv. 16), (Lv. 32)

Name: Autumn
Species: Caterpie
Level: 5
Ability: Shield Dust (No secondary effects from opponent's damaging moves)
Nature: Bold (+Def, -Atk, likes Sour, hates Spicy)
Held Item: None
Bio: Autumn is the newborn daughter of a Butterfree named Summer, who is owned by a shopkeeper named Rena. The moment she saw Erick and Sidney, she knew she wanted to be a part of their adventures, so she tested them with a battle and lost. That only made her want to join them even more, so she asked her mother about it, and Summer agreed and helped convince Erick to recruit her. The moment she was offered the Pokeball, she jumped right in and has been a loving friend ever since. She hasn't stopped being reckless, however. Whenever she sees Erick about to battle, she is always the first of the team to volunteer and will stand her ground despite how frail she is. Autumn stands out from other Caterpie due to her ability to use Electroweb, a very helpful attack she uses to snare her opponent before bogging them down in more String Shot to immobilize them.
Current Movepool: Tackle, String Shot, [Electroweb]
Moves to Learn: Bug Bite (Lv. 9)
Evolutions: (Lv. 7), (Lv. 10)


Pokeball x5
Dusk Ball x1
Luxury Ball x1

Potion x4 (one in use)
Super Potion x1
Antidote x1
Revive x1

Oran Berry x3
Cheri Berry x2
Chesto Berry x2
Pecha Berry x1
Rawst Berry x2
Aspear Berry x2
Sitrus Berry x1

Escape Rope x1
Shadow Mail x1
Eon Mail x1

Fishing Pole
Pokegear (w/ Phone Card)

TMs Owned:
Hidden Power
Nature Power

Star Shards: 6

Money: $3000

Active Quests
1) Escort client to the heart of Viridian Forest (Current objective: Find Brittany and Mudkip)
2) Gym/Rebuilding Quest: Help deal with the flooding south of Viridian
3) Assist a research expedition to the northeastern part of Viridian Forest

1) Sidney (Lv. 6 Male Bulbasaur)
2) Autumn (Lv. 5 Female Caterpie)

No slots unlocked yet.

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