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Marion Ette
The Light and the Shadow
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Jellicent UPN: Marion Ette

Credit for the userbar goes to pengyzu. Thanks~!


Trainer Bio 1: MARION ETTE

Marion Ette is the granddaughter of two eccentric millionaires who owned a mansion on the outskirts of town. Famous for funding research into ghost Pokemon identification, capture and study, the Ette family has long been considered a friend of ghost Pokemon research. Marion was left in her grandparents' care by her parents as a baby for unknown reasons (likely swept under the rug by the family), and Marion's grandparents went missing when she was barely a toddler. Sources close to the family say they claimed to have gone (with all of their hired help in tow) on a "vacation," though they never specified the length of said vacation, or even how long they would be gone. In fact, no one knew that there was even a baby living in their mansion until she was found years later at the age of fourteen, confused and terrified by the police investigators who had come into the mansion looking for her grandparents to inform them regarding the death of Marion's mother. It is largely a mystery regarding how she survived until that age alone, though Marion claimed that "spirits" raised her. Since she was fourteen and, by the standards of the Pokemon world, old enough to strike out on her own, social workers helped her obtain a trainer's license and she was able to travel with her oldest, dearest friend, a Shuppet named Minerva who consented to be her first Pokemon.
When Marion was sixteen, after two years of adventuring, the bodies of Marion's grandparents were finally found by trainers in the mansion basement, with cause of death still unknown. The bodies were revealed to be dead for at least thirteen years, ruling Marion out as a suspect in their death. Their will stated that a portion of their money was to be used to fund Marion's education in order to help her become a distinguished Pokemon professor, much like other members of the family. Marion had to suspend her journey as a trainer in order to engage in seven years of intense academic training, where she excelled in the field of ghost Pokemon. Now on the way to professorship herself, Marion must complete a substantial amount of field research before she is a full-fledged Pokemon professor. This is the basis of her latest journey. Interestingly, she should be twenty-three by now, though she does not look a day over the age of sixteen...

Western Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Eastern Zodiac Sign: Earth Dragon
Blood Type: AB+
Numerology: Destiny #3, Soul Urge #8, Inner Dream/Personality #22, Birth Force #11
Myers Briggs Type: INTP
Enneagram Type: 5 (The Investigator)

Physical Description:

The best way to describe Marion's appearance is "ghostlike." Her skin is almost white, and her wispy, long hair is an odd shade of light lavender. Her clothing style also tends toward light shades (though not exclusively), and she enjoys wearing Victorian-style blouses and flowing skirts. Her graceful movement and appearance give off the illusion of floating, as if she were weightless. Her tendency to daydream and to become lost in thought gives a distant, dreamy expression to her pale grey eyes, which adds to her overall aura of being only loosely connected to the earthly realm. Whether or not she qualifies as "beautiful" is certainly in the eye of the beholder. Some regard her as strangely beautiful, while others just find her... well, strange. Marion does not seem to care about what others think of her physical form either way. After all, these things are transient...


Marion is known to have one older half-sister, who goes by the name of Coselle Ette; however, Coselle does not appreciate when people refer to her as a "half" sister, as she believes this term does not capture the true strength of their relationship. Coselle is very similar in appearance to her sister, which causes many to assume that the pair are twins, though Coselle claims that she is at least 6 years older than Marion. The only difference between the two sisters is that Coselle has jet black hair, and instead of Marion's wistful, daydreamy look, Coselle tends to have a darker, more mischievous glint in her eyes. Coselle also prefers a more "gothic" style of dress to Marion's pale, flowy Victorian outfits, and is rarely seen without her black, combat-style boots on.

Coselle is a self-described psychopath, and indeed has an incredibly morbid sense of humor. Her personality is strikingly similar to Marion's Banette, Minerva. There are rumors that the two are connected somehow, though Coselle vehemently denies this. Despite her violent tendencies, however, she immediately came to Marion's aid when she was sick, performing trainer duties in her stead such as hatching eggs and performing trades, as well as picking up candies and maintaining Marion's finances. In the process of doing these things, she adopted a Rotom-C that would later become Marion's... Coselle had intended to take the Pokemon to the park to help it expend its energy, but ended up meeting and falling in love with one of Marion's friends, a poison-type trainer named Keith. Though Coselle is a thoroughly dominating and occasionally intimidating presence in the relationship, she has a soft side that occasionally shines through to her beloved. She has a difficult time expressing love to him, but somehow it still comes through.

Western Zodiac Sign: Libra
Eastern Zodiac Sign: Unknown
Blood Type: B+
Numerology: Destiny #5, Soul Urge #8, Inner Dream/Personality #5, Birth Force #5
Myers Briggs Type: On the border of INFJ and INTJ
Enneagram Type: 8 wing 7 (The Maverick)


Ffion is a frizzy-haired madwoman from the Unova region. Not much is known about her at this time.

Western Zodiac Sign: Leo
Eastern Zodiac Sign: Unknown
Blood Type: O-
Numerology: Ffion doesn't care for numbers, much less numbers that could potentially decide her fate.
Myers Briggs Type: ENTP
Enneagram Type: 7 wing 8 (The Excitement-Seeker)

Credit for the awesome artwork goes to Daisy. Thanks~!

Pokemon in Active Party:

(In Friend Ball)
Name: Sangre
Gender: Male
Level: 43
Held item: None
Ability: Inner Focus
Attacks: Cross Poison, Screech, Fly, Gust, Leech Life, Supersonic, Astonish, Bite, Wing Attack, Confuse Ray, Air Cutter, Mean Look, Giga Impact, Zen Headbutt, Brave Bird, X-Scissor
Birthday: June 24th
Contest Points: +20 all
IQ: 03
Met at the Adoption Centre. OT: big bad birtha
Bio/Description: Crobat was caught as a Zubat by BBB, who immediately had it placed in the adoption center so his red shard could be turned into a fire stone. He's a bloodsucker, so he's always thirsty for blood. After the battle between the bioengineered Ditto in the St. Anne and the help of a few rare candies, he evolved into Golbat, and with the transferring to a friend ball and enough rare candies, Sangre evolved into a Crobat on 9/29/03. Sangre's a brilliant battle strategist, and could probably do incredibly well in battle without Marion's attention. All of Sangre's cunning comes from his ability as a hunter of prey, and he is quite talented at effectively taking down live creatures in order to consume their blood. Unfortunately, Sangre's talents and thoughts do not extend far beyond hunting, killing and feasting, so if it doesn't have to do with blood or acquiring blood, he's usually not very interested. He does love meeting others of his kind, however, and he enjoys battling more than other members of Marion's party. He tolerates Marion enough that he would not drink her blood unless it was a dire emergency. For Sangre, that's more respect than he will show most other living beings, unless they can defeat him in battle.

Name: Aislyn
Gender: Female
Level: 53
Held item: Pink Bow
Nature: Mild
Ability: Flash Fire
Attacks: Hidden Power - Electric, Hypnosis, Nasty Plot, Ember, Quick Attack, Confuse Ray, Safeguard, Heat Wave, Extrasensory, Dig, Secret Power, Covet, Iron Tail, Flame Burst, Fire Spin, Will-o-Wisp, Payback, Flamethrower
Birthday: July 15th
Contest Points: +10 all
IQ: 01
Met in Kumo City.
Bio/Description: As a Vulpix, Aislyn had been bitten by a Growlithe, and was injured as a result. The same Growlithe bit Marion before Minerva defeated it with a single knock-off attack. Marion took the Vulpix to the Pokemon center for an overnight stay, and when she came back, she wanted to stay with Marion and become her Pokemon. Cuddly and sweet, Vulpix was very much the opposite of many of Marion's Pokemon; despite the aura of death that seems to surround Marion, Aislyn never gave up her cheery, adorable personality. Evolution has given Aislyn a bit of a rebellious streak, and while she is still a very sweet Pokemon, she is also somewhat vain as a result of the striking beauty that evolution has afforded her. Though outwardly narcissistic and attention-seeking, Aislyn still enjoys snuggling up to Marion after a long day, and remains a warm and snuggly friend, even if she seems to criticize her trainer's introverted, somewhat-asocial nature. After all, if her trainer sits around and reads books all day, how will Aislyn get the attention she so obviously deserves?

Name: Gwyn
Gender: Male
Level: 41
Held item:
Ability: Flame Body
Attacks: Ember, Astonish, Minimize, Clear Smog, Energy Ball, Smog, Fire Spin, Confuse Ray, Night Shade, Will-o-wisp, Flame Burst, Imprison, Hex, Hidden Power - Electric, Memento, Inferno, Psychic
Birthday: September 13th
Contest Points: +10 all
IQ: 04
Met at the Cable Club at Level 2. OT: CyberBlastoise
Bio/Description: Gwyn is a mysterious Pokemon who "speaks" only through shadow puppets and (as his levels increase) images in his flame. It is unknown whether this little Litwick is mute or simply refuses to speak verbally; however, his ability to convey messages through pure image, light and shadow is unparalleled. Though not one for words, he is very communicative in his own way, letting his enchanting violet flame speak for him whenever he can. Marion believes that this particular Litwick is the spirit of a person or a Pokemon who was mute in life, or perhaps an artist who lived a life full of beautiful, colorful visions. Whatever the case, while Gwyn is not one for painting or drawing, he does enjoy sculpting creepy little wax figures in his spare time. Perhaps this, too, is him attempting to communicate, though quite a few of Marion's Pokemon (particularly Aislyn and Sakura) have decided they want nothing to do with the messages those odd little wax beings are trying to convey. Marion, on the other hand, is fascinated by her new little Pokemon, and hopes to understand him better as they go through various journeys together.

Gwyn's increasing strength has begun to manifest in a strange power; his shadows can now be pulled from the ground and made into three-dimensional silhouettes. These silhouettes allow him to communicate more effectively, given a level of motion that surface-bound shadows could not accomplish. In drawing forth this strange type of shadow, Gwyn seems to have discovered a part of himself that he was not aware of, which has given an odd sort of "life" to his shadow puppets. It is this aspect of himself that has pushed him forward to evolution from Litwick to Lampent. Much of this aspect of himself and his shadows remains a mystery, however, and Gwyn will have to continue to work diligently in order to find the answers to the questions surrounding his odd talents...

Name: August
Gender: Female
Level: 100
Held item: Christmas Magnet
Nature: Brave
Ability: Inner Focus
Attacks: Fly, Surf, Waterfall, Dragonbreath, Fire Punch, Roost, Iron Tail, Dragon Rush, Wrap, Leer, Thunder Wave, Twister, Dragon Rage, Slam, Agility, Dragon Tail, Aqua Tail, Safeguard, Wing Attack, Cut, Strength, Defog, Whirlpool, Rock Smash, Dragon Dance, Outrage, Hyper Beam, Hurricane, Ice Beam, Superpower, Protect
Birthday: December 29th
Contest Stats: +10 all
IQ: 01
Met at the Egg House at Level 5 on August 2nd.
Bio/Description: August was a Dratini (of DEEEEUM, as Arn would put it) that was born on August 2nd from a Dragon Egg. She is now a powerful Dragonite, though August is careful not to let her power get to her head. A creature of few words, she may come off as aloof at first, though she is generally extraordinarily patient and kind with others unless they threaten her trainer. Above all else, August values her honor, as many dragons do; though she a higher tolerance point for being disrespected and dishonored than most dragons, there is only so much she can take before she goes into an outrage. It is worth noting that she has far less tolerance for those who would disrespect her trainer. She is fiercely loyal to Marion, and acts as her guardian. Of course, Marion seems to have a knack for getting herself in dangerous situations, which means that August has her work cut out for her. Fortunately, August's bravery allows her to take on any challenge, even if the chances of winning are slim to none. She has great respect for those who battle honorably and with all of their strength, even if they do not emerge victorious. To her, it is not the outcome that is important, but the spirit and determination which each combatant brings into battle.


Next Mystery Egg: March 5, 2013
Next Enigma Egg: March 5, 2013
All other eggs: March 5, 2013

Pokemon in PC:

Name: Sakura
Gender: Female
Level: 20
Held item: None
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Compoundeyes
Attacks: Crossfire (SPECIAL), Night Slash, Scratch, Harden, Leech Life, Attract, Safeguard, Swift, Tri Attack, Struggle Bug, Endure, Acrobatics, Sand Attack, Cut, Flash, Giga Drain, Can't Catch Me (SPECIAL), Fury Swipes, Chocolate Magic (SPECIAL), Mind Reader
Birthday: August 17th
Contest Points: +10 all
IQ: 24
Trophies: (From Beginner Trainer Battles)
Met at the Cable Club at Level 1. OT: Balmund
Bio/Description: Sakura was obtained by Marion after she traded her Scyther (with Steel Coat) to Balmund in hopes that the newly evolved Scizor would receive better attention and training through Balmund's care. In return, Marion has received a stubborn, yet adorable baby Nincada named Sakura. Marion is excited to better understand the relationship between Ninjask and Shedinja by helping Sakura evolve, and by studying the interactions between the two Pokemon that originate from one source; in addition, Liliana is hoping to try systematic desensitization therapy on Sakura to resolve her fear of snakes. Thus far, treatment has not been very successful, mainly because Liliana has no idea what she's doing...

Name: Bedivere
Gender: Male
Level: 40
Held item: Water Gem
Nature: Calm
Ability: Cursed Body
Attacks: Bubble, Water Sport, Surf, Waterfall, Dive, Absorb, Night Shade, Bubblebeam, Blizzard, Shadow Ball, Confuse Ray, Dark Pulse, Scald, Recover
Contest Points: +10 all
IQ: 01
Birthday: January 15th
Met at the Egg House at Level 1 on June 19th.
Bio/Description: Though most of Marion's Pokemon are unwilling or unable to speak about their time among the living before becoming ghosts, Bedivere seems more than happy to recount the days of his youth, in which he was the spoiled son of impossibly rich parents, who quickly and easily grew bored of the dreary and mundane world in which they lived, which caused them to resort to... less than savory activities in order to obtain new thrills. Bedivere says that he is what he eats, and since he cannibalized all of his servants days before his death, he absolutely loves serving and entertaining guests in the afterlife. Despite being completely cognizant of life before his transformation into a Frillish, he does not seem to mind his current state of affairs. In fact, he seems quite happy with Marion and her team of eccentric Pokemon.
Dreadfully polite and always willing to please, Bedivere is truly the ghostly host with the most. A lover of tea and quiet relaxation, he is not one to get riled over... well, anything, really. Even the rudest, most awful insults and actions directed towards him do not phase him; indeed, he floats through life with the sense that everyone deserves a bit of respect and kindness. As Minerva has stated repeatedly, Bedivere often comes across as "positively bonkers" due to his unflappable, upbeat spirit, but he is truly the best friend that anyone, living or dead, could ever have. That said, he has a certain fondness for human flesh, but if he should ever find himself hungry enough to eat you, he most assuredly will do so in the politest manner possible.
Bedivere apparently evolved during the time when Marion was in hiding from the ire of the inconsolable Minerva. The impetus for this change is yet unknown - though heavens knows he was strong enough.

Name: Murmur
Gender: Male
Level: 10
Held item: None
Ability: Aftermath
Attacks: Constrict, Minimize
Birthday: August 12th
Met at the Cable Club at Level 1. OT: uhhhhh
Bio/Description: Murmur is a tiny 'floon who was given to Marion by Connor, who knew how much Marion adored the Drifloon species. Though he appears cute and docile on the surface, Murmur dreams of violently overthrowing Giratina and becoming ruler of the Underworld, though he does not voice these ambitions to others for fear that they may intervene before he has accumulated enough power. He is keenly aware of how small and weak he is now, but fully intends on training as much as he can for the day when he can drag his trainer to the Underworld and fight his way to victory. He has already identified Marion's Faustian tendencies, and now seeks to seduce her to the Underworld with promises of untold knowledge about the nature of life and death, which has been a very successful tactic so far. He already refers to her as Dri-Flo-oo, or "Good Counsel". Indeed, in his plan for Underworld Domination, he sees Marion as a beloved adviser to the throne. Minerva, of course, will be his beautiful Underworld Queen... Granted, she doesn't know that yet, but all in good time. He is incredibly envious of Bedivere, who has already tasted wealth and power before his death. Not that Bedivere takes offense, of course.

Name: Gadget
Gender: GL (Identifies as Male)
Level: 3
Held item: Cut (Lawnmower) Card
Ability: Levitate
Attacks: Trick, Astonish, Thundershock, Thunder Wave, Confuse Ray, Leaf Storm, Dark Pulse, Shadow Ball, Electroweb, Spite, Snatch
Contest Points: +10 all
IQ: 01
Birthday: January 1st
Met at the Cable Club at Level 1. OT: lilbluecorsola
While Marion is recovering from a very serious illness, her trainer responsibilities and affairs are being governed by her mysterious sister, Coselle. Though many sense an eerie aura from this woman, she goes about performing tasks in Marion's stead largely unimpeded. Among other things, Marion's sister tasked herself with finding a suitable ghost Pokemon to add to Marion's team and cheer her up once she was recovered enough to interact with others. Though a ghostly egg hatch overseen by Coselle resulted in an adorable female Drifloon, Coselle felt that the tiny balloon Pokemon was not a good fit for the team and may elicit unnecessary feelings of competition from Murmur. Jessica, a friend of Marion's, also wished to see the ailing Marion improve with the help of a new friend, and after making the necessary arrangements with Coselle, not only did Marion's strange sibling obtain a wonderful Rotom for her sister, but Jessica obtained a new friend as well, in the form of the cheerful Drifloon.

Gadget is the sibling of Jessica's Heat Rotom, who goes by the name of Waffle. It also has four other siblings who have been adopted by various trainers, and have taken various formes. Gadget was the first of the siblings to be traded away, and actually volunteered to go with Coselle despite her eerie, unsettling aura. It is partial to the Cut Forme, and is absolutely obsessed with mowing lawns, believing it to be his way of "helping". Hyperactive and energetic, Gadget is often seen as an orange blur flying through the room at top speed, talking so fast that even those who understand Pokemon language have difficulty understanding him. Despite his overabundance of vigor, however, his heart is in the right place, and all he wants is his trainer to be happy.

Name: Chione (in Snow Ball)
Gender: Female
Level: 8
Held item: Icicle Plate
Ability: Inner Focus
Attacks: Powder Snow, Leer, Ice Barrier (SPECIAL), Double Team, Rest, Sleep Talk, Snore
Birthday: December 28th
Contest stats: +10 all
IQ: 04
Met at the Egg House from a Rare Ice Glacier Egg at Lv. 1.
Bio/Description: It is customary on Halloween for only the bravest trainers and Pokemon to approach the Haunted Mirror and see if the spirits will be kind enough to give them a treat... or nasty enough to pull an evil trick. The spirits were feeling generous when Marion and her Joltik, Taran, approached the mirror, and so they gave her a gift: a pass for the Egg House that entitled Marion to a very special egg. From this egg came Chione, an interesting little spirit in her own right.

Though the little Snorunt is incredibly stubborn and rather conceited, she also genuinely wants to help others with her "incredible talents," if for no other reason than to secure their admiration. Chione is convinced that she is a good luck charm for everyone around her, and is happy to bless anyone and everyone with her immense good fortune... yet strange, terrible things always seem to happen around her. Chione often explains these events away, claiming that events are somehow lucky anyway or that they would have been worse if she had not been around to prevent the worst-case scenario. Coselle seems to think that the truth is somewhere in-between; that Chione may indeed be lucky, but she also has the propensity to be very, very unlucky. The variable, extreme events around her and her eagerness to bestow her "luck" to others has Coselle and Marion thinking that there may be more to this little baby than meets the eye. Most concerning are the strange color changes and explosions that occur to objects around Chione when she is startled, attacked or otherwise made to feel extreme discomfort or fear. Though she has been somewhat miffed before (with apparently little consequence to those around her), no one has ever seen this little one truly angry. Marion always does her best to keep all of her Pokemon happy, but with Chione, there is the extra element of concern about what her rage could result in.

(in Christmas Ball)
Name: Vanth
Gender: Female
Level: 29
Held item: None
Ability: Pressure
Attacks: Curse, Pursuit, Confuse Ray, Spite, Shadow Sneak, Faint Attack, Hypnosis, Toxic, Dream Eater, Ominous Wind
Birthday: November 1st
Met in the Cable Club at Level 1. OT: lilpinkcorsola
Bio/Description: Vanth's personality is very difficult to describe, as there is currently more than one... In fact, she has 108 of them. It is unclear why Vanth's personalities are not as well-integrated as with other Spiritomb, though Marion suspects that as she gains strength, her mind will become more unified. Many of her personalities recall having met a gruesome and terrible fate at the hands of an unknown force, and they clearly want revenge... However, the personalities within Vanth do not seem to have reached a consensus on exactly who deserves to be the target of their wrath. In fact, it is very difficult for her to decide on anything with so many spirits arguing in her head. At present, she speaks in contradictory statements, will often forget the people she has met previously, and will often become erratic as the personalities within Vanth fight for dominance. Who, then, is really Vanth? Only time will tell...

It is rumored that Coselle has been making special efforts to "focus" Vanth, though the target of this focus is unclear at this time.

(in Premier Ball)
Name: Kuranes
Gender: Male
Level: 1
Held item: None
Ability: Adaptability
Attacks: Helping Hand, Tackle, Tail Whip, Hyper Voice, Heal Bell
Birthday: April 17th
Met in the Cable Club at Level 1. OT: emp
Bio/Description: One of the most interesting aspects of the Pokemon known as Eevee is the wealth of possibilities that exist for this little creature; with a number of different evolutions available to it, there is a unique opportunity to become whatever its heart truly desires. For Kuranes, this idea is taken to the extreme. A dreamer with a head full of ideas, Kuranes (affectionately known as K by his teammates) is obsessed by the world of dreams and visions, and the infinite capability of the dreamer to change the world around him or herself when he or she becomes "lucid". Believing that the very rules of reality are only so rigid because others are afraid to become lucid in the real world, he seeks to test the limits of his own reality, becoming something beyond what is allowed and expected. His tendency to question tradition, law and morality often gets him into major trouble with other Pokemon, but with those big, soft eyes and that adorable furry face, he seems to always get away with his attempts at breaking boundaries and overcoming established rules. With a mind so overwhelmed by possibilities and impossibilities alike, it is difficult to tell what K will ultimately become himself. No matter what path he chooses, however, he has a trainer who loves and supports his questioning nature... perhaps because the tendency to question is something that Marion shares with her pale companion.

Name: Mr. Nose
Gender: Male
Level: 3
Held item: None
Ability: Sturdy
Attacks: Tackle, Iron Defense, Magnitude, Rollout, Stealth Rock, Double Edge, Magnet Rise, Rock Smash, Strength, Wide Guard, Dazzling Gleam
Contest Stats: +10 All
IQ: 02
Birthday: July 5th
Met in the Adoption Center at Level 1. OT: SoS, Talon87
Bio/Description: Mr. Nose was once the beloved, south-facing mini-nose of a strong, kind female Probopass who referred to herself as Lady Nose. Born from her evolution and considering her his mother (and indeed, a very extension of himself, as he was an extension of her), he bravely entered battle for her with no hesitation, fending off predators and hunting down prey in their home of Chargestone Cave. One day, a mean-looking trainer in a strange, Crusader-like outfit tried to capture Lady Nose, but the moment that the trainer sent out his Conkeldurr, the proud Probopass knew that she could not allow herself to be captured by this man... One look in the Conkeldurr's defeated, sad eyes could tell her that he was not the trainer that she needed. Lady Nose had always told her minis that there was certainly worth to having a trainer, but only one that could bring out their inner potential, as she had for her mini-noses. The mini-noses of East and West came to her aid first, but the two were smashed to smithereens by the Conkeldurr's massive strength. "She'll grow more of 'em," the trainer had callously commented. Undeterred, the slower-moving runt of the South tried to rush to her Lady's defense, but before he could even so much as attempt a tackle, he watched in horror as the Conkeldurr broke his beautiful lady's nose. Damage to the nose for a Nosepass or Probopass is nearly always lethal... The trainer knew this, but rather than attempt to help Lady Nose and amend for his mistake, he simply left her to die, branding her as "weak" and "useless", while mentioning something about "survival of the fittest".

The mini-nose stayed with his mother for the excruciating hours leading to her death, weeping as a part of himself passed on, becoming one with the cave, becoming part of the rocks that made up their beloved home. Knowing that he had to make his way on his own now, the mini-nose wrapped himself in a cocoon of rock to develop himself into a Nosepass. That "Egg" was found by an Egg House Expedition and brought to the Egg House, branded as a "Rock Core" Egg, and gave to an unsuspecting trainer. It was this bit of serendipity that allowed Mr. Nose to be reborn into the land of Fizzytopia, where he gladly aided a trainer named Cyrus in the pursuit of a shiny new stone. After all, being a rock type, Mr. Nose knows the importance of a good stone, and he considered it his mission in life to be helpful. Taken to a place called the Adoption Center, the orphaned former mini-nose was told that he would find a trainer who would take care of him, unlike the evil man with the Conkeldurr who murdered his Lady Nose. Taking the name of "Mr. Nose", the Nosepass did not have long to wait before he found a trainer who he thought to be kind, gentle and concerned for others; the very opposite of the brutality he experienced. Even if it took a bit of emotional manipulation to get Marion to adopt him, Mr. Nose believes that the ghostly young woman is exactly the person he needs to grow strong, just like his dearly-missed Lady Nose.

Mr. Nose spent his life as the servant and steward of his Lady Nose, and old habits certainly die hard. He wants to help everyone, in every way that he can... but he happens to be a bit... well, clingy. His concept of personal space is limited at best, given how he spent his entire life literally glued to the side of a Probopass. As such, it takes him a while to realize when he's not wanted. In addition, his definition of "help" isn't always considered helpful by others, though Mr. Nose does try as best as he can, given his new form and the new demands placed on him by the world outside of Chargestone Cave. He means well, though he is often viewed by others as unsettling (to put it mildly). Even if he puts his nose where he doesn't belong, no one can accuse him of not being loyal.

Name: Lizzie
Gender: Female
Level: 14
Held item: None
Nature: Impish
Ability: Rivalry
Attacks: Scratch, Leer, Assurance, Dragon Rage, Dual Chop, Cut, Strength
Birthday: August 21st
Met in the Egg House on 3/12/13 at Lv.1.
Bio/Description: Lizzie was initially intended as a birthday present for Marion's boyfriend, Duke, who shares a birthday with the little Axew. Though most hatchlings would have likely been more than happy to be traded to a Dragon Tamer of Balmund's caliber, Lizzie was incredibly stubborn about staying with Marion, to the point where she threw a tantrum at the thought of leaving her. It is said that with strong dragon souls like Dratini and Axew, it is foolish for a trainer to think that they have chosen them... It is truly the dragon who chooses his or her trainer. In the case of Lizzie, for whatever reason, she wanted to stay with Marion. Unable to convince the young dragon otherwise, Marion had to give up on her dreams of gifting her lover a brand new dragon type, and settled on buying him a new Xtranceiver instead.

Lizzie is a little monster in every sense of the word. Stubborn, selfish, prone to mood swings and full of dark mischief, she has already been labeled "mini-Minnie" by the exasperated August in reference to a younger Minerva. All of that said, she seems to love Marion with incredible force and fervor, though Marion cannot begin to fathom why. She can only hope that she can even begin to earn the love that Lizzie gives her... and learn how to reign in the impulsive dragon's fiery spirit without imposing too much control.

(in Premier Ball)
Name: Arthur
Gender: Male
Level: 20
Nature: Hasty
Ability: Trace
Held Item: None
Moves: Growl, Confusion, Double Team, Teleport, Lucky Chant, Psywave, Light Screen, Magic Coat
BP: 10
Birthday: April 8th
Contest Stats: +10 all
IQ: 01
Likes: Fencing, gardening, ballet
Dislikes: Male chauvinism
Met at the Cable Club at Lv.18. OT: Hayward, Balmund
Bio/Description: Arthur is a young Ralts who came into Marion's care after Balmund made the difficult decision of trading him away in the hopes that he would receive more attention and guidance from Marion and her experienced, yet eccentric team. Arthur is a gentle soul with a kind and perceptive heart, though he can come across as naive at times. Though some of his interests may be considered rather feminine, he takes no issue with the perceptions of others, having a healthy respect for the anima within himself. For this reason, he gets along very well with Spinel, the male Misdreavus, though the ghostly Pokemon has a bit more tumultuous relationship with his feminine side. Though Arthur is still very much in the process of developing his talent, his calm demeanor and eagerness to support and understand others makes him exceptional at calming others, though even he has yet to succeed with bringing Gadget to a state of relative calmness... Perhaps with more training, such a feat will be possible. He seems to have taken a liking to Marion, and the bond they share is likely to deepen with time as Arthur becomes more confident, not only in his new trainer, but in his abilities as well.

(in Shadow Ball)
Name: Apollyon
Gender: Male
Level: 1
Held item: None
Attacks: [PENDING]
Birthday: October 5th
Met in the Organization Contest at Lv 1.
Bio/Description: [PENDING]

Name: Nimiane
Gender: Female
Level: 1
Held item:
Nature: Gentle
Ability: Water Absorb
Attacks: Bubble, Water Sport, Surf, Waterfall
Birthday: January 15th
Met at the Cable Club at Lv.1. OT: lilbluecorsola
Bio/Description: Nimiane was brought onto Marion's team at the express request of her male Frillish, Bedivere. It is rare for the selfless Bedivere to ask anything of others, so when the dapper Frillish came to Marion to make his request, it was hard for her to say no. As Bedivere's student and close confidante, Nimiane looks to Bedivere for guidance on all things proper, and is learning a great deal from the older male about how to be a gracious, respectable and proper young princess. It seems to Marion that Bedivere regards Nimiane much as he likely did his younger sister back when he was alive; his guidance, advice and hints of protectiveness all suggest a brotherly sort of caring towards the younger female.

Nimiane is obsessed with the idea of becoming queen, and when she is not taking lessons from Bedivere, she is watching Disney movies and practicing her dancing. She dreams one day of falling in love, much as the cartoons she idolizes have done, and of that one defining dance that will transition her from a lonely princess with no kingdom of which to speak of to the future queen of some great and mighty land. Nimiane certainly has the skillset to entice any man she chooses; she has the potential grace, wit, and soft charms of a lady, though Bedivere needs to help her through some of her awkwardness and occasional episodes of shyness when she comes across a man she fancies. Of course, there is a hidden side to Nimiane that most potential suitors do not detect upon first meeting her; after all, she does have a bit of a nasty tendency to drown and eat the men who do not meet her high expectations...

Name: Havel
Gender: GL (No gender preference: referred to as "it")
Level: 1
Held item: None
Nature: Careful
Ability: Iron Fist
Attacks: Pound, Astonish, Defense Curl
Birthday: October 27th
Met at the Cable Club at Level 1. OT: Kairne
Havel was born with the personality of a little soldier; fresh out of the egg, it was already saluting its superiors and searching for danger. Now under Marion's care, the rocklike automaton regards its trainer as its "Master". Havel is very, very protective of Marion, to the point where it is almost impossible to get Havel to stop following her. Though Havel is not particularly violent or paranoid regarding the motives of others, it is a cautious and hyper-vigilant creature, ready to spring into action in a moment's notice. It firmly believes that battles are a last resort, and that conflicts are better resolved calmly and rationally... but if someone must fight, it absolutely must be Havel. After all, it has solemnly sworn to be Marion's primary defender, even if it still has a lot of training to do.

Havel is rumored to have some... strange talents. It is said that Golett and Golurk have a tendency to develop odd habits in order to occupy themselves when not engaged in active duty, and Havel is no different. Rumor has it that Havel has struck some interesting deals with the night-hunters Bedivere and Sangre, and has been keeping a secret collection of odds and ends that he receives from the two carnivores. The other Pokemon on Marion's team think that the Golett might be occupying his time by building something, but the nature and purpose of what he is building remains unclear.

Name: ???
Gender: Male
Level: 9
Held item: None
Ability: Hyper Cutter
Attacks: Play Rough, Iron Head, Taunt, Growl, Fairy Wind, Astonish, Fake Tears, Bite
Birthday: October 28th
Met at the Adoption Centre at Level 1.

(In Chocolate Ball)
Name: Bogie
Gender: Male
Level: 32
Held item: None
Nature: Bold
Ability: Healer
Attacks: Sweet Scent, Fairy Wind, Sweet Kiss, Odor Sleuth, Echoed Voice, Calm Mind, Draining Kiss, Thunderbolt, Wish, Aromatherapy, Attract, Moonblast, Wish, Thunderbolt
Contest Stats: +10 All
IQ: 2
Birthday: June 23rd
Met at the Adoption Centre at Level 1.
Bogie is a sweet little Spritzee adopted by Ffion, against her better judgment. Bold and undaunted by challenges, he dreams of being the toughest Pokemon that ever lived, despite the limitations of his size and species. When interacting with other Pokemon, he usually doesn't have much to say, but when he does, it's loud, decisive and brash. A creature of action, if he has a goal in mind, he will not rest until he attains it - or until he helps others do the same.

Pokemon up for trade:

Beldum Lv 1 (GL) - On hold for Spring Safari
Gastly Lv 1 - On hold for Gastly Trials

Pokemon I used to have:

-Pinsir M Lv 10 (From the Crystal Forest) (With Faint Attack) Adopted by Itazurakko.
-Carvanha M Lv 6 (Born July 7th) (With Hydro Pump+Dive) Adopted by Tsuki.
-Aipom F Lv 17 (Traded for Chansey of the same level and gender with some guy who wanted an Aipom for his sister)
-Marill F Lv 7 (Nickname: Mailyn) (From the Mountain Zone)(Traded to DT for two rare candies, and is now named Splash)
-Meowth M Lv 9 (Adopted *I believe it belonged to F93 originally*)(Thrown back into the adoption center and adopted by DT, who named him Neko)
-Chansey F Lv 22 (From Trainer aboard the St. Anne in the Fizzy Zone)(Traded to Azure Dream for my Starmie, Nova)
-Trapinch M Lv 17 (Formerly belonged to Dragon Tamer) (Traded to Deoxys for four rare candies)
-Sandshrew M Lv 17 (Trade to Talon for three rare candies)
-Pineco Lv 5 M (Adopted by Meetan)
-Scyther Lv 5 M (Trade to Balmund for Sakura the Nincada - Evolved into Scizor as a result of the trade - is now named Zelgius)
-Plusle M Lv 1 (Trade to uhhhhh for one rare candy)
-Starmie Lv 25 GL (Nickname: Nova) (Trade to takkupanda for four rare candies)
-Gulpin Lv 1 M (Trade for a berry with MM, who named him Crabbe)
-Hoothoot Lv 1 M (Trade to Arc_Angel for one rare candy, and adopted by Itzatrap, who named him Sylar)
-Skarmory Lv 1 M (Trade to Gemini Spark for two rare candies. Is now named Icarus)
-Drifloon Lv 1 F (Traded to lilbluecorsola along with 80.1K coins for my Rotom, Gadget. Drifloon is now named Blueberry)
-Pidove Lv 1 F (Traded to Stark for 3 rare candies and 5000 coins)
-Mantyke Lv 1 F w/Water Sport (Traded to FoodGuy in exchange for Misdreavus)
-Joltik Lv 13 M (Nickname: Taran) (Traded to JJ) *Trophy: (From Beginner Trainer Battle)*
-Swablu Lv 1 M (Nickname: Seraph) (Traded to Sneaze)
-Foongus Lv 1 (M) (From adoption center)(Sold to Lit)
-Purrloin Lv 1 (F) (from egg house) (Given to Kawaii)
- Lv 1 (F) (Sent to AC)
-Gastly Lv 3 (M) (Traded to Maskerade)
-Misdreavus Lv 1 (M) (Traded to Naru)
-Yamask Lv 1 (M) (Traded to Kawaii)
-Sableye Lv 1 (M) (Traded to Deoxys)
-Dusclops Lv 37 (F) (Nickname: Liliana) (Traded to MM)

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Marion Ette
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Posts: 2,001
My Items:

Golden Trophy (For Winning the Mountain Zone low-level Pokemon Tournament)
19 Rare Candies
1 Halloween Master Ball
1 Christmas Ball
1 Chocolate Ball
1 Lure Ball
1 Dawn Stone
1 Dusk Stone

1 Fire Stone
1 Thunder Stone
1 Leaf Stone
1 Green Shard
1 Blue Shard
1 Macho Brace
1 Lum Berry
1 Wiki Berry
1 Grepa Berry
1 Rawst Berry
1 Aspear Berry
1 Pataya Berry
1 Durin Berry
1 Yache Berry
1 Iapapa Berry
1 Rabuta Berry
1 Starf Berry
1 Tanga Berry
1 Passho Berry
1 Belue Berry
1 Figy Berry
1 Sun Stone
1 Heart Scale
Wailmer Couch (From Loki)
1 'Loon for August
1 'Loon of getting betterness
1 Psyduck 'Loon
20 Pokeballs [0/20 used]
2 Premier Balls [1/2 used]

2 Great Balls
2 Ultra Balls
1 Black Umbrella
1 Coil of Rope
1 Big tube of glitter
5 Super Potions
5 Chocolate Bars
17 Full Restores
16 Max Revives
.44 Magnum
1x Cheri Berry
1x Pecha Berry
1x Rawst Berry
1x Aspear Berry
1x Chesto Berry
x1 Red Flute
x1 Fire Stone
x1 Fire Seal
x1 Gracidea

x6 Ball Capsules
x1 Seal Case:
- Heart Seals (A-F)

x5 Orange Gummi's
x1 Ghost Ball
1x Unown TCG F
1x Unown TCG A
1x Unown TCG D
1x Unown TCG E

5x Casteliacones
3x Green Gummis
1x New Year's Ball
1x Passion Pokeblock
1x Kiss Cushion
1x Kiss Poster
1x Smoochum Doll
1x Base Token
1x Pink Valentine's Coin Case
1x Bouquet of Red Roses

My Plushies:

Bellosom -From Kristalline
Mudkip -From Deoxys
Vulpix -From VL
Meditite -From LC's bag o' ground-type plushies
Altaria -From NP's box o' dragon-type plushies
Feebas -From AD's bag o' water-type plushies
Moltres- From Pokefreek's bag o' fire-type plushies!
All of these plushies are from the Fizzy Bubbles One Year Anniversary Celebration!

Milotic- From Tess

Unown P Plushie (used) - From Halloween 2012

Deliberd Plushie (unused)

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