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Litwick UPN: Tuner89

Name: Tuner
Gender: Male
Bio: Under Construction


Name: Reaper
Species: Duskull
Level: 7
Classification: Requiem
Gender: Male
Ability: Levitate
Nature: Quirky
Received: Starter
Held Item: None
BP: 0
Contest Stats: 0
IQ: 6
Birthday: October 23rd
Pokeball: Normal
Bio: Despite his name, Reaper has a very playful personality, loving to play pranks and practical jokes on Tuner, and other pokemon. Despite his nature, he is extremely loyal, and knows when to get serious.



Move Tutor/Egg:
-Dark Pulse
-Ominous Wind
-Faint Attack
-Pain Split
-Destiny Bond
-Skill Swap

Name: Flutter
Species: Beedrill
Level: 18
Classification: Poison Bee
Gender: Female
Ability: Swarm
Nature: Adamant
Received: Adoption
Held Item: None
BP: 0
Contest Stats: All 10
IQ: 1
Birthday: April 25th
Pokeball: Net Ball
Bio: Flutter is fiercely loyal, and will protect and obey Tuner at any cost. She treats him like most bees protect their hives and queen. No matter what she is ordered, she will carry it out without question or thought. If anything happened to Tuner, she would stay around and make sure he's safe. If separated, she would do whatever is necessary to return to Tuner. She's an extremely loyal, brave companion. Tuner rescued her from the adoption center when she was still a weedle and very young. Over time, Tuner raised her through evolution, protecting her during her vulnerable stage as a kakuna, and have been close ever since. Her and Tuner spend a lot of time together, solidifying this bond further. She accompanies Tuner primarily on hunts for new pokemon. Her ability to fly and good vision give her a great field of view for scouting terrain and reporting back to Tuner. Tuner generally trusts her judgment, and follows her advice on where to proceed. So far, she hasn't led him astray.

-Poison Sting
-String Shot
-Fury Attack
-Focus Energy


Move Tutor/Egg:
-Air Cutter
-Double Edge
-Knock Off
-Ominous Wind

Name: Achene
Species: Sunkern
Level: 53
Classification: Seed
Gender: Female
Ability: Chlorophyll
Nature: Jolly
Received: Trade
Held Item: None
BP: 0
Contest Stats: 0
IQ: 0
Birthday: April 23rd
Pokeball: 2012 Edition Chocolate Pokeball
Bio: under construction

-Mega Drain
-Leech Seed
-Worry Seed
-Razor Leaf
-Sunny Day
-Giga Drain
-Seed Bomb

-Energy Ball

Move Tutor/Egg:
-Sweet Scent
-Nature Power
-Swords Dance

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Join Date: Feb 2012
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Posts: 868

x1 Pokedex
x1 Net Ball (Used for Flutter)
x1 Miracle Seed
x1 Very Hot Cross Bun
x3 Dark Gummies
x3 Sky Gummies
x1 2012 Edition Chocolate Pokeball (Used for Achene)
x1 TM Dragonbreath
x1 Blue Apricorn
x1 TM Captivate
x1 TM Grass Knot
x1 Lure Ball
x1 Fire Ball
x1 Rocket Ball
x1 Timer Ball

Berry Bag:
x2 Rabuta Berry[1][2]
x1 Wiki Berry [1]
x1 Grepa Berry [1]
x1 Lum Berry [1]
x1 Figy Berry [1]
x1 Starf Berry [1]
x1 Passho Berry [1]
x1 Belue Berry [1]
x1 Magost Berry [1]
x1 Pecha Berry [1]
x1 Custap Berry [1]

Pokeblock Case:
x1 Chocolate Pokeblock

Coin Case:

TCG Cards:
Spoiler: show

x1 Murkrow [1]
x1 Focus Band [1]
x2 Sneasel [1][2]
x2 Cleffa [1][2]
x1 Energy Charge [1]
x2 Donphan [1][2]
x1 Mary [1]
x1 PokéGear [1]

x1 Furret [1]
x1 Bill's Teleporter [1]
x1 Super Scoop Up [1]
x1 Pokemon Center [1]
x1 Flaaffy [1]
x1 Miltank [1]
x1 Seadra (NG) [1]
x1 New Pokedex [1]

x1 Double Gust [1]
x1 Mantine [1]
x1 Mareep [1]
x1 Natu [1]
x1 Totodile 2 [1]
x1 Berry [1]
x1 Machop [1]
x1 Magnemite [1]

Deck: Koga

Spoiler: show

Common Pokémon: x3 Koga's Ekans, x3 Koga's Grimer, x3 Koga's Koffing, x3 Koga's Pidgey, x4 Koga's Weedle
Uncommon Pokémon x2 Koga's Kakuna, x1 Koga's Koffing, x2 Koga's Weezing
Holographic Pokémon: x1 Koga's Beedrill
Common Trainer: x1 Energy Removal, x2 Gust of Wind, x3 Potion
Uncommon Trainer: x1 Fuchsia City Gym, x1 Full Heal, x1 PlusPower
Rare Trainer: x1 Koga
Energy Cards: x28 Grass Energy

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