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Drifloon Juniper has Free Candy

Name: Juniper Ahma

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Class: Creeper (Bug Major, Ghost Minor, and Fire Weakness)

Appearance: Juniper (or June, if you wish) has a wardrobe of various altered attire she's found in many old boxes inside of her grandmother's house. Because of her distaste for skirts and dresses, she's typically seen wearing her grandfather's faded baseball tees (she got her grandma to take them in) and baggy OD wool trousers that offer some ease of movement. On her feet are russet brown service shoes caked in mud from days spent running around in the mud. Her dark brown hair is always tied up in a sloppy bun with a nearby writing utensil or chopstick, and she never does anything else with it except clean it. She eats very well, but she has a fairly slim figure because the only food she can eat is what's available in her grandmother's garden, which has taken a hit throughout the Disaster, but is still thriving and improving since then. When she steps out, she'll put on an old overcoat to brace herself for the cold.

Personality: Juniper has adopted a few basic principles throughout her life, and one that she occasionally regards as the most important is that respect is given to those who deserve it. While she is very benevolent and charismatic towards her family and friends, she has no problem antagonizing those that behave maliciously and, in the simplest way of expressing it, like assholes. Despite the fact that she has a very fine line in between the people she likes and doesn't, she feels a sort of obligation to help others in need because she knows what it feels like to be alone and helpless. When she does make a friend, she can be silly, loyal, caring, and creepy all at the same time; though she acts like a complete stranger at first, she eventually opens up.

Background: Juniper was born in Azalea Town at her great grandparent's house, where her great grandmother was on her death bed, for her father wanted his grandmother to be able to see June before she passed on. She and her parents stayed in Azalea until her great grandmother's funeral was held before returning to their home in Goldenrod City, but her grandparents decided to move to the house in Azalea because they were getting a bit old for the fast paced city life.

June lived with her parents in Goldenrod during her early childhood; however, she came back home from the National Park with her friends to discover that her parents had died in a house fire and that everything was lost with them. This was just before her fourth birthday, and the only items she could pick out of the rubble was her dad's old watch: a plain steel timepiece on a worn leather strap with Amelia Ahma (her mother's name) inked onto it.

Shortly after this tragic event, she moved in with her grandparents in Azalea Town, where she was raised with "strict love". She had grown to revere her (paternal) grandparents, but she was rarely allowed to go out and had to always do her chores and studies before doing any of her hobbies; most of all, she had to treat them with a high level of respect unless she wanted to be treated poorly. She grew an especially close tie to her grandpa, who shaped up many of her ideals and opinions. When he passed away of a weak heart, she took up most of the work around the house, and had actually brought it upon herself to repair parts of her home wrecked in the Disaster. She took the plants that could be salvaged indoors so they could be kept alive.

Starter Group: 4


Eusco: Level 5 Male Skorupi
Iron Tail
Poison Sting
Knock Off


6 Poke Balls
3 Potions
1 Revive
2 of each Basic Berry (Oran, Cheri, Chesto, Pecha, Rawst, Aspear)
1 Escape Rope
2 pieces of Music Mail
1 Fishing Pole
PokeGear with the Phone card loaded

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