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QP's Trade List of Stuff

Haves: (Will be bred upon demand, and note that I'm willing to practically give these away.)

- Pokerus (will give it to any of the below Pokemon)
- All starters from every gen (As far as TM moves go, Charmander comes with Dragon Claw and Flamethrower, Chikorita comes with Sunny Day, Cyndaquil comes with Sunny Day, Dig, & Flamethrower, Totodile has Rain Dance, Torchic has Flamethrower)
- Feebas
- Eevee
- Spiritomb
- Lapras
- Togepi
- Elekid w/ elemental punches and Cross Chop
- Dragon Dancing Larvitar
- 2x Modest male Riolu
- An arseload of Modest Dittos
- All fossil Pokemon
- All legendaries from XD & Colosseum (sans Ho-oh); will be cloned in Emerald
- Latias (will be cloned in Emerald)

I also have access to anything in Fire Red, Emerald, Colosseum, XD, and both Diamond and Pearl exclusives + National Dex.

I can breed any of these with Adamant, Bold, Neutral, or Modest Dittos (I have other Dittos, but nothing worthwhile), so ask if you'd like one of those specific natures. Otherwise, natures are random. I can't promise IVs in any circumstances.

- Berries: Salac, Liechi, Apicot, Ganlon, Custap, Micle, Jaboca, Starf, Petaya, Rowap, Pamtre, all elementals, and lots of others
- TMs 1-50 (cloned in Emerald)
- Lucky Egg
- 2x Light Ball
- Master Balls (at least four obtained via GTS and unused ones from the advanced games)

- TMs: Stealth Rock, Grass Knot, Stone Edge, probably others but I can't think at the moment

Chances are I'll need certain Pokemon, but I'm not really concerned about completing the 'dex at the moment.
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Re: QP's Trade List of Stuff

I have Salacs, Liechis, and I'm sure I have a Ganlon on Ruby I can migrate tomorrow.

I am interested in your Petaya as well as some the GSC starters (Chikorita and Totodile). I never beat Colo so I never bothered getting them all.

Again, I don't have regular WiFi access, so tell me what days are good and I'll try to be online on one of those days. I am free most of this week, so just let me know through PM or something.
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Re: QP's Trade List of Stuff

I might not be free on Friday. Morgoth came over for the week and we're doing site seeing in Manhattan on Friday. I'll probably be free the Friday after this one.
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