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TP Concern

Okay, I know the title is a little vague, but I was wondering if I could get peoples opinions on a problem I've found with my TP.

Back in May 2010, I had a match with James2791 that ended in a draw which Handy kindly reffed the last round of (I believe our ref vanished at that point). However, when putting the match in the results thread he gave both me and James 4KO's and 8TP. Now for a draw, the standard is X KO's and 1.5X TP. Having just checked all my matches to figure out my KO's and TP to see just how close I am to TL:3 I wanted a definitive answer since I'd brought it up in a chat before and received no response over it.

Would the amount of TP need to be amended for both me and James2791 (assuming he still battles, I haven't specifically kept an eye out for him)? Or after this time should it be left as it is?

I'm about to go accept a battle as a TL:2 Trainer regardless, but I want to get peoples thoughts on this, especially that of the LO's.
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You should change it, but no-one really cares
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It's a 2 TP difference so, yeah, nobody really cares. It's not like squirtleking who converted 20 or so KO's from SP and then figured out that you can't convert SP to KO's. I don't remember him doing anything about it, even.
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I actually kind of care. 2 TP still counts for something, (like winning a 1v1, losing a 2v2, reffing a 1v1 match), and it's still unearned points.

Especially since you know that you don't really have that many points now. If you make a mistake, it's proper etiquette to correct it.

In the end though it's really up to you...I think.
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When you were calculating how many TP you had, how much did your total come to, either before or after correction? It may have been noticed during the updating of the League Table and fixed then and there. If it wasn't, it easily can be when the table is next updated.
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Thanks for the feedback. My current total comes to 89Tp with and 87Tp without these additional points and although I can't confirm it this second (I don't have the League Tables on this laptop since there hasn't been a new one since buying it), but I believe the error wasn't caught when the LT's were done. I'm certain that I was using a previous version of the League Table and editing in my current results before using the totals to keep my Sig up to date, which seems to suggest it wasn't caught.

I'm also searching for a definitive answer since in making this thread I was concerned about the repurcussions it would have on me and James2791 (who I now know hasn't been online on UPN since July). However, I'm also looking to get the take of the LO's on this matter especially since I brought it up once before, within a group chat where Concept, Jerichi and DTFG (and possibly others, but again it's on my other laptop) were there when I asked and I got no response. With the mixed views on the unwarrented points that this thread has demonstrated, I'm definitely going to look for a clear cut decision before I go making any changes to my noted stats and level increases to ensure I am fairly leveled.

That said, I am actively seeking matches and should I complete one and find that without the points I've mentioned I would increase my level and remove said points until a definitive, fair result is found to the problem. This is so I could continue battling at my new standing without objections over the level coming from this error before any conclusion is reached.
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