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Are you sure about that? Japanese fans seem to enjoy rotating casts in anime. A lot of other anime in Japan constantly changes its heroes with a new series and they don't seem to mind. Look at Digimon, Yu-gi-oh, Gundam, Precure, etc. All shows in the same franchise that changes its heroes and main characters every series.

Likewise Japanese fans don't complain when a main character leaves the anime, such as Misty, May, Brock, etc. They don't mind rotating casts over there and I'm sure after nearly 20 years they wouldn't mind if Ash was done with. Pokemon Special having new protagonists every series accounts to that.

I'm pretty sure its only Pikachu that has kept Ash around this long, or else he probably would have been wrapped up either at the end of Johto or by the end of DP at the latest.
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Yes, I am. And did you also know how unpopular Yu-Gi-Oh! became after DM? It proves that people do like the original cast more than the newer ones.

How can you be so sure of that? Just because they aren't on forum sites like SPPf or BMGf, doesn't mean they don't complain.

I suppose that could be valid, except likely not.
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Can this thread please not turn into "Ash sucks!" "Does not!" back and forth with no evidence to support either claim besides, "I think Japanese fans feel this way because I know I do!"
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Regardless I'm pretty sure the fandom wouldn't mind a full reboot of the anime going forward if it ever happens. Most of the original fans from 1998 no longer watch the anime anyway so its not like anyone is sitting here "clinging to Ash."

I would love to see the anime end just out of the budding curiosity to see how the series concludes. Its been going on nearly 20 years, I'd love to see Ash finally win a league from my childhood and see how it wraps up.

If the anime ended a decade ago it probably would have included Misty or Brock in some fashion, but nowadays its probably going to end with Serena as Ash's love interest as Misty has been irrelevant for more than a decade. That's assuming there is even any shipping in the ending at all, but there probably won't be.
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I don't know about you all but I hope Allen becomes a regular thing
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It always seemed to me like the writers were experimenting whittling down the long lasting cast, to see if the series could really continue without old characters:

- Misty was the first major character removed for good, and stayed gone after the success of May and further female companions replacing her.

- May was the first new female companion and first developed lead from the games, Contests proved to be successful in the anime, and despite being the first new female companion she was removed too

- Dawn was treated as a co-star and Piplup was heavily promoted in Japan, but even then the staff felt she was no longer required in the series post-DP

- Brock finally being removed after so long proved the last relic of the "original trio" could actually be removed from the show, etc.

- Team Rocket actually stopped appearing in every single episode, which is quite surprising because since their debut they appeared in every single episode up till the end of DP.

I mean if you asked someone 15 years ago if you thought Misty or Brock would ever leave for good they would have said no, but nowadays its not a big deal and nobody cares. It shows that even established characters can be removed from a series.
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I'm not gonna write-off Yokai Watch before it even lands in the west but we are dealing with a Level 5 series here. They ran Inazuma Eleven and Layton straight into the ground and in 1 year released 3 versions of Yokai Watch 2. Everyone expects a Monster Hunter #X release eventually but not in the same year so they've already gone beyond Crapcom levels of milkage! If they don't release a new YW in 2015 maybe we'll see if they've learned their lesson or not lol.

Plus there's things like YW not having multiplayer, YW2 having it but not the poké-kind (no battling/trading). So its hard ta say how its community will turn out, but it'll be very different from PKMNs regardless.
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