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Night Man
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Blaziken GrJackass

Male Archaeologist (Water/Rock) 25y/o Weak to Steel

Current Quests 0/3:

Pokemon: 2
Torchic : Lvl 6 Female Nature: TBD
Moveset: Nightslash(egg), Scratch, Growl
Electrike Lvl

Money: 500
Star Shards:
2 vermilion-colored shards

Current Items:
5 Poke Balls
3 Potions
1 Revive
1 Oran Berry
3 Cheri Berry
2 Chesto Berry
2 Pecha Berry
2 Rawst Berry
2 Aspear Berry
1 Sitrus Berry
1 Escape Rope
2 pieces of Mail in the style of my choosing
1 Fishing Pole
PokeGear with the Phone card loaded

Special Items:
Business Card from
Valero's Velocity Bikes
Michael Valero
Gear#: 002555873
Conveniently located in Cerulean's Northside Neigborhood!

General Info:
Regular Quests Completed: 2
Gym Quests Completed 0/10
Badges: 0

"A Mad Max-esque Loner with a heart of gold."

*Lights up a cigarette in a dimly lit bar*

Used to live in Pewter city, which is why I’m familiar with rock type Pokémon. It survived the disaster due to its geography. Being surrounded by mountains we were isolated from the problems of the outside world… but it created some our own. Resources around us dwindled; people started becoming harsher and harsher. People I knew as neighbors started fighting over what little scraps we had left. I figured the only option left for me was to venture out from our protective shell and brave the wild so I can find out whats happened to the world, and possibly find some help for my hometown before it destroys itself from within.

Being an avid reader of disaster survival books (zombies being my favorite) I had prepared myself for such an eventuality. More as a hobby back then but now that the fantasy has become all too real i see the troubles and tribulations we will have to face to restore order to the world.

*takes a long drag*

Those first nights were the worst… cold bitter nights on those mountains, funny thing about them… the thing that kept us safe might be the very thing that killed me… *bitter chuckle* But at least trekking near the peaks I was able to avoid many wild Pokémon which was my biggest fear traversing the wilderness alone. I almost gave up one night… when a large storm passed over the mountains, lost most of my gear that night. The wind simply tossed it over the cliff, I only had the bare essentials left…

*looks distantly at nothing in particular, and puts out the cigarette*

But as luck would have it, as I was traveling the never next day I stumbled upon a birds nest resting on some branches off the side of the road and in it I saw this little guy. *motions to the Torchic sitting on the floor besides me*He was all alone in the nest, no mother, no brother and sisters. After the storm I just assumed the worst… he looked hungry and I took pity, gave him what little I had left. After that he wouldn’t leave my side, and to tell the truth I didn’t mind the company, especially during the cold mountainous nights I was really glad I happened upon a fire Pokémon. I think we both saved each other that night…

Now that I’ve finally reached Cerulean City only the future holds what’s in store for the two of us.

*gets up, pays for the drinks and walks out with Torchic in tow*

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Night Man
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Squirtle GR's Adventures in Cerulean City: Things are going to get wet

Upon Arriving the cerulian seaport, i happened upon a local merchant who needed a parcel delivered to the powerplant.

[work in process]
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