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Wobbuffet FB Base News 24

"doot dootdi doo dootdi doot di doooo" <<--News theme tune

"Terrible news this evening, it seems that the Sapphire islands have been tormented and tortured by what seems to be a rampaging group of Gyrados, our experts and close sources say that these monsters of the sea are arriving at the center of the ocean for what seems to be the annual mating season that occures every year, what we don't know is how many are going to appear and what other type of damage thathas been caused, what we do know is that the bases that the good folk of FB live in have actully been destroyed, the base owned by Shinjara and Sasuke has been toppled into the ocean and crushed under the mass rampage of the Gyrados everything lost forever, we have news that Torkoal Stu's has come off the best here with the outer corners of the top base have been destroyed by carrying waves resulting in the loss of his Blue Bookcase, Flower bed and Yellow Curtains everything else seems to be fine just a little wet."

"We at FBBN24 are sorry for all your losses, hoepfully the good people at the base shop will be helpful in regaining your lost items depending on what insurence you have with the real estate agency, now to Tony with the weather

Thank you Barry, Now the Weather:
Cloud Gardens as usual is nice clear blue skies, rays of sunshine shouting through the clouds, if you have a base here I recommend topping up that tan becasue the sun will be shining for a long time.

Haunted Woods Gloomy and Dark as usual, it's hard to tell weather it is gonig to rain or not, but my sources tell me that no such thing will be happeneing today, maybe a few dry thunder storms but nothing too much to worryaobut, except the ghosts that wander around bt you know who to call for those am I right?

Volcanic Mountain is nice and shiny at the moment but reports are saying a 80mph wind is expected later in the week with heavy Rain appearing with it but from the look of things nothing esle to worry aobut, if yuor in the tree topsI'd tie down the valubles and hope for the best.

Glacier Islands as usual very very very cold, if you live out here godspeed to you, lets hope you're getting warmed up as much as you can becasue the big cold i on it's way.

Birth Islands very very quiet at the minute, shining sun and low breezes, nice holiday spot if you can get there shuold be like this for the rest of the month.

and finally Seaside City busy busy busy but no real weather warninngs to worry about, the odd shower from time to time but nothing havy jsut the fine stuff that soaks you through and if it does start spitting then get in the house quickly.
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