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Pearl's Perap
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Zak booted up Lanette's PC...

Total slots = 51
Occupied slots = 33
Available slots = 18


Andrew ~ Adventure Path, Mt. Eyrie, Astoria
Jaime ~ Adventure Path, Mt. Eyrie, Astoria


Shane ~ Beauty Salon
Remy ~ Beauty Salon
Nancy ~ Daycare Centre
Sansa ~ Daycare Centre


Left and Right

Spoiler: show
PC Unlocked - 10th September 2007 - Level 50 Starter/5th Pokémon
PC Upgrade Unlocked - 16th February 2009 - Level 50 Pokémon #2/Level 50 Pokémon #3

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User: Kristian Winters | Login: kwinters | PW: ******** | Status: Elite Upgrade 1

PC Pokemon
Slot 1: Lv. 100 (F) Typhlosion
Slot 2: Lv. 50 (F) Dewgong
Slot 3: Lv. 50 (M) Granbull
Slot 4: Lv. 50 (M) Persian
Slot 5: Lv. 50 (F) Umbreon
Slot 6: Lv. 50 (F) Butterfree
Slot 7: Lv. 50 (F) Miltank

Party Pokemon:
Slot 1: Lv. 12 (F) Vaporeon
Slot 2: Lv. 12 (F) Glameow
Slot 3: Lv. 50 (F) Mismagius
Slot 4: Lv. 12 (F) Cyndaquil
Slot 5: Lv. 01 (M) Piplup
Slot 6: Lv. 01 (F) Poochyena

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Original Gangsters
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PC Unlocked - 15th June 2009 – Level 50 Starter & 6th Pokémon
PC Upgrade Unlocked - 28th September 2009 - Level 50 Pokémon #2 & Level 50 Pokémon #3
PC Elite Slot Unlocked - 30th November 2009 - Level 100 Pokemon

Party Pokemon
Slot 1:
Slot 2: Lv. 01 (M) Anorith
Slot 3: Lv. 01 (M) Shieldon
Slot 4:
Slot 5: Lv. 01 (M) Omanyte
Slot 6: Lv. 09 (M) Togepi

PC Pokemon
Slot 1: Lv. 100 (M) Rhyperior
Slot 2: Lv. 01 (G) Mew
Slot 3: Lv. 69 (M) Aerodactyl
Slot 4: Lv. 01 (M) Zigzagoon
Slot 5: Lv. 01 (G) Porygon
Slot 6: Lv. 01 (F) Lileep
Slot 7:

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PC Unlocked: 03/08/09 Fifth 'Capture'/Level 50 Starter
PC Upgrade Unlocked: 24/10/09 Level 50 x2
Elite Slot # 1 Level 100 Ninetales

Party 1: Claus; (M) (Ninetales)
Party 2: Carmen; (F) (Honchkrow)
Party 3: Denny; (M) (Chatot)
Party 4: Cumulus; (F) (Altaria)
Party 5: Matthew; (M) (Shuppet)
Party 6: Maya; (F) (Delibird)

Slot 1: Pipi; (F) (Shroomish)
Slot 2: Jun; (M) (Castform)
Slot 3: Katherine; (F) (Ponyta)
Slot 4: Akito; (M) (Chinchou)
Slot 5: Lucas; (M) (Espeon)
Slot 6: Agito; (M) (Gible)

Elite Slot 1:

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Lonely Cubone
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I believe my having been around forever gives me four PC slots in advance of the usual rules. Right now I'd just like to pop this little fella in here:

Slot 1: Paddington, Teddiursa
Slot 2: Rudolph, Stantler
Slot 3: Adonis, Luvdisc
Slot 4: Elwood, Heracross

- Marowak
- Donphan (Move Tutor)
- Zangoose
- Drowzee (Daycare)
- Shadow Ditto (Daycare)
- Rotom

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Unlocked: 10/24/2009: Level 50 Starter/6th Pokemon

Active Team
Dart(M)(Staraptor) Lv.50
Machamp(M) Lv.51
Auoura(F)(Spheal) Lv.23
Paradise(F)(Exeggcute) Lv. 17
Hawk(M)(Bagon) Lv.20
"????" Chinchou (F) Lv.10

"????" Elekid (M) Lv.1
Steam(M)(Torkoal) Lv. 20
"????" Tauros Lv.1

Last edited by Firewater; 02-15-2010 at 11:40 AM. Reason: Switching ma pokemon around...
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'Munds of fun
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Slot 1: Orchrist, Lv.100 (F) Seviper
Slot 2: Sothe, Lv.65 (M) Sceptile
Slot 3: Durandal, Lv.100 (M) Salamence
Slot 4: Kurthnaga, Lv.62 (M) Aerodactyl
Slot 5: Zelgius, Lv.37 (M) Scizor
Slot 6: Vega, Lv.72 (M) Arbok

Slot 1: Kerrigan, Lv.38 (F) Mantlarva
Slot 2: Narsil, Lv.34 (M) Gabite
Slot 3: Kara, Lv.22 (F) Totodile
Slot 4: Fa, Lv.22 (F) Dunsparce
Slot 5: Seath, Lv.22 (M) Dratini
Slot 6: Solaire, Lv.27 (M) Larvesta

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Lanette's PC Unlocked on Oct. 31, 2010: Level 50 Starter and 6th Pokemon

Active Party:
-Zeph, Level 50 (M) Ralts
-Holly, Level 4 (F) Glameow
-Zultaire, Level 27 (M) Gastly
-Tremor, Level 25 (M) Grotle
-*shiny* Stunky, Level 1 (F)
-Jitters, Level 5 (M) Spinarak

PC Storage:
Slot 1: PT, Level 25 (M) Yanmega
Slot 2: Forteo, Level 55 (M) Forretress
Slot 3: Autumn, Level 16 (F) Dustox

Last edited by Cyprus; 11-14-2010 at 09:57 PM. Reason: Swapping Dustox into the PC to return Glameow to my Active Party.
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Silver Wind
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Delibird Silver Wind:

PC Access (3 PC Slots / 9 Team Positions)
Lanette's Upgrade (6 PC Slots / 12 Team Positions)
Elite Upgrade (+1 PC Slot for each Lv.100 owned)
Total Slots: 10/16
Active Party:
1 . Lv. 1oo Female Shelgon
2 . Lv. oo1 Female Shiny Skorupi (Move Tutor)
3 . Lv. 1oo Female Ledian (PokéSpa)
4 . Lv. o63 Male Venusaur (Daycare)
5 . Lv. o16 Female Shadow Lickitung (Daycare)
6 . <Enigma Egg, April 2nd>

PC Storage:
slot 1: Lv. 1oo Male Slaking
slot 2: Lv. 1oo Female Magmortar
slot 3: Lv. o33 Female Shiny Oddish
slot 4:
slot 5:
slot 6:
slot 7:
slot 8:
slot 9:
slot 10:

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Party Pokemon
Ares(Charaizard)-Level 55
Athene(Tangrowth)-Level 55
Odysseus(Nidoking)-Level 55
Pandora(Cloyster)-Level 55
Chiron(Golem)-Level 53
Thanatos(Kabutops)-Level 54

PC Pokemon
Phrixus(Alakazam)-Level 55
Hyperion(Pidgeot)-Level 55
Midas(Scizor)-Level 54
Perseus(Tauros)-Level 55
Iris(Houndoom)-Level 54
Eris(Zorua)-Level 15
Pontus(Poliwag)-Level 15
Achilles(Ralts)-Level 15
Zephyrus(Jolteon)-Level 55
Atlas(Swinub)-Level 01
Asteria(Misdreavus)-Level 01
Hera(Eevee)-Level 01

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Marion Ette
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FB member since '03, so I get 4 starter slots automatically.
My starter, Banette, has made it to Lv.100, which unlocks an Elite PC Slot.
Dragonite has also made it to Lv.100, which is another unlocked Elite PC Slot.
Also leaving proof that Ninetales is above Lv.50, which entitles me to the upgraded PC + the 2 Elite slots I mentioned above.

Hooray for unlimited slots! <3

PC Pokemon:

Joltik (M) Level 11
Frillish (M) Level 7
Duskull (F) Level 24
Gastly (M) Level 3
Cottonee (F) Level 1
Drifloon (M) Level 1
Rotom (GL) Level 1

Last edited by Marion Ette; 11-15-2012 at 09:47 AM. Reason: Adding Rotom
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Itzatrap's PC

PC Unlocked: Chimchar reached level 50/6th Pokémon in party

Itzatrap's Pokémon

Pokémon in Active Team
Lv.01 Lv.03 Lv.01 Lv.01

Pokémon Stored in PC
Lv.15 Lv.54 Lv.50 Lv.20 Lv.06
Lv.18 Lv.20 Lv.20 Lv.16 Lv.15
Lv.50 Lv.03 Lv.20 Lv.16 Lv.15
Lv.09 Lv.03 Lv.03 Lv.03 Lv.03
Lv.03 Lv.03 Lv.06 Lv.03 Lv.03
Lv.03 Lv.03 Lv.01 Lv.15 Lv.01
Lv.01 Lv.01 Lv.01 Lv.01 Lv.07
Lv.01 Lv.01 Lv.01

Currently in Shops:
Critias the Gligar & Keane the Scyther until level 18
Next in line: Argath the Carvahna & Baabaa the Mareep

Move Tutor
Sylar the Hoothoot
Next in line: Rhadamanthys the Dratini & Achilles the Riolu

Beauty Centre
Anansi the Spinarak & Azriel the Eevee
Next in line: Rhadamanthys the Dratini & Achilles the Riolu

Training Centre
Mary Moo (Cow) the Miltank & Achilles the Riolu
Next in Line: Melantha the Absol & Anansi the Spinarak

Next Desired Egg: Ice Glacier Egg

Egg History
1st Egg - Rare Dragon Mystery Egg - Hatched on April 15, 2012 - Gible (F) - Currently on Team
2nd Egg - Mystery Egg - Hatched on June 22, 2012 - Absol (F) - Currently on Team
3rd Egg - Normal Pound Egg - Hatched on July 15, 2012 - Minccino (F) - Traded to Yuki.N
4th Egg - Enigma Egg - Hatched on August 03, 2012 - Meowth (M) - Traded to kaisap112
5th Egg - Super Rare Dragon Mystery Egg - Hatched on August 24, 2012 - Axew (F) - Currently on Team
6th Egg - Storm Egg - Hatched on September 14, 2012 - Woobat (F) - Traded to Missingno. Master
7th Egg - Mystery Egg - Hatched on October 29, 2012 - Trapinch (M) - Traded to MarbleZone
8th Egg - Core Egg - Hatched on November 19, 2012 - Diglett (F) - Traded to Sneezey12
9th Egg - Storm Egg - Hatched on December 10, 2012 - Joltik (F) - Currently on Team
10th Egg - Mystery Egg - Hatched on December 31, 2012 - Drowzee (M) - Traded to darkrai
11th Egg - Ultra Rare Fighting Egg - Hatched on January 21, 2013 - Riolu (M) - Currently on Team

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The Morg
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Morg's PC Slots:

(1) Magikarp (F) Level 9
(2) Illumise (F) Level 34
(3) Corphish (F) Level 1
(4) Meowth (M) Level 36

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heiir of liife
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Gallade Pengyzu's PC

Pengyzu's PC

PC turned on. Welcome Pengyzu.



"PC Status: Active
PC Slots:
07.16.2012: Unlocked the PC [x]

Total: Unlimited Slots"

Party Pokemon
Slot 1: Kara the Ralts
Slot 2: Enki the Horsea
Slot 3: Rikuo the Sneasel
Slot 4: Gelato the Rotom
Slot 5: Klondlike "Klond" the Cubchoo
Slot 6: Mistral the Shellder

PC Pokemon
Slot 1: Shiro the Snorunt
Slot 2: Lyra the Illumise
Slot 3: Calliope "Callie" the Eevee
Slot 4: Ignatius "Iggy" the Vulpix
Slot 5: Anya the Bagon
Slot 6: Allon the Shiny Magnemite








"Eggs Hatched: 5"

Egg History
1st Egg: Rare Ice Glacier Egg - Male Snorunt - Pengyzu
2nd Egg: Dragon Mystery Egg - Male Horsea - Pengyzu
3rd Egg: Ice Glacier Egg - Male Sneasel - Pengyzu
4th Egg: Ghost Mystery Egg - Male Duskull - MarbleZone
5th Egg: Ice Glacier Egg - Female Shellder - Pengyzu

Next Egg: Ice Glacier Egg *gasp*

Last edited by pengyzu; 12-17-2012 at 08:43 PM. Reason: Withdraw Gelato. Deposit Anya and Allon. Add Klond and Mistral.
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ADCs in 2017 LUL
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Squirtle Cele's PC

.:Cele's PC:.

Starter Level 50 / 6th Pokemon

Trainer Profile

Party Pokemon
Slot 1: Soren the Hoothoot
Slot 2: Boing the Spoink
Slot 3: Shade the Umbreon
Slot 4: Nephro the Corphish
Slot 5: Hecate the Duskull
Slot 6: Surus the Phanpy

PC Pokemon
Slot 1: Neptune the Wartortle
Slot 2: Silane the Venipede
Slot 3: Laki the Slugma
Slot 4: Nahkriin the Druddigon
Slot 5: Phorus the Eelektross
Slot 6: Raijin the Emolga
Slot 7: Vene the Dustox
Slot 8: Larry the Aron
Slot 9: Espina the Cacnea
Slot 10: Myrme the Trapinch
Slot 11: Cordy the Paras
Slot 12: Dixie the Aipom
Slot 13: Sonore the Whismur


Last edited by Celebii151; 05-20-2013 at 07:18 AM. Reason: Updating
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Your reality is mine
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Blaziken Charm's PC

Charm's PC

Level 50 Starter / 6th Pokemon

Trainer Profile

Active Team

PC/Shop Pokemon
Osage (Sitting Idle)
Rukia (Sitting Idle)
Rune (Sitting Idle)
Hiba (Sitting Idle)
Shinka (Sitting Idle)
Drifty (Sitting Idle)
Gilan (Sitting Idle)
Lumiere (Sitting Idle)
Hisaki (Sitting Idle)
Eous (Sitting Idle)
Sterope (Daycare Centre)
Numel (Daycare Centre)
Athena (Sitting Idle)

Last edited by Charminions; 12-25-2014 at 06:43 PM. Reason: Updating Shop Locations
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Here goes: Lv.50 Starter & 6th Pokemon

Trainer Profile

Active Team
1. Quilava
2. Poliwhirl
3. Ledian

PC Pokemon
1. Quilava
2. Heracross
3. Numel
4. Accelgor
5. Quagsire
6. Torkoal
7. Elgyem
8. Surskit
9. Poliwhirl
10. Dustox
11. Larvesta
12. Escavalier
13. Ledian
14. Butterfree - Move Tutor
15. Teddiursa - Isle Evelup
16. Durant
17. Sigilyph
18. Dwebble
19. Mienfoo
20. Pinsir - Isle Abeens
21. Drifloon ♀
22. Drifloon ♂
23. Drifloon ♀ “Pinkie Lee”
24. Tauros
25. Woobat
26. Swinub - Daycare
27. Eevee
28. Joltik “Taran”
29. Rufflet
30. Sewaddle
31. Yanma
32. Froakie - Isle Aphun
33. Sandile - Daycare
34. Hoothoot
35. Starly
36. Druddigon
37. Kricketune - Isle Aplenty
38. Sneasel
39. Combee - Isle Aplenty
40. Mothim
41. Spinarak
42. Gligar
43. Scyther - Isle Abeens
44. Golett - Isle Evelup
45. Zubat
46. Noibat
47. Frillish
48. Bulbasaur - Isle Aphun
49. Treecko
50. Spiritomb

Last edited by jolteonjak; 03-19-2017 at 10:38 PM. Reason: Evolved my Cascoon and Metapod. Editting shop and Island locations for the team.
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Trainer Profile

Active Team:
1. Growlithe
2. Starmie

PC Pokemon:
1. Tangela (at Move Tutor)
2. Oddish (in Training Centre)
3. Seedot (in Daycare)
4. Aron (in Training Centre)
5. Grimer (in Daycare)
6. Illumise

Last edited by takkupanda; 11-29-2012 at 06:18 AM.
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Poison Jam
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Dewott Kairne's RubblePC


In Party:
Dewott♂ Lv 19
Pignite♂ Lv 21
Foongus♀ Lv 10
Shuppet♀ Lv 05

In PC:
Druddigon♀ Lv 09
Gothita♂ Lv 19
Altaria♀ Lv 54
Pidove♀ Lv 10
Dustox♂ Lv 10
Wormadam♀ (Sand) Lv 22
Spinda♂ Lv 03
Diglett♂ Lv 07
Goldeen♀ Lv 03
Cacnea♀ Lv 10
Cloyster♀ Lv 01
Sunkern♀ Lv 07
Gible♂ Lv 01
Karrablast♀ Lv 07
Pineco♂ Lv 03
Spinarak♂ Lv 06
Axew♀ Lv 03
Purrloin♂ Lv 01
Lillipup♀ Lv 01
Poochyena♀ Lv 03
Poochyena♂ Lv 07
Yamask♂ Lv 03


Last edited by Slash; 10-22-2013 at 01:42 AM. Reason: Updating
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Charizard Pest's PC

Trainer Profile

Party Pokémon [3/6]:
Charizard (F) Lv.71
Sylveon (F) Lv.31 (Dream World)
Servine (M) Lv.52

PC Pokémon [37/44]:
Carnivine (M) Lv.55
Herdier (M) Lv.50 (Isle Aphun)
Dusknoir (F) Lv.57
Spinda (M) Lv.55
Uxie (X) Lv.21
Croagunk (F) Lv.43 (Isle Avue)
Vanillite (M) Lv.37
Spiritomb (F) Lv.33
Lopunny (F) Lv.26 (Isle Aplenny)
West Shellos (M) Lv.29 (Isle Avue)
Horsea (M) Lv.29
Steelix (F) Lv.28 (Isle Aplenny)
Vespiquen (F) Lv.26 (Isle Abeens)
Tentacool (M) Lv.17
Seviper (M) Lv.16
Deerling (F) Lv.15 (Pokespa)
Poochyena (M) Lv.19 (Isle Abeens)
Emolga (F) Lv.19 (Isle Abeens)
Golduck (M) Lv.43 (Isle Evelup)
Bellsprout (F) Lv.27
Solosis (F) Lv.27 (Isle Abeens)
Girafarig (F) Lv.14 (Isle Aphun)
Golett (X) Lv.15
Alakazam (F) Lv.25 (Isle Aphun)
Zangoose (F) Lv.12
Zubat (F) Lv.7 (Isle Aphun)
Tyrunt (M) Lv.52
Piplup (F) Lv.50
Snover (F) Lv.39 (Daycare Center)
Snorunt (F) Lv.9
Zorua (F) Lv.11 (Isle Evelup)
Salamence (M) Lv.54
Eevee (M) Lv.10
Eevee (F) Lv.10
Meowth (F) Lv.9
Cherubi (F) Lv.12
Mienfoo (F) Lv.9 (Daycare Center)

Last edited by Pest; 03-26-2017 at 11:30 PM.
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melon doggo
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Rotom PC System

USER: Jade has logged on.



Profile Link Required



Opening PC... please wait one moment...



Last edited by Toyo; 05-16-2017 at 08:31 PM.
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The Cutest Tsarina
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Rotom Lanette's PC Home Edition

Welcome to Lanette's PC! Trainer Profile Identification Needed!

Trainer Profile

Welcome Emilia! Please type in which Pokemon are in the party and which are not.

Slots Filled: 22/50



Thank you for using Lanette's PC! Have a nice day!

Last edited by Emi; 05-23-2016 at 04:11 PM. Reason: Chaning GEODUDE to GRAVELER, adding SNORUNT, MIENFOO, GEODUDE, and ZUBAT
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Empoleon Cool's Bio Data Storage

Frinth Frost Network

Account Opened.
Welcome, Cool.

Import data = UPN:Coolz8

Import successful.

Equipped Active Pokemon:


Stored Pokemon:


Post-Activation History:

---11/19/2012::Account Activated---
---12/06/2012::Mend added to the team---
---12/26/2012::Linry added to the team---
---01/17/2013::Mend deposited to PC---
---01/17/2013::Finn added to the team---
---02/07/2013::Fluffy deposited to PC---

Account Closed.
Thank you for using Cool's Bio Data Storage.
Please come again another time.

--Supported by Lanette's PC--

Last edited by Coolz8; 02-19-2013 at 04:24 AM.
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Vege's Pc

Active : none

PC : Charmander
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Day-sy and Night Owl
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Altaria Daisy's PC

Daisy turned on her PC. Welcome!

Active Pokemon:

Sunshine (female Swablu)

Clementine (female Combee)

Nyantine (male Mantyke)

Hiyoko (female Pidove)

Chickpea (female Chichroma)

Stored Pokemon:

Dynablade (female Skarmory)

Allie Capone (female Murkow)

Felicity (female Piplup)

Daisy turned off her PC. See you later!
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