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Porygon-Z Lanette's PC

Welcome to Lanette's Personal Computer. Our super computers built by the great Pokémon researchers Bill, enhanced by Lanette, and advanced by her sister Brigette are here to help your everyday trainer. You can store your your extra Pokémon and Items here in your very own Pokémon computer.

Rules for Lanette's PC:

PC Access (Total of 44 PC Slots / Overall total of 50 Team Positions)
- You may access your PC immediately upon joining Fizzy Bubbles.
- You may store up to 49 Pokémon in your PC (you must always carry one Pokémon on your person). When you reach this limit you cannot add more unless you have Elite slots available.
- Pokémon in the PC are NOT considered a part of your active team.
- You CANNOT use PC Pokémon in any Zones, Trainer Battles, Contests, or any other RP related event.
- You CAN use PC Pokémon in shops (as they are not considered active team members)
- You can store infinite Items in the PC.
- Only make ONE post and edit it when you need to withdraw or deposit Pokémon and Items.
- When withdrawing or depositing leave a short description of your action in the "Reason for Editing:" box as a record.

Lanette's Elite Upgrade (+1 PC Slot for each Lv.100 Pokémon owned)
- For each Lv.100 Pokémon you own, you will receive 1 additional PC Slot (1 Lv.100 = 50 PC Slots = Total Team Space of 51; 2 Lv.100's = 51 PC Slots = Total Team Space of 52; etc.)
- If one of your Lv.100 Pokémon are traded or released, you WILL lose the extra PC Slot it gave you.
For example:
You have 56 Pokémon and 16 of those are Lv.100.
16 Lv.100 Pokémon gives you 16 Elite Slots.
50 + 16 = 66 which means you can hold up to 66 Pokémon on your current team so still have room to add another 10 Pokémon.

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Dragonair Re: Lanette's PC

Transferred to Serebii

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Muyo's PC

PC Status: Normal original FBer (4) + Upgrade (2) + Elite Upgrade (8)

Pokemon in Muyo's PC:
Omanyte F lv. 52
Shiny Bulbasaur F lv 37
Charizard M lv 37
Mankey F lv 13
Torkoal M lv 100
Flareon F lv 100
Espeon F, lv 100
Snorlax M, lv 100
Dragonair F, lv 100
Barboach M, lv 2
Sandshrew F, lv 13
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Charizard Lanette's PC: Elite Upgrade

Elite Positions 11; Total Team Positions 23
Charizard ♂ Lv.100 (Active)
Arcanine ♀ Lv.100
Magcargo ♂ Lv.100
Camerupt ♂ Lv.100
Tyranitar ♂ Lv.100
Alakazam ♂ Lv.100
Raichu ♂ Lv.100
Cradily ♀ Lv.100
Armaldo ♂ Lv.100
Gengar ♂ Lv.100
Crawdaunt ♂ Lv.100


Blaziken ♂ Lv.47 (Active)
Quilava ♀ Lv.35 (Active)
Houndoom ♀ Lv.29 (Active)
Kabuto ♂ Lv.25 (Active)
Swellow ♀ Lv.25
Vulpix ♂ Lv.25
Monferno ♂ Lv.23
Vulpix ♀ Lv.22
Flareon ♂ Lv.20
Aerodactyl ♂ Lv.15
Mudkip ♀ Lv.15
Shadow Pidgey ♂ Lv.6 (Active)

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Sharpedo Re: Lanette's PC

Elite Upgrade (Lv.100's)
Lv.100 M Shiftry
Lv.100 M Crobat
Lv.100 M Yanmega
Lv.100 M Shiny Machamp
Lv.100 F Octillery
Lv.100 M Manectric
Lv.100 F Dusknoir

Upgrade (Lv.50 - Lv.99)

Standard (Lv.01 - Lv.49)
Lv.25 M Shiny Breloom
Lv.17 M Kecleon
Lv.06 M Koffing
Lv.05 M Cacnea
Lv.05 M Ekans
Lv.05 M Seviper
Lv.02 F Poliwag

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Eevee Re: Lanette's PC

Active Pokemon
Lv.100 Lv.41 Lv.20 Lv.10 Lv.10 Lv.8

PC Pokemon
Lv.25 Lv.16 Lv.10 Lv.9 Lv.9 Lv.1 Lv.1

Elite PC Pokemon
Lv.100 Lv.100 Lv.100 Lv.100 Lv.100
Lv.100 Lv.100 Lv.100 Lv.100 Lv.100 Lv.100 Lv.100

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Re: Lanette's PC

PC Pokemon
Kingdra (M) Lv.100
Shiny Dragonite (M) Lv.100
Salamence (M) Lv.100
Flygon (M) Lv.100
Absol (M) Lv.100
Ampharos (M) Lv.100
Shedinja (M) Lv.100
Sandslash (F) Lv.100
Gyarados (M) Lv.51
Altaria (M) Lv.49
Gabite (M) Lv.25
Turtwig (M) Lv.4
Scyther (F) Lv.4
Cyndaquil (F) Lv.1

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Send a message via AIM to ForeverFlygon

Pokémon on Team: 13
Elite PC Slots: 4
Total PC Slots: 10

Pokémon in PC:

Shiny Male Voltorb
Shiny Male Delibird
Shiny Male Numel
Shiny Female Scyther
Shiny Male Noctowl
Shiny Male Barboach
Shiny Female Girafarig
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Re: Lanette's PC

Lanette's PC; Upgraded Storage.

Pokemon in PC:


** Will edit at a later stage **
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Re: Lanette's PC

Pokémon (Lanette's Upgrade in Effect)

Female Vibrava (Level 35, 10 Beauty Shop)

Female Butterfree (Level 18) w/ Swift and Dream Eater

Male Primeape (Level 28) w/ Ice Punch, Icy Wind, Bubblebeam, Thorns, and Bullet Seed
Wearing: Blackbelt

3 Free Slots


Common - Chesto, Occa, Pecha, Rindo
Rare - 2 Nomel, Magost, Pomeg, Rabuta, Tamato
Super Rare - Micle, Petaya
Ultra Rare - None


438,729 Coins, 101 Rare Candies, 2 Heart Scales, 2 Green Shards, Gold Shard, Nevermeltice
3 Revives, 1 Potion, 4 Super Potions, 6 Full Heals, 4 Shoal Salts, 5 Ash Piles, Soot Sack
Haunter/Gengar/Lapras Plushies, Magical Glass Rose, Sneasel Wand, Magical Snowflake, Charmander Doll, Water Cushion
Pokéballs - 4 Poké, 2 Chocolate, Christmas, Premier, Moon, Dive, 2 Ultra, Psychic, Lure
Pokéblocks - 2 Purple (2 +20 Cool), Brown (+20 Cute), Red (+15 Cool), Black (+15 Beauty), Green (+15 Smart), Light Blue (+20 Smart), Gray (+20 Beauty, Smart, & Tough), White (+20 Cute, Cool, Smart & Tough)
Millennium Items (Scale), TMs (Tri Attack, Ice Barrier, Reflect)
Base Token, Ponyta and Gastly Trading Cards
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Sasuke's PC

Sasuke's Upgraded PC

Logged In.
Welcome back to your PC, Sasuke.
Upgraded since 12/06/2006

You have (3) pokE-mail(s)!

1. Pokemon
2. Items
3. Mailbox
Deposit Pokémon.
Withdraw Pokémon.

Ino ~

Gender: Female
Level: 50
Current Location: PC
Nature: Naughty
Beauty Points: 10
Pokéball: Love
Hold Item: Pink Scarf
Aquired: Adopted on 14/05/05
Level Up Moves: Pound, Uproar, Astonish, Howl, Supersonic, Stomp, Screech, Roar, Rest, Sleep Talk, Hyper Voice.
EMs/MTs: Extrasensory, Mega Punch, Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Swagger, Snore
HMs/TMs: Metronome

Enma ~

Gender: Male
Level: 56
Current Location: PC
Nature: Rash
Pokéball: Premier
Hold Item: Blackbelt
Key Facts: Starter pokémon. Evolved on 19/12/05
Level Up Moves: Leer, Scratch, Low Kick, Karate Chop, Fury Swipes, Focus Energy, Seismic Toss, Rage, Cross Chop, Swagger. 53.Screech, 62.Thrash
EMs/MTs: Rock Slide, Fire Punch, Thunderpunch
HMs/TMs: Rock Tomb, Rock Smash, Rollout
Luster ~

Gender: Male
Level: 100
Current Location: PC
Nature: Brave
Pokéball: Fire
Hold item: Charcoal
Key Facts: Traded from Seraphium on 01/05/05. Evolved on 11/07/05.
Level Up Moves: Leer, Ember, Howl, Smog, Roar, Bite, Odor Sleuth, Faint Attack, Flamethrower. 59.Crunch
EMs/MTs/AMs: Will-O-Wisp, Fire Spin, Blast Burn
HMs/TMs: Strength, Dig, Rock Smash, Shockwave

2. Items
Deposit Item.
Withdraw Item.
1x Intadoball, 3x Premier Ball, 1x Pumpkin Ball, 1x Fire Ball, 1x Heavy Ball, 1x Love Ball, 1x Ghost Ball, 2x Blackbelt, 2x Miracle Seed, 1x Spell Tag, 1x Charcoal, 1x Swamp Queen Crown, 1x Pink Scarf, 2x Poison Barb
You have (2) pokE-mails
Write new pokE-mail.

Message #1
From: [email protected]
Subject: Cable Club History
22/04/05 - Arnold - x1 Candy for Lv5 M Seedot
01/05/05 - Seraphium - Lv8 M Torchic for Lv10 M Houndour & x2 Candies
04/05/05 - Trick - x1 Candy for Green Shard
11/05/05 - Morg - x2 Candies for Lv5 M Volbeat
11/05/05 - Kas - Friend Ball for x1 Candy
23/05/05 - Torkoal Stu - Lv4 F Sentret for x1 Candy
19/06/05 - joshua - TM Focus Punch for x3 Candies
26/06/05 - joshua - Lv5 F Shroomish for TM Bullet Seed
20/07/05 - Missingno. Master - Chocolate Easter Ball for Premier Ball
10/08/05 - Waterlight - Lv5 M Poliwag for Lv5 F Psyduck
17/08/05 - Waterlight - Red Shard and x1 Candy for Heart Scale
17/08/05 - Shinjara - TM Tri-Attack and x1 Candy for Heart Scale
14/09/05 - Trick - x2 Candies for Leaf Stone and Soul
14/09/05 - Manji - Trick's soul for Pog Collection
03/10/05 - Ariel - Lv5 F Psyduck for x2 Candy
12/10/05 - HakuBlue - Lv5 M Meditite for x4 Candy and Lv5 M Makuhita
22/10/05 - Manji - Star Piece for Blackbelt
06/11/05 - Shinjara - Lv25 M Graveller for Lv22 M Nidoking
06/11/05 - Shinjara - Lv22 M Nidoking for Lv25 M Golem
28/11/05 - Wayne - TM Ice Punch for x1 Candy
05/12/05 - Skrusti - Fireball and Wereball for x1 Candy
19/12/05 - P-Arts - Big Pearl for TM Shockwave and Nest Ball
24/12/05 - Shinjara - Poison Barb for Thunder Ball
24/12/05 - Skrusti - Nugget and Heart Scale for x3 Candy and TM Icy Wind
26/12/05 - Shinjara - x1 Candy for TM Hail
01/01/06 - Trick - Lv25 M Golem for Heavy Ball
02/01/06 - Shinjara - Lv25 F Victreebel for Great Ball
03/01/06 - Joe - Thunder Ball for Sacred Ash and Blue Flute
03/01/06 - SW - Nest Ball for TM Sunny Day
16/01/06 - Dark Majic - Stardust for x1 Candy
16/01/06 - Shinjara - x2 Candy for Pumpkin Ball and Premier Ball
25/01/06 - Rad Ed - Lv5 M Heracross for x2 Candy and Nevermelt Ice
06/02/06 - Skrusti - Nevermelt Ice for x2 Candy
06/02/06 - Shinjara - Water Stone & TM Icy Wind for x2 Candy
14/02/06 - Trick - x2 Candy & Mystic Water for 2 Heart Scales
20/02/06 - Furizaa - Lv27 F Whismur for Lv32 F Seadra w/ Dragon Scale
20/02/06 - Furizaa - Lv32 F Queendra for Lv27 F Whismur
26/02/06 - Sai - Lv5 M Poliwag for x1 Candy
12/03/06 - Shinjara - x2 Candy for TM Metronome
13/03/06 - Skrusti - Lv5 F Makuhita for x2 Candy
13/03/06 - Muyo - Psychic Ball for Blackbelt
31/03/06 - Tyr - TM Sunny Day and Nevermelt Ice for x3 Candy
03/04/06 - Muyo - Lv5 M Mankey for Lv18 F Espeon
10/04/06 - Shinjara - Lv18 F Espeon for Ghost Ball and Christmas Ball
12/04/06 - quilava plush - x3 Candy for TM Sludge Bomb
12/04/06 - Shinjara - TM Sludge Bomb for Sacred Ash
17/04/06 - Rad Ed - Lv16 Machop and Premier Ball for x4 Candy
17/04/06 - VGM - x4 Candy for Lv20 Hitmonchan
12/05/06 - Skrusti - Lv5 F Shiny Shroomish for x4 Candy, Love Ball & Christmas Ball
05/06/06 - Jerichi - Lv5 M Plusle & Yellow Shard for Miracle Seed, Poison Barb, Love Ball & Sitrus Berry
06/06/06 - Shinjara - Poison Barb for Charcoal
09/06/06 - DF - Fire Stone for x2 Candy
12/06/06 - Skrusti - x1 Candy & Sitrus Berry for TM Water Pulse
18/06/06 - SM - Shoal Salt & Shoal Shell for x1 Candy
22/06/06 - Ed - x2 Candy for TM Thief
22/06/06 - Ed - for Lv21 F Onix w/Metal Coat
22/06/06 - Ed - Lv21 F Steelix for
02/07/06 - Shinjara - Lv24 F Hariyama for Lv26 F Victreebel
03/07/06 - thed3 - Lv24 M Hitmonchan for Lv28 M Machoke
03/07/06 - thed3 - Lv28 M Machamp for Lv24 M Hitmonchan
06/08/06 - TeeHee - Petaye Berry, +20 Cute Pokéblock & Silk Scarf for 2 Poison Barbs
11/08/06 - Shinjara - x6 Candy for TM Giga Drain, TM Bulk Up & TM Double Team
20/08/06 - Shinjara - x1 Candy for +30 Tough Pokéblock
20/08/06 - Tess - x6 Candy for TMs Detect, Iron Tail & Dragonbreath
22/08/06 - Tess - x6 Candies for TMs Earthquake, Bullet Seed, Whirlwind & Harden
27/08/06 - Shinjara - x2 Leppa Berry, Lansat Berry & +20 Purple Pokéblock for Dive Ball
28/08/06 - Tess - x4 Candy for TMs Attract, Bulk Up, & Swift
28/08/06 - Joe - Lv5 F Paras for x1 Candy
28/08/06 - Another Fan - TMs Iron Tail & Payday for TM Sunny Day & x3 Candy
29/08/06 - Torkoal Stu - x1 Candy for Water Stone
30/08/06 - Torkoal Stu - Wiki Berry for Nomel Berry
06/09/06 - Shinjara - Petaya Berry for Lum Berry

Message #2
From: [email protected]
Subject: Egg History
04/04/05 - Fire Myth, M Torchic
30/05/05 - Glacier, F Chinchou
21/06/05 - Fighting Pound, F Shroomish
06/07/05 - Fighting Pound, M Shroomish
01/08/05 - Fighting Pound, M Poliwag
10/10/05 - Fighting Pound, M Meditite
31/10/05 - Fighting Pound, F Mankey
12/12/05 - Fighting Pound, F Makuhita
02/01/06 - Fighting Pound, M Machop
23/01/06 - Fighting Pound, M Heracross
13/02/06 - Fighting Pound, M Poliwag
06/03/06 - Fighting Pound, F Makuhita
27/03/06 - Fighting Pound, M Mankey
17/04/06 - Psychic Mystery, F Drowzee
08/05/06 - Fighting Pound, F *Shiny* Shroomish
29/05/06 - Electric Storm, M Plusle
19/06/06 - Ghost Mystery, M Shuppet
10/07/06 - Bug Nature, M Pineco
31/07/06 - Psychic Mystery, F Girafarig
21/08/06 - Bug Nature, F Paras
11/09/06 - Bug Nature, ? ??????
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Loki's Box

Level Moves:
01- Bubble
08- Smokescreen
15- Leer
22- Water Gun
29- Twister
36- Agility
43- Hydro Pump
50- Dragon Dance

Other Moves:
00- Surf
00- Waterfall
00- Whirlpool
EM- Dragonbreath
TC- Dive
TM- Icy Wind
EM- Auroura Beam

- Fully Evolved

Brief Bio: Level 6, Cable Club trade with Enchantress
Originally owned by Enchantress. Loki was in a deep desire for the Horsea and asked Enchantress if she wanted to trade for hers. While she was very saddened by the trade, she agreed to it and eventually gave it to Loki. Now Loki has raised it to be an almighty and powerful Kingdra, where he stands to defend against all who would challenge Loki.

L50 w/Leftovers
Level Moves:
01- Splash
01- Water Gun
05- Wrap
10- Water Sport
15- Refresh
20- Water Pulse
25- Twister
30- Recover
35- Rain Dance
40- Hydro Pump
45- Attract
50- Safeguard

Other Moves:
00- Surf
00- Waterfall
EM- Dragonbreath
EM- Hypnosis
EM- Mirror Coat
EM- Confuse Ray
TC- Dive
TM- Toxic
MT- Icy Wind

- Fully Evolved

Brief Bio: Level 4, Cable Club trade with Ichimatsu
After a few trips to Cable Club, Feebas came to the ownership of Loki. Under his care, he was able to evolve after many weeks of Salon beauty treatments and finally evolved into a handsome Milotic. Now Milotic strives to be as strong as it can be and help Loki achieve his dream of World Domination... erm... having strong Water Pokemon.

01- Scratch
01- Leer

07- Rage
13- Water Gun
20- Bite
27- Scary Face
35- Slash
43- Screech
52- Hydro Pump

Other Moves:
00- Surf
00- Whirlpool
00- Waterfall
EM- Dragon Claw
EM- Crunch


Brief Bio: Level 5, Cable Club trade with Ariel
Loki was in search of yet another 'Sea Monster' for his team. He originally asked if Dragon Tamer wanted to trade for his, but instead Ariel took up his offer and now Totodile is in the ownership of Loki. Loki plans to help Totodile become a great and powerful Feraligatr, which will be a reach asset to his team.

Level Moves:
01- Tackle
04 Tail Whip

07- Bubble
10- Withdraw
13- Water Gun
18- Bite
23- Rapid Spin
28- Protect
33- Rain Dance
40- Skull Bash
47- Hydro Pump

Other Moves:
00- Surf
00- Waterfall
00- Whirlpool
EM- Foresight


Brief Bio: Level 5, Adoption Center
Squirtle is yet another one of Loki's many sea monster Pokemon. With it Loki will be able to finally have one of each of the Water Type Starter Pokemon on his team. With Blastoise, Loki can trick his enemies with it's tricky Mirror Coat technique that will prove to be many Pokemon's downfall.

Level Moves:
00- Wrap
07- Lick

10- Bite
16- Poison Tail
19- Screech
25- Glare
28- Crunch
34- Poison Fang
37- Swagger
43- Haze

Other Moves:

- None

Brief Bio: Level 7, Cable Club trade with Shinjara
Traded to Loki by his close friend Shinjara, Loki keeps Seviper to add another cold-blooded companion to his team. Seviper has a fondness for wrapping around things and biting them. His favorite movie of all time is Snakes on a Plane but cried at the end when the snakes were defeated. Now he strives to make a new movie, Snakes on a Plane 2: Revenge of the Snakes. True to his snake nature, Seviper drags out his 's' sounds.

Level Moves:
01- Tackle
01- Growl
06- Mud Slap
10- Water Gun
15- Bide
16- Mud Shot
20- Foresight
25- Mud Sport
31- Take Down
37- Muddy Waters
42- Protect
46- Earthquake
53- Endeavor

Other Moves:
00- Surf
00- Waterfall
EM- Iceballs
TC- Dive
TC- Strength
TC- Rock Smash
TC- Dig

-Fully Evolved

Brief Bio: Level 5, Adoption Center
Dropped off by a different trainer, adopted by Loki, this Mudkip is Loki's 2nd of this species. His original Mudkip was hatched from an Egg, but traded away to Lonely Cubone. Loki felt lost without a Mudkip and decided to adopt this one before someone else grabbed it. Now Loki treats this one as thought it was the one he had hatched and hopes to make it a mighty Swampert to help defend his team from any electric types.
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Re: Lanette's PC

In The PC: (Normal Original FBer)

( )=active

5.Steelix(female)(Lv. 31)-Tackle, Screech, Bind, Rock Throw, Rock Slide, DIG, Double Edge, Body Slam, Harden, Rage, Dragonbreath, Rollout, Substitute
7.Pidgey(male)(Lv. 10)-Tackle, Sand Attack, FLY, Tri Attack, Double Edge, Ice Beam, Gust
(8.Treeko(female)(Lv. 14)-Pound, Leer, Swift, Swords Dance, Bullet Seed, Absorb, Quick Attack, Dragonbreath)
9.Cubone(male)(Lv. 15)-Growl, Tail Whip, Bone Club, DIG, STRENGTH, ROCK SMASH, Swords Dance, Ice Punch, Headbutt


4/9/07-Putting my
5.Steelix(female)(Lv. 31)-Pokemon's Nickname: Haganeru
in the PC for Treeko(female)(Lv. 14)
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Kecleon Jeri's Personal Computer

SkyBlu Personal Computing System

Current Party

Storage Box

PC Records
Spoiler: show
Welcome to Jeri's PC, "HakooBlooTron 2.0"
Upgraded, Early Trinity, December 25th, 2006
Elite Upgrade, Snowy Way, April 22nd, 2007
Elite Upgrade, Draconic Plains, September 16th, 2007
Elite Upgrade, Terrapin Terrace, November 18th, 2007

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Re: Lanette's PC

Under Construction. >>

PC Pokemon:

PC Items:
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Re: Lanette's PC

Sulcata's PC.


Shalia, Level 35 Male Sudowoodo

Sweetwater, Level 35 Male Mr. Mime

Gus, Level 40 Male Granbull
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Re: Lanette's PC

Just realized I never posted my PC. >>

PC Spots:
-3 PC Spots
-3 Upgrade Spots
-3 Elite Upgrade Spots

[Pokemon to be edited in]
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Re: Lanette's PC

Accessing PC system.
Username: ZoraJolteon
You currently have 4 Pokémon, deposited within two boxes.
Box 1: Nice box of lovely fun time.
Current contents: Vulpix, Baltoy
Box 2: Nasty box of awaiting financial transfers.
Current contents: Swablu, Caterpie.
In the event of PC lag, users are advised to seek infomation in Zora's signiture.
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Re: Lanette's PC

Forgot to make a PC >>

PC Pokemon:

Move Tutor Moves:
Double Edge - 04/08/07
Mimic - 04/08/07
Rock Slide - 04/22/07
Substitute - 04/29/07
Snore - 05/21/07
Endure - 05/27/07
Mud Slap - 06/03/07
Swagger - 06/10/07
Sleep Talk - 06/17/07

Move Tutor Moves:
Double Edge - 07/15/07
Counter - 07/30/07
Mimic - 08/07/07
Dream Eater - 08/20/07
Substitute - 08/20/07
Dynamicpunch - 08/20/07
Psych Up - 08/26/07
Snore - 09/02/07
Endure - 09/09/07
Mud Slap - 09/17/07
Ice Punch - 09/24/07
Swagger - 09/30/07
Sleep Talk - 10/08/07
Swift - 10/15/07
Defense Curl - 10/21/07
Fury Cutter - 10/21/07
Double Hit - 10/21/07
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Re: Lanette's PC

Need to do my PC again. D:

Total Slots (7)
Slots in use (7)
-Gyarados (Guardian)
-Corsola (Breeze)
-Butterfree (Beaufarii)
-Combusken (Keri)
-Tropius (Tropi)
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Re: Lanette's PC

..::Pokemon Currently in the PC::..

Name:: Skadi
Species:: Smoochum
Gender:: Female
Nature:: Rash
Ability:: Oblivious
Residing in:: Pokeball
Level:: 16
Evolutionary Path:: Jynx @L30
Held Item:: ~ Nevermelt Ice
Current Location:: In PC
Biography:: Soon to come
Natural Moves:: Pound, Lick, Sweet Kiss, Powder Snow, Confusion, Double Slap(L15 as ), Sing (L18), Mean Look (L21), Fake Tears(L25), Lucky Chant(L28), Wake-up Slap(L28 as ), Avalanche(L33), Copycat(L38 as )Body Slam(L39), Wring Out(L44), Perish Song(L49), Blizzard(L55)
TMs / HMs:: HM Flash, TM Shadow Ball
Egg Moves:: Fake Out, Ice Punch, Meditate, Miracle Eye, Psych Up, Wish
Move Tutored Moves:: Body Slam, Counter, Double-Edge, Dream Eater, Dynamic Punch, Endure, Icy Wind, Mega Punch, Mega Kick, Metronome, Mimic, Mud-Slap, Seismic Toss, Sleep Talk, Snore, Substitute, Swagger


Name:: Baldr
Species:: Raticate
Gender:: Male
Nature:: Hasty
Ability:: Guts
Residing in:: Pokeball
Level:: 20
Evolutionary Path:: None -- Final Evolution
Held Item:: Not holding an item
Current Location:: In PC
Biography:: Soon to come
Natural Moves:: Tackle, Tail Whip, Quick Attack, Focus Energy, Bite, Pursuit, Hyper Fang, Sucker Punch, Scary Face, Crunch(L24), Assurance(L29), Super Fang(L34), Double Edge(L39), Endeavor(L44)
TMs / HMs:: HM Cut, HM Rock Smash, HM Strength, TM Thunder Punch
Egg Moves:: Bite, Counter, Flame Wheel, Fury Swipes, Last Resort, Me First, Reversal, Screech, Swagger, Uproar
Move Tutored Moves:: Body Slam, Defense Curl, Endure, Icy Wind, Mimic, Mud-Slap, Sleep Talk, Snore, Substitute, Swagger, Swift, Swords Dance, Thunder Wave

..::Trade Records::..

To be filled in

..::PC Log::..

12.10.07 -- Placed Baldr(L20 Raticate) and Skadi(L16 Smoochum) into the PC.
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Re: Lanette's PC

You have attempted to access the datafiles of Numbuh 37. Please enter biological identification.
*inserts booger*
Identity... affirmed.
Access... approved.

Inventorial Repository

Team Details
Version: 2/6/2013
Actively Adventuring: Arugulus, Durin, Doldrum, Larxene, Scherza, Dahlia
Daycare: Mz. Moxy, Lestrange
Inactive: Grim, Ephidel, Zapster, Diamondhead, Mango, Cleo, Novawing, Mastermind, Wukong, Daphne, Lacrimus, Hardcore, Scherza, Dahlia, Megahertz, Shania, Forte

Upgrade Log
19/1/2008: Obtained 1st Elite Upgrade via Grim, the Level 100 Male Dusknoir.
7/9/2009: Obtained 2nd Elite Upgrade via Ephidel, the Level 100 Male Crobat.
28/9/2009: Obtained 3rd Elite Upgrade via Zapster, the Level 100 Male Electivire.
16/2/2010: Obtained 4th Elite Upgrade via Diamondhead, the Level 100 Male Aggron.
31/5/2010: Obtained 5th Elite Upgrade via Mango, the Level 100 Female Quagsire.
15/11/2010: Obatined 6th Elite Upgrade via Factor, the Level 100 Male Umbreon.
14/3/2011: Obtained 7th Elite Upgrade via Larxene, the Level 100 Female recoloured shiny Cacturne.
24/10/2011: Obtained 8th Elite Upgrade via Mastermind, the Level 100 Genderless Porygon-Z.
25/6/2012: Obtained 9th and 10th Elite Upgrades via Cleo, the Level 100 Female Ankhal and Hardcore, the Level 100 Genderless Staryu.
Patch confirmed: Unlimited storage authorised.

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Re: Lanette's PC

PC Slots: Normal FBer (4) + Upgrade (2) == Total 6 (4 in Use)

Nickname: Core
Gender: Male
Held in: Pokéball
Level: 23
Beauty Points: 0/10
Evolution: Lv. 41
Obtained: Adopted
Location: PC
Ability: Simple
Nature: Docile
Item: None
Info: Core is a simple pokemon with simple needs. His greatest need is food which he is constantly on the search for. He never seems to be completely full and always hungry. It is his motovation and can be lured to do to almost anything if offered food. One strange thing is that he is extremely picky with his food, only liking selective tastes and will get a temper if he tastes something that isn't to his liking.
Level Up Moves:
15 -Focus Energy
21 -Take Down
25 -Amnesia
31 -Lava Plume
35 -Earthpower
41 -Earthquake
45 -Flamethrower
51 -Double Edge

Egg Moves:
Scary Face
Body Slam
Defence Curl
Ancient Power
Mud Bomb
Heat Wave

Tutor Moves:
Body Slam
Rock Slide
Sleep Talk
Defense Curl


-Rock Smash

Nickname: Cannon
Gender: Male
Held in: Pokéball
Level: 5
Beauty Points: 0/10
Evolution: Lv. 18
Obtained: Adopted
Location: PC
Ability: Run Away
Nature: -
Item: None
Info: -
Level Up Moves:
9 -Sand Attack
13 -Bite
17 -Odor Sleuth
21 -Roar
25 -Swagger
29 -Assurance
33 -Scary Face
37 -Taunt
41- Embargo
45 -Take Down
49 -Sucker Punch
53 -Crunch

Egg Moves:
Poison Fang
Sucker Punch
Ice Fang
Fire Fang
Thunder Fang
Me First

Tutor Moves:
Body Slam
Psych Up
Sleep Talk


Rock Smash

Nickname: Ether
Gender: Female
Held in: Pokéball
Level: 7
Beauty Points: 0/10
Evolution: Lv. 25 -> At Cable Club
Obtained: Caught in the Cloud Garden's Winter Adventure
Location: PC
Ability: Levitate
Nature: -
Item: None
Info: -
Level Up Moves:
5 -Spite
8 -Mean Look
12 -Curse
15 -Night Shade
19 -Confuse Ray
22 -Sucker Punch
26 -Payback
29 -Shadow Ball
33 -Dream Eater
36 -Dark Pulse
40 -Destiny Bond
43 -Nightmare

Egg Moves:
Perish Song
Fire Punch
Ice Punch
Thunder Punch

Tutor Moves:
Dream Eater
Psych Up
Sleep Talk



Nickname: Havok
Gender: Male
Held in: Pokéball
Level: 55
Beauty Points: 0/10
Evolution: Fully Evolved
Obtained: Starter Pokemon
Location: PC
Ability: Blaze
Nature: Brave
Item: Black Belt
Info: Havok is a pokemon who loves fighting, the more intense, the better. He is also a dire believer that left-handers are better than right-handers as he is a left-hander ever since he was a torchic and (according to him) his talon was more to left than it was centered. He is the team leader and does a great job, even if his head is a little bloated. He and Zephyr are always clashing heads as their views on everything seem to differ.
Level Up Moves:
-Fire Punch
-Focus Energy
-Double Kick
-Sand Attack
-Fire Spin
-Bulk Up
-Quick Attack
-Blaze Kick
-Mirror Move
49 -Brave Bird
59 -Sky Uppercut
66 -Flare Blitz

Egg Moves:

-Rock Slide
Smelling Salt
Crush Claw
Baton Pass
Night Slash
Last Resort

Tutor Moves:
Body Slam
Mega Punch
Mega Kick

-Swords Dance
Sesmic Toss

-Rock Slide
Sleep talk
Fire Punch
Fury Cutter
Blast Burn

-Thunder Punch
-Fire Blast

Rock Smash

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Re: Lanette's PC

Cyrus's PC
Upgrade Info:
- Basic PC w/ 3 slots acquired on March 24, 2008 via Level 50 starter (proof)
- Lanette's PC upgrade w/ 3 additional slots acquired on September 2, 2012 via Level 50+ starter and two other Level 50+ Pokémon (proof)

PC'ed Pokémon
Slot 01: Level 14 Hoppip (F)
Slot 02: Level 14 Hoppip (F)
Slot 03: Level 12 Hoppip (F)
Slot 04: Level 8 Hoppip (F)
Slot 05: Level 24 Misdreavus (F)
Slot 06: Level 23 Minccino (F)
Slot 07: Level 23 Spinda (F)
Slot 08: Level 22 Eevee (M)
Slot 09: Level 22 Eevee (F)
Slot 10: Level 22 Petilil (F)
Slot 11: Level 22 Karrablast (M)
Slot 12: Level 22 Cottonee (F)
Slot 13: Level 36 Bulbasaur (F)
Slot 14: Level 5 Bulbasaur (M)
Slot 15: Level 11 Feebas (F)
Slot 16: Level 10 Oddish (F)
Slot 17: Level 20 Audino (F)
Slot 18: Level 19 Sewaddle (F)
Slot 19: Level 3 Snover (M)
Slot 20: Level 3 Spheal (F)
Slot 21: Level 21 Azelf (-)
Slot 22: Level 7 Budew (M)
Slot 23: Level 5 Smeargle (F)
Slot 24: Level 11 Skitty (F)
Slot 25: Level 3 Tauros (M)
Slot 26: Level 3 Bidoof (F)
Slot 27: Level 1 Buneary (F)
Slot 28: Level 3 Spinda (F)
Slot 29: Level 3 Snorunt (F)
Slot 30: Level 1 Houndour (M)
Slot 31: Level 1 Snover (F)
Slot 32: Level 1 Mantyke (F)
Slot 33: Level 1 Spheal (M)

PC'ed Items:
none at present

Cyrus's Member Post

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.:Ms.'Lina's PC:.

Lanette's PC: Unlocked

PC Upgrade: Unlocked

Elite Upgrade: N/A


Slot 1
Cecil [Lv.1 Male Natu]

Slot 2
Parabola [Lv.50 Genderless Baltoy]

Slot 3
Sachael [Lv.1 Female Ralts]

Slot 4
Alphonse [Lv.42 Male Aron]

Slot 5
Ignatius [Lv.54 Male Typhlosion]

Slot 6

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